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  1. This bike is about 45 minutes from me and I have looked at it in person. Very clean bike that looks like it has been very well taken care of. Doesn't have one single blemmish on it. I'm pretty sure I could work a deal of an even swap or very close to it with my 2007 RSTD. It has some adds that would save me the hastle and money such as: center stand, passing lamps, Slip Streamer windshield, backrest, trunk luggage rack, auxilary plug for heated gear/battery tender. One thing that makes me wonder if a previous owner was a member here is that fact that it has E3's on it. That doesn't sem like something a regular non VR member would figure out. But, on the other hand, the antennas are on the wrong sides. The PO traded it for a used Harley Ultra. I have one uh oh thing that I'm trying to sort through my brain. I asked the dealership if I could talk to the PO. They were very obliging and they called the PO. The guy told them that he didn't want to talk to me because he really didn't have an opinion on the bike because he only owned it for a month before he traded it in. What's up with that???. I dont' really care if he wants to talk to me, but why did he trade it after owning it for a month? Hmmmm. Makes me concerned that there is something wrong with the bike internally that he wasn't wanting to deal with.I don't know what I'm gonna do, but it's an extremely clean bike. Any thoughts? 2005 Yamaha Royal Star Venture Stock: 05A009088 | Sunrise Preowned
  2. I had my bf pose this question a while back..but there were some communication issues. I have a 2006 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe. Will run just fine for a period of time..then drop and cylinder and die. When it does this, it will not start for another hr or so. I know it does not have a vaccum issue in the tank. My bf also pulled the carbs and cleaned them. Any ideas as to what could be causing this? Another mechanic said that is could be the ICU (or equivalent)? However this is a $300 part, and I don't have alot of spare cash to just blow. My mother has a ident bike to mine. So could experiment with swapping parts to see what's wrong. Just looking for some guidence. Thanks for any help. Flash18, Wichita KS
  3. well my computer quit. i got a new one but lost all my last post counts is this normal. my join date is even wrong is there any way to get it all back:doh:
  4. Anyone had any luck with the mechanic sites that want money up front before answering questions? I don't like using credit card without something I'm sure will work. Give me wrong answer and charge me anyway??
  5. No English dictionary has been able to explain the difference between the two words 'complete' and 'finished' in a way that's so easy to understand: Some people say there is no difference between COMPLETE & FINISHED but, there is an explanation… When you marry the right one, you are COMPLETE... And when you marry the wrong one, you are FINISHED... And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are... COMPLETELY FINISHED !!!
  6. Good morning: I've just finished replacing my brake, throttle and clutch lines with SS units and my handlebar with a Flanders model. All went pretty well, but my front brake lever does not have a firm feel to it and the bike can be moved, with some effort, with the brakes applied. I have checked all my connections for tightness and there was no air in the system when I bled the lines yesterday. A check of the service manual doesn't lead me to what could be wrong. So what could I have missed or done wrong? Is there some adjustment at the lever itself which needs to be performed (the manual doesn't indicate anything)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I do believe in "old college tries" and will bleed the lines again with a vacuum pump. The reservoir is angled slightly back (not horizontal when the handlebars are turned left), but I don't think that should have a bearing on a closed system. Thanks in advance to all who can lend a hand. Regards, Eric S. "alta55rsv"
  7. I miss you and all your smarta$$ pm's.....Now what do we do?.....I was looking foward to tomorrow to start up where we left off in July....now that ain't gonna happen....I think "YOU" should host the 2013 NY mini-rally at Pioneer............I'll help you..:whistling:I'll be your sidekick....RocknRobin and babybird...What cha think about that...!!!!!...ps ,yeah I know I spelled your name wrong in the title.....so what !!!!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/embed/vsVCHE7ayPE?rel=0
  9. I posted a week or two ago that I was having muffler issues with my 87 standard. I was getting significant flow from the drain hole at the inlet of the muffler on the left side. I found a replacement muffler, put it on, and while the tone changed, it still has the "hot rod" sound. As cool as it sounds, it's not the sound I was looking for. This problem started after loading / unloading the bike on a trailer, after I noticed that the bike hit pretty hard on the trailer when the back tire dropped down onto the ramp. I'm now figuring that the topside of the collector has gotta be cracked. I can see no evidence on the underside of a crack, but it's gotta be there. (on the topside) When first looking into this problem, I pulled the mufflers, pulled the front two pipes into the collector, loosened the clamps on the back two pipes to the collector, and planned to remove it for inspection, but it wouldn't budge. After a few tries I looked it over again and thought "there's nothing wrong with the collector" and gave up on removing it. Well, now I know there IS something wrong with it, so it's gotta be removed. Which brings me to my question......What's the trick??? I'm sure it's gotta be bolted on, but with all the crud down there, I saw no bolt heads. If I can get this thing off, I can weld up whatever's broken, but I don't want to chance breaking anything worse than it is by pulling / prying too hard when it's still attached somehow. Any advise on how to remove this sucker will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Saw this article in the local newspaper this morning: http://www.southernminn.com/faribault_daily_news/news/article_8c1f0cf5-24b3-5c3c-ac32-442eae3c96e6.html They have always been fair to me, and a friendly place to shop. I think they just took on too much debt at the wrong time, not that they could see a recession coming.
