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  1. Various 1st gen Venture parts (few related Vmax items) Email me at gary(ampersand)dinges.com put @ in place of (ampersand), helps deter the bots. I can send pictures if requested. I will delete items from list if sold. All prices shown DO NOT include shipping !! Heavy Duty Fork Brace, powder coated black and hardware – Made by Jack Challis (Condor) $75 Carbtune and pouch - $80 Pair of front rotors for an MKII very good shape $40 1988 TCI – tested and functioning correctly $50 1984 Instrument Cluster – Has cruise indicator light, only year that this was done. $30 1988 Instrument Cluster $30 Heavy duty diaphragm clutch spring $25 COP coil set and connectors $40 Set of leather pouches and mounting hardware $75 Rear brake reservoir $25 Clutch Slave Cylinder, excellent condition $25 Set of Vmax valve covers – sandblasted to bare metal. Will fit 1st Gen Ventures $40 Set of Vmax valve covers – Standard factory paint. Will fit 1st Gen Ventures $40 Fuel tank filter and reserve valve assembly $20 Front fender chrome guard – non-lighted version $30 Set of 4 Vmax cams and timing gears $100 Set of MAC or Jardine mufflers – not sure which they are $150 Metal radiator guard (possibly Markland) $50 Metal lower chin cowl, with lights , needs work $50 Fork assembly, new seals and progressive springs, gloss black powder coated lowers. MKII $200 Front and rear Vmax Rims $75 each Flex ball hones for 1200/1300 cylinder and Clutch Slave cylinder $30
  2. What do you have as far as the air filter box and air filter? When I did VMax conversion on Tweety, I experimented with numerous modifications to air intake to reduce the power lag. Both the VMaxs and Ventures are sensitive to air flow changes, even running without tank cover on will affect it. I ended up relocating battery on its side where the coil pack was in order to get enough room to put a Vmax air filter housing on it. That was best thing I tried and worked fairly well. Coils were replaced with COPs VBoost servo motor is visible below new battery box on right side. Battery has been like this for 8 years now.
  3. Check the 6 pin connector that connects the two pickup coils near stator to wiring harness. In past on here I have sold quite a few replacement Ignitech TCI's to people (no longer do that). On several occasions it was found that this connector was intermittent or corroded. On one occasion I went to a shop where the bike was located at. When I disconnected that connector it was full of debris. After connector was cleaned bike ran as it should. Each female terminal needs to be checked that it grips male terminal sufficiently. Best way to do this is to have a spare male contact and insert into each pin cavity in connector. 5 are used of the 6 pins.
  4. It would have been easier to take the guts out of the proportioning valve, then it is just a straight through housing. Rear line still connects to proportikning valve housing, no change needed. Remove line that runs to front metering valve and plug at rear master cylinder. This will isolate front brake linkage. Front brake plumbing then is tied, either by running new line to front master, or putting a splitter from an RSV or VMax in. Gary
  5. What does tepirarity mean. Google does not recognize. There are no thermostatically controlled chamber, other than radiator on a Venture. Radiator does not interface with TCI that I am aware of. Gary
  6. Send the guy 4 of them, they go flying into never never land sometimes when putting on !!! Few pictures of two of them. These are to keep throttle cable from wearing into choke rod, cable rides on nylon spacer. Gary
  7. Kisa, The TCIP4 software you linked is at least 3 years old. PM me an email address and I will send you 140905a_tcip4A_v88, this is latest version I have, from February, 2015. What is on Ignitech site for download is same as yours, 10.31.22. They do not update their stuff at all on line. Gary
  8. Current ad on Ebay, I have bought from this seller several times with good experience. This is for a set of 4 bleeders, includes clutch slave also. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-Brake-Clutch-Speed-Bleeders-Venture-Royale-XVZ1300-XV1200-/271978359208?hash=item3f532c69a8 Gary
  9. This is correct, I deleted my early wrong post. PDF attached showing stator cooling upgrade and punch mark for that is in PDF. Gary Stator Cooling Kit Installation M84-025.pdf
  10. See if thread linked below helps. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?40559-Vibration-reduction-of-Instrument-Cluster-on-83-85-Venture Gary
  11. Tweety does have solid aluminum motor mounts, all 6. One seems like it would be very difficult to change without pulling motor, I think. Gary
  12. You do not need them. I have a fair amount of horsepower & have a VMax (FJR actually) and a 15" rim on rear, both help low end acceleration. I don't notice anything out of the ordinary. I have pushed this scooter fairly hard in turns and it is stable. The braces (stays) were removed to allow bikini cut on side covers to expose the motor. Braces looked crappy crossing the heads with cut side covers. I cut brace off and left about 4" on back side to secure side covers. You might be able to see head of screw at bottom front point of side cover in picture. It retains a zip tie fastener that slips over the studded of ends of braces to hold covers secure. Gary
  13. Same process I have used to make a lot of them. Great Whites was made several years ago, may not have been a LightScribe, GaryS was just done recently though. I don't initiate close on any of them. I select files to be burnt, send them & CD ejects automatically when burn done. Gary
  14. Sending both of you a replacement CD tomorrow. I would like to see if this CD is readable in your laptop. I previously was using LightScribe CD's, which can have an image burnt on the non-data side. Haven't been burning image on lately, it takes about 20 minutes. I picked up some standard CD's tonight. Gary
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