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  1. I am looking to replace the horns on my scoot,but I'm not intersted in anything like the steebles. does anyone know of an electric horn that works better than stock and still looks good. the horn on my wifes honda is loud as h*** and chrome to boot,but when I took hers to the Honda shop they said it was not stock. Just wondering cause like I said not interested in a steeble set yet. Thanks for the info in advance David
  2. Tool Envy Syndrome (TES) Tool Envy Syndrome (TES) is a serious condition that afflicts, in varying degrees, nearly all men who are interested in mechanical things. It is very important to recognize and deal with this condition before it becomes serious; left untreated it can lead to a far more serious condition: Inflammation of the Credit Card (ICC). TES is known to strike under the following circumstances: Browsing the latest tool catalogs or sale flyers Visiting stores such as Grizzly or Harbor Freight (Warning: while much less so than in earlier years, the tool department at Sears can still trigger small attacks) Visiting the shop of a friend who has more and/or better tools than you have Surfing the web site of someone with a well-equipped shop Seeing a well-equipped shop in magazines such as Home Shop Machinist Tool Envy Syndrome tends to strike young men particularly hard, due its close relationship to a similar condition: Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS). Over time, in most men, both of these conditions tend to lessen in severity. In fact, it can be shown that gradual accumulation of tools and gear over a period of years can control both conditions while minimizing the risk of Inflammation of the the Credit Card (this is known as the Mature Phase). It has also been widely observed that getting married and having children can moderate the risk; primarily, it is believed, due to counseling from a loving wife and the sobering effect of having lots more bills to pay. Tool Envy Syndrome cannot be controlled by any known drugs (although its effects can be exaggerated by the use of alcohol). Therefore, treatment is currently limited primarily to counseling methods. The first step is admitting that you have a problem. Here are some additional pointers: Avoid situations that are likely to cause an attack When visiting tool stores, leave your credit card at home (Warning: in severely afflicted individuals this can trigger emotional breakdown, fits of crying and other irrational behavior) Meditate on the fine collection of tools that you already have; recognize that time will make it better Find a quiet place. Visualize your ideal shop. Repeat to yourself "It is coming" I hope you have found this information to be helpful. As a TES/GAS sufferer myself (now in the Mature Phase) I felt compelled to pass it on to you.
  3. Hi All; My CB won’t turn on (no light) I have removed the rear trunk put the CB into the L/Saddle bag I cut I small grove in the side making sure no to pinch the wire. When I checked the plug that goes into the CB there is power in 2 holes. I had a amp installed by a radio shop in the front faring. Is it possible that they have cut into something that has to do with the power going into the CB switch on the handle bars. If yes, what can I do to fix it without going back to the radio shop. ???????????
  4. not sure waht the problem could be? i bought this bike over 2 years ago. it sat for a year. but was started twice a month? i bought it rather dirt cheap. i think. $1200. since then i installed new windshield, brakes and rotors, new dunlop tires, and put seafoam in the tank and down the carbs, ok now here is the problem. after the seafoam treatment and somoked like hell LOL i let it sit for 2 days and continued to fire it there after. due to a severe knne injury i could not ride it:95: well today i had to move it to my brother inlaws gargae. it sat out side for 2 weeks under a very nice custom cover. i started the bike it would just die and not idle well. i let the choke on about 1/2 way and she ran ok. i then let the choke off it would idle for about 2 minutes and then just chug on down to about 700 rpms. then start to back fire . i would crack the throttle and it would hesitate but then rev up ok. i then took off for the 25 mile ride. to the brother inlaws house. knee brace on. and all. the bike just would not get past 55 mph???? in top gear it would act like there just was no more power to give?? being that its going on good old winter time. and being in bad shape. i dont have time to dig into it. but would love suggestions on whats going on. total knee replacement on friday the 13 th . so time to work on the bike will have to come slowly. unless i find a good shop around here. there is a harley shop here that worked on it once but that shop kept putting my bike back in the shop and took 3 weeks for a tire change and brake job. can you say they didnt give a **** about me just when i went in there and complained enough they finished it and then had the never to say they didnt want my kind of customer around there shop. now i have to find some good old boy or shop willing to help a old goat get this old bike up and running. it has 77.000 miles and in my honest opion wasent taken good care of after the person i got it from went total harley. no offense to harley owners. but i grew up where no matter what ya rode. if ya see a 2 wheeler broke down along side the road you stopped to give help. and yes i also own what harley owners call the girrlie bike a 883 huger.. well enough will any one help a old goat:innocent-emoticon:
  5. I know everyone that turns wrenches on just about anything has stories that when thought about, would make one wonder how was I that stupid but later makes you laugh. Years ago, I had just finished a 4 year project, I took two Yamaha 750 specials and made one good out if it. It was beautiful! Every bolt removed and all the parts fixed polished and painted. Late one night I ran the bike and saw no problems, all was good I decided I would test ride it the next day. I went to the shop the next morning, put the liability insurance paperwork under the seat and installed the plates. I fired up the bike with the overhead door open, and let it run a bit to warm up. I picked a few tools up and turned my back for a few seconds.... I heard the now familiar whoosh ... I turned to see the bike on fire. Flames are coming out from under the fuel tank! No problem, I grab the fire extinguisher, pull the pin aim it at the fire and pull the handle. Pfffft, Oh Oh all I get is a poof of dust then nothing! Holy Crap! Now what? The fire has gotten bigger now...I am going to catch the whole shop on fire. So I grab the back of the bike and start sliding the thing towards the overhead door. It moved pretty good with it on the center stand and sliding across painted concrete. When I get it to the door... the center stand hits grass and stops dead... at about the same time the fire gets bigger as it has burned through the fuel line. Panic sets in as flames are melting the Styrofoam on the door. Somehow I grab the back of the bike and heave it into the lawn. It tips over and is fully engulfed. As this happens I hear my retired neighbor lady yell to her husband...GARY CALL 911 Rob has a fire!! I cant even remeber how I did it but I kick the fuel tank across the lawn and grab the water hose and the fire goes out. As I stand there and gaze at the pile of smouldering ruins I hear a calm voice behind me, its Gary my neighbor, he says Hmmm I see you got it out it doesnt look so bad. I bet you can fix it. I never did fix it. I hauled the remains, all the parts left over, and anything that had to do with this machine to a guy that wanted it. My wife and I laugh about it now, but in the end I was lucky to not get seriously burned, lucky to not burn the shop down. Even luckier to not have it start on fire while riding it. Moral of the story? Check your fire extinguisher! Have a spare!
  6. When you put your bikes (trikes) up for the "winter" do you do anything special? Cover your tail pipes? Don put the trike in his shop but didn't do much else yet. He has been riding it some, but not for the last couple of weeks. Well...yesterday, the grandkids were here and playing in the shop with their hot wheel cars (they KNOW not to play near the bike). Caiden says to Grampa: Grampa, did you know there are nuts in your tailpipe? Grampa: HUH??? So we all go over to the trike, bend over and look...there are a handful of acorns stuffed in the tailpipes. ???? Well alrighty, something is loose in the shop and is storing food for winter. Houston, we have a problem! Don gets his shop vac out, gets the nuts out...hopefully end of problem. NOPE!! Daughter-in-law Kandi goes hunting last night, kills a deer, brings it over to the shop for Don and Daniel (our son, Kandi's husband) to process today... Don and Daniel go to the shop, start working on the deer, and Don decides to have a look at the pipes on the bike...????? There is something in there again...DEER MEAT!! chunks of deer meat! Whatever is out there...definitely thinks there is going to be a long winter...well let me tell you something! The winter is not going to be long enough for this critter. Traps are set! Will keep you posted!
  7. After 6 years of saving and planning the building has started. Im putting up a 40 by 80 pole building with 40 by 40 for a heated shop and the other half for her horses. Dirt and fill is being delivered as I write this. My final addition to my little piece of America. Got to watch the first loads being dumped on facetime. When I get home in July the building will be there and Ill put the electrical and other miscellaneous items in. I cant wait. No more tripping over the toys in the garage. What do you all have for a shop? Should I finish the interior in steel or wood? Any ideas and pics would sure help. rjjammer
  8. Curious what a fair rate is to take off the rear wheel on a HD Roadking and swap the pulley and rotor on to another wheel and reassemble. Essentially the same amount of work to replace a rear tire. I know shop rates vary, but a reasonable amount for the southern region?
  9. This is a paint project I had planned since first purchasing my '05 Liquid Silver RSV. I have always preferred two-tone paint on a motorcycle, but couldn't pass up the deal I got on my all Silver 2005 RSV and bought the bike understanding that I could always paint to suit later. When I discovered a new paint shop just a few miles North of my home, I had to go chat with the owner about painting my bike. I discovered the proprietor was the paint shop manager for Sewell Lexus in Dallas, and after I had previewed the photos on his paint shop web site, I knew I had found the right guy to do the job. Here are a few photos of the finished product.
  10. I need to borrow/rent an engine hoist / shop crane for a couple of weeks. I was looking at buying one from Harbor freight (on sale now for $180 - 20% coupon + $144) but I really do not have room to store it when I am done with it. I just bought a surface grinder to put in my basement shop and need the hoist to disassemble it, load it, unload it, and then again to reassemble it in my basement. Anyone have one within 100 or so miles of Milwaukee? I have a full size P/U to come get it and return it home in a few weeks when I am done. I have also been watching Craigslist and ebay to find a good cheap one that I can use and then resell when I am done with it.