  11. http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g415/steamernaused/International%202012/DSC04861.jpg
  12. I need some help. I started off to work last week when my 1996 Royal Star Classic stuck in first gear and wound only shift to neutral and then back to first. I took the cover off and found one of the pins was missing. I have only owned the bike for 8 weeks. The bike has 39,000 on it but before this happened nothing gave me the indication any thing was wrong. It does appear someone has been in side the bike and doing the same thing. The tab was bent out and the pin was missing as already stated. I have some pictures if any one has an Idea where I should go from here it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. New to the forum.
  13. Well I am not sure if they have the wrong picture or just do not know what they have. http://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2007-YAMAHA-Royal-Star-103849674
  14. Here's a pic of a very nice looking RSV ... but there is something wrong with it (hope ya don't mind me snagging the pic from the MD posting). In fact, every 2-colored RSV has the same thing wrong with them (at least IMO). Take a look ... can you see it? [ATTACH]68289[/ATTACH] Now scroll down and you'll see what I'm talking about. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ATTACH]68290[/ATTACH] Waddya think? I've not once yet seen where anyone has made this color change mod yet it's probably one of the first things I would have done.
  15. TATERS


    While out at lunch today Big Tom got up to use the rest room and came back 4 shades of red. Just getting ready to ask him what he did....the woman that was sitting at the table next to us came over to the table and said " well...did he tell you what he did?"... It seems that Tom and this woman came out of their stall at the same time and were facing eachother. She said " am I in the wrong place? " and he said to her...."well one of us is".... It seems that he entered the Ladys room by mistake... I was dying...all I could get out was...well...you did stop to wash your hands didn't you? And he said...h&ll no!...I ran out as fast as I could. I can"t take him anywhere....
  16. So today some bimbo in a car drove in the exit only ramp at the bank while she was obliviously yappin' on her cell. Almost hit me on the motorcycle head on. I called her a moron & told her to get off her cell! She rolled down her window & gave me an attitude filled a non convincing "sor~ry". I replied "it's a damn exit not an entrance!", & started to go around her... well her reply?, "Well duh!" I stopped still, directly in front of her dropped my kickstand & told her to BACK OUT cuz I'm not moving! Would you believe she said "I'm calling the police." I said "back out or call the cops your choice" So...cops get there, our vehicles are face to face & she's facing the wrong way. Cop started writing her tickets(s) plural I counted at least 3. My guess is crossing a double yellow line, driving the wrong way, & dangerous action. Cop told me to go & be safe, I thanked him. I look at the bimbo on my way out, smiled & said... "Y'all have a nice day!"
  17. Pulled rear tire off my 05 RSTD for new. Greased the splines and pulled the drive shaft for greasing. Reinstalled in reverse order and now just getting clicking when rolled. Won't move under power. What did I do wrong (1st genners leave this one alone about biggest mistake is buying a 2nd gen)
  18. Hello Everyone. I just got a Venture 1983 with 30k, but there's a problem. The rear break paddle does not return to it's normal position, it will not reset after presing it down. I took the peddal assambly out and there's nothing wrong there. As you can see in the pic that piston like it's hard to move. Can someone point me in the right direction to solve this issue. THank you in advance.
