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  1. Rich99


    Hummm, bike looks a little familiar, had an 83 for almost 17 years.
  2. Naven't been on here in ages, but if that were me standing there, I guess the new bike would make me smile a bit, but the cost, well; let[s just say I couldn't afford one anyway and leave it at that, lol.[/b]
  3. Old member, or aging member, lol, kind of sad that I haven't been an active member like I use to be, sure miss the days passed and the riding I use to do with everybody, but have lots of memorable picture of those days. Anyway, still take the scoot out as much as possible. Wanted to take it this weekend, but like you said, mother nature has other plans. Hopefully, this weekend works out and all of us can get together, take care.
  4. Forgot, should have made the print bigger so you...........I can read it, sorry, lol
  5. Was kind of wondering about you buying bikes right and left when you were getting up there in age and should have started slowing down, but I think the one time we e-mailed each other, you said your riding days were over with at that time, and I was still hoping to see your 99 RSV. So if it has to be, it has to be. I just look and think about my bike all the time wondering when it's going to come to a halt with me. I took Bessie out yesterday just because I had not ridden her for three weeks, and it was time to take her out to charge her battery. I could use the trickle charger, but not using it is what makes me take her out and still try to enjoy her as I'm still fit to do so some what. I don't think you ever mentioned you being a gun collector. With the amount of guns (1) I have, and rifles which come to one pellet rifle, 5 rifles and one shot-gun, they kept me busy for awhile, but haven't shot them now for several years when I took my son-in-law to the range to pop off a few rounds (this was an excuse to get him out of the house so we could set things up for a surprise 40th birthday party) but I took my 30-30 Winchester, my Ruger 44 Carbine and Remington 280 out which is my most accurate hi-powered rifle, and he seem to do a pretty good job hitting the target. Reloading my own shells worked pretty well also as I put 5 rounds right in the middle of the bulls-eye about the size of a quarter at 100 yards. But anyway, just re-newed my subscription on here and saw your post, so thought I'd just put a little bit on here myself. Just sad that sooner or later, some things must come to an end. Me, I think I've told you this, but stopped 5 yrs. ago putting Christmas light's up on the house, because my legs are too weak to do so. Anyway, we'll just keep passing our good............sometimes bad jokes back and forth to each other as my fingers can at least still type, lol. You have yourself a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jack, take care.
  6. Rich99

    Life Sucks

    I hit 70 a couple of months ago SilvrT, but seem to feel like 80. After just putting my 90 yr. old father into a care home, I guess that's what did it of which the stress of putting him there just seems to be a bit much. In less that a week and a half, he went from taking care of his self and still drove a car; that car was just donated to Kars4Kids today as it was an old car with a lot of mileage, and just wanted to do something for the kids! But as my mother passed away 15 yrs. ago, my dad has just gotten lonely and wants to be with her now. This happened 5 weeks ago and because of the stress (long story as to why), I've lost 30 lbs. in that time, and my BP which use to run in the high 120's over the high 60's was only 87 over 51 today. Anyway, lot's of red tape as he wasn't a rich man, so glad your doing well and like everybody has been telling me, just take it one day at a time, take care.
  7. I'm I doing this right, it's the first time I replied back, or should it have been a quote. I'm old hat and like things to stay the way they are so I don't have to learn all over again how to use something, but guess I don't have to worry about it too much as since I'm not on here every day like I use to be; as a member, just hanging in there in order to keep in touch.
  8. No seat is too much good to me any more Jack, seems like age has done my left cheek in and (think I told you this before) I think it has to do with my diabetes. Whatever nerves are there, I guess you can say their shot as far as protecting me from pain on long rides, so keep rides down to a hundred to one hundred and fifty miles; the good old day of long rides has definitely taken a back seat.
  9. Don't know if I should open up a can of worms again or not. Got 24,000 miles out of a Dunlop 404 when then use to use a hard rubber, then they stopped making that tire out of this rubber, used a softer rubber, and still had the balls to call it the same tire; I never made it to 8,000 miles then. But I'll stop right there as this was brought up at length when that first happened, and Greed won over me keeping a tire that got good mileage.
  10. Don't know if this is going to work, but seeing your bad tire, was wondering if I can remember how to attach a pic since I haven't done it for so long just to show you one of my bad tires. I submitted it, but I don't think it worked, no sweat; was just an experiment. All be dipped, it worked.
  11. You could be right, but with the amount of money it takes to do a cruise, it's not something for us poor people. Hitting the lotto would make it much easier!
  12. That's where I seem to come up on the losing end. 99% of everything I do is by myself. The only thing I do with the wife now is go out to dinner every Saturday night. But since she joined "Weight Watcher's" and lost 90 lbs., even that isn't any fun any more because we don't go to all the places we use to go and have fun picking anything on the menu. I've learned to live with it as she has a phobia of being afraid of everything and anything, so she just stays home and sews. crosswords, and soaps. I guess you could say that I'm honoring those marriage vows "for better or for worse", so we'll just leave it at that.
  13. Hi everybody, Haven't thrown a thread out here in a long time, and there's been a lot of old names that have left, and a lot of new ones. Been a long time since first motorcycle riding first started, but even longer since I've been on a cruise, because I've never been on one. I know, guess I could have gone a long time ago, but the wife doesn't do water or ships, and that's why I've never gone. It always came down to double occupancy of which I couldn't do, and they don't have single cabins. But sort of fell into this cruise where my niece bought my sister a cabin for a birthday gift paying the double occupancy price (she's got the ) just for her. She asked if anybody else wanted to join the cruise, so I asked my sister if she'd like a cabin partner, and wala............ my first cruise. This will probably be my first and last cruise, and my niece bought a mini-suite for my sister, that's where dollar signs started appearing. So just wanted to spread the news of one of my last hoo-rahs in retirement. Wish me luck, and hope sea sickness doesn't set in, or some sort of virus shows up on ship. I'll just keep a and see what it's like to be waited on hand and foot.
  14. Yup, both the wife's laptop and my Dell desktop went on the fritz together, all because XP was starting to collapse, and was told it wouldn't be supported after April 8th, so I went down to the only computer store and was told that he didn't even sell Windows 8. All I heard up to that point was that it was no good. So just hooked up my new computer today, hooked up the wife's laptop, and we're good to go. Was told Windows 8.1 was better, but stuck with the man running the computer store and so far, so good; works for me!
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