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  1. When my 07 started to act up like you are describing I found that the piston in the master cylinder was sticking. I carefully drained as much fluid as I could from the master cylinder and then removed the piston and cleaned it up with fresh brake fluid and lubed the pivot pins with a light oil or Teflon. Also cleaned out the sludge in the bottom of the master cylinder, amazing how much crud you get in a "closed" system. Anyway after that the catch I was experiencing went away. As recall there is no cable in the system because it is all hydraulic, I could be wrong, my Venture has been gone for a long time and my memory is not what it used to be. Other more knowledgeable folks will be along soon I am sure.
  2. Check to see if the air boxes have been modified of if there are K&N filters installed. On my 2007 when I modified the airboxes, that is cut the holes larger, I had a stumble on hard acceleration, I shimmed the needles, see the tech section for doing this, when I put K&N filters on the stumble came back and I had to re-shim the needles, that mostly got rid of it. The only way I got rid of it was to purchase a used pair of unmodified air boxes from Ebay. May not be your problem, but easy to check for. Also check that the diaphragms in the carbs are not damaged, some times they get pin holes in them
  3. I am still building them and have replied to your PM messages. For any one interested, I do build these for folks in need, one issue that has come up in the past few months is that the 5 way isolator I have always used is no longer available, I have a couple of work arounds for that, but like to talk it over with the buyer to make sure they are on board with the work around. 4 Way isolator / converters have not been an issue to date, but the prices are steadily increasing. I have been told the 5 way isolator went out of production sometime in 2021 or 2022 with no estimate for a return to production. I am happy to help where ever I can if you are in need.
  4. As usual I am a day late and a dollar short, but thought it would be a good time recognize the first Irish sharp shooter, Rick O'Shea.
  5. I do not own any guns or motorcycles, but I do own or have owned all the wood working tools I need, including a Dewalt thickness planner, worth every penny I paid for it. A planner is one of those tools that when you need it you can not use something else to replace it. They are noisy and create a lot of chips, I have a dust collector that I connect to mine, it helps, but but I still spend time cleaning up after myself when I use it. For one of my projects I bought about $500.00 worth of rough sawn Walnut and Cherry and turned it into a buffet unit for the wife that would have cost me easily $3000.00 to buy, if we could have found what we wanted built to my satisfaction. So I would go for the planner then I would save up and buy a drum sander I use mine a lot more than I use my planner.
  6. Good to hear she will be OK.
  7. Not just grapes, raisins (dried grapes) are just as toxic to animals, my granddaughter is a vet tech and while we were visiting a grape fell on the floor, she has two dogs and a cat, she immediately dove on the floor to retrieve it before any of the animals could get to it. She explained what the issue is, but I forget the details, suffices to say, grapes and raisins are bad for vats and dogs. Don, Hoping for the best results for your Sheltie.
  8. Thanks for the info, I will keep those handy for future projects, below is a link to what we found and settled on, my customer has it installed using an ignition switched 12 volt source to power the relays up, at last report he is having no issues with them. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B60BQFA?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1
  9. My 98 Royal Star Tour Classic was by far my favorite bike.
  10. Several folks have mounted after market Harley style Tour Packs on their bikes and yes the brackets are custom made, usually by the owners and at least one member here is mounting a Venture trunk to an Eluder. I only know about these because I have built wiring harnesses for them to make the lights functional, for the one mounting a Venture trunk, he will be mounting one of my Venture style light bars to his. I think most folks doing this are on a Facebook platform for the Eluder, all my orders for those have come through Facebook Good luck with your search..
  11. here is a link to the tech bulletin about this issue.
  12. Dave, It is a mystery to me, makes no sense, but there is a resistor in line with each LED that maybe that knocks down any parasitic draw, he tapped into the circuit between the ECU where the signal comes from and the resistors. He did find a 5mV charge on the lines, but that bled off quickly with just the meter load, so I chocked that up to capacitance in the wires. Not knowing what is going on inside the ECU I really can not offer any rational explanation. I thought maybe he had left the key on in the accessory position, but he said the bike alarms if the ignition is left on for a few minutes and he was sure he would have noticed the ignition switch in anything but the OFF position when he came back to it the next day. He and the bike are in California and I am here in Florida, so I have no one on one with the bike and no knowledge of the bike's systems beyond what I read in the schematics. I cannot believe the LEDs would be the issue. We have selected a small encapsulated relay that has two normally open contacts, he is going to wire them in so they come on and close the contacts when the ignition is on and let the bike send the turn signal power to the added LEDs through the closed contacts. Should work, he will let me knows once they are installed. What puzzles me is he cannot be the first rider to try an add addition signal lights to the front of an Eluder and I just built a system for him that connects the rear turns, running and brake circuits to a Harley style tour pack, that all worked just fine, tapped into the rear lights just as you would for a trailer harness but without and isolator, that has been installed for over a week with no issues. Here is for hoping the isolation relays do the trick.
  13. Trying to help a fellow with an Eluder, he wants to add running and turn signals to the front forks, he has found that if the turn signal circuits are connected directly to the LEDs he purchased there is a constant drain on the battery, even with the ignition off. Sounds crazy to me, but he has troubleshot it out so I believe he is correct. So my question is , what have other forum members used for isolation relays to turn light circuits on and off. I have used isolation relays for my trailer harnesses, but they are currently unavailable due to part shortages, I have already recommended the isolation relay from EC that they used for their trailer harnesses, but both EC's offering and my traditional go to device are expensive for what he needs to do. I am looking for a proven product, suitable for LEDs that does not break the bank. Thanks M61A1MECH
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