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  1. Just wanted to toss up a quick note to all the 1st genners that are thinking of delinking their front brakes and going with the R1/R6 front calipers. I just finished this mod on the '86 I currently own, and I used several different lines. The main line from the front brake master cylinder was off a 2nd gen. I sent this down to what I think was a Vmax splitter and then the R1 calipers I bought had the lines with it and I used them to the calipers. The reason I am writing about this is I ran into a problem when I 1st put it together. I want to save you fellas some headaches should you want to try this. Let me start out saying that all banjo bolts are not the same. Also all brake line connectors are also not the same. The original equipment lines on the 1st gens have a groove inside the fitting and the banjo bolt has a full sized shank. The 2nd gen line does not have this groove in the line, nor does the R1 lines, so there has been an engineering change with this and the bolts are not interchangeable. What I ended up doing, was grinding a groove in my old bolt at the splitter, and also on the master cylinder bolt as I wanted to use the original ones to make sure they worked properly. I used the banjo bolts that came with the R1 calipers on them. The pics below are of the differences in the bolts, and the mod plate I did to mount the splitter. I bled the brakes out tonight and have a good feel to it with newer lines.
  2. I just wanted to send a shout out to all my friends here. Everyone has been such a great help to me over the years here. A special thanks to Freebird for keeping us up and running in the internet world. *** I am here to help anyone I can. I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Keep the bolts tight and stay between the lines everyone. We love you all and thank you very much for letting me be a part of this crowd. I am very blessed. Sent from my iPhone using Forum Runner
  3. 15% off MSRP Galfer 10% off MSRP EBC Misc. other discounts including Barnett cables, bleeders & fluids. Carry brake lines, clutch lines, throttle cables, clutch cables, brake rotors, brake pads, and other brake related products to make your bike perform better! Visit site @ cyclebrakes.com Request your forum membership discount with quote.
  4. Once I finally get done upgrading my rear brakes on my Hannigan, I will be looking at possible improvements with my front brakes, so I thought I'd check to see if anybody has ever gone to a better caliper, better rotors, etc. I do have SS lines to install but I'm looking for more...
  5. Ok looking for suggestions. When I take out my '84 for a ride & then park her (in the garage) I get a gasoline/exhauset smell. I vent the garage but it comes back. Within 4 hours or so it stops. Bike runs fine & I get great mileage MPG. So far I have changed Fuel lines Vent lines Fuel filter all clamps Air filter PCV vent in air filter IS attached petcock is in good shape nothing is leaking, weaping or stuck Originally the bike smelled ALL the time but replacement of all lines fixed that. It's like she is running rich. I have narowed it down to the carbs & the floats are ok but is there anything ELSE on the carbs (washers fittings set screws etc) that anyone can suggest may be the problem? It's not a huge problem but more of an irritation. Any suggestions?
  6. Well I have searched the threads re this and went out and got a complete setup (in fact 2 set ups) 1 from an 07 roadstar with 14mm master and calipers and all lines inc splitter...#2 is a R6 blue dot caliper complete with master also 14 mm bought the R6 first and will be selling them after install......I am going to use the roadstar m/c and roadstar calipers as they look the same as R6...they have chrome dots .....Are these calipers the same internally? both are 4 piston.....the lines from RSV and roadie are same length banjo looks a little different...I will be replacing stock lines with SS....and EBC pads.....why the use of a Vmax splitter?is it for better flow?.also will roadie floating rotors fit..they are same dia. and have saame # mounting holes any problems that i might run into thanks for any info Les
  7. Before I start I want to run this past a few of you guys to see what you think, the first thing I am planing on doing is threading a temp sensor into the oil cooler adapter output side. Next put a DPDT switch in-between it and the water temp gauge with an LEDs to identify which sensor is currently doing the monitoring getting the use out of it for both water temp and oil temp. Next will be mounting the cooler in front of the radiator with a fan and a screen to try to protect everything from road damage. Next with the adapter I am planing on using has a built in thermostat which is set to open when the oil gets above 180 and close when the oil gets below 160 on the flow side that has already gone through the filter. A fan switch set at on at 180 also on the line leading to the cooler. I will be using stainless braid over PTFE lines with 8AN fittings for the oil lines to protect them from damage, lines should be good for a quite a few years. All bends will be handled by AN fittings so kinking the PTFE line won't happen, ok shouldn't.... This is going to be a Fall / Winter project and I would like to get as many kinks worked out before I start. I am due for a coolant and oil change anyways so I figure as long as I doing all that add it now.
