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  1. Hey all you First Gen Gurus, Last fall I noticed what I thought at the time were indicators of a bad stator on my '83 Venture. I was riding it and noticed that when I would turn on my turn signals the voltage needle would fluctuate each time the turn signals flashed and also when the radiator fan would come on the voltage would dip from 14 - 16 volts down to about 10. Since it was time to put it in the barn (and also because a mechanic told me replacing the stator would require pulling the engine and a huge labor bill) I decided to deal with it this spring. Over the winter I kept a trickle charger on the battery and started it up every few weeks and it always seemed like it was putting out about 12 - 14 volts as long as it was running at idle. Since I wasnt riding it, i didnt see any of the earlier mentioned behaviour. When I got it out this spring suddenly the battery seemed to be dead, the voltage meter is at the bottom of the scale even after the charger has been on for 2 days at 2 amps. So now Im thinking dead cell in a reasonably new Deka Gell battery. The big question is...can a battery thats going bad make a non-techie boy like me think its the stator? Or is it more like the stator is bad and now the battery is as well? Or could it be the voltage regulator not functioning and not charging the battery or sending the correct voltages to the lights/instruments? Any advice or opinions would be welcome......Im also trying to decide if its time to put the old girl up for sale as a parts bike or fixer upper. Thanks! George0fthejungle
  2. I want to get my hands on old coils that anyone has taken off when suspecting them to be bad. Interested in coils from any models, but particularly 2nd gens. I have an old automotive oscilloscope that I want to use to try and identify what the "normal" cause of the failure is, and if there is anything we can do about it. In addition, I would like to see if I can devise some sort of test that anyone can use (without a scope or special tools) to accurately identify a bad coil. If you have changed one or more and are just going to toss the old coils, will you please send them to me instead? PM me and I'll send you my address. You can just slip one or more into a free Priority Mail flat-rate envelope (no weight limit) for $4.95. I'll gladly send you the $5 postage. Goose
  3. Not too long before installing the HID on the bike, my radio had been acting up.. I had thought it was a bad connection on one of the cable plugs etc but the other day, the whole thing went up and died.. Turn the ignition on, press the audio or CB button on the handle bar controller and nothing.. the controller doesn't light up, no juice or crackle or nuttin coming through the speakers. I checks all the cables, wires, ground and so on etc etc.. nothing.. I pulled the radio from my buddy's bike as we were installing his HID and yup, his radio works.. ARGH... logic says, my radio is dead. oh no.. It sounded bad for weeks prior and it finally gave up the ghost the other day.. BLECH... can't even play MP3s as everything goes through that box.. Does any one know what the YELLOW cable does? So, here's the question.. Its a 2006 Midnight Venture. Its a US bike here in Canada. I have no warranty here in Canada but I can get warranty work done in the USA if I am down there and can find a sympathetic dealer to help.. Is the radio a warranty item? If so, then I might be in luck as I'm going on my long road trip through the USA next month and could find a dealer in Maine to do a swap.. only takes 12 minutes to swap it out.. OR... find someone who could help me by doing a swap? if NOT a warranty item, then where best to find a replacement radio? I'm guessing that the previous two owners had done such a bad wiring job under the hood before I bought the bike, I had so many problems with the steering locks cutting everything that it weakened everything and poof... it gave up the ghost. Hoping for some help.. Hard to ride in comfort and fun without the tunes.. =)
  4. I'd like to know how do I know if I have a bad rear shock. When I ride with a passenger it seems to bottom out easily. But I'm 300 lbs. & my wife weighs about 140 lbs. So I realize there is some weight on there. I have one of those hand pumps and I give it a few pumps before we both ride, but it seems we still bottom out easily. When I ride alone it takes a pretty extreme bump to make me bottom out.
