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  1. I have an anniversary coming up about the same time I will be spending 2 weeks in Moline. Thinking about a working vacation (Free hotel, and food for me). I live about 1.5 hours from Moline so my wife could stay as long or short as she wants. I dunno... There is the John Deere Museum...anything else?
  2. How do I find members who live in my home state?
  3. I woke up this morning (New Years Day) and laid in bed thinking about things, and a trip that I've been thinking about took the stage. I'm sure that most of you have watched episodes of "Highway Thru Hell" on The Weather Channel------I've been thinking about riding some of these roads, but of course in July or August. Do any of you live or at least ridden around the 'Highway'? We've gotten our friends interested in this also, but he added heading up NW so we can touch the south tip of Alaska also. It'll be a long ride (we live in Illinois) but it should be beautiful. I'm also thi
  4. How many of you live in the Tampa Bay FL. area ?
  5. Temps here in North Texas today was in the mid 70's. Went for a long, long ride; about 160 miles or so. Blue skies most of the time. Glad I live in Texas.
  6. While on cycle trip, my mic mute is acting up. One day it works...the next it doesn't. When it does work, then it's been good for the day. when not working, neither ptt button has any affect...the mic is always live. I checked all connections under seat but don't have tools or desire to split fairing while on the road. Anyone ever had weird problem witn them before?
  7. Robin and I are seriously thinking about retiring in the south and are looking into 55 plus manufactured home communities. We have found a bunch in FLA. But very little to no info in any other states. We are looking in NC, SC, GA, and FL. Does anyone here live in, or know of such communities. Looking for any and all info and opinions.
  8. I spent $500 on a course on re-incarnation. I know it's a lot of money but, what the heck, you only live once right?
  9. Anytime I try to respond to anything on Craigs List or other things, my computer automatically goes to Windows Live Mail and I have never set it up and don't even know how to get into it. I use Comcast mail and Yahoo. I need to either set it up or change it to go to an account I now use. Any suggestions? If giving suggestions, please make it basic. I am somewhat computer challenged. Thanks, RandyA
  10. who lives close to me that has the gage and the knowledge to use it? I've had my bike for two years and have never had it done. of course it runs like a raped ape i think it's time to do it. I'm off on Tue and wed and can make the drive if it's fairly close. i know 1rooster has one but seems like we did he's a couple of years ago at the Lexington BBQ and i don't think he can set them but i could be wrong. thanks P.S. i live in black mountain,NC.
  11. I am thinking of buying a scooter, about 150cc just enough for riding two up with maby a top speed of 50 MPH. don't want to spend a lot of money and some of the chineese ones look good but I am told to stay away from them. Would appreicate any infor on good ones to buy. No , I'm not getting rid of the RSV, the scooter will live on the boat for shore trips.
  12. This happened just east of the town I live in http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2012/05/11/nl-moose-memories-511.html Keith
  13. Well, I had to leave the darkside, just couldn't find the sweet spot for pressure and the wobble that kicked in at around 135 km became too annoying to live with. Swapped out my ct for a d404 this morning with a couple of ounces of dyna beads for balancing and life is wobble free again!!
  14. Leaving home at 2 am for a 6 am start in Brady, TX. Should cover around 600 miles before the finish in Brady. Live Map with 10 minute position updates is here: http://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=461d4f9876a08079a Map goes live tonight and will stop when I get home on Sunday. There are 40+ riders taking part this year, this is my first time.
  15. I flew home Tuesday with a business stop in Minneapolis. While waiting in the airport I noticed that the motorcycle cops there had found a way to prevent PMS during the winter. I guess when you live where weather really restricts your riding time, you have to do something. I just wonder how many motorists he actually catches.....:whistling:
  16. Hazenson

    Hey all

    Hey everyone! Ive been M.I.A. for awhile but happy to say Im back. Missed the website and those of you i have gotten to know over the last few years. Happy to say that Pam and I are finally getting out of this frozen tundra we call Michigan. We are planning to Move to Durham, N.C. at the end of the month. Our oldest daughter lives there and we are excited to be near her again. And we are surely lookin forward to a longer riding season. Also lookin forward to meeting some of you that live around that area.
  17. Being retired I have a lot of time on my hands so just out of the blue... How many of you are on XBox Live and what games do you play? I bought my XBox after testing out a used GTA4 game I bought on Ebay for my 16 yr old & I was hooked. I Play Grand Theft Auto 4 Saints Row 3 Red Dead Redemption to name a few, I know my son has a lot more games. (Call of Duty type shooters) Hey if enough of us are online maybe we could share usertags & set up a party
  18. I am new to this site. I have a 08 Royal Star. I live in Cedar Rapids, Ia.
  19. One of the local kids playing with the log truck again. Looks like another hold my beer and watch this moment. This was taken about 1/2 mile from my house. Looks like Jamie almost made her out on the highway. Had her chained down good to. I live on the No License No Insurance side of the County. Anything goes here least my insurance is paid up. http://i1132.photobucket.com/albums/m580/ggrabose/Falls%20Mill/LocalLoggers.jpg
  20. Well we have a grandaughter now. She weighed 8lbs 5.6 ounces. I have no idea how long she is and they haven't settled on a name yet. Just got the call and called Jeff at work to let him know. We'll be heading out tomorrow they live on the other side of Charlotte. Hopefully they'll have a name for her by then. OH and don't worry grandma will have plenty of pics once I get a hold of her. Margaret
  21. I'm looking at buying a home with cedar shakes, they are at least 14 years old. They do have some moss going on them but other then that they look good. When should they be replaced? I live in Minnesota.
  22. This is one list I would rather not be a part of........I live close to #6, TOO CLOSE as a matter of fact!!! http://www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2010/12/10/america-s-25-coldest-cities.html
  23. I live in the hampton rhoads area of VA and I was curious if there was anyone else with a venture that live around this area that would possibly want to meet up and ride sometime? Or if there were goin to be any rides anywhere near here. I looked on the calender and saw the meet and eat in greensboro and as of now am not sure if I would be wanting to drive that far yet, but who knows by that time things may have changed. Thanks everyone for your help and support, I appreciate all of you and the help you give.
  24. Me and the Lady just spent 4 days camping at Willeville MC Camp in Meadows of Dan VA They are located just off the BRP in VA The place is clean well kept picnic tables and bug torches ot every site The owner Will he puts out coffee in the mornings We meet some good people While there we went and checked out some music venues along the Crooked road Virginia's music trail We ended up in Galax at the fiddlers convention watched the Banjo competitions along the way we stopped at the Blue Ridge Music center which has live old time and Bluegrass music daily along with a real interes
  25. Is there a way of searching our member listing by region/state? I live in the Pacific Northwest and would like to make contact with other members who live here for possible rides or events.
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