  8. Good morning: I've just finished replacing my brake, throttle and clutch lines with SS units and my handlebar with a Flanders model. All went pretty well, but my front brake lever does not have a firm feel to it and the bike can be moved, with some effort, with the brakes applied. I have checked all my connections for tightness and there was no air in the system when I bled the lines yesterday. A check of the service manual doesn't lead me to what could be wrong. So what could I have missed or done wrong? Is there some adjustment at the lever itself which needs to be performed (the manual doesn't indicate anything)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I do believe in "old college tries" and will bleed the lines again with a vacuum pump. The reservoir is angled slightly back (not horizontal when the handlebars are turned left), but I don't think that should have a bearing on a closed system. Thanks in advance to all who can lend a hand. Regards, Eric S. "alta55rsv"
  9. Hello all, I would like to ask a favor of you. I need some measurements for a royal star venture fuel tank, if possible. If the image upload worked, then the measurements I need are indicated by the red arrow lines. Thank you for your help. Johnny.
  10. HellI just talked to Buckeye performance and they told me a minimum of 4 weeks and they are considering discontinueing the line. He said he will not be keeping them in stock as they are not selling as well as in the past, but will order them as needed. So I will be placing and order and if you have been thinking about it now is the time. The whole package with ss lines, bar end kit, slip over grips, bars, and all necessary cables is $582.00. You can save $40 by not going with the SS lines.
  11. I think I have my shopping list done. I am adding OEM driving lights to my '07 RSV with this switch: http://www.autoswitch.com/index.php I assume that since the lights are an OEM option, I should not have any issues with amp draw. I am going to put two of these in my faring http://www.3brpowersports.com/PanelTAPP.htm These will power a Garmin and an iPhone. I have a lighter adapter in the back that is rarely used but my wife uses it occassionaly to charge her phone. First, I am thinking my Garmin and phones should be pretty low amp so there should be no alternator issues, correct? I could have Lights, Garmin and iPhone all powered at one time. Second, can I just tap into the lines going into the existing lighter plug to power the two USB's or do I need to run the lines to another source? Thanks for the help - I don't play with electric very often!
  12. Comming home from the farm, after a hard day of putting a new roof on a barn (with all the harnesses and ladders that entails) my hired hand and I encountered a rather erratic pair of bikers. The lead biker must have thought that weaving 15 feet off of my rear bumper at 55 MPH was going to impress me. Personally... The first thought I had, was to hit the brakes to get him off of my six... I didn't, as I ride bikes myself. They both passed on solid double lines and subesequently drove past them about 5 miles down the road, as they had pulled into a Bar...????????? Sorry for the rant... some of the "motorcycle accidents we read about" , are self imposed.....
  13. I installed the Flanders G2 bars and SS lines and cables this weekend with the assistance of Larry ( carbon One). I got the trike off the stand today after cleaning and polishing the rear wheels. The difference in handling and comfort were apparent right away, it now feels like the trike has power steering (think I'll need to stiffen the rear spring preload by 1 notch) and was a much more comfortable riding position. The brakes felt more responsive with the SS lines. I only wish I had the money to do my bike now too maybe next year. If you have not done this upgrade, you need to put it on your list.
  14. Finally got my carbs back together and decided to make sure nothing else needed attention before putting them back on. There is a black plastic box (air chamber assembly on the parts diagram) that sits on top of the motor. there are 4 lines going from it to each cylinder. 2 of my lines are cracked/ split. Do I need to replace the lines or can I remove them and cap off the ports in the cylinders? What does this thing do? here is a pic:
  15. wondering if anyone is riding to the Blessing of the Bikes, in Holland? i hope to have stainless br lines and de-link by then. heres a link:http://blessingofthebikes.com/index.html.
  16. i just had the rear caliper rebuilt by earl. bled the front and rear calipers with speed bleeders. the pedal wont come back up all the way. it keeps the brake light engaged. i checked the brake switch spring and its it good condition. it just seems to have resistance to return all the way. any ideas? proportioning valve bad? time for new lines and de-link? and im in northern michigan now. just got Hughesnet installed yesterday. water lines were busted and critters got into cabin, thats why i havnt been around last couple weeks.