  5. A few weeks ago, I asked for your prayers for an unnamed member. Well that member is our own one and only Black Owl and he is still in need or our prayers. Russell was admitted to the hospital before Christmas with complications from pneumonia. Things got really bad and to be honest, a lot worse than he really wanted anybody to know. He is doing better now but is still hospitalized and has a ways to go. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
  6. I was looking around and found that there are several of the vendors which are offering motorcycle rain suits. Although they are cheap in price but can't figure out which one is the best brand i should have to prefer. Alpinestars, Dainese, Joe rocket and REV'IT! are most known brands in the list.Nelson-Rigg is also offering good collection in this category. Any suggestion and experience. I don't want to find my self wet just because of some bad selection.
  7. Where have any of you mounted the Bad Boy on your second gen?
  8. The weather just got right to start back with my woodturning, got about 1/2 way thru a Marblewood bowl, shut the lathe off to check the work and now it will not start again. Fuse is good, power is good to the outlet. Switch is good, suspect the relay that I hear click in each time I power it up is bad, it is mounted to a circuit board so it is not like I can just swap it out, the lathe is a 4 year old Nova DRV with an electronic brain for controlling the speed and sensing overlaods and out of balance situations, so there is not much I can do with it until I get a Return Goods Authorization from Teknatool. I geuss they are still on holiday break because my online trouble ticket has gone untouched for about 3 days and phone calls to the engineering tech go straight to voice mail. I would go for a ride rathter than vent here, but it is raining, Drat the bad luck all around, at least I am not at work. Guess I wil just have to wait for the tech service department to come back from holiday. Just venting that is all.
  9. Any one have experience with the My Best Buddy Trailer. Looking into getting one and would appreciate any comments good or bad. Thanks.
  10. Im asking my VR family for an intervention here. I have had the bike apart for several weeks now. What started as a simple running of LED pod lights has turned into a fully blown tear stuff down to put it back together thing. Greasing the forks to changing the front tire to pulling the Wagner grill off for some paint work to removing the radiator for a thermostat change to removing the AIS system to schlepping around town to find plugs for the ports to replacing the rear brake canister because of some allegation cracks to, to, to......sheesh, and I havent added one pod light yet!!! And let me add...things in the factory service manual look easy. Too bad they dont tell you that some things are tucked away in some cubbyhole in the frame and you need the patience of a saint (which I sure aint) to access or hands like a smurf to fit in. So, if I ever, and I mean ever post that im going to tear the bike down for some foolish reason, would someone just put me out of my misery real soon..........please..
  11. This so stupid I hate to even admit it. We on our first day of a two week tour up the east coast (FL to DC and back) , we stop for gas wait, I for the wife to get off. Next thing I know the bike has gone over and thrown me off like a bad hat. FORGOT to put the kickstand down before the wife got off , Just a couple of scatches on the engine guards and a hugely bruised ego.
  12. A touching story on how men think…… As she sat by him, he whispered, eyes full of tears, "You know what? You have been with me all through the bad times. When I got fired, you were there to support me. When my business failed, you were there. When I got shot, you were by my side. When we lost the house, you stayed right here. When my health started failing, you were still by my side... You know what Martha?" "What dear?" she gently asked, smiling as her heart began to fill with warmth. "I'm beginning to think you're bad luck."
  13. Yeah I know, it's the watering hole, but some of the 2nd genners might be able to help me with this also. I am looking for a right side upper fairing cover, the one that holds the speaker and right side components. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I'd like one that is all there. This '83 I'm playing with right now needs one in a bad way as it's pretty much all gone and broken. If any of you brothers can help me out I'd appreciate it
  14. This might change your mind ... http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/people-who-are-having-a-worse-day-than-you
  15. Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all here at VR. May we be thankfull in good times and bad that we know we have support from one another here year round. Larry
  16. Hi Venture riders; just thought I'd throw this out there. Was getting work done on my Venture and decided to look at the new bikes on the floor while waiting. In the Bay Area at East Bay Motorsports, they still have 2 brand new 2011's - 2 tone blue that at the time retailed for $21,650 and have lowered the price in order to get them off the floor to $16,900, that's a saving of $4,750. If my bike with 112k on it was in any sort of bad shape, I might jump on it, but I'm good to go for now; so just in case your interested, the place is in Hayward, Ca. and their phone is 510-889-7900. All it takes is a little bit of :rotf:.
