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  1. What speeds are you at when trying to accelerate in 4th and 5th gears? Remember, both of those gears are overdrive gears and the Royal Star 4 cylinder likes to make power at higher RPMs, not like a V-Twin at lower RPMs. When I had my Venture I was almost never in 4th below 55 or 60 or in 5th below 70. If you crank the throttle open in 4th at around 45 it will bog down every time, similar will happen in 5th around 55. With my 98 Royal Star and my Venture I spent a lot of time in 3rd gear.
  2. I do not have a dash camera, but if I did have an onboard camera I would probably have the one in this thread. https://www.gl1800riders.com/threads/love-this-camera.466238/unread
  3. Puc, We are pretty much open for business, Disney and such require that you make reservations on line to visit the theme parks and they are limiting the number of folks that can enter the park and require social distancing while in the parks. Masks are "required" at all businesses, but it is not strictly enforced, I see some folks shopping without masks or wearing their mask on their chin. Restaurants are open, require you to wear a mask until you are seated, some are still limiting the occupancy and not seating at some tables and bar stations to maintain social distancing. I have not been to
  4. OK now I am straight. Well lot B25 is one of the cleanest ones I have seen in a while, that one is not going to go cheap that is for sure, but with your deep pockets I am sure you will be in the hunt. 🤑 I see a dark blue 63 split window coupe (lot B38) that would be a color match to my 4Runner, but I am a bit partial to the 67 yellow / black coupe lot B27, to bad I am not in a position to do some serious looking right now. Good luck if you are bidding on it.
  5. So you are set fast and hard on a 66? There is a 67 Roadster with 427 in that same auction, it is Lot 28. I like the split window coupes myself. If I get tired of the Goldwing, any cash from the sale goes to a bucket list similar to yours, either an older Vette or Shelby AC Cobra. As far as rust here in Florida, yes you will find some because of the high humidity and salt in the air if you are on the coast. East coast cars suffer from it more than west coast ones , I think for two reasons, first the wave action and resulting salt spray is heavier on the east coast. Second here on the east
  6. Hey Puc, here is one for you, https://worldwideauctioneers.com/listings/scottsdale21/1967-chevrolet-corvette-427-435-coupe/
  7. Well he did grow into those ears, it has all gone pear shaped.
  8. John, Thanks, PayPal received, I will have to order the male connector, I will let you know when it is on the way and provide tracking. Steve K
  9. If connecting to a 5 pin trailer, you do not need a converter, the converter is only require d when going from 5 wires to 4 wires. I always recommend using an isolator, to protect the bike's wiring should the trailer develop a problem like a short circuit. Yes my 5 pin trailer system is plug and play. Under the seat on the left hand side just forward of the battery you should find a white 6 pin connector with 5 wires (blue, yellow, black, green and brown) that connector set connects the main harness to the fender harness. My harness connects between those OEM connectors and bran
  10. The harness going from the converter to the trailer connector is about 4-1/2 feet long and is normally secured to the fender stays or routed under the seats and fender, it would be an inconvenience to remove it when ever you are not pulling a trailer. If you want I could for an additional $15.00 put a waterproof connector about 12" back from the trailer connector so you could unplug that 12" section and remove the trailer connector. I would provide a dummy plug that would plug into the disconnected end on the bike to protect it from dirt and water. The male 5 pin does not come as part o
  11. Yes I have those for sale here on the forum see this post. I can customize it if your trailer uses a different style connector.
  12. Prayers up from Florida, expecting a full and speedy recovery.
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