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  1. I assume the wattage is low enough for these bikes.
  2. What's the reason for the relay?
  3. I want to make my bike more visible and not just a little bit. I was thinking LED or HID but I keep reading that on high beam they are not any better than stock or at least not that much better. I want to replace the lights and keep the same look as it has now, in other words, don't want to mount off crash bars as replacements but am thinking about adding additional lights to them. I think those are factory, so whatever light could possibly work inside those housings or be a close replacement for them and then a replacement for the stock headlight. Also, if there are bright but clean install lights to mount lower I'd like to hear (better yet see) what you guys have used.
  4. Get the adjustable one so that you know you can fit it to your desired position. After your first couple rides you'll forget the extra money spent but you'll remember what you saved if it doesn't sit where you'd like it too.
  5. I do mean his with the most imaginable respect possible, but you have problems, strong mental ones I think.
  6. It'll be in the 90's here next week, time for some rides up north to "beat the heat".
  7. That's what I did and he ships fast.
  8. Another reason for all of you guys to join me in AZ, ride year 'round and no daylight savings.
  9. I did a quick search to try to find an answer to your first question and this was the first thing that came up https://www.nraila.org/articles/20130215/more-guns-less-crime-2013 I'm sure there are plenty more, but that article seems to match others I've read similar to your question. As far as your second question, in all of the states that have gone constitutional carry (my state included) there is still several places that you can't go unless you have a CCW. Also, most of the gun shops here will let you purchase and take a gun without having to wait for the background check if you have a current CCW, nice if you get a sudden itch for a new one.
  10. I know it was a rant and not necessarily supposed to be funny, but I couldn't help but laugh. The forum I help Mod has just north of 100,000 members and it amazes me (though it shouldn't) how much hand holding a bunch of grown men require. Seems like every time you delete someone's post due to rules violations they get butt hurt and send you a message asking why you couldn't have just moved it for them. Glad to see its universal to all of these forums.
  11. Good luck and ride safe, hope you make the full 1500, but safe back home with the family is more important. Wish I could give you some advice, but I've never been there.........Yet;)
  12. So first I'd like to give a big Thank You to skydoc_17 for the clutch upgrade kit. I ordered it from him late Thursday night and he shipped it first thing Friday morning, received it Monday afternoon. I know he doesn't control the post office, but his promptness got it in my hands faster than I was really expecting it. I didnt have time to do it until yesterday and today was the first time I got to ride it for more than a quick test drive. Prior to the swap, when I would accelerate aggressively it would flair up a little, not bad but definitely there. After the swap, I throttled her for all she had and couldn't even pick up the slightest hint of a slip. The clutch discs I took out were not even worn out but the ridiculous half disc was worn enough that all of the grooves were gone. I changed all the discs, figured no sense in taking it apart only to put old stuff back in. Once again I'm glad this forum exists, wouldn't have even thought to look for a better spring, let alone replace that stupid half disc. If anyone is considering upgrading on just in need of changing their clutch, I highly recommend that kit. Cleaning all the old gasket off takes longer than changing the parts did, so don't put it off if you're worried about the time.
  13. Thank you, same link skydoc sent me as well.
  14. I'm doing skydocs clutch upgrade, looks straight forward but is there anything I should know about before starting this project. Anything I should look for while I have it apart?
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