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  1. Be careful with it on slopes, Narrow wheel base and top heavy when full can lead to interesting situation(rollover). Don't ask how I know Actually dripped fuel out vent hole of fuel cap, onto hot muffler, *poof* motor burning, run up to house for extinguisher, grab on of those little throw away's, puff, discharged. Run back up to house, get big co2 from garage, and finally put fire out. Had to rebuild motor, replace fuel tank, and repaint front wall of trailer well this pertained to an agrifab vac trailer, not a sweeper- you might be all right
  2. Don, My company provides Garmin GPS with company asset locations, poles, substations, offices...., stored in an 'Extras' folder built into the GPS. 1000's of entries. Might be good alternate to Microsoft for your customer locations. https://support.garmin.com/faqSearch/faq/textsearch?query=extras+folder
  3. An unlikely culprit could be that there is too much AC voltage from the alternator not filtered out by the rectifiers still present in the bikes DC electrical system. I would be curious if you left the 'slightly' discharged phone hooked up to the acc outlet with the bike electric on but NOT running for an hour, using just the bike battery with no effect from that alternator. I would expect your phone to show some charge then.
  4. Wonder if anybody has recommendations of which Nissan forum to check out, or maybe can directly offer advice Daughters 2009 Nissan Rouge. Issue started that it died and would not restart. Replaced battery and started 1 time, then would not restart again. At local garage they stated "alarm system is preventing start and even preventing any code reader from working", Also Nissan refuses to provide non-dealer shop with codes to reset alarm system. Then we tow to Nissan dealer and now have $2000 estimate, "EMC, shift unit shorted out, new battery + labor and tax". Does this sound correct? What is EMC?, Why another new battery when just replaced? It there any kind of recall to cover this drastic failure? Asked if we could buy parts and install ourselves, but answer was "every thing needs to be programmed again" which can only be done at stealer shop..... Seems to me that this is POS, especially that MUST go to dealer to program anything, wondering if might be better to find what they would give for trade credit and get out of Nissan all together
  5. Pull air cleaner and inspect butterfly completely closes, and opens about the same as the others
  6. might be a good time to load the program I referenced in post #16 , It will uninstall all the files that Microsoft already (secretly) installed on your PC for the win10 upgrade, and stop all attempts of them being reinstalled
  7. I loaded this program http://blog.ultimateoutsider.com/2015/08/using-gwx-stopper-to-permanently-remove.html and it prevents win 10 from even loading install files on my pc. Seems to be working good
  8. Me 3. Here is to post Rocket corrected me on:
  9. here ya go http://www.americanmicrosemi.com/information/spec/?ss_pn=S3A2F S3A2F NTE Equivalent NTE576 RECTIFIER SILICON 400
  10. I have found a Chariot DF650 4X4 UTV that can be purchased pretty cheap. The transmission is currently removed and is said to have a broken gear. I am wondering if anybody knows where to purchase parts for this machine, as I would like to price a replacement transmission, to see if it would be worth even getting involved with this project. The current trans is a manual shift, but wife would only accept if it had an automatic, so also wondering if this model had a automatic option. Best I can find is this appears to be a Chinese UTV, and I can't even find any dealers.
  11. Thanks Great White. A suggestion I had not thought of. And I have some ferrite beads.....somewhere. Also of note, when I moved to the rear power outlet, I ended up using a long (15') USB cable, and the slack coiled up near the rear power outlet. The coil may be part of the reason it was better at the rear outlet
  12. Just fine, auto tunes to lots of stations, even with cell present, just not charging. I did try a different brand power outlet usb charger with little change.
  13. Thanks Video, I have already tried shielding. I wrapped foil around chassis and front end behind removable faceplate. When I completely wrapped the cell, (ungrounded) it made the problem 10x worse. So far the best solution has been using the rear power port, but looking for recommendation of a better radio. Looking at specs for the Kenwood, it has FM sensitivity of 8.2dbf. Unless this radio is defective it is low enough there should not be a issue. A preamp would probably overload the front end. Maybe an attenuator would make it less sensitive to the cell interference, but then likely not pick up FM. I'm stuck
  14. Looking for suggestions to help eliminate FM tuner interference 2005 Dodge Dakota. Installed Kenwood KDC-BT365U. Also cell phone holder installed near radio head. I had very bad FM tuner interference after 1st install, to the point that auto tuning could not find any channels, and manual tuning to known good channels finds the stations but very broken and noisy. I opened the dash back up thinking I had damaged the antenna connector.( When I removed connector from the OE radio, I had to pry it out). I did not see any damage to the antenna connector or the dodge to Motorola antenna adapter. Even so, I cut off the dodge connector from the coax, and directly installed a replacement Motorola connector on the coax for a direct fit without adapter to the new Kenwood. Putting dash back together and had the same issue. Taking it back apart again while the radio was playing, I found the issue. The cell phone, when plugged up to the charger, is causing the problem. This problem did not exist with the OE radio/cell in the same configuration. I found I still have the interference even with the cell in the lap, so relocation is not a practical option. I also tried 2 different cells, HTC and Note5, and same issue. After much experimentation, I have reduce to problem by moving the phone charger from the dash power receptacle to the rear of center counsel power receptacle, leaving the phone at the original mount location near the radio head. Still some interference. I even wrapped aluminum foil under the removable face plate to the radio chassis attempting to provide front shielding. Call to BestBuy and tech stated that all after market radios have less shielding than OE radios. No sure that I believe this statement. Call to Crutchfield did not offer any suggestions. I am not sure what else I can try. I am very suspicious that the problem is primarily due to this specific model, or maybe just this specific serial number of the Kenwood radio, but I am leery to return it to the store, purchase another radio of same or different type/brand and have the same issue. I am also considering getting on of those cheap antenna "pre-amp's" with the thought that the higher power antenna signal into the radio will overpower the interference it is experiencing, but everyone I speak with says these things are just junk, and don't really do anything. Any ideas or suggestions of a different radio to try. The Dakota OE is 1-1/2 DIN, although I have read that some have fitted a 2 DIN with custom cutting, I am not sure I want to cut the dash up, but may consider it. I currently have a 1 DIN dash adapter that fits good. Feature Requirement is FM, CD, USB/AUX, Bluetooth Hands-free for at least 1 phone. Additional would like would be BT for 2 phones, GPS NAV, backup camera..
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