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  1. Small propane tanks with screw on burner tops. One large, one small. Cook mainly burgers, bacon and eggs and boil potato's for parsley potato's. Eat salads for lunch when fishing.
  2. Anyone camping? They have campsites open right next to the lake with electric and water. Definitely interested in the fishing part...LOL! Dang! have to be in Jacksonville, fla the 12th - 14th of may. Not going to be able to make it...
  3. I believe most of what was said above is true. But we've lost so much more. America use to be a melting pot. The beacon of everything good. Gone are the days of : Working together towards a common goal (some are quick to point out our differences.) Personal responsibility for one actions (it's always someone/something else's fault) JFK's “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” (now reversed) Clear cut Winners and losers (no need to try and better yourself) (today everybody gets a participation trophy) Family oriented(peoples lives centered around it) Earning a living and feeling good about ones contributions(why bother, Uncle Sam will send you a check) On paper, it would seem to be easy to fix, but the reality of it is, we'd have to have the same Goal, and we do not. Life isn't meant to be easy, it's our struggles that makes us strong. OK, gonna go hide now.
  4. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... out of my ball park! From $169,500...
  5. LOL! I think we have all been in that position a time or two...
  6. Good looking bike but I believe my next bike? will be Red, have a removable hardtop, heat and AC. Getting soft in my old age...
  7. I have used all four. Dawn, Goop, Lava and Orange. If I remember I rub some Dawn into my hands and let it dry. Makes cleanup a lot easier. Don't like to wear gloves. Just bought two bottles of the orange. Will get some Goop also (seems to clean around fingernails easier...)
  8. Good looking tractor. Really like the quick attach implements. My Ford 1520 is about back together. Had to tear apart to put clutch in it. Replaced the pilot and throwout bearings and both clutch disks... Then, found out PTO shaft, bearings and seals also needed to be replaced. This required the front portion of the transmission to be disassembled. Way out of my comfort range but I got through it. Next tractor I buy, will most likely be a full size, 4 wheel drive orchard tractor. The parts are cheaper than the compact tractors and not near as tip prone due to the larger diameter wheels up front. Be careful, those heavy loads can get you in trouble quick. Even a small pothole or slope can tip you over, especially if the loader is higher than the headlights. You've got forks now that should make it alot safer. The lower the loader/forks are, the safer the ride. Anyway have fun with it it!
  9. Hey Joe, long time no hear. Good to see you back on here.  We need to plan another camping trip sometime in the spring.


  10. Don, you will be in Penny's and my thoughts and prayers. Here's hoping it's confined to that eye. As far as this site being slow in the winter, a lot of that has to do with not riding, so, it's out of most people's minds. Like you, I only rode my bike once last year and really need to take the time and just do it. Had something happen to my right wrist this fall, and I couldn't hold a cup of coffee let alone a 900 lb. Venture. And now just like that, it's better? I dropped Face book, Twitter and Instagram. Will never participate in organizations that try to control what people think. Hopefully these monopolies will be addressed by our elected officials this year.
  11. Skid, I would really like to make that Asheville trip again. Was talking to Dave wells and will most likely get another lake Snowden camping together late spring/early summer. I'm trying to get a spot reserved at Summersville, WV. Stayed for three days last summer and it was amazing!
  12. Been to Asheville, Snowden Lake, Galena and Cody etc... in past years. Would like to continue this as this is the best way to experience a road trip. Thinking about combining it with some salmon fishing May - September. Anyone interested?
  13. Hey bud still here?

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