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  1. Anyone here in this extended family ever suffer from heal spurs? In early 2011 at the age of 47, I began noticing that my feet especially my heels ached very badly at the end of the day and again first thing in the morning. I was diagnosed with Plantar Faciitis/Heel spurs. New orthodics in my shoes and Cortisone shots helped some and got me through the Cody rally, but things turned for the worse as the year went on. I suffered everyday, especially at work. Now after almost a year I am finally getting some relief. Just wondered if anyone else might be dealing with the same intense pain?
  2. Next week, Grump & I get on the road again, hitting places we didn't get to or need to see more of from last year. Pakidaho's is a required stop, again this year, as is Cody. Spot Shared Page http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0dW2uviFRmfVBIi65A9vRaQ1osJHe2jOq Link to last years trip thread http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=60094
  3. Last year at Cody I asked for someone to take a picture of me while I was riding my bike down the highway. It was a couple and I forgot their names, my bad. I was wondering if they still had the photo and could email it to me or PM me and I would send them my email. I would really like to have it. I forgot all about it til recently. Steve AKA Bubber
  4. http://s980.photobucket.com/albums/ae282/AussieAnnie888/Cody%20Wyoming%20Rally/
  5. Just curious, who won (or traded for) the tank bibs from Nanci at Cody? Maybe putting it on a RSTD?
  6. Cody Thoughts and Impressions. Pics at http://www.cast-aways.com/codypics1.htm The good, the bad, and the ugly... Day 1. Thursday Meet up with Lone Eagle for breakfast, and ride to Elko Nev. Nevada is boring as hell and hot. Drank lots of Gator Aid at the rest stops. Trailer is towing great. New gimbaled ball hitch ball doing great. No lights, but Vic’s behind me riding sweep. Played leap frog with a group of Star Riders. Road all tore up in front of the Elko's Motel 6. First long day in a while and out of condition. Hurting. Pizza for dinner. Motrin for dessert. Day 2. Friday Off roaded out of Elko. What a mess. Breakfast and fuel in Wells, and watched the group of Star Riders head north into Idaho on Hwy93. We continued east on I-80 to Rock Springs. Fueled up again in Wendover. Droped bike at the gas pump. Dang this is a rough trip. We keep heading east.. More sand and sage brush. Fuel mileage ain’t all that great. 24-25 mpg. Bike not starting at the push of the starter button. Curious?? Worse night ever in a Motel 6. No A/C. More Motrin. Day 3. Saturday North to Cody… via the GPS. Fuel and breakfast in Lander Wy. Great family restaurant. Kooky waitress. Fun. Left turn in Thermopolis. Deka battery croaks. Buy wet cell from auto parts store across the street and leave for Cody 85 miles away. Didn’t think to top off our tanks. Made Cody on fumes. Checked into the Skyline, put the Deka on the charger. Flopped on Bed ‘n died. Day 4. Sunday Members start arriving. Vic, Russ, Dave, and Jan take over the sign in ‘festivities’. Chips, Dip, and Sody Pop turned into 2-8’ long Subs, and 4 party platters. Great time. Day 5. Monday AM spent trying to locate the damn rectifier. Know 1stGen, but 2nd is new to me. Checked the wet cell battery. Charging at 14.2vdc so decide to ride the Bear Tooth Pass via Chief Joseph. Left Deka in the room on the charger. Great ride. Most stayed in Red Lodge MT for lunch. Wasn’t hungry so headed back to Cody. Wet Cell died 16 miles outside of town at the beginning of a construction zone. Brian Fries rode by, took my room key, and brought back the Deka. 2 ½ hours later finally made it to Cody in time to hop in the shower and get over to the Ponderosa for the Chili cook off. Russ, Dave & Jan, and Irv & Teri cooked up some great Chili’s and fish wraps. Awesome. Not bad for a simple planned Ice Cream Social…. Day 6 Tuesday Hung the Gremlin Bell on the scoot. Gotta get rid of the gremlins. Things start looking up!! Found the rectifier. Not where the manual sez it is. Easy, once you know where. Dano wired up the Indian Rectifier I brought along. Lot better job than I could have ever done. Many Thanks Dan!! Spend the afternoon napping. Feeling melancholy about doing another long ride. Figure this will be my last. Mooched over to the Ponderosa to visit. Turned around and Ponch and Company had the scoot tank off and were wiring up the tach in the ignition pod. Cool!! Day 7 Wednesday Slept