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  1. That's great. I have to get me one.
  2. Showers are open come on down. There were sites when I booked mine. I have room for ya if needed It will be good to see ya
  3. I have a site booked for 6/25 thru 6/28 at Snowden Lake in Albany Ohio 7 miles from Athens Ohio https://lakesnowden.hocking.edu/ Just putting it out there I will be on 98 in the hilltop section near the shower house. I anyone wants to camp we can make some nice rides. I can put one extra tent on the site They had a few sites available a few days ago when I made my reservation
  4. For our Ohio Members. Has anyone done the Ride n Roll that Ridin on Magazine Hosts? Robin and I like to get out and roll the dice. It lasts all season long and is a great way to find some new spots to visit. Here is the link =AT19I-JaAgbi4OQ8Zmu8XTP4hOLCkt864GWNduhcUvrzs06Zmir-23VSSAm8O6KjXy7WJYhmnofehrIFfB6GcFll33JQgLOADEJXSCDEpArd4YFutBnL5PXN2xTYTeksAA4FIuP1VJai2jgeG6Gdsli3c5Z0vBXlwJ3Z4Ohkgrk_JFglx9GbF_AZvTCseUaZ1dI"]http://ridinon.com/ride-n-roll/ If anyone is out doing this, Send me a PM it would be great to connect with some people. We are in Canal Winchester OH. We don't have a
  5. I bought a Shark Evo One 2 from cycle gear in Columbus Ohio. Not online The sales guy was awesome he spent a good hour or so helping us find something that fit right. They have a great exchange policy I like the helmet. The chin bar flips all the way back and out of the way, it has the internal tinted face shield. Being a black helmet it manages to stay cool. I sweat a lot. That is not an issue I am not sure of the weight i couldn't find it in the paperwork. I have a small scale it came in at 4.5 pounds I would not recommend using the pinlock shield insert. Riding around in 90 degree
  6. Hitch was off my tour deluxe then my Venture. 100.00 Dave 740-803-3069
  7. I was thinking the same thing. You can use a USB drive I know the Venture GPS look for a folder called GPS. I have imported GPX files from google maps I checked the FAQ on the https://calimoto.com/en website and found this. I know what I will be looking at this weekend. Is it possible to import or export GPX files? Yes, you can export GPX files on our web site. You can export both planned and tracked rides.Exporting from the web site:1. Open the Trip planner here.2. On the right select 'My rides'3. Select the ride you want to export4. Click the 'export GPX' button5. Save the GP
  8. Sorry to hear the sad news. I hope Eileen is doing OK.
  9. Please please. Make this in Sept. I miss making this get together. They moved schools start to mid August 😣 I have missed the Asheville get together. Carolina in Sept and October is so beautiful. Please
  10. Here is a copy of an earlier post I made about the GPS My big issue with the new Venture GPS is that you can not: 1. Save a location while out riding and store it for future reference 2. The lack of inputting locations and naming them 3. There is an option to Import way-points. This is not an import. The device just reads the file from the flash drive. 4. Way too many extra steps when putting in an address. I found a work around that has made it easier to manage some favorites. This involves : 1. Google Maps --- Search your destination - Select directions and copy the URL 2.
  11. I have not pulled the camper with it yet. Sad thing, The camper has not been out one time this year. I have the hitch installed .I need to find a wire harness for the lighting. Plug and Play. I am not good at wiring that stuff.
  12. Ride it and enjoy it. Its a great bike. I just traded my 06 in. I enjoyed it for 13 years and 56 ,000 miles I only had 2 issues with it the entire time. the fuel pump,the rear shock went Both were under warranty at the time. Other than that problem free Put a Battery tender on it. The battery will last a few extra years I have a nice Mustang Seat in the garage if it turns out you want an upgrade. Nice bike, Love the color Be safe and Enjoy It.
  13. OK I have had my 2018 TC for 5 months today. I am really enjoying this bike. I have mentioned my dislike for the GPS. That still stands. I have been saving location on a flash drive that i keep plugged in. It is what it is. With the exception of getting stuck in traffic in some 90+ degree days. The heat off the engine has not been that bad. Opening the lower vents helps with the heat. even when closed not horrible. I like the 6 speed transmission having power in every gear when i want to accelerate. I wish the rev limiter was a bit higher. I have hit it more time than I can remember.
  14. This looks like it could be a fun night. Old Bike Barn is hosting a "Ride In Bike show" Friday Septemeber 27th at the AMA Musem & Hall of Fame! This bike night, show, and preparty are celebrating the @aimexpo being in Columbus! You can enjoy FREE entrance to the museum, live music, food trucks, and of course, the bikes! The show is a great excuse to ride and show off your vintage motorcycle as well as see one of the country's best motorcycle museums and the AMA Hall of Fame for free! The museum features a number of awesome exhibits showcasing motorcycling’s history, including the early
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