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  1. Anyone Familiar with this bike. A friend of mine is looking at one with the intention of maybe buying it, so he asked me about. but other than having seen the odd one I know next to nothing about it. If anyone can give me some pro's and con's about it that would be great. I think they are asking about $4,000 canadian and I believe it has about 40,000 KM on it. The bike is apparantly in mint shape with lots of extras.
  2. And what type is used in the rsv? that is the number and shape of the prongs.
  3. Is there anybody that can give me the real lowdown on BOTH of these windshields? I want one that makes the Calm air "bubble" extend back to include my passenger. She gets slapped around terribly back there. I know that with things aerodynamic, bigger doesn't always mean better. It just looks like the Clearview is selling its shape, and F4 is selling it's enormity. Is it possible that the better shape of the Clearview will outperform the huge F4?
  4. I know this isn't the perfect forum for this, but it will work. I have a garage FULL of 1st gen parts, and I need to thin it out drastically. I will be posting pics in the classifieds, but wanted to give a heads up to the 1st gen folks. Here are a few of the body parts I have... Left side upper fairing, fair condition Couple of front fenders, fair to good condition 2 sets of MKI saddlebags, 1 with key for locks, 1 without key, Good shape Trunk for '85 and base, Fair condition 3 seats, 2 in fair shape, 1 in not so good 2 faux tank covers 1 pair of engine side panels, fair to good condition 5 factory stereos all work, including the cassette players, fair to good condition 1 CLASS pump compressor assembly, works well I could go on, but you get the drift. If anyone is looking for oddball parts, I have a got of inner plastic parts, fenderwells and such. If your looking for something shoot me a PM, or if you want to buy the lot of misc parts, we can do that too.
  5. Hi Venture riders; just thought I'd throw this out there. Was getting work done on my Venture and decided to look at the new bikes on the floor while waiting. In the Bay Area at East Bay Motorsports, they still have 2 brand new 2011's - 2 tone blue that at the time retailed for $21,650 and have lowered the price in order to get them off the floor to $16,900, that's a saving of $4,750. If my bike with 112k on it was in any sort of bad shape, I might jump on it, but I'm good to go for now; so just in case your interested, the place is in Hayward, Ca. and their phone is 510-889-7900. All it takes is a little bit of :rotf:.
  6. We are going to Janesville WI, to pick a 1992 Blue Venture today, sure hope that this ends up being a better one than the one I got three weeks ago, that was doctored up with stop leak. Looks from the pics to be in very nice shape everything is there still has the cargo bags . All of the plastic is is good shape. The PO said its been a very good cycle and that he doesnt ride much anymore and wanted to get his daughter a nice scooter to cruze around town on. I will get some pics on here when I get it home and all cleaned up. Orlin
  7. Just a heads up. I went down to look at the new gas cans that are contoured to fit into the saddlebag of a Harley. Really nice plastic cans sloped on one side to fit the shape of a saddlebag. But the lid of my Venture would not close with this can inside. So make sure you test before you buy. Mike
  8. I found these forks on ebay last week and missed the end of the auction. I asked the seller if they were truly in good shape and if he would sell them for his minimum bid plus shipping. He said yes so I took a chance, $100 shipped. They showed up today and look great. Nice to know not all ebay sellers are selling crap. Since buying my basket case this spring i've received a lot of junk off ebay. I hope I can find the rest of the stuff I need for this conversion in as nice of shape as these forks. Now I just need the rotors and the calipers and the progressive springs and some anti-dive block offs and a fork brace and new brake lines and...and...um...nevermind...Now i'm bummed out...i'm gonna go get ready for work...talk to you guys later.
  9. Goldwing with landing gear...My nephew works at this dealership, I looked at the bike and it is in EXCELLENT shape... http://www.motorsportssuperstore.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?sid=09447748X7K6K2012J10I15I26JPMQ808R0&veh=141&pov=2726559
  10. The 4-wheeler I bought a few weeks ago has some light scratches on it. A few of the worse ones you can feel with a fingernail but most are lighter. What can I buff these out with? I know the plastic is different from our bikes. This thing is in such great shape i would like to make it look like new. It is a Honda Ricon if that makes any difference. I know zilch about them. Question is what to use???
  11. I finally decided to buy the Utopia Backrest for my 06, and it is a quality product to say the least. It adjusts backwards, forwards, and up and down. It has one engineering flaw in my humble opinion---the tube presses so hard into the passenger pillion that it actually distorts its shape. They provide a protective shield to keep it from tearing the seat, but it still distorts the shape. The comfort level is very good. My stock seat is still uncomfortable, but I am looking at a pad by Butt Buffer and Comfort Max. Anyone have either of those? Anyway, its another step towards more comfort on the longer rides. Jim:)
  12. I have to ship a 1st Gen MK1 hitch to a member. Anybody know the best way to do this ? wrap it up ? box it ? wire a tag to it and ship it as is ? It is such a weird shape. Just wondering if anybody has done this before ?
