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  1. T6 is what I used in my 2013 Goldwing, that was a manual shift not the CVT like the new 2018 and up Goldwings. In my 2013 it helped eliminate ghost shifting and made shifting smoother.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, but I must make one correction, I do not make the ignition bypass system, another member here named Dion #djh3 makes those.
  3. Behind the license plate you will find where the taillight and turn signals come together, you can tap into the needed circuits in there. The connections are bullet style single connectors. I do sell some special multi tap bullet adapters but if you are replacing the taillight all together you may not need those unless you want to retain the OEM turns. As far as the light bar under the trunk I sell those with a plug and play harness that taps in under the seat, with enough information about your light bar I am sure I can make a plug and play set up for that also. You check out this thread if you like. If you do not have this already here is the color codes for the rear lighting Tail = Blue Right turn = Green Left Turn = Brown Brake = Yellow Ground = Black Happy to help if I can.
  4. Jay, Freebird is correct, there are i think 4 wire loops where you feed black tywraps through and around what ever is close and cinch them up. I always had extra tywraps in the trunk, just in case. Good Luck Steve K
  5. I do not need the guard either, but I did have one on my 2007 and can vouch that it is a great product,. One word of caution to who ever gets it or anyone that has one, if the front of your bike is lowered be mindful that if you grab a big handful of front brake and the nose dives, the trailing edge of the front fender can contact the Wagner grill guard and you can loose the ability to steer. The only reason I know that is the fellow I bought my guard from had that happen, his bike was lowered and the front fender caught the guard, once, that is why he sold it to me so it could not happen to him again.
  6. So when I clicked on the link you provided, my Norton virus protection blocked it as a dangerous website, enough said.
  7. Yes my standard set up uses the 4 lights left or right of center as turn signals, they will blink with the turn signals, but only if the brakes are not applied. Any time the brakes are applied the 8 lights on either side of the center light illuminate at full brightness. The extreme left and right as well as the center are on anytime the tail light is on. Below shows the left turn signal on and tail light on, unfortunately I do not have a video.
  8. In deed I do make trailer set ups and other small connection items as needed. Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to post that bit.
  9. I just wanted to raise some awareness for the newer members and remind some of the older members that I still build and sell the items in the links below. Even though sales have dropped off over the years I still maintain stock of most parts and I can normally build and deliver within two to three days. If you have a special need for adding additional lighting, I most likely would be able to help out either with parts or directions. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forums/topic/62637-5-wire-plug-n-play-trailer-harness/ https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forums/topic/62638-4-wire-plug-n-play-trailer-harness/ https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forums/topic/62635-aux-lighting-harness-for-tour-deluxe/ https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forums/topic/62636-runturnbrake-light-bar-for-2nd-gen-ventures/ https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forums/topic/62634-aux-lighting-harness-for-2nd-gen-venture/ I also build trailer adapters for the Eluder and Transcontinental and adapter harnesses for adapting the lighting on Harley type tour-packs that are added to the Eluder.
  10. I recall having the same issue, just had to massage the cables, may have needed to remove them from one or two of the clips and reposition around the other cables and wires, took a bit of fiddling around. Needs to be worked out, last thing you need is a stuck or sticky throttle going into or coming out of turn. Good luck.
  11. Here are some photos of what I did, not fancy by any means, but functional. I went to a local auto parts store and bought some rubber inserts for coil springs, cut and shaped them as needed, in retrospect I could have glued them to the OEM bumpers or installed screw from the bottom so they were not visible, but once installed the tabs I made were virtually invisible down in that hole. The tabs were just cut from some aluminum stock I had laying around.
  12. The one issue I had when I installed risers on my 2007 Venture was that the rubber supports between the bars and the top of the triple tree no longer supported the handle bars. Without the supports the bars seemed to flex a bit more. Some folks managed to turn them around but I fashioned a spacer of sorts, but I cannot find my photos of the 07, it has been gone for a long time. The risers did cure the shoulder ache issue I was having with the stock risers. If you have a 2005 to 2010 Tour DeLuxe I am pretty sure there are no risers for those models.
  13. Have you tried Pin Wall Salvage? Here is a link that may help. https://pinwallcycle.com/index.php?cPath=156_157_182_2724
  14. That is truly good news, praying for continued improvements.
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