  17. Guest

    Bad boy horn

    As you know' I'm not much of a writer; but I sure do read alot on the site. Any way I wanted to get the new stebel horn, as there as so many people who decide that they want to share the same blacktop as me so often. Well I did not want to wait to order one, so I went to the local harbor freight and bought a "BAD BOY" horn. HOLY s@#%, that sucker is loud! It was a simple add on and it looks exactly like the stebel horn. I'm not sure if the stebel is louder but I really don't think that I need it. Btw I used the little bracket off the original horn to install the new one. I simply enlarge the lower hole and mounted the horn sideways and used the upper hole to mount the relay. I also was able to get the horn at the on line add price of $34.99.
  18. We'll see how they hold up, but I just bought a couple of these. Ordered them Thursday night and got them USPS today. Not bad prices... http://www.gbcarparts.com/proddetail.asp?prod=LT-LED1157R
  19. Does anyone have a CB for a first gen they don't need. I need one to replace a bad one.
  20. I was going 35 MPG and I let go of the handel bars to zip up my jacket, I know I shouldn't ever take both my hands off grips , but that being said at that speed the front wheel really started to wobble, I that I was going down for a moment it was that bad, at first I thought it was just the road but I tried it again and again the wobble. I also tried at 30 mpg and 40 and zero wobble. What should I be looking at ? Thanks
  21. OK i let the bike set up for well since Isaac came through i put some unknowingly bad gas in the tank from a gas can i filled up before the pending visit of Isaac i must have gotten the bottom of the tank i ran some berry mans treatment cleaner in my tank the whole can in the 4 gal. of gas it was running bad lose of power before i got back to the shop that's when i added berry mans and ran it for about 30 min. then shut it down that was Friday i just cranked it and it was still running bad so i drained the tank at the fuel filter the gas was dark yellow like old gas hooked the line back to the pump and cranked it. it was still slow response on throttle all 4 cylinders are firing so i took the air box apart looked in all 4 carbs are spraying gas but slides were not moving i assisted them by moving them with a screwdriver now i have only one not moving on its own could it be the diaphragm any suggestions would be greatly appreciated before i take cover off carb diaphragm and tank has fresh gas the crappy ethanol gas
  22. All: First I have to say my wife is a real trooper. For those that did not follow our Trip Blog to South Dakota last September, Donna tripped on some steps on our last day at the Bad Lands National Pk and broke her right shoulder really bad. Anyway after rehab and all that goes with that she informs me a few weeks ago that she wants to do a trip to New England. ALL THOSE PEOPLE IN SUCH A SMALL SPACE. Leaving on the 18th and returning by the 29th. From Lynchburg I'm jumping on Rt 220 through Northern VA and WV and eventually to Bedford, PA. My Goldwing Bud says to take Rt. 219 from Somerset, PA right up to Buffalo, NY. Plan is to get the Niagra Falls thing off the Bucket List. Looking to head north and would like info on Rt 104 & Rt 3 to Wellesley Island area? Something about Singer and Boldt Castle's on St. Lawrence. After that I need input please. What do we need to see while we are up there. NOTE: MY GOAL on this trip is to teach my Yankee Brother's and Sister's about GRITS! Seriously though....with the time we have. What/Where should we go. TKS.... Long Tall Lynchburg, VA
  23. Monty


    I just bought my first Taurus. It's a PT 709 slim, that I intend to carry with a CCW permit. I've never owned a Taurus before, but have heard good things about them. I liked the slim fit, and the weight for carrying. Anyone have any good or bad stories about Taurus?
  24. I am going to replace the thermo switch on my 1989 VR 1300. How big of a job is it to do? Do I need to take the right side of fairing off to get to it? I guess it went bad when the PO had it. It has a toggle switch on the left side of fairing to turn fan on and off. Thanks.
  25. Anyone have a MKII right handle bar grip end section just laying around. It can be in really bad condition. My wrecked 91 VR right handle bar got bent down vertically so bad that the bike is unmoveable. I just need one so I can move the wrecked VR in and out of the garage when needed. I'm not sure but maybe the end I need are interchangeable left or right.
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