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  1. How’s everyone doing out there? Washing your hands I hope. Just received word that my school shut down so no teaching for me for a solid 3 weeks!! This is nuts! Anyway, here is an update ! I completed my 1965 Honda and now am working on a real cool bike!! 1985 Suzuki Madura 1200. These are rare! Only 2 years with just 5,000 made. Will give me something to do while I’m off work
  2. Could not believe this. Just the other day my wife asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride. She does not ride bikes nor travel as a passenger on one. My jaw hit the ground and I quickly changed the spark plugs ( others had fouled). Bike fired right up and off we went. This was the first test of my bike riding two up and she handled very well. We rode about 15 miles and was a great experience. Bike runs great with new plugs!!
  3. Thanks for info. i will have to check the cdi that it came with. Another question. I have a new little 6v battery that is oem to the bike. Will i need to upgrade my battery to a 12v?
  4. I'm just going to get a new wiring harness that goes with the engine.
  5. I'm restoring a 1965 Honda s65. I removed the original 65cc engine and am going with a piranha 125cc. This bike is kickstart only. The original battery was a 6v, do i need to upgrade to a 12v for the bigger engine. Could this be an issue on bikes oem wiring? Thanks
  6. Makes sense , thanks. Will try it next time. So if the bike is going to sit a while, should I drain carbs? Then do your kill switch trick every so often, to fire her up .
  7. Thank you Puc for mentioning my mom. I'm coping better now. okay, so I turn kill switch on then turn ignition and don't hit start button? If that's correct I will try it. It does have original plug wires but I did replace the caps with oem since others were toast.
  8. Had a heck of a time starting up my bike today. Had battery on a trickle charger for a month now which I believe is last time I started it. I've also had it resting on the side stand . After I finally got her going , and warned up she didn't appear to run very well, maybe only on 3 . Anyway, maybe I should put her on the centerstand. I also left the petcock open while she was parked.
  9. It's been 2weeks since my mom's passing and I have decided to start work on my 1965 Honda. This is keeping my mind busy and helping with the grieving process.
  10. Update. It's been 2 weeks and I am doing better. In terms of cause of death, this is interesting, so let me back up a few years. Each year, my wife and I would travel from Oklahoma to South Carolina to see my mom. About 2 years ago upon visiting we noticed her abdomen had suddenly distended and it was quite noticeable! I chalked it off to overeating but she had always been very petite so this didn't make sense. I urged her to see a doctor but my mother was not the type to do that, claiming she was fine. She was an avid smoker and enjoyed her wine(she started drinking regularly after my dad's passing 25 years ago) Evidently her liver had become diseased and contributed to ascites ( fluid in abdomen). This in turn caused cardiac arrest. This all sounds horrible, since modern medicine could have helped ( liver transplant, etc) but......that would not have mattered since she was nearing 80 and the likelihood of an intervention was minimal if not impossible. I remember 20 years ago talking to her about her drinking and it obviously did no good. With all this being said, my mother was the most caring person I've ever known. She lived a good life and had a good relationship with God. Please take care of your bodies. After all, it is a temple that should not be defiled. Well, that's what I believe. Thanks again for your prayers . I've started restoring my 1965 Honda which is helping me with the grieving process.
  11. My mother was cremated today. I'm feeling very weird right now!! It's messing with my mind!
  12. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. This is tough!! I should hop on my bike and head to South Carolina (where she is) instead of flying!!
  13. So my wife and I were headed to Wichita , Ks today to attend a family member's funeral on her side (cousin, only 48) When I received a phone call (while on the road ) from my brother. He informed me that our mother just passed ! I live in Oklahoma and my mother in South Carolina. I just visited her this last summer. I am very upset and in shock. Writing this is keeping my mind busy but I'm still in shock. My mom was my brother's life and I am flying out to be with him! Life is short and families (like ours) who quarrel and don't speak to each other in over 20 yrs should learn from this. I really don't know what else to say but I miss my mom already and can't believe she is gone. I will know tomorrow what the cause was. She was 77.
  14. I have delinked the brakes already and put in a new master cylinder in the rear. My rear caliper is slightly dragging on the brake disk so was just wanting to put a new generic caliper on the back, otherwise i will have to rebuild the caliper and i don't want to do that. When the bike is on the center stand, i can turn the rear wheel but its not spinning freely, like i said it catches a little but not too much. is that normal?
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