  19. I couldn't get my rear brake caliper to compress but a quick search told me what I was doing wrong. Thanks guys.
  20. ... I am able to insert it here. Enjoy. Jack T PS Says invalid ULR; it's a Jpeg and under my C drive. Anyone got any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Response wi:fingers-crossed-emoll be welcome. PSPS CAN be educated at 73, believe it or not!!! J
  21. After going to the Pork in the Pines last year, Bubber goes home and tells Mrs Bubber that Gary now has the old outhouse right inside his house. So, no more going out in da cold. Well, this is a big mistake cause now Mrs Bubber is after him like a duck on a June bug to have him move the outhouse inside. So, ol Bubber finally gives in. He gets his stubby pencil out, makes a sketch on a piece of lined school pad paper and figures out all the materials he needs to git er done. Then he tinks maybe he should call Gary to get him to come over and help. Since Gary's already done this at his place, he can help and make the job much easier. Bubber calls, talks to Gary and Gary agrees to come over on Saturday to help. O dark early, Gary's up. He jumps on the Ol Blu By U and he's off to Bubber's place before he even has a cupa. Well, he gets to Bubbers, pulls into the yard and he see's Bubber sitting outside with two buckets of nails. Ol Bubber, he's almost in tears and Gary's really concerned that maybe he hurt himself. Off the bike he jumps, runs over to Bubber and asks him what's wrong. Bubber just looks at him with that ol hang dog look and starts telling him that he needs to go get more nails. This really confuses Gary as there are two big buckets full of nails sitting there. So, he asks Bubber whats wrong with the nails he already has. Bubber starts to tell him that Wally World had a big sale on nails, so he bought up all they had. When he got home he started looking at them and realized that them nails was made in China. And most of them had the heads on the wrong end. He tried to sort em out, and by the time he was done he didn't think he would have enough nails to finish building the indoor outhouse. Well, gary looks into the buckets and sure enough, most of the nails have the heads on the wrong end. Gary asks Bubber for a cup of coffee, and they sit there for a while drinking the coffee and just starring at the two buckets of nails. All of a sudden gary jumps up and yells at Bubber that he knows what the problem is and he don't need to buy any more nails. Ol Bubber, he just looks at Gary like he's crazy. Gary reaches down into the bucket, pulls out a nail and tells Bubber, "These are for the other side of the house." True story and I stands by it....
  22. If not pg rated I apolagize, but it's pretty funny. Problem with my ear..... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ear Infection... This is so true! They always ask at the doctor's reception why you are there, and you have to answer in front of others what's wrong and sometimes it is embarrassing. There's nothing worse than a Doctor's Receptionist who insists you tell her what is wrong with you, in a room full of other patients. I know most of us have experienced this, and I love the way this old guy handled it. A 75-year-old man walked into a crowded waiting room and approached the desk. The Receptionist said, 'Yes sir, what are you seeing the Doctor for today?' 'There's something wrong with my Penis, he replied. The receptionist became irritated and said, 'You shouldn't come into a crowded waiting room and say things like that.' 'Why not, you asked me what was wrong and I told you,' he said. The Receptionist replied; 'Now you've caused some embarrassment in this room full of people. You should have said there is something wrong with your ear or something and discussed the problem further with the Doctor in private.' The man replied, 'You shouldn't ask people questions in a roomful of strangers if the answer could embarrass anyone.' The man walked out, waited several minutes, and then re-entered. The Receptionist smiled smugly and asked, 'Yes?' 'There's something wrong with my ear,' he stated. The Receptionist nodded approvingly and smiled, knowing he had taken her advice. 'And what is wrong with your ear, Sir?' 'I can't pee of it,' he replied. The waiting room erupted in laughter. Mess with seniors and you're going to lose! :rotf::rotf:
  23. i hope this isnt in the wrong area, and i know its not venture related but we all need to be aware of this i think, not wanting to cause any conflict so if i'm in the wrong with this post mod's will take care of it i'm sure
  24. I guess maybe I'm posting in the wrong area or just not getting my point across Last week I asked if someone could measure standard handlebar width on any Venture newer than a 1999. 58 views not one response. Today I asked about how to use a regular jack on a Venture 50+ views and no response. Would like to know if I'm posting wrong don't want to pay for this site with this kind of response. Thanks
  25. I am trying to incorporate the rally logo in my signature...when I do this ...the words sig pic shows up and not the picture...It will come up as an attachment though..What am I doing WRONG???
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