  11. mag1101


    Has anyone heard from Skydoc? Hope he's ok. I know he was in the process of moving to his new home and shop. Just curious if anyone has talked to him lately.
  12. I'll now this morning, if I'll be on a new ( newer) bike. The bike shop is willing to make deals. we'll see....
  13. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post a question about a shop or person in Dallas/Fr worth that works on 1st Gen VR but I need to find a good shop or person within 100 miles of DFW that knows what they are doing. Carb work mostly. Appreciate any advise, help or clues on how to find a repair place for my 92 VR which has several issues. Thanks Roger
  14. spike13


    Hey folks new to this site but looks like a good group. Was wondering how i might find someone in my area to help me with a carb sync. I dont have the vac gauges thought maybe someone who did might wanna make some money. I don't like going to the shop and paying too much for this kind of work. I live in central WI and would not object to a nice 200 mile ride:)
  15. Decided to take my front wheel of myself this time to take it to a bike shop to have a tire mounted on it. Usually I just have the shop do the whole job. So, my question is, what the heck do I have to do to get the axle out? I loosened the allen head pinch bolt, but I can't get the axle to break lose. I'm using a 22mm socket with a medium size breaker bar. Makes me wonder if I should get out the ole impact wrench. This axle is a left hand thread, right? Thanks for suggestions, Lynn
  16. Saw this article in the local newspaper this morning: http://www.southernminn.com/faribault_daily_news/news/article_8c1f0cf5-24b3-5c3c-ac32-442eae3c96e6.html They have always been fair to me, and a friendly place to shop. I think they just took on too much debt at the wrong time, not that they could see a recession coming.
  17. Pioneer Motor Sports have went way beyond what any business would have been expected to do for us. They opened up the repair shop so several of the members could work on replacing Brown Angel's rear shock which had an issue. Way after hours they let us into shop to use lifts & tools to get him back on road. BongoBobny donated a shock from his parts bike, which was brutally tore apart in short order by a couple of us for the organ donation. Pioneer donated a lot of stuff for the raffle also. They lets people camp there, demo rides, list goes on & on. Keep these people in mind when you need to order something. 12220 Olean Road Sardinia, NY 14134 (716) 496-6000 www.pioneermotorsport.com/ Gary
  18. i went a few weeks ago to help a young member with his 96 royal star 28mm carbs. got it to run better, but while checking out the float levels the drains screws wouldn't stop leaking. i was going to help him out after i got back from ohio, but he took it to a shop where the guy who owns and does the work. he worked on it and got it running good but when josh took it home it started leaking gas out the overflow again. he took it back and they worked on it again and said the carbs are right, but the gas is boiling in the carbs at about 100 dregees and causing the carbs to overflow. i was wondering if anybody else had heard of this before. i have worked on about 30 of these bikes and never ran into this at all. terry is the guy working on it and i invited him to come on and post on here and see if anybody can help him out. terry's two wheels is the name of his shop and i have sent several friends there that has bmw's as he is really good on them. he also works on several other brands of bikes including a couple of police harlies, hondas and bmws. i'll keep an eye out on this and let him know what to look for when he comes on the site.
  19. hello all i put my bike in the shop last week thay told me thay would look at it thur or fri i called fri it was next in line so i called today and it maybe wed or thur now i would like to find a shop that would do what thay say and not the run around if thay couldn't not look at till later this week then that is what thay should have told me now another week to wait bumble bee
  20. Hi there, Wondering if somebody can recommend a shop to gut and rebuild the front fork's on my 99 RSV. I'm not worried if I have to ship them somewhere, I just want a reputable shop that can do the work, thank's. Jake Ride Hard/Ride Often/Ride Safe:cool10:
  21. If you are traveling through Eastern Arizona, you might want to tuck this info away for future reference - there is an excellent Yamaha shop in Show Low, AZ: Show Low Motorsports. I was heading back towards Texas this morning, and about 10 miles east of Show Low I blew the rear tire at 65 MPH - pretty bad, it un-beaded from the rim and the bike was virtually uncontrollable, went into a sideways 'slide' from the tire rolling off one side of the rim and it drifted into the left lane and off the side of the road before I could scrub off enough speed to get it stopped. Thankfully the oncoming traffic avoided me, and I kept it right side up! Wife was on the back, and she handled herself perfectly in the situation too - probably the only reason I kept it under control. With the tire loose from the rim, no possibility of repairing it on the side of the road. But we were wonderfully fortunate to have another rider come by who know the local area (also a Venture owner, but on one of the 'other' brands today!). Bill Poor told me about the shop in Show Low, and after we contacted them and waited a while for them to get back in touch, he decided to ride back and coordinate our rescue - a REAL class act. Hopefully we will see him on the site soon! Anyway, the shop came out and picked us up, had a tire in stock, and got us all fixed up in about 4 hours total. The final price for everything was extremely fair. I strongly recommend Show Low Motorsports! Goose
  22. Road Route 28 yesterday from NC to GA to SC and what a great road, I think the only sraight part is through Highlands NC till you get to Clemson SC. Lots of great things to see especially some great waterfalls. Was a fairly easy ride relaxing pretty much constant twisties. Great little ice cream shop in Highlands, the road is narrow and the posted speed limit is 35 and 45 most of the way but if you get out of 3rd gear you are probally going too fast for the curves any way
  23. morning and the shop owner came out & asked me to step in the shop to look at something, rear breaks were gone, caught just in time ... so I got a new tire and breaks... still wasn't to bad $90 to have the tire mounted ( i bought the tire online), balanced , used nitrogen, new rear breaks put on....
