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  1. Man, that is horrible and terrifying. Sending good thoughts from GA. I know there is nothing that anyone can say to change anything, but if you need anything in the SC/GA zone, just let us know. Thanks, Sean
  2. Hi guys, So I have scoured the forum and can’t find anyone with this specific issue, but I also have trouble using the search function sometimes. So here goes: this weekend I took the bike for a weekend camping trip and probably put about 600miles on it. Over the trip, I noticed that it got more and more difficult for the heel-toe shifter to bounce back after downshifting. I can downshift once fine, but if I have to downshift multiple times (for example to come to a stop at a stoplight) I have to pull up slightly on the toe, or pressed down slightly on the heel each time. When I s
  3. Good Morning Everyone! Lately I've seen a lot of posts where people talk about riding to work or taking rides with temps in the 40s. Apparently I'm a wimpy southerner, because once the temps drop below 60, I struggle. Granted I ride a RSTD without any kind of fairing and rarely use my windshield (which I know would help). Last night I went for a night ride and the temp was 54 degrees. Honestly, I live in atlanta and as such should be able to ride mostly year round. I want to get better at riding in the cool/cold. My question: What is the best cold weather gear you use? :snow2::snow2
  4. Yesterday Morning was 76 in atlanta and by the evening it had dropped to 36. Bye fall.
  5. Hi guys, My New to me 05 RSTD has a bunch of what appears to be flaking tank liner in the gas tank. It runs fine and ive never had a problem as long as i'm careful when putting in gas. My dad got the bike in '15 with only 3000 miles on it so per a lot of articles I've read on the subject, it seems like it probably sat for a good while at some point. At this point it has 9000 miles on it and has never had a problem. I know that my options long term are to remove the tank and try to clean it out (pressure wash, shake with screws and cleaner, etc.) or buy a new tank. I also don't get
  6. I'm impressed by all of y'all. As a 6'1" 350 lb millennial (boo! hiss!) riding an RSTD with the stock seat I just did a 230 mile/day weekend and it almost kicked my butt (even with an airhawk). Hats off to my elders!:happy65:Maybe I'll get there one day. With the combination of hitting the gym and replacing the seat. Sean
  7. Beardyspice


    New to the site, but sending good thoughts and vibes from ATL.
  8. I would love to find some folks to ride with. I’ve only ever ridden with my dad and another buddy from out of state. None of my friends here are motorcycle folks.
  9. Thanks! Riding around Atlanta is a bear. When you ride do you usually go north to the mountains? I'm in Mableton and dont mind riding out west and north. Also, honestly, Georgia was a cake walk, it was getting everything I needed from South Carolina where it came from that was a pain.
  10. I very much might be. How much are you looking to get for it? Could you send a pic? Thanks for the welcome.
  11. And the first thing I’m learning is that there’s a special place for welcome threads other than the general watering hole. My bad guys!
  12. Just got the title (after all kinds of hoops and red tape) to the 2005 Royal Star Tour Deluxe that I got from my dad for my 30th birthday. It’s a beauty. Only 7000 miles. I’ve had it for 5 months. This is the bike I learned to ride on during summers in college. And now it’s mine. I’ve been digging into the forum for the last few days and have gotten some great info: squeaky brakes, seat that hurts my butt (Airhawk is in the mail), etc. Any advice for a new convert?
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