  17. Seems that the center yellow lines are only a suggestion for everyone! [ame= ] [/ame]
  18. Well I ordered the SS brake lines and Flanders bars from http://www.buckeyeperformance.com/ and installed all today. Thanks to all the help here and especially my brother Chris. We worked on this all day, from about 7 AM until 10 PM tonight. We did take a few brakes and ate three good meals today that my wonderful wife cooked up. We did all the front and rear brake lines,clutch line, and throttle upgrade. Everything has new Dot 4 fluid and no air. I removed the tank, so I decided that before we put the tank back on, it would be good to go ahead and install the new plugs (NGK DPRea8-9). So we did after removing the dog bones. The plugs gap at 30-35. I put them on 32. The plugs torque at 13 lb each also. So for those inclined to do the SS line upgrade. Would I recommend this as a do it yourself job ? Yes, for those somewhat mechanically inclined. You should plan on a good all day to do it all. I still have to button up a few things, and put all the tools back up. The SS lines will adjust somewhat at the connections and there is a tool included to do this. I would recommend you use plastic garbage bags to cover everything up so the brake fluid does not harm your paint. Fuzzy
  19. I just bought this chrome radiator grill from ebay. It cleaned up nicely. Just one thing, the bottom left corner is bent in and there are some hairline stress lines on the chrome. You can't feel the stress lines. There are two very small spots on the curved edge part where the chrome has chipped. On the back side you can see and feel where the chrome has buckled. I want to bent it back out but am concerned about the chrome. Being that it is on the bottom one probably can't see the bend and so I could just leave it bent. I've included 3 pictures. 1) Good Right side, 2) Bent Left side, 3) Hairline Stress lines. The camera seemed to have enhanced the stress lines more than it really looks. I've not rebent chrome pieces myself and so open to advise. Is there something one should put on the shipped chrome to prevent it from gettnig worst. Also I believe there is supposed to be a "V" Venture Emblem top center. Where can one get them?
  20. i am looking for all the rubber brake lines for a 86 mkII. if you have upgraded to new braided lines if i could borrow your old ones and i can return them to you if you want. i have a vendor within walking distance of my house who does custom brake lines and i want to give him a try. he needs a sample set to make the new ones. let me know if you can help or pm me. thanks , Scott
  21. Everybody on earth dies and goes to heaven. God comes and says, "I want the men to make two lines. One line for the men that dominated their women on earth and the other line for the men that were dominated by their women. Also, I want all the w...omen to go with St. Peter." With that said and done, the next time God looked, the women are gone and there are two lines. The line of the men that were dominated by their women was 100 miles long, and in the line of men that dominated their women, there was only one man. God got mad and said, "You men should be ashamed of yourselves. I created, you in my image and you were all whipped by your mates. Look at the only, one of my sons that stood up and made me proud. Learn from him! Tell them my son, how did you manage to be the only one in this line?" And the man replied, "I don't know, my wife told me to stand here."
  22. I did the search and looked on the venture classifieds . I cant find anything on longer brake and clutch hoses. I think i remember someone on here selling steel lines. Wonder if they can be made longer? I want to rasie my bars . And the risers I like are 6 inch. I hope it will fit without the extended hoses but I like to be prepared.
  23. My buddy brought his bike over to me to complete some work. bleed and replace and upgrade clutch, clean and synch carbs, adjust valves and replace valve cover gaskets. install a stebel horn and find out why his 12 v soket is not working. most is done. i need to remove the tank again because I know I forgot to reinstall tovacuum lines on the carb, they may be vent lines. need to find out how to make a bracket for the stebel horn and where the fuse is for the accersory plug. his is the 99 venture. First off the bike feel considerably heavier.Seems to have a slight bit more grunt but doesnt pull like my 96 tc. I really enjoyed the radio system and decided that i do not like the handle bar risers. Great arm position until it was time for a u turn and my elbow kept jabbing me in the tummy. had to make it llike an unexperience K turner.
  24. This is a different bike than on my signature. The bike in question is the 99 rs venture.I usually dont forget steps when reinstalling parts but I know I did this time. The crossover vent lines one on each side of the carb sets, left and right. Where are those tubes comming from? If I would have seen them i would not have forgotten to remember to put them where they belong:fiddle:. Where should I look for these and am i right tinking that these are just vent tube or are they vacuum? While we are at it , does anyone know a post on making a bracket for the stebel horn?
  25. The small vacumn lines used to sync carbs. I had two plugged and two with hoses. I synced the carbs and can't remember which was which. Does it matter? Thanks Richard
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