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    1984 Yamaha Venture Royale
  1. I'm looking for someone that lives in Crossville, TN 38558 or near by that could pick up a trike travel pak for me till I can come down in May
  2. Does any body know if a 1986 Venture Royale Passenger Foot Rests would fit a 1984 venture Royale without any modifications and are they just bolt on. Thanks in advance and does anybody have a set for sale in nice shape.
  3. I have a set of cable from a 1983 without cruise if you need them. I live in Cleveland Oh PM me if your interested and also have a set of sync gauges to use.
  4. I just picked up a 1993 GL1500A to add to the 1984 Yamaha Venture Roale XVZ1200DL and the 1986 Suzuki Cavaclade 1400LXE and the 1989 Honda PC800 in the garage. Looks like I will be a dealer soon. LOL
  5. They stopped making the mini I was told so if any body has the 2 lens and your chrome piece that's all I need. Dang old bikes.LOL What ya want for the chrome piece shipped to 44124 zip code. Thanks Al Here is where I found out they stopped making them and what the dimensions are for both.... http://www.detwincam.com/Drag-Specialties-BARON-TWIN-AND-BARON-MINI-TWIN-MARKER-LIGHTS-detail.htm?productId=7922788&ez=Drag%20Specialties:%20Electrical~q=bidaa400zzfidaa95zz~r=~
  6. That looks great do you know where I could get to Len's thou
  7. I am looking for the light assemble only for the lower out side light kit that went around the bags made by Drag Specialties for the Venture from 1983 threw 1985. If any body has one that they would like to sell please let me know. Thanks AL
  8. I will posting all the spare parts that I picked up for this bike as soon as I can get them out of the box's in the garage and what I payed for them. As for the deflectors I will see if I can make a mount for them because they are in nice shape and are unique in the way the work.
  9. Well I learned my lesson not buy from E-Bay when the add read for a 83-84 Yamaha Venture. That now goes in the box with the other items left over the years of rebuilding bikes, before I know it my garage will be filled of spare parts that when I die my kids will think! what nut collected all this stuff.LOL thanks alot guys for all your imput so far on this project. I love to restore old things but never get attached to anything this way I can't fall in love with just one bike. I will have pic's posted this weekend because it's in the finale stage and should be up and running all together.
  10. I have a set of wing deflectors that came with this bike and have never seen before and was wondering if anybody has seen them on a 84 Venture Royale and where do they mount. Any help would be appreciated on this. Thanks in advance. Al
  11. I will be out of town this weekend if I want to stay married my wife said. (LOL) I will PM you with my contact number
  12. I'm looking for anybody that has carb syn gauges that live in Cleveland Oh that I could use to verify my own gauges. Thanks In advance. PM me
  13. Here is the bulbs I used and the website I bought them from if any body is interested http://www.superbrightleds.com ---------- PRODUCT INFORMATION ---------- Qty | Product / Options | Price/ea | ============================================================ 5 | WLED-x4-x: 4 LED T10 Wedge Base Bulb | $ 2.59 | WLED-W4-90: Cool White Wide ------------------------------------------------------------ 1 | WLED-x4-x: 4 LED T10 Wedge Base Bulb | $ 1.59 | WLED-R4-32: Red Narrow ------------------------------------------------------------ 2 | WLED-x4-x: 4 LED T10 Wedge Base Bulb | $ 2.59 | WLED-G4-32: Green Narrow ------------------------------------------------------------ 1 | WLED-x4-x: 4 LED T10 Wedge Base Bulb | $ 2.59 | WLED-B4-90: Blue Wide ------------------------------------------------------------ 3 | WLED-x4-x: 4 LED T10 Wedge Base Bulb | $ 1.59 | WLED-A4-32: Amber Narrow ------------------------------------------------------------ 2 | 1156-x30: 30-LED BA15S bulb| $ 8.99 | 1156-A19-WV: 1156 Amber 100 Degree ------------------------------------------------------------ 2 | 1157-x3X1W: 3 x 1.3 Watt High Power LED BAY15D Bulb| $ 16.95 | 1157-A3X1W: Amber ------------------------------------------------------------ 2 | 1157-R19W6: Motorcycle Tail 19-LED 1157 Bulb| $ 12.99 | ------------------------------------------------------------ 2 | RL-650: Tail Light Load Resistor kit | $ 4.95 | ------------------------------------------------------------
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