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  1. Motorcycle journalist from a French magazine test riding a new bike...................:bang head:
  2. I'm having entirely too much fun here:bang head::bang head:. Pulled the bike in last week to change the brake pads in back and the caliper sticks, so I ordered a rebuild from Earl and have a hard time bleeding it, but worse I accidentally left the key in the ACC mode and drained the battery. Now, after sitting on a 2amp charge overnight I still can't start the bike!!!:headache: Acts as though there is not enough juice. Battery says 11 amp with the key on, hit the starter and she drops to 7.5 or so and just clicks. I even tried starting her with the charger in start mode and she tries, but doesn't fully turn over. I'm tempted to say the battery is fried but how could this have killed the battery?? Battery was new this past summer. Need some help quick folks, I'm tired of driving the wife's car and the weather's been too nice as well
  3. I left for work this morning at 05:30 and made it 3 miles from work when the rear tire blew out at 50 mph the scoot got real squirelly.I managed to stay on the bike and get it to a stop before I figured out that I was alright.I got it off the road and called for a ride when one of the guys from work stopped to pick me up.I looked at the rear tire that only had around 6 thousand miles on it there was no side wall. If I hadnt reinstalled the hack last night I might be in the hospital right now. The bike is in a friends garage and I got a ride over to the Beer Cave to get the 92 so I can get around. I will be removeing the rear wheel after work tomorrow and installing the hack on the 92 so I dont take up the guys garage all weekend and will be installing the 3rd new rear tire Monday after work.:bang head::bang head::mo money: I will try to get pics when the tire is off so you can see what it looks like. Jeff
  4. Well,it seems that Shari decided to have a Venture M&E at the house while I'm on the west coast..:bang head: Scooter Bob and Lady Firefighter showed up and then A1Bummer came over.... The neighborhood will never be the same.... I should have locked up all my 1st Gen parts...... Their probobly having a rummage sale..... Sorry I missed you guys...... See ya in a couple of weeks at Wisconsin MD....
  5. My wife had a platinum CapitalOne credit card, last year she paid of the balance and called on the same day to tell them to close the account. The woman she talked to, said that that was no problem, got all the security confirmation to close the account and told her to cut up the card and mail it in along with a written request confirming the phone conversation. You know where this is going, don't you? Lo and behold she gets a statement which she obviously ignored because the account is closed, right?! Apparently not, they went ahead and assessed their annual membership fee and then started charges late pay fees. By the thhe time we figure out wat is what, they are claiming she owes almost $150. So she calls and is told the account couldn't be closed because it should be in writing , we already did that I believe, but, i went ahead and wrote a nice letter requesting the account be closed, because she was told that would take care of it, the balance erased and the account would be closed. Wrong!!!!! :doh:We get a letter stating that the account needs to be closed by talking to a representative :confused07::confused07:. So I call Brenda, who is visiting her mother and tell her what they said, she calls them, explains the whole thing for the, what, fifth time and is told accounts can only be closed in writing :bang head::bang head: I think we've been there??? She talked to them again last night and was told she did not notify them to close the account in a timely manner (I guess the day you pay of the balance is not timely enough) and therefore acquired the annual fee, of course they won't close the account with an open balance either. I got three words: WTF?????
  6. There are about 20 Ventures, RSTD and other assorted bikes outside our motel room, what to do, call the cops or the men in white jackets.....:bang head:........LOL
  7. Well, I got the carb rack off the 83 tonight. Those linkages are something else! I have no idea how I'm gonna get them back together!!! Just taking them off was a real test of my "christian vocabulary"!!!!!!!:bang head: Any way....now all I need is the parts So...for a proper job, could someone tell me what parts I need to order? I have new diaphrams already Also....the fuel line looks like a red colour braded hose. is that the original one? Thinking I might just as well change while I'm at it if it is. Also going to do the head cover gaskets. Although it looks like it has been leaking from the bolts more so than the covers themselves. Lots of other jobs...not likely going to see the road this summer.
  8. I counted the tines and looked at how heavy they were. Surely a Rack for the wall no matter what. About that time he jumped up and took off! I think next time I'll use a gun instead of the Ranger!!:bang head: It was a Rack to remember. Probally dead somewhere!!! Shame and fender, hood,headlight and parking light probally cost more than the meat was worth. I do think I would have mounted that one and invented a good lie!! It was a beautiful rack!! I think the old man that lived close was going looking.
  9. I got something you want............:bang head:
  10. just got an email to say that the trike didn't leave Portland till the 1st October!!!!! So probably won't have it here at home till near the end of November now :crying::bang head: Once the container of bikes is handed over to the shipping line, it's up to them when it sails apparently
  11. why do all of my treads startat the bottom?? sure is annoyong.. how do i fix this .. and how did this happen?? yup, im puter dumb..:bang head:
  12. Tall Tom, Yooper and Yoopers sweet dear wife were here today..( it really pains me, but i cannot remember her name:bang head::bang head:) i think that they just couldnt wait till Pork in the Pines to come see Annie and me again.. guess that i cant really blame them.. cause we always have so much fun.. RIGHT GANG???They will be back..