late, but met up with Kurt for a run to Ye Auld Meat Shoppe to pick up the Buffalo burgers for the noon BBQ. Vic, Russ, made a run to Wal-Mart for fixins. BBQ went great!!. Went back to the room for a siesta. Woke and Vic had already taken all the raffle prizes over to the Holiday for the group banquet. Hard to keep up with him…. Group dinner was incredible. I won a few things in the drawings… After glow gathering in the parking lot of the Skyliner til the wee hours. Broke open the bottle of Seagram’s to share with the group. Day 8 Thursday Vic and I rode to Shell Falls in the Big Horn. Great ride. Averaged 44 mpg for the trip. Lots better mileage when the rectifier is doing it’s job. Dano wired up the trailer so I’d have lights on the way home. Another Cool!! Last night in Cody. KSU in the early AM. Day 9 Friday Left for Pocatello via Jackson Hole Wy, and Teton Pass. Went thru the park. In the East Gate and out the West Gate. GPS got confused so canceled Jackson Hole. Stopped for fuel at Old Faithful, and it was going off while we pumped. Great timing!! Day 10 Saturday Left Pocatello early to beat the heat to Winnemucca Nev. Hit a little rain… 2-3 miles. Tried out the new cool vest in the afternoon. It worked. Helped with the afternoon heat. Great sunset at the motel. 5 minutes later it disappeared behind a dust storm. Weird weather…. Day 11 Sunday Winnemucca to home. Tough dealing with traffic again. Pulled into a local station for Vic to tank up and say our good byes. Vic still had another 90 miles to go. I’m 15 minutes from the barn. Recap The Cody VR Rally was the best I’ve ever attended. Not because of anything I did, but because of the hard work of Lone Eagle, Russ, Dave and Jan, and the fantastic people who came. The bar has been set a little higher for the east coast next year. New products all worked. Cool Vest, Indian rectifier, gimbaled ball hitch, Trailer wiring kit… after Dano modified it, and most of all the Gremlin Bell!! Met some of the best Venture Riders ever that I’m very proud to call ‘My Friends’. ~CONDOR~
  7. To start off here I want to thank Condor & Lone Eagle & whomever their helpers were for a great International Rally this year. It wasn't only a great location chosen but a well run one from start to finish. Least ways it sure looked like it but I'm sure they'll say otherwise. :clap2:Good job guys. Well it looks like we were the last to arrive back home. Got in late afternoon yesterday in fact. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones as is the case in most of these rallies & M&E's we go to. Unfortunately for me I didn't get to ride much or hang out with everyone as much as I would of liked to. That due to me pulling a muscle in my back while en route to Cody. Bad enough to require a side trip to the ER in Sioux Falls for medicial relief. I did manage to get in a couple day rides, one to Cooke City vie the Chief Joseph highway and another from West Yellowstone to the south entrance of Yellowstone & back (after the rally was over), besides a a couple short rides in town during the rally. Going back again is going to be on my bucket list as thats such a great part of country to ride a bike in. I'll post up what few pics I managed to take later. Lots to do here to get caught up after being gone 2 1/2 weeks. Stacks of mail (hopefully mostly junk mail), yard work, etc Larry
  8. ... in no particular order. http://s393.photobucket.com/albums/pp16/SilvrT/Cody%202011/
  9. Have not heard a thing from Rocket since Cody... has he gone AWOL? Anyone heard from him?
  10. Arrived home Sunday evening around 9:30PM from Cody, new (to us) Lees-ure Lite trailer in tow. Spent Monday just relaxin after 3 long riding days to get home. Thanks to all the organizers for a fantastic event!! Was great to see old friends and make new ones and to be able to put the "person" to the nickname. Was also a special ride to and from Cody with Sailor and Camos along with us. Thanks guys for your company and good times and thanks to Sailor for his patience with me and Camos during our many "butt" breaks LOL! Unfortunately I couldn't find a suitable place for any of the 3 cup holders on the scoot so they all went to someone else who could. pics to follow once I get them onto Photobucket sometime this week.
  11. I wont upload my Cody pics here, but here is the link at Picasa https://picasaweb.google.com/friesman1/VROrgIntlRallyCodyWY I had a great time:cool10: and enjoyed every moment and loved meeting everyone, I hope to see everyone again soon!! brian
