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  1. mag1101


    Has anyone heard from Skydoc? Hope he's ok. I know he was in the process of moving to his new home and shop. Just curious if anyone has talked to him lately.
  2. I just talked to Mike
  3. Has anyone heard from 86er, aka Todd? I have tried calling him several times to see whats up with him and all I get are his answering machine and voice mail. Its been about 7 months since I last talked to him. :confused24: Todd if you read this check in and let us know you are OK!!
  4. I have an mp3 and was going to download songs from Itunes. I downloaded a song to my computer but can't get it to transfer to my mp3. Tech support at Itunes said I could only download to an Ipod and not an mp3. I've talked to other people that said they had mp3's and were able to download. Can anyone tell me if this is correct? Thanks,
  5. He is one lucky fellow. A piece of leaf spring off of a truck went through his windshield and missed his left ear before going out the back window of his van. We talked to him on the phone last night and tonight and he seems fine. Here's the news paper article and picture. http://www.windsorstar.com/news/Windsor+almost+decapitated+steel+spring+Like+Bomb/6005134/story.html
  6. I got the call yesterday that I have been dreading for sometime. My Father in law, StormRaven's Dad called to say he had a heart attack 2 Fridays ago and an emergency quad bypass surgery. He got to come home Fri. He sounded weak but was in good spirits when I talked to him. Also learned my adopted mum (my parents have already passed on) goes in tomorrow for another bypass surgery. Please keep them in your prayers. Tricia
  7. Anyone else like to have fun with telemarketers? I just spent 20 mins on the phone with a survey taker, she asked me if I fished. I told here we went down to the Captain D's and it went down hill from there for her. She just would not hang up, I talked to her about everything from Hurricanes to the military, never did find out what she actually wanted. I just keep telling her how nice it was for her to call and check on me during the storm, that I was just so lonely.
  8. I bought my own xmas gift today. Had to replace that rear shock because it was getting a bit sloppie going into the corners. After doing my research within most of you are staying away from the yamaha product and going with the company "Shock". I called 1-818-701-1010 and talked with Tom. He provided me the VentureRider 10% discount and said it should be about 2-3 weeks at a cost of $ 620.00. Thanks for the info.
  9. I hadn't seen this guy since high school, but the thing that got to me was that he was exactly where I would have been on my way home at about exactly the same time, if I hadn't taken a detour to the local Harley shop. I knew him when we were kids, and he came to the house to look at a bike we had for sale a couple of years ago. I was at work at the time, but my wife talked to him and let him ride the bike. The road he was on is always slow moving due to traffic. Especially at that time of day. It can happen any time. Be careful out there. It was a red Harley, and my wife got a couple of calls from her daughter and a friend asking if she had talked to me that evening (Tuesday) so she called me to make sure it wasn't me. http://www.wbir.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=131720&odyssey=mod_mostread
  10. Do you connect your battery tender to the battery when the bike is only going to be sittting for a short time such as over night or for a few days. The connection is convenient and the wall plug i sin the garage right next to where I park the bike. I've seen statements about the charging system on the RSV being "barely adequate" and thought that sort of routinely plugging it in might be helpful. I've talked to other riders, and riders of other bikes, and have never really met anyone that says they do this. Does it help? Does it hurt? Is it a waste of time? Opinions? Comments? Thanks in advance (TIA)
  11. It all started when the shop wanted 5 hours @ $100 an hour just to tear down (plus tax) and reassemble the front of each bike. I talked to Chuck the owner of the other bike and he agreed this was too much money. I talked to a couple of favourites here Marcarl and Squidley, you may recognize the handles. They said take your time and you can do it. When my wife came home and found us in the garage with two bikes and the entire front ends removed. God bless her sole, she said……… Squidley....... said whatttt?????? Are you sure you know what you’re doing. Too which I replied. UUUMMMM . She walked away with a smile. Here is a link to what it looks like with the front end removed. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/album.php?albumid=735 Well 8 to 10 hours of work and we had everything back together. Took a little longer but I know every bolt is in and tight. What a difference in the ride. Thanks guys for the tips. Carl :thumbsup2: Brad :thumbsup2:
  12. BuckShot

