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  1. There is a complete 2nd gen trans on ebay right now for about $50. It has everything to fit a 1st gen. It has about 7 hours left. RandyA http://www.ebay.com/itm/09-Yamaha-Royal-Star-Venture-XVZ1300-TRANSMISSION-GEARS-/190656254323?hash=item2c63ff9173&item=190656254323&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr
  2. Hey guys. I know that this has been brought up before and I wanted to share with ya'll what I just found. http://www.crutchfield.com/S-51I56E4bKZj/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?g=51000&I=105CSBB2 dimensions: 11-5/8"W x 2-1/2"H x 7-7/8"D It'd fit, I think, in a saddlebag, maybe in the trunk... would definately take up a bit of room, though... It comes with a wired volume control.
  3. Has anybody tried one or established the fit up with the stock rear pad. I really would like to get one but am unwilling to shell out the busks to find out it doesn't fit.
  4. Howdy all, I seem to remember a post about certain Gold Wing passenger arm rests that fit a First Gen MK 1. I can not find it now. Does anyone remember this or have any info an the idea? I think Doreen would like to have a set on the bike. I have seen a couple of GW sets on ebay, but I don't know if they would fit. Thanks, Dave
  5. I have a 2008 RSTD with the quick release passenger backrest. Does anyone know what other years this will fit on? The reason I am asking is that I am having a custom made rack to mount a trunk on. I know it will fit my bike but I am wondering about other years. The guy who is making it for me maybe interested in them for other people.
  6. So thoes of you that have a leather flap. Where did you gt it? do you have pic's? (for second gen.) I can't seem to find any that I think would fit our wide fenders and look good.
  7. I need some of your expertise. I have looked through the site and on the net and I can't seem to find anything definitive on where I can get a set of driver floorboards that will fit the Mk11 (86-93). There must be a a model or a means to fit boards to the Venture. I do have a set that fit the Mk1 but these project into the space required for the chin. Finding these on EBay is near a miracle. Does anyone have any experience on a "universal" set or a savy means of adapting a board set meant for a goldwing etc. to fit? Thanks guys!
  8. Which Harley exhaust fit the RSV ? Road King only ? Will exhaust off a 2008 Harley Street Glide Fit ?What should I do take pics and measurements ? I can get a set cheap.
  9. I just wanted to let everyone know how pleased and professional this company is. One of the most pleasurable company to deal with. I have been working with Jim to get better braking power on my dad's 07 trike. He sent us new brake shoes and the larger rotors right before Christmas. During the time I was at dad's we worked on the bike. The brake pads didn't fit the calipers so we just didn't use them because the ones on there were still good. Went to put the wheels on and they didn't fit, wheel hit the caliper. So I called and got Jim's voice mail saying he was out until after the holidays, expected really. I called today and left a message for him to call me back. He did promptly and now he is going to send new calipers with all the fittings to get all the new stuff on. I am really happy this company stands behind their kits and helps owners of older models upgrade to their newer equipment. If or when I get a trike it will be a Hannigan for sure.
  10. Interesting article about Polaris' attempt to revive Indian motorcycles. I wish them the best, as it's always unfortunate to see any manufacturer go under. I found it interesting that, according to definition, our RSV's & RSTD's don't fit in the 'heavyweight' motorcycle classification. I think my RSTD is plenty heavy... http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2013/01/02/polaris-rides-atv-and-snowmobile-success-in-bid-to-revive-indian-motorcycles/ Glenn
  11. When's the last time you saw one of these? If I only could fit. http://knoxville.craigslist.org/mcy/3487432169.html
  12. Never thought I'd ever do this again but I did. Haven't had good experiences over the years with "clubs" but I've ridden with this group a number of times and it seems to "fit" right. Anyone else in the Vancouver / Lower Mainland area that might be interested, check out this vid ... [ame= ] [/ame]
  13. Anybody Know if the rear Rim of an 06 RSV fit on a 1st gen RSTD? 96 or 97?
  14. My brother sent me a link to this source of carb diaphragms for his xs650. http://jbmindustries.com/Dimensions.html Does anyone know these folks? $20 a piece for new ones would be great. I see Venture listed as M-73. Does anyone know the carb measurements that would be needed to fit my 89?
