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  1. Great news! Hope the continue to improve.
  2. My calendar is pretty full for the rest of the year but watching to see if I can fit it in.
  3. That sounds like the Vogel/Asheville meets. But Asheville isn't till August. Would love the chance to meet you.
  4. I sure hope they can save the eye. We will continue to pray for you.
  5. I wish you had mentioned this at Vogel. I ordered one and it was delivered Yesterday afternoon.🤬
  6. Another Vogel in the books. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone. Thanks R Dawson for the carb sinc. Only 51 weeks until Asheville.
  7. All that rain you've been getting , we've been getting a couple of hours later. Some were pretty big storms. It looks like the weather is going to cooperate for most of the week. But if there is rain I have no doubt that we will find it. See ya Tuesday!
  8. Very sad news. First about your sight. Shirley has major eye problems so I can relate to you issues. I pray your doctors can find a way to keep them from getting worse. If it's a detached retina they should really see you before mid Sept. I love this site even tho I don't post that much. I check it several times a day. I hope whomever takes it over has the dedication you have to the site. I'm glad you will still hang out here
  9. That's a big can of worms you just opened. I use Rotella T 5/40 in the blue bottle. I buy it by the gallon at Walmart. I used to use Mobil 4T motorcycle racing oil but it cost a lot more. Just make sure whatever you choose is ok for wet clutches.
  10. As RDawson said, stock antennas fold down. Just lift the knurled sleeve at the base. Having said that, I never use the full cover. A half cover protects the seat and dash. That's all that matters to me.
  11. I started to call you when I saw the BANNED message but figured if I was banned surely you had to be.
  12. Yea, I got the BANNED message this morning too. And I thought WTF did I do? Thanks for all the hard work Don. You da man!
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