    Met LGR

    Seen an 08 RSV in Wauseon,OH tonight that I haven't seen in the area before. Couldn't turn around, but later I seen the same bike in Fayette and was able to turn around and low and behold he was already a member here. Only able to talk with Jerry and his wife for a short time because they had to be somewhere. Jerry--it was nice meeting you and we will have to get together like we talked.
  13. Talked the hubby into heading out Thursday morning to Spearfish, Deadwood area for 5 days for a cheap trip! Going to tent it as the trip with the boys to Kentucky a couple weeks ago cost an arm and a leg!! Takes a day to get out there and a day to get home, so we'll have 3 whole days to hit Needles, Hewlett, Spearfish, Nemo, etc!!! Can't wait! We stayed at a great campground last time we were out there. The nice thing is they have a great bar/restraunt on site so when your done riding for the day you can cool down and just walk to your tent/cabin/rv!! I'll post pix when we get back!!:dancefool::dancefool::dancefool:YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaa!!!!
  14. Thought that title would get your attention. Ok for the few people I haven't harassed yet I'll let you all in on what I've been thinking. No it's not as scary as you might think. I talked to Squid now known as Cupcake about next years MD. I thought it might be really cool if we could bring Annie and Quickstep over for it. Also talked to the boss man, since I'd imagine he'd have to get them from the airport. So I asked Annie and she said it was ok with them. So here's the proposition do you all think we can raise the money to get them here? Also it would be really helpful if we had a travel agent. They usually have better contacts then us, but if not I have a few folks that can help me work on the tickets. At this point we don't know when MD will be so we have some time to raise the funds. So if you all are in we can get started. Now I just need to know if you all would be willing. So let the responses fly. Margaret
  15. Read all the stuff on valves have the manual, looked at doing it myself. I am pretty good wrench but! Just pick it up from the dealer 3.5 hrs @ 85 bucks shims included if need. Talked with mechanic only 1 intake tight. He said it took better part of a day to do. Money well spent! $297.50 96 royal star boulevard Kregg
  16. I just talked top a tire dealer that sells Kumho's, however he doesn't stock the 165/80R15. He talked like it was an obsolete or discontinued tire. Is this correct ?? or is he mis-informed? So where are the Kumho's coming from ?
  17. anyone that is registering at the days inn in martin, tn. make sure you tell them you are with the venture riders for your discount rate of $54.95. the person i talked to, to make my reservation, asked me to inform you all that are making reservations. see you all there at pat and dons. can't wait. bill
  18. I just wanted to thank him for selling us a set of stock Venture mufflers for our RSTD. We just bought our bike and it had Roadhouse mufflers on it that sounded great but we wanted a nice quiet bike. He showed us a lot of things about our bike that we didn't know and he told/showed me how to switch out the pipes and it was a piece of cake thanks to knowing ahead of time what to do. We LOVE the bike now. Everybody else we've talked to has also been a big help to us navagating the site, etc. This is the best $12 we've ever spent. This site rocks! Joe N Linda PS, how do we post pic of our bike?
  19. I just talked to Buddy on the phone, as I am planning on going out there and buying his RSV later this month. He hasn't been online because he is still without power from the big ice storm they had. He bought a generator, and they are getting by. He said he has temporary power enough for the house, and the heating unit. He'll be back online as soon as they get their services restored. He still has his Wing for sale, and if anyone is interested, give him a call.
  20. Charlene and I went out to eat with Clay18, his wife Lori and beautiful baby girl Chelby last nite. She is a little princess and is gonna break some hearts in the near future. It was good seeing them again, of course we talked about bikes, guns, among other things. He is rebuilding his front forks on his 1st gen, but I couldnt be much help, and could use some help from someone in the know. Here are some pics from last nite.
  21. Well hello all! I just want to start a thread regarding a trip that Dragerman, Rob and myself are planning, it is just in the initial stages of planning right now. We are headed to Deals Gap on Sept 21. Any and all members in the area, or on the way would be more than welcome to join us. This is a Monday to Friday. I think we want to avoid the weekend. And we are also planning on riding the Blue Ridge on the way back to Ontario. I have talked to a few people, and everyone has suggestions and routes, things to see and do. So here is the place to put them. I think all who are thinking of going, should meet up at some point to discuss the details. The trip will be informal, and unrushed. So, who's in? I know I talked to a few about it at Carls weeks back, so get on board, and let's get this show on the road! Literally!
  22. Since I have never been to a M. D. event, I was wondering how things get paid for. I am assuming that Don does not cover the cost of food for everyone. So how does it work? Do we pitch in a certain amount of cash? Do we bring something? Do we eat out? You get the idea, how does it work? I am looking forward to being there this year to meet all of you and hopefully share some fun experiances that will be talked about for years to come. Big Mike:15_8_211[1]:
  23. OK folks, I just got a telephone call from a man in Hammond, Louisiana who has an '84 Venture Royale that he needs to sell ASAP. I don't know the guy but he got my info and called me. He has no title for the bike so is selling it as a parts bike only. From what he said, it hasn't been ridden in a couple of years. That's about all I know about it. He told me that he is trying to start a business and needs some cash. He would like to get $400.00 for it but will listen to offers. His name is John Grime and he can be reached at 985-878-9726. Seems like a nice guy but as I said, I have never met him and this was the first time I had ever talked to him.
  24. Well I was setting here looking at the web site today and started thinking I have not seen Buddy on here in a long time. I said to my self, self why don't you call him and make sure all is OK. When I talked to him he said he has been working two jobs his and his bosses and cant get to the INTERNET right now. buddy said he has only been getting about 3 hours sleep a night. I think he could use a prayer from us to get him though this time at work. As we all know about Buddy he will give it his all. So for anyone that has been worried about him he is OK just tired.
  25. If anyone is using one of these have you recently had problems with the unit dieing and having to open battery door to get it to work again. I have one and it did this last year about this time and it's done it again this year. I first thought the unit was going out but when I returned home and talked with my brotherinlaw his did the same thing and my nephew also had the same problem about the same time and now we are all having the same problem again.
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