  13. There is something in there that sounds like a little rock or a marble. How do I get it out of there. I havent taken one of these apart the outer part is in nice shape so it would be nice to keep it. I took it off flipped it around shook it and it wont come out of there. Thanks Orlin
  14. Does any body know if a 1986 Venture Royale Passenger Foot Rests would fit a 1984 venture Royale without any modifications and are they just bolt on. Thanks in advance and does anybody have a set for sale in nice shape.
  15. Looking for some used youth helmets for 6, 7 or 8 year olds. Anybody have any laying around that are in great shape? Put a price on them and I will consider. Thanks
  16. ... for getting a bit "bent out of shape"
  17. I had a split in the leather covering on my saddlebag on my V Star 1300, that gave me a good excuse to go out and find some nice hardbags for it. I found them on E Bay, they are the same shape and almost the same size, but they wouldnt exactly fit the stock mounts so I had to use the supplied mounts. They even have lights already installed in them.
  18. I thought I would start this thread to see what my fellow riders do to stay in shape for riding. It seems as I am getting older I am finding certain aspects of riding becoming harder on me and the need to get back and stay in shape becomes more apparent to me everytime I ride.
  19. Hello, After riding my "new to me" '99 RSV for a few weeks, there was something about the control levers which I couldn't put my finger on. Oh.... that's it.... I have small hands and have now noticed that the shape of the Venture's levers are a bit odd. The designed shape don't really work well for a smaller hand. After searching around a little, I've come up with a solution, get yourself a hold of the OEM (or aftermarket) levers from the first generation Royal Star say a 1996 model. These levers have a different shape which is better suited to a smaller hand, and bolt right up to the RSV's master cylinders. Please see the attached pictures for a comparison. Mike
  20. I have a scratched one but would prefer a mirror that isnt so beat up. Thanks, Ray
  21. I just picked-up a 1980 Honda CB 750 Custom, with only 19,000 miles. It's in great shape and it even came with original Hondaline Accessories - including a full fairing, saddlebags, and a trunk. I would like to get this bike tuned-up and in as tip-top shape as possible. Does anyone have any tips on great sites I could visit for this bike. My Venture questions and issues are all addressed here on this site. Now, I need something for this old Honda. I think that this CB 750 will will make for a pretty reliable second bike. Now, I just need to get as familiar with it as I am with my Venture. Thanks & Be Safe! Pete.
  22. As most Know, I decided to sell the 86 VR to buy a bike that had a lower seat height. I found a 00 Royal Star in good shape in Austin and went to pick it up yesterday. (missed the Maint Day in Houston). It has plenty of power and is in excellent shape. BUT. I can feel every ridge and bump in the freeway. Maybe I was spoiled with the CLAS on the VR, But I can seen why this guy said he had back problems. It has Avon tires on it, so that may be part of it. I noticed very little rear suspension travel and felt like it may have bottomed out a time or two. Now the prior owner was 6' 3" and about 250, but I am only 190, so what's up>
  23. Does anyone know where I can buy 4 of these for my 07 midnight? Saw a pair on a v star and they looked shape.
  24. we went to the old thrasher show in montgomery city mo. and i ran across an old bkn 7 hp. wisconsin engine. i had one just like it when i was about 14 mounted on a cushman airborn frame, and the memories came alive. just had to have it. great shape. picked for $80.00 value $250.00, + $170.00. i should have never watched that show. :clap2:
  25. well after 1 1/2 yrs i got the 86 i bought stripped down for a frame swap and re-paint. with help from the brother of a co-worker who want to learn about working on bikes, we got it down to the engine ready to remove from frame. alread found several problems as we took things off. the whole area below battery box is corruded up from acid, need to clean and re paint computer mount, clean and coat wiring blocks with electric gel. found diaphrams in carbs stiff and holes in them, need to order new ones. linkage set-screw between 2 of the carbs was loose and not opening the carbs at the same rate, could have never got them synced right. other than that it's in pretty good shape over-all. i'll have a few spare parts left over, because he gave me 2 extra fake gas tank covers, 1 radio and some other parts i need to find out what there for. the seat is in bad shape as the cover is cracked-up, if anybody has a good one or know where i can get this one re-covered that would work. i'm going to take it to a guy who did some other work for me and see if he can do it reasonable. looking foward to getting it back together and see how it turns out.
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