  24. Just took me about 45 minutes to hand dismount and mount car tire, pressure maybe got to 50. Took a drill with wire brush and smoothed out and cleaned rim. Got some real slimey goop from tire shop and went very easy. Now hard part getting them balanced and put back on, then ride it like it was stolen.
  25. Hey Ya'll! This is a fantastic site! this is a long thread to give a little background on my situation, and its raining so i have nothing better to do......sorry... I am a new rstd owner and a fairly new rider. I hadn't ridden for 25 years when i bought a vtx1300 last november and racked up 2500 miles over the winter (not crazy mileage, but that's a lot of 50 mile rides). brrrr!! but loved it! I went to get new rubber on the front of the VTX and was tooling around the Honda shop looking at bikes while I waited. I sat on a used '05 RSTD that i had seen many times at the shop and just sat there in awe thinking, "some day..." Well, much to my surprise the asking price was way less than i expected. It had everything on it that i wanted on my VTX so I traded up!! The day i went to pick it up, i fired it up and started to walk around the bike admiring how beautiful it was and getting really fired up! Then i noticed a gas leak from under the tank- kinda flowing off the petcock and dripping down on the cylinder vents. Abort mission, up on lift, tank off, let's figure this out. They said that the bike had been sitting and needed some gaskets replaced and also floats in the carbs. "it didn't do that when we tested it", "this happens when it sits for awhile", etc. Ok. get'r fixed. back on the vtx... Ok cool. Go back 5 days later and it is ready to go. Of course, it is not a v-twin so i had to get used to the differences in torque (i guess?) and running the V4 at higher rpms. When i got it out on the highway and started to crank the thottle it was not responding and I was having trouble getting it over 65mph?? wtf? Well, part of this was that i was shifting into overdrive (5th) at too low a speed and did not realize that 4th gear had that type of range to it, BUT OD was doing NOTHING?? I had the throttle pegged and NOTHING. I returned to the shop and they rode it- everything is fine. Put it on the Dyno, everything is fine. Ok, rode it again. NOPE, everthing is not fine, and returned to the shop and told them this can't be right? I only got 100 miles to a tank of gas??!?!?!?!. The mechanic rode it and came back and said you are not crazy, 5th gear is just dumping fuel into the carbs. Its not getting enough air. The mechanic said that the filters needed to be replaced as they were probably soaked with gas and it was limiting the airflow. it ran fine 1-4 but sputtered in 5th. Long story short, they put K&N's in it for me, the mechanic took it out and said all good and he had it over 100mph. It WAS noticeably better. loved it. nice power. learned to run higher rpms, pretty much never get it into 5th gear around town. daily rider. frickin' LOVE it!!! Also started to realize what a big friggin' windshield does to power?? never rode a bike with a windshied?? took it off one day and i was like- holy sh!t, this is the way it is supposed to run!! still though, no long highway miles... 1200 miles later, I was riding down toward Myrtle yesterday and the frickin wind was insane. Got the big windshield on and I am desperately trying to maintain speed and i am just getting slowed down and pushed back from 60 to 52, then hit an air pocket and speed up to 65. I am pogoing back and forth and starting to get irratated. Finally i just hammer the throttle in 4th to 65 and shift up to OD, and it just bogs down and sends me back down to 50... so... They question after this long frickin history of my life IS: Is it typical for the windshield to cause such powerloss in windy situations?? If so, why dosesn't the bike have enuff power to push thru the wind? Is there something wrong with carbs or an adjustment that needs to be made?? what the heck should it do?? if i have to take the windshield off to go 75 mph, doesn't that defeat the purpose?? I wanna ride out west this summer! This just doesn't seem right?? I appreciate your time in answering some questions for this newbie:depressed:! educate me VentureRider.org!!!!! Thanks! Pete
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