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  1. I feel your pain. It seems no mater what the job is, something is gona go wrong and take me twice as long as it should. Shirley seldom askes how long its going to take any more. If she does I say "I don't know".
  2. One of the best guitarist ever. RIP https://allmanbrothersband.com/forrest-richard-dickey-betts-december-12-1943-april-17-2024/
  3. Thanks for the link Steve. Done.
  4. I just got a confirmation from PayPal that my Bitcoin purchase of $890.90 was complete. I did not buy any bit coin. The e-mail phone# and PayPal# don't match and we found no such activity on our CC. We will continue to monitor our CC. Be wary folks.
  5. LOL, how many times have I said something similar.
  6. She looks right at home on it. Congrats to Eileen!
  7. Before I go all thee way back, I holler back to Shirley and asked if she remembered was I was going to do. She doesn't usually remember either.
  8. Lost my bell some time back.
  9. Still riding my 09RSVs. Had it converted to a trike several years back. This will be the bike I ride into the sunset.
  10. I've been here since 09. Welcome back!
  11. Great news! Hope the continue to improve.
  12. My calendar is pretty full for the rest of the year but watching to see if I can fit it in.
  13. That sounds like the Vogel/Asheville meets. But Asheville isn't till August. Would love the chance to meet you.
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