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  1. Well, I just went and looked at Skydocs add for the Deka AGM battery. Looks like it has the terminals on same side as the Yuasa, so no problem I hope. Looking to get it tomorrow.
  2. Having issues now with the Deka AGM. Skydoc says I have to cut some tie straps on my RSTD and move the hot terminal to the oposite side. I dont know if that will work very well along with my already added on extras on the bike and wired into the battery. Look for threads to help me, but cant find anything at all.
  3. In garage now trying to figure it out. Got the side cover.
  4. Trying to get my bike ready for the new Deka battery I ordered from Skydoc. Should get tomorrow. But he said the terminals on my bike have to be switched. Didnt know that. So I am trying to figure out what everyone did ? But not finding any threads to help. 2007 RSTD, hot battery terminal on left side of bike standing behind it. I hope this isn't as bad as it looks, with all my wiring for the other add ons in there, and possible switching sides. Skydoc said he thought you just had to clip a few tie straps. ???????? HELPPPPP PleaseEEEEE?????? Leaving on trip this Saturday morning. Thanks in advance ........ Fuzzy
  5. I agree BigLenny, why now. Do you keep your ride in an insulated or heated garage ?
  6. Well I just placed the order with Skydoc17 for a Deka battery. The original is in fact a YUASA as I had in my bike since new. I researched the Yamaha manufacture web site and found it was the battery that came in it. I thought so, but my wife says I replaced it. I did not, I would have records of it if so. I have purchased others for UTV and ATV though.
  7. HELLO everyone, and God bless. Been a while, but I am back. This YUASA model YTX20L-BS was in my RSTD since new, as far as I can remember (9 yrs). Pretty good I would say. I have always kept a battery tender on it in the well insulated garage. No problems, but expecting one any time from this battery. I just removed it to see what it was. Should I be concerned ? I think maybe so, so what you all recommend ? YUASA again, I am thinking. Ordering quickly, need it this week. Leaving out next Saturday morning.
  8. Oops, thanks Du-Rron. I was making sure someone was checking. Lol
  9. #1 - Axle start through frame hole #2 - Through Washer #3 - Through Caliper support bracket #4 - on through and into the frame on opposite side, turning the axle as you go. Once the axle is through both sides, using the allen head socket to turn the axle. Find the sweet spot where that the wheel turns the most free. Mark this spot with a marker and use the pinch bolt center of half's as an alignment. Now bring the axle back out a little more and with a file, file yourself a notch into the axle as a permanent reference to always put the axle back into the same sweet spot. Now, once you get the axle back in; #1 - start the nut and snug it up only #2 - tighten the pinch bolt up on the axle at the sweet spot, 13 Foot pounds. #4 - Now tighten the axle nut to 110 Foot pounds. The caliper bolts tighten to 29 Foot pounds. Important to do this. If you do not have a decent Foot pound torque wrench, and you are going to work on your own bike, you really should get one. Only two tires on two wheels between you and the black top. *There is a complete printable sheet on here somewhere to identify all the correct torque for all the bolts.
  10. Thank you so much for good detailed update Cowpuck. I really appreciate it. Hope your hand gets better. Frustrated, trying to find Avon tires for my Tour Deluxe. They disappeared in the correct sizes. Whats up with that I wonder. Thanks again my friend. Good to be back. I am still my old self having trouble finding things on the internet.
  11. Please help me find some Avon tires for my 2007 Tour Deluxe. I want original size front and back in black walls, FRONT 150/80 HR 16, REAR 150/90 HR 15. I have looked with no success for several hours. I must be doing something wrong ????? I have run these tires several years and love them. Last new set was two years ago (12,700 miles on this set) where did they go ??? HELP PLEASE
  12. Sorry I been gone so long. I cant believe I forgot my membership. Good to be back everyone. A lot has been going on, but all is well and we are ready to ride, almost. Gotta put a new set of tires on. I put 12,700 miles on this set of Avon Venoms. Again, good to be back, and I hope to find everyone doing OK. Nice up dates Freebird. Looking great. Fuzzy
  13. I just wanted to send a shout out to all my friends here. Everyone has been such a great help to me over the years here. A special thanks to Freebird for keeping us up and running in the internet world. *** I am here to help anyone I can. I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Keep the bolts tight and stay between the lines everyone. We love you all and thank you very much for letting me be a part of this crowd. I am very blessed. Sent from my iPhone using Forum Runner
  14. I have saw several Bobcats while bow-hunting for deer. The best one was my first experience. There was a male and female. The male would chase her down and tackle her and then the fight was on. She would lie on her back and fight him off. I learnt later that it was the normal actions for them when they mate. They breed in winter and give birth in the late spring and summer, and some as late as early fall. I have watched them from as close as 15 yards in a tree stand. My Father In Law once watched one catch a ground squirrel and it carried it to the bottom of his tree and played with it before eating it. He watched the whole thing. That was neat. The KY Department of Fish and Wildlife have done a great job reestablishing the wildcat in KY. We even have a season them now.
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