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  1. Have fun with family and friends but stay safe and avoid the roads if you can.
  2. Greetings: Denise, my wife, and I are planning a tripp to IL in July and would like to stay off of the Interstates as much as possible, any recommendations or map sites. Thanks Mike
  3. I just got home from a vacation in Las Vegas. We had a good time, although our hotel wasnt that great. Matter of fact it was pretty bad. We stayed at Ballys, and the rooms/hotel were in need of remodeling BADLY. So anyway, it got me to thinking, whats the best place to stay? Lets hear what you guys think and why!
  4. GREAT AIR SHOW They carry more insurance on the models than on their RV's, with good reason. The trash cans at the flying field stay busy. It is considered a normal part of the hobby. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=zYPag3LuKlA
  5. barend

    road trip

    looks like i'll be making a little road trip if everything works out the way I hope. the "big" question is which way to go, my choices are either I40 East from CA to SC or stay a little lower and take I 10 and I 20. any thoughts? I want to do this in three days if possible (2300+ miles) -- hmm, maybe four:hihi:
  6. Hmmm......stay away from certain types of food!
  7. Perhaps... New York Giants (last years superbowl champs) just got a beat down. Question is... can the Steelers(Stealers 1938 Retro BadBoys) stay healthy enough for a Unprecidented 7th Superbowl Championship? Will Troy P. ever be back? Time will tell...
  8. in the path off that "nasty" headed your way....... keep your powder dry, ya head down, and stay safe!! Seriously, that storm looks bad-- praying for everyone to be safe
  9. Ill be spending the night in the Longwood FL area on Oct 30th to 31st. Im not familiar with the area. I know there are some shady areas over there. I need some hotel info on where the better areas are. IM having some mods done to my Mustang at Lamotta Performance on 17 and I want to try to stay in the immediate area but some of the local hotels have pretty sleazy ratings so im concerned with the overall area. Thanks, Jeff
  10. i purchased a Carbtune about two years ago and shortly thereafter sync'd my carb. i thought it wouldn't hurt to re-sync, so i hooked up the Carbtune and lo and behold all four bars were within a gnat behind of each other. to those who are more familiar with syncing, my question - "is it normal for the carbs to stay synchronized"? btw the bike has been running great and i don't really have any complaints after 36k miles.
  11. Well its time to button things up caveman seabeetom and myself are in the path I haven't talked to seabeetom or caveman to see what they are doing but I'm stuck here thinking about sending my family north not sure yet so may not be on for a few days so after Issac hit whoever is in its path y'all be careful and stay safe
  12. Ok, before I hit the fleaBay curcuit again I know some of you are parting out some 1st gens. I find myself in need of at least one, if not both of the jointed mounting studs that tie the signal housings to the fender stays. I don't need the entire signal body, just the long angled stud that runs through it with the rubber joint and the short stud to the stay. But if the price is right for the whole assembly that will do to. Found why mine started wiggling so bad. The rubbers joints are breaking up. Let me know, Thanks, Mike
  13. While working on a friend's bike the other day, he mentioned that the choke wouldn't stay on by itself. After doing some searching on here, I couldn't find an answer as to how to get it to stay on without simply standing there holding the choke knob out. So I decided that there might be others out there with the same problem. Here's the solution. If you lay down on the floor and look up at the choke knob, just behind it(towards the rear of the bike) there is a hex nut that is held in place by a flat thin locking tab. It looks like a very thin flat washer. See picture below. All you have to do is take is a flat blade screwdriver and straighten out the tab that is holding the nut in place. Then with the appropriate wrench or even a pair of plyers, tighten the nut just enough to start holding the choke linkages in place. This shouldn't take tightening but maybe one flat on the nut. Afterwards, bend the tab back over at any place it's most convenient. Now your choke should stay on until you push it back in. Don't over tighten or it will be hard to push back in.
  14. I have a few weeks off in combination with the International and am looking for feedback and suggestions. This is a first draft of a route so it is really rough. Basic plan is leave the International on Thursday and stay at a Cousin's in Webster MA for a night or two (Friday or Saturday arrival). Towards the end of the route we'll stay at my brother's in Griffith Ontario. Other than that... route is wide open. Thinking minimum 8 days (plus couple nights in Webster, one or two nights at my brother's). Maximum 14 days (give or take bad weather days). Looking for suggestions on route and things to see. Planning on tenting it so will be looking for camp grounds along the route figuring 500km (300 miles) per day. Bad weather days will stay in a motel for comfort (and shower). Here is a link to the rough route : http://mapq.st/LK3e60
  15. Ok my wife bought one of these at WalMart http://www.walmart.com/ip/Zap-Master-Handheld-Electric-Bug-Zapper/19530536 for MD, we never used it there because Don told the bugs to stay away or something. Last night we pulled it out and I must say it works awesome and it a real hoot. . .
  16. Decided to take a trip while my daughter was in Camp. We are going to leave the 11th ride to Aiken then along the lakes check out a couple of the falls and stay overnight in Greenwood SC. Day 2 Cherohala skyway to the Dragon staying overnight in Alcoa TN. Day 3 on to Gatlinburg down to Cherokee and Staying overnight in Greenville SC. Day 4 onto the the house. I based my stops on where I can stay for free http://rideplanner.harley-davidson.com/rideplanner/share/478931 Anyone want to tag along or would like to meet up for lunch of dinner let me know.
  17. I stayed at the Days Inn in Martin, Tn while at B2Dads M+E. When I walked in and registered, I was handed a paper bag. In it were a bottle of water, a coke, crackers and chips. Very nice of them to do that for us. A few days after I got home, I received an e-mail which contained a survey about my stay. I filled it out. A few days later, I received an e-mail from Prof Mani thanking me for filling out the survey. The other day, I got a card in the mail. It was a hand written note from Prof and Kay thanking me for staying there. It is rare thing today, when a business manager takes the time to thank people. My hat is off to them, and I will stay there again next year.... :thumbsup:
  18. Guest

