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  1. Made lotsa new friends here. thanks for all the help and support and the laffs and entertainment.
  2. Sold Reba today, gonna miss her:bighug:, we had fun:beer:. Now somebody else will enjoy her. So long my friend:uk2:
  3. Charged the battery up and stuck one of the spares in there. put it back together and she fired right up pretty as you please. Don't know why it blew, maybe i washed it and Cowpuck may have mentioned not doing that. lol. Found a big MAXI fuse holder, like the thumper stereos like to use, may replace it with that. Has anybody used an auto resetting breaker there? Thanks, always learning.
  4. EUREKA! It's the 40 amp fuse! Blasted! Took the battery out to charge and started dinking around the battery box, pulled out the starter solenoid and the 40 amp fuse was beside it. Somebody had put a tie wrap around it to hold it together. lol. Still has spare. going to go see if I can get a suitable replacement and/or more spares. Don't want to get stuck. Also wonder what might have made it blow while just sitting there gassing up.??? might want to fix that too, lol
  5. Had a smorgasbord of beers. Celiac so hard to find good beers. Found Ghostfish, out of seattle. not too shabby. Then there's grounbreaker out of Portland. I don't know how long it's been since I just had beer and tinkered.
  6. Yep, nothing lighting up in ignition or ACC. at least now I have beer, and not stuck in the middle of nowhere. :-) 'tis hot out there. The holder is right next to the block on top of the battery, both fuses look good. Guess I need to look for that connector next.
  7. Getting her gassed up to ride and when i went to start her up, turn the key on and nothing. Checked fuses and all seem good. Still has old fuse holder and one set of newer fuses. Friend brought tester. Battery at 12.3 no 12, vat any red wires with key on. No Lights, no warning test lights. nothing Thinking may be that wire in the ignition switch broke loose. found a response on here while waiting for the tow truck( thank you AAA+ RV:cool:) Oh yeah, I did wash her. Maybe its a bath rebellion. Hadn't finished searching on here, But will keep looking:confused:. Any help is appreciated. :beer:Guess no testy fest:moon:, Kinda smokey with all fires anyways:scorched:. Was looking forward to the ride over. :-(
  8. Mine is doing the same, I think its the gasket. Bowl drains after you shut it off and takes a while to fill it to start. a little seal all is on it until I can replace the gasket this winter.
  9. Try turning the key on and cycling the run switch on and off until the fuel pump stops coming on when you do it. will start easier when your fuel bowls are full. Awesome job and thanks for sharing.
  10. Yep, had the 93 with the IDI mechanical injection 7.3, 4WD, extended cab. Had LSD in front and back diffs. hated to see it go.
  11. here's the link to the shotgun http://vmax.lvlhead.com/tips/shotgun.htm Check diaphragms when doing this too. also, start it up when cold, touch all the exhaust pipes near the head(or HF infrared thermometer) and see if they are all warming up. Mine ran like you are saying and it ended up being a stuck float valve and was only running on three cylinders. Keep us posted with what you find.
  12. Thanks, I did see that. $35 a can seems pretty steep. I am trying to stay on the cheep. I did book mark them just in case.
  13. Having trouble finding maroon metallic spray paint and thought I would explore wrapping the saddle bag covers. Maybe an upgrade. chrome wrap, or maybe flames if i can find it. Any Ideas from this creative bunch?? Saw this out there. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?80453-Vehicle-wraps&highlight=vinyl+wrap
  14. Interesting and good Ideas, thanks for that. I do have a little compressor. Maybe I can do a base coat clear coat with spray cans and paint both of the lids and the fanktank all the same and it wont look too rough. They are all three unevenly faded. Use a laquer type?
  15. Any painting tips and tricks for the ABS? Gotta paint a cover, would like it to look 5-10 foot decent. Not worried about show quality, but best I can on the cheap. Thanks
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