  12. I know it is early but..... Pictures?
  13. Well me and Mrs Bubber made it home last night but I was unable to post then. Thanks to Don I am back up in running. Thanks to all that attended the Cody Rally but a big thanks go to the organizers. They made it look seamless and that is a massive feat. Thanks guys and gals! Good to see friends made at Pork in the Pines. and great to meet up with new and future friends. What a great time I had meeting and yakking with all of you. Great rides, new friends, great food, what else could a guy want or need? Oh ya Thanks to the people of Cody, very nice people and always willing to help. Thanks Tom for leading the way up to Yellowstone, Chief Joesph Hy Way and Bear-tooth Pass. We don't have that kind of riding in Minnesota. What great rides and great company. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up with OB-1 on the way out or on the way back, we will meet up again my friend. Wow the cooks or chiefs were fantastic. another great meal had by all. Well I am getting to long winded here, just want everyone to know that it was my pleasure meeting you and I hope you has as good a time as I did. Just sorry it is over. :crying: Bubber
  14. Made it back home from Cody. Hope all make it back safe.
  15. We had a great time in Cody, met old and new friends alike! What a great bunch of folks. Had a few extra days off work so decided to head home to Missouri via South Dakota. Stopped in Custer and will be seeing Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, maybe head up to Spearfish and Sturgis. Leaving here Sunday early am, looking for the biggest ball of mud we can find!
  16. Drawing was Wed night....so who won??
  17. Haven't seen anything lately about PIP so thought I'd throw it in the mix of Cody messages. Got reservations set for Pines motel in Lake George. Whoever wins the chili cookoff in Cody is welcome to bring on down their winning recipe and challenge mine. Yes Russ, I'll even let you bring out your Betty Crocker oven (I'll supply the light bulb) and you can cry in your chili when your beat. Hope everyone has a safe trip to Cody and enjoy the scenery. Lots of Pictures are appreciated by those who couldn't make it. Ride safe, God Bless. Mike
  18. Hello everyone: Cody is our first VR event. Having a blast regardless of what we are doing. Enjoying our new found friends. Relaxing this morning. Wives visiting in the shade. I am observing Dano and Condor replacing a rectifier on Condor's RSV. Amazing Talent. Sure glad I brought the Ipad along to keep up on the site. Looking forward to future events!!!!!!!
  19. Cody is great riding! Jan had to be back early to work on her and Carol's chili for the cook off so we had a short riding day. Even with that, we were able to ride Beartooth from east to west. Got some great pics: http://s470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/utadventure/VR%20org%202011%20Rally%20-%20Day%201/ Tomorrow Yellowstone! Oh, and sorry Black Owl Dave
  20. Does anyone attending the Cody Rally have RSTD bars on their RSV that we could look at?
  21. Helo: Does anyone in Cody have RSTD bars on a RSV that we could look at?
  22. RandyR from Georgia arrived here safe in Western Nebraska late this afternoon. We hope to leave for Cody around 7:00 AM? See you there!
  23. I know there's a few going, whats your travel plans ? We are leaveing this Saturday stopping across the bridge and going up to the Keewenaw to spend Sunday night and then taking the day Monday to check out the sights. Tuesday west bound with no set plans except to be in Cody Sunday afternoon. We are takeing the laptop so we can check-up one everyone and cell phones to boot !!! Gary's cell 810-516-0035 Leslie's 810-908-4603 Maybe we can meet-up somewhere before Cody ? I'm pulling my trailer with a few tools if I can be of help. Ride Safe, Gary
  24. Well, if it ain't loaded by now I probably didn't need it anyway. SO, I'm outta here. See you on the road or in Cody.
  25. Well the Idaho Delegation and her faithful minion erv are packing to hit the road for Cody mañana. Salmon is pretty close...with in a long day...especially going through Jellystone Park...We plan to be in Cody Sunday.. We decided to head toward Bozeman and go south either on Montana 89 to Mammoth and east to Cody from there or Montana highway 191 south to west Yellowstone then east to Cody...a bit further ride but I hear tell it quite scenic. 89 apparently has a hot spring resort sort of thing called Chico hot springs, there is apparently no camping and waiting to make reservations as long as we have find there are no rooms available. There are quite a few camp areas down 191 but getting a spot would certainly be the luck of the draw....so at even this late moment we are still somewhat undecided about our route. Sure would be swell to happen to hook up with some other Venture riders on their way but figure that ain't gonna happen. Have cell phone and the number to call is: 208-303-0993 no doubt a message would need to be left but we check the phone when ever we take a break...and I imagine we will breaking often. Rocket and Rod asked if we could bring along a keg but we figured that by the time we got it there on bikes it would be so shook up we'd never get to drink anything other n foam. We do plan to check with the local Cody distributor to see what may be available. Nothing like keg Cerveza and Fish Tacos... ahem...ahem... and the old Owls road kill chili along with the Utah's diplomats mighty fine tasting ( or so I've heard) and that is if they plan to make chili...Dave? Any comments? Anyway we sure look forward to meeting folks in Cody and find ourselves excited to actually have an opportunity to visit with Lowell again. Ride Safe and see ya there, Teri n erv
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