  15. Wanting to put an RSV Trunk on my 2006 RSTD . Looking at a 99 venture trunk. Thinking it will fit? Will a 2nd gen oem trunk support fit the 99 RSV trunk and my 06 RSTD. The trunk I'm looking at will need a little repair and new paint to match my bike and is pretty expensive. I am aware of the aftermarket trunks and wompus rack, but just don't like the looks. If any one knows of a RSV Trunk for sale anywhere, I'd be interested.
  16. Have, 85VR want to know if there is a CD player that will fit in the space where the cassett player is , jbsr71
  17. Need new tires. So whats the latest word on the Avon Venoms? Cracking fixed? Stay away? Would be buying the new Michelin Commanders if they made a front that fit, not interested in running a narrower size. Thanks in advance for any input. Ross
  18. I was Messing with my project car when something inside my head clicked. My bike is still disassembled and I ran into the house all greasy to grab my headlight housing and run back to the garage... I am upgrading my Fiero GT from using a single ugly 80's headlight to dual Hella projector headlights. Guess what, they will fit in the Venture's opening and I believe there is enough depth for them to fit completely. Problem is, this will delay my getting the bike on the road so I am looking at another option.... Does anyone have a front headlight assembly they are willing to sell cheap, give or loan to me so I can have a metal bracket designed to upgrade our 1gen headlights? I have a machine shop at my disposal as well as a laser cutter to design a bracket that can slip into the existing assembly and hold the two Hella modules. I can get them set apart side by side just enough to fit in the rubber mounting ring. I have seen these lights in action and they would make a HUGE improvement and the way I am thinking of installing them they would still use the adjuster on the dash and even be removeable to restore the bike back to stock. Plug and play in a way. These are DOT legal lights so the upgrade would be 100% legal in the USA. and it would make a HUGE difference in lighting on the road and reduction of glare in the eyes of the oncoming traffic. The lamps are not cheap. I paid $69.00 each for mine (4 on my car)
  19. My winter project is going to be building a bobber style venture, with Tweety power, maybe more. Probably be a multiple year process, like Tweety has been. I have most of motor components already, VMax heads, final drive & most of Vboost. 1300 block. I am interested if a 1st gen block will fit in a 2nd gen frame. I don't care about the head bracing, I will compensate for loss of that structure somehow. I like the single frame tube from the neck back style. It would allow me to use a standard tank on bike. Also like the appearance of the rear fender for the Indian look I am after. I am not after a chopper style, but more along a retro look. Single seater with old style sprung seat for one. I want to stay with mono shock set up for better handling. I have two 1st gen bare frames here, but I am not warm & fuzzy with what I would need to do to modify one to get what I am after. Gary
  20. Folks, Wondering if these MKII items will fit on a MKI... Travel trunk? (My helment won't fit in my MKI trunk, and see that the MKII trunk is much deeper). Will a MKII trunk fit without much trouble? Passenger footboard mounting plate? I really like the MKII style of flip-down/flip-up footboard, compared to the MKI things I have. Will a MKII mounting plate fit without too much trouble, and will the muffler mounting be compatible? Thanks to all for your input.
  21. I have a 99 royal star deluxe and I want to get a front fairing for it and when I put my bike info in there is nothing for my year can someone please point me in the right directions and also what later years would fit
  22. Just a heads up. I went down to look at the new gas cans that are contoured to fit into the saddlebag of a Harley. Really nice plastic cans sloped on one side to fit the shape of a saddlebag. But the lid of my Venture would not close with this can inside. So make sure you test before you buy. Mike
  23. Are the plug wires screwed into the coils the same way the caps screw to the opposite end, or are they just pressure fit into the coils?
  24. I found a decent looking one with only one sm crack online, but for $149 (and a future entire bike repaint), I'd like to know it will fit my 85 VR. It looks the same. Thanks!
  25. Here is a site you can use to help determine if the ergos of you and your bike fit. Start by clicking on 'add bike'. You can customize the bike, check if you can flat foot it, etc... I did not check to see if it had an antique section for 1st gens... http://cycle-ergo.com/
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