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  1. hi friends annie & alan bought my tow-behind trailer. as you know annie & alan are coming back to the good old U.S.A. they will need to have a trailer relay from my house to utadventure home where alan's bike is stored. they will then need the trailer to be in portland, oregon by july. i know this is a little early BUT i would like to add a bit more of a welcome back to our homes and lives. so i would like suggest when the trailer is in your neck of the woods. add something to it of yours, like a pin, decals, bumper stickers, patches, (now be nice), etc. i think there was a trailer relay for them last year. i'am open to any ideas. regards don c.
  2. http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1312280--australian-wildfires-point-to-climate-change-risks Annie.... you doing okay? Warnbro Western Australia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warnbro,_Western_Australia Fires on the other side of Australia... but sounds like many fires in Australia
  3. Maybe just a little bit..................
  4. HEY Annie, its Friday in the land of OZ. I wonder if you guys are still there!:rotfl::rotfl:
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE Hope you have a great day your friends Rick & Shirley
  6. Condor


    Lone Eagle sent this to me this morning. I like it a lot.... Too bad she's downunder... Annie??
  7. Annie Bear makes it to Vogel
  8. We need to get a forum going that keeps track of lost members, and Annie.
  9. Tall Tom, Yooper and Yoopers sweet dear wife were here today..( it really pains me, but i cannot remember her name:bang head::bang head:) i think that they just couldnt wait till Pork in the Pines to come see Annie and me again.. guess that i cant really blame them.. cause we always have so much fun.. RIGHT GANG???They will be back..
  10. Annie, When you get home you may want to check this place out. Watch this powerpoint presentation I have. It won't attach through the board here (most likely to large a file, PM me your email address and I'll sent it to you . Jay
  11. does anyone know where the little traveing bear has gone to??
  12. I'll be in VA the weekend they come, but Annie said to ask where folks would like to meet. Since I know there's a few of the NC members that haven't met them yet we need to find a great place for them to visit at. I'm guessing they aren't coming all the way to the coast, but she did say anywhere. I figure somewhere in the middle might be the easiest. Could have a group introduce them to some NC BBQ in Lexington maybe. Someone let me know where you'd like it to be and I'm sure Annie and Al will be following this. It's Father's day weekend 17 & 18. So come on NC we need a meet for Annie. Margaret
  13. Anybody seen a copy of one of these videos lately? Trying to figure out where these two (or three?) disks currently reside is confusing, to say the least.....so I thought, out of purely selfish interests, I'd figure out where the one that used to be in Canada went. I went through all the posts (all 340 of them) and determined that the copy that was in Canada back in 2008 was mailed to Australia to a guy named "spear"(Steve Pearson)....(by a guy named Lepapehermann.) Spear mailed it all the way back to "spankym" (Craig MacFarlane, in Buffalo....wow, what a trip), who posted that he received it on April 28th, 2009. Craig/spankym is then instructed by KiteSquid in a post dated May 7, 2009 to send his copy to r12guy...which seems a little strange since there is nobody listed with that name anywhere on "The List" (nor does he exist on the membership list now.) Then, on May 18th, 2009, Craig posts that he "Sent my copy on to r12guy.....hope he enjoys it." (So, apparently there WAS an r12guy back then.) Then, next day, May 19th, Kitesquid instructs r12guy to send his copy "to Annie in Rockingham, Perth Australia". (Wow....this video would really be racking up frequent flyer miles if it HAD been shipped back to Oz"!) However, that's the last we ever hear of this copy of the DVD......or r12guy......or Annie. There is no one listed in the club membership named r12guy. There is no one listed in the club membership named Annie, in Rockingham, Perth Australia. So, I guess whoever r12guy is/was, he has our copy of Ride Like a Pro. Anybody know who he is/was? Thanks for any helpful detective teamwork! Mike
  14. This is for you... Moose!!
  15. It was a good day!
  16. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT...you keep sending me electronics and parts for my bike...man, I can't believe all the gifts I'm getting from you guys...YA HOO !!! Hey, I could use a rear tire and more lighting (never enough lights) or how about a new rain suit size 3x....Thanks for all the toys guys and girls...Ya Hoo..!! ps... Annie, I LOVE THE ELECTRONICS...Ya Hoo !!!!!!
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!! :group cheers::group cheers:
  18. ............so that Annie and Quickstep will know who ya are at M.D. and at the International Rally: ANNIE IS MAKING NAME BADGES I will go by the RSVP lists that are running for both events :dancefool:
  19. OK time for a new multi page thread I hope Here are pics of Annie in Afganistan and Kuwait I could not get pics of her in Dubai or Bagram since Maint day she has been to the following countries at the following places. June 29th she was in Ali a saleem Kuwait the pic in front of the post office sign July 3rd she made it to Bagram in afganistan No pics July 5th she was in Shindand Afganistan pics with the head wrap on and off the gas tank from my bike I had over there She was in Washington DC on Aug 10th and then back in Snellville Ga till she made it to Asheville Nc where she was handed off to BOO to head to Illinois to make her way accross the country to visit as many states as possible before maint day 2011 lets keep the pics of her going and see how many states she can make it through before next summer.. Jeff
  20. I read they are having wildfires north and southeast of Perth. Any of that south east fire near you? Hope not. Maybe they should dig a trench from the wet part of the country to the dry part. I know but it was just a thought. Hope you're ok. Margaret
  21. Saw on the news that parts of Australia are being flooded. You ok where your at Annie?
  22. We took "annie" to the vet today, she's 4 weeks and a couple days old and we wanted to get her first worm medicine. They weighed her and found she was 1 lb.1 oz. which according to them is right on schedule for her age. Did a check of vitals, heart, lungs, teeth and thought. Everything was in good shape the only thing they could find was a pair of testicles so, now HIS name is ANDY I pleased to find that our efforts have paid off with a healthy kitten - I guess we'll have 2 house cats soon enough.
  23. Muffinman promised to be good and not overstay his welcome. Also wanted to thank you for letting him stay the night at your place. Also wanted to thank Dano for letting us drop off the trailer for Annie at his place. He's gonna move it along towards it's final destination with a bit of help. Margaret
  24. While we're thanking people for stuff related to the International, I want to thank our dear friends Aussie Annie and Quickstep for sending stuff for the raffle. I got first pick. (First out of the "fish bowl" - wasn't even paying attention yet - they had to nudge me.) Got myself a nifty 'roo patch. Irene picked the red shirt. Thanks a million for sending 'em!
  25. Thought that title would get your attention. Ok for the few people I haven't harassed yet I'll let you all in on what I've been thinking. No it's not as scary as you might think. I talked to Squid now known as Cupcake about next years MD. I thought it might be really cool if we could bring Annie and Quickstep over for it. Also talked to the boss man, since I'd imagine he'd have to get them from the airport. So I asked Annie and she said it was ok with them. So here's the proposition do you all think we can raise the money to get them here? Also it would be really helpful if we had a travel agent. They usually have better contacts then us, but if not I have a few folks that can help me work on the tickets. At this point we don't know when MD will be so we have some time to raise the funds. So if you all are in we can get started. Now I just need to know if you all would be willing. So let the responses fly. Margaret
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