    to those on facebook

    Friends: Facebook does not appeal to me, never has. I tried it, added one or two friends, and I have only made a couple of entries in 3 years, and only checked it about twice a year. Now we hear of all the politics and corruption, and security problems, and now to top it off Mark Zuckerberg, a billionaire and co-founder of FB, called the users of Facebook, and I quote: "Dumb f**ks". ( he used ALL the letters!) How can you stay in a place like that? I prefer MySpace because its rich in media content and I've met many good friends there. Sure, its not perfect, but good enough for me! I plan to stay on MySpace. Below are several links dealing with the problems of FB, and quitting FB, or heck, just google "how to quit facebook". I know some of you are addicted and will never quit. At least look at some of these pages and then make your decision, with full knowledge of the outcome. ______________________________________________________________________________ http://www.businessinsider.com/well-these-new-zuckerberg-ims-wont-help-facebooks-privacy-problems-2010-5 http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-myspace-busted-for-telling-advertisers-which-specific-users-clicked-on-ads-2010-5 http://wcco.com/goodquestion/quiting.facebook.question.2.1701767.html http://www.newsweek.com/id/183180 http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-quit-facebook http://www.wikihow.com/Quit-Facebook http://techguylabs.com/radio/ShowNotes/Show668#toc3 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_y7mMlKgjY]YouTube- Leo Laporte Deletes His Facebook Account[/ame]
  19. I am thinking of buying a scooter, about 150cc just enough for riding two up with maby a top speed of 50 MPH. don't want to spend a lot of money and some of the chineese ones look good but I am told to stay away from them. Would appreicate any infor on good ones to buy. No , I'm not getting rid of the RSV, the scooter will live on the boat for shore trips.
  20. This is NOT meant to be political, just an FYI! YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS, but it is true!! Watch the newscast video and stay calm! http://www.wthr.com/video?clipId=7054149&autostart=true :doh:Earl
  21. We will be going to Charleston the 4th week in April arriving sometime on the 22nd. Was wondering if anyone around the area would like to have a M&E thinking about the 23rd or 24th not sure how long we will stay in the area before starting our trek further south and back home. Would like to spend some time riding and seeing the country or just a evening meal.
  22. i've been taking radiation treatments for prostate cancer for almost 7months,tried to take a ride last weekend but had to return home due to some major swelling, dr. visit monday sound a possible cause, it was confirmed today that cancer as spread to the right testis so i was told to stay off the bike, surgery to be scheduled soon but looks like i'm down for the yr at least. but for the rest of you please visit your dr follow hit orders ,, and ride safe this yr, "i'll be back" steve:325:
  23. http://video.ca.msn.com/watch/video/road-rage-carnage-in-brazil/1glbj4sni?from=sharepermalink-facebook&cpkey=26d16d18-deb8-4205-a706-3cde26b4a8e8%7c%7c%7c%7c I always envision this happening around where I work. Too many hot-heads behind the wheel during rush-hour. Our bikes may be larger than others, but they are still no match for even a compact car. Stay cool everyone!
  24. .....I lost my mom to cancer. I sat up with her all night, holding her hand as she slowly slipped away, finally passing at 4am that morning, 15MAR 1989. Every year since, I stay up all night as I did that night and think of how lucky my brothers and sisters and I were to have had such wonderful parents that raised us right. Sometimes my kids would stay up all night with me and we'd tell stories and look at pictures, but they would eventually fall asleep and I would once again be alone with just my thoughts and memories. Tonight is no different, as the wife is fast asleep, and it's just me and mom. If she were here, she'd smack me upside the head and tell me to go to bed, but now I sort of get the feeling that she kind of looks forward to our once-a-year vigil on this special and sad day. I sure do miss her. If you still have any of your parents with you, keep building some memories with them. You never know what tomorrow will bring, or how those good memories will sustain you down the road. Time to make some hot tea and break out the picture books.......
  25. It got down to -9 F the other morning and today it snowed..... so off to Florida we go. We'll be leaving monday morning for 6 weeks in Orlando. Got a house sitter all lined up, tools loaded ( we do volunteer maintance work at YWAM.... Youth With A Mission). Stay warm everyone who live up here in this frozen tundra. I'll be thinking about you when I'm at the snow white beach in Sarasota one week from today. Also planning to go to the Daytona 500 and a Zillion Flea Markets.
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