  13. Does anyone have a spare for a 1st gen in case I screw up or regret doing it. :bang head:
  14. Im having a few Brewskis !! It true of the saying Its Cheaper to Keeper most of you know Im separated And the ^*$%*^%$^%$ Government is really Screwing me , thats all Im going to say:bang head::bang head:
  15. I've been looking for a low priced used trike kit to install on the bike so we can see if this is the way to go for me and the princess. We found one in the classified here on theVR sit, So we took a road trip 300 miles out to MA. to pick up my new to me voyager trike kit.One day round trip,total of 600 miles,plus tolls.Very happy with the kit so far...Today I'm checking craigs list,just to see if thier's anything I can't do with out,when I come across a voyager trike kit not 8 mile away from me for the same price!!!AAAARRRGGG.:bang head: anyway, if anyone is looking for a trike kit with attachments for a 86 goldwing there is one for sale in Ovid NY.for $1500.00,obo.Will also fit most any bike with the right attaching kit.
  16. :bang head:............................ amd more:snow2:
  17. Severe weather warnings in Buffalo NY. 12 TO 18 more inches expected FOR BUFFALO ...east and the areas north of Buffalo by tomorrow morning..Left work 4hrs. early after battling to get in this morning........Taters has a party tonight and says she is going....(she ain't right in the head) BONGOBOB, I thought YOU lived in the snow belt? Keep that stuff to yourself, I don't want it.........I HATE SNOW !!!!!:bang head:
  18. Me thinks; I is in deep Kemchie,,,, While I have the plastic, and body in the paint shop, I am doing things to get it ready to put all back together,,You know Plugs, fuel filter, cleaning under tank Oil and filter........ I drain the oil out and it sits for a few hours, and change the filter. When putting the oil plug back in I heard a slight "snap" or "click" I start putting in the new oil, and just for the heck of it look under ( more out of habit ) the bike, and holly crap!!!! Oil pouring out. Got a clean pan and caught 99% of it back, and then found that the Oil Pan had Cracked there at the plug........... How Screwed am I From the service manual it looks like there are 12 bolts that have to be removed. and a sensor. Now this was 11:30 last night, and I haven't given it a good examination, on the placement yet. The big question is can the oil pan be removed without loosing or removing the big part ( engine ) The part in the parts fiche ( I think ) is called Strainer Cover, 26H-13417-01-00 Holy Cow How did this happen............:bang head:
  19. Sitting here at 'puter......and watching Quickstep ride out on my Quike He has headed out with a friend of ours for a ride down south. Me, it should be me!!:bawling:Dang the leg :bang head: Weather is starting to cool off, so by the time I can ride again I'll probably be dodging the rain.
  20. I've been waiting and hoping i could retrieve some information of my crashed hard drive, it would have been nice anyway since the back up got chewed up as well... But, alas, no such luck so i'm getting ready to bite the bullet and start entering two months worth of stuff into my old 'puter. First though I wanted to upgrade my virus protection which meant removing Norton and installing something better. Great idea!! One problem, it calls for a re-start, 'xcept it didn't:doh:. So of to the puter guru, I get there and discover my 2 wheel wheelbarrow is gone from the truck, i suppose it fell off on the way over there:confused07::confused07:, but if'n it did, I sure didn't notice and I didn't see it on the side of the road going home. Then I learn the second hard drive has gone to h3ll:bang head::bang head: The puter guy said he thinks that he will be able to retrieve info from this one though:o Somebody shoot me!!
  21. i am lookin for a pair of sidecovers for my bike(83venture 1200) .. i dont care if they are cracked or broken... i want to cut them own if they are cracked r broken.. but if they are good then i will not.. i lost my sidecovers on the way to cody this year.. thanx.. and how much are you askin??:bang head:
  22. Count to a hundred, my rear, that ain't gonna hack it!!! :soapbox: Apparantly the illegal sumb**** didn't weld my down tube on the rear cylinders right 'cause I still get some hot air coming up:headache: tried just removing the downtube and lost the allan wrench on top off the collector and I couldn't get it out :starz:Had to buy another set of allan wrenches to finish that bit, lost that one on top of the collector too, so had to go buy a magnetic pick up, then, guess what: ...can't get the down tubes out so i'm having to take the whole blasted exhaust loose One of the nuts holding the collector on appears to be stripped too far and it won't come loose ....... :bang head::bang head: and you can't reach it with vise grips!!! I'm gonna kill something.............. maybe i need a drink (is it 12 o'clock yet)......
  23. if the water pump leaks after you stop the engine.. does that mean you need a new water pump? or can you get the parts to fix it? is it simple to fix? does any one have one to sell? Curious minds NEED to know.. :crying::bang head: thanx..
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