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  1. I noticed how much cleaning I’m going to have to do. Power washed my 30+ year old aluminum garage doors in prep for paint the other day. Unfortunately a lot of that old chalky residue flew through the panel seams and covered the bikes in white splotch. Did something similar. Washed my garage door off (outside) to clear spider webs. Waited 30 min, opened door and it dripped ... all... over... my neighbor's brand-new bike (was letting him store bike there) ... as if I didn't have enough to do...LOL!
  2. Canal fish camp in Cross SC... I know it well. And yes... they have great food!
  3. This looks really interesting. I watched those wrapping videos for a couple hours. Very addictive... will definitely have to try in the future.
  4. I guarantee you the Harley EV's will have something that plays Potato, Potato, Potato at red lights and is louder than thunder when going thru the gears based on your RPM's. LOL,,, ▶️ Motorcycle Sound Effect. Harley Davidson Cruising. Motorcycle White Noise. 12 Hours. 🌏 - YouTube
  5. A Hybrid bike would be the way to go. The 10 Best Hybrid Motorcycles Money Can Buy (moneyinc.com) I have a 2017 Toyota Camry hybrid and just love it. It doesn't use fuel under 26mph, is fast off the line and gets 36-40 mpg. with a 545mile range. The TVS Zeppelin is pretty cool...
  6. lithium pits are deadly. Electricity looses approximately 8-15% just by transmission... "The transmission over long distances creates power losses. The major part of the energy losses comes from Joule effect in transformers and power lines. The energy is lost as heat in the conductors. The overall losses between the power plant and consumers is then in the range between 8 and 15%." What's that they say about supply and demand? The price will increase When the demand goes up and the supply remains constant. Perhaps we should be investing in power company stock. Wonder what Paul Pelosi's stock portfolio looks like?
  7. People in Germany have been leading the charge to go green for a while. Then Russia cut off their oil. REALITY TIME... Most have tried to switch over to burning wood or coal. Now the wood is very hard to find and the coal is non-existant. So... people are going into protected forested areas and cutting wood illegally. It's going to be a very rough winter for them. Do you really believe the ones in charge are going to go cold this winter? Perhaps people will change their voting habits? They are talking about bringing their nuke plants back on line. Our (US) electric power grid cannot handle the load currently and they are going to make people switch to EV'S. Does anyone else remember this summer our officials saying to expect some brownouts? This war on fossil fuels needs to stop!
  8. You might be forgiven. However, first you must promise, to not stop, at every HD shop you pass on our rides. I had a Brother in law that had to stop at each and every HD shop in Florida on our way down to the Florida Keys. LOL... I guess it wasn't that bad. He was after the cool tee shirts and logo's from the various cities and towns. Good lookin Bike!
  9. Don't know if it was mentioned but you can purchase kevlar? brake pads and they do not lock up as fast. Just replaced all mine and forgot to buy those. Believe they are called EBC . Less rear lock up in a panic situation.
  10. Sounds like he many not have been paying attention at drivers school. Pretty basic stuff, adjusting the mirrors and seats to yourself, everyone wearing a seat belt, using turn signals and actually looking where you are about to go before you slowly pull out. Hopefully he has to pay for the refresher and take it more seriously the next time.
  11. Clean Electric is a lot more expensive than fossil fuels. (Even with heavily subsidized wind mills and solar cells.) That's why the government is jacking fossil fuel prices up. Then the government is requiring power companies to use at least 10% clean energy.(percentage goes up in coming years) This is a double wammy on citizens as we get to pay a higher electric bill as well as higher taxes. (electric company doesn't care how much it costs to produce clean energy as they pass it on to you...)
  12. The people need to vote the "leaders" proposing things like this out. In Europe they are trying to close farms and stop farmers from raising cattle. It makes no sense. Now, if one were to take the same amount of effort and help Russia, China and third world countries produce cleaner energy, it would truly make an impact. The United States has already switched over to cleaner energy and will only be able to squeak out another 10% efficiency in the near future.(as per articles I have read) . Some want to force people into mass transit which isn't practical in large countries
  13. Rebuilt the slave cylinder, new brake pads on the front and rear, flushed the brake and clutch lines out with fresh Dot4, changed motor oil and filter, half a can of Seafoam... Need to check air in tires, should be good to go... Thought I was having an ignition problem as it wouldn't turn over while on stand and then it clicked in my mind that my kick stand was down(won't go all the way up while on the stand)... Whew... I like those kinds of problems... LOL! Now to fix the gas oven...
  14. Things change very slowly which sometimes is a good thing. I remember when these characters could get in the passing lane and hold everyone up behind them. Now it's illegal in most states. This really bugged me as you don't have any idea why someone wants to go faster than you (nor should you care...). I've had to rush my wife to the emergency room twice in the past month and used my 4 flashers and drove 80-85mph. The tractor trailer drivers were all polite and just got out of the way... as it should be.
  15. The police can and should, fine fine people like that for aggressive driving. These idiots are of the same cloth as people that write something on the internet but would never say it to your face.
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