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Found 18 results

  1. The NARR group had it's October meeting tonight and we have over 1000.00 pledged for next years St Judes event! No competition next year but I would like to see these two groups get together and present at the same time again. We had so many members who made their first visit to the hospital and were deeply moved by the experience. We had the drawing for the handmade quilt that we raffled off as part of our fundraising effort and a lady whos adult daughter is fighting cancer was the winner.
  2. Drawing was Wed night....so who won??
  3. I was just wondering if anyone knew if you could use this http://www.cyclesolutions.net/product/sku-GM-Y122 to bring the handle bars on a 2006 RSTD back 1 1/2 inches towards the rider. In this drawing http://www.monmouthcycles.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?section=200100&category=motorcycles&make=YAMAHA&year=2006&fveh=4551 it looks like you could put it between 11 & 13 to bring the bars closer. Thanks in adv. for any help
  4. Sense my great licence plate swap did not work out I will try this.... Here is your chance to own a lot of plates from around the world. For everyone who sends me two motorcycle license plates from their state they will get one entry in a drawing to receive one of all the plates sent in...... woo hoo!!!!! I am doing this as I would like to collect one motorcycle license plate from everywhere possible. All states, prefectures, provinces, countries, counties, etc as possible. If you want to play, post here and I'll PM you with my mailing address. how easy is that?? IF you will send me a third plate from your area I will send those plates to freebird (The guy who runs this forum) to hang in his garage. This drawing will be limited to the first person to post to this thread from each state. after they receive my address by PM they have three weeks for me to receive the plates then that state is released to the next person to post from that state. So who can send me some plates??????? The drawing will be held at a yet to be determined date as I may have to go on travel for work and it may take a little while for people to get excited enough to go to their garage to look for old plates or to go to the salvage yard to take some off of wrecked bikes....
  5. Ok after the M&E saturday everyone else headed out for a ride and Laura and I set out for the Biltmore. We stayed there about 4 hrs and never went inside. Laura is studying to get her sertificate in photgraphy and part of this semesters classes is in drawing...Yeah I dont know either but she does so all is well. Anyways she chose the biltmore as her final project in the drawing class . She had to take pics of the biltmore and do drawings of the 3 she picked so she went a litle crazy. This is most of what she took. http://s569.photobucket.com/albums/ss133/painterman6709/Biltmore%20estates/ Hope you enjoy as much as I did. I seen a lot of things I never noticed before there through her eyes in the camera. later David
  6. 1988 model Royal with an electrical problem. Head light wont work. It is torn down from work on the electrical problem; but all parts are there. looks like a little body work may be in order. Runs well.......600 bucks, I B Happy :} Picts didn't post,..........back to the drawing board. :{
  7. I posted this morning asking for help locating the part number for some bolts that came out of my fairing. I looked at the drawing on the yamaha site but couldn't tell which bolts I needed but Squidley replied promtly along with some other members. I just went to my local dealer with the drawing to order the bolts. There are six bolts for the fairing but even thought I only need three I thought I would order six in case I lost one in the future. Besides, it can't cost much for a few bolts. I also ordered six washers that go with the bolts and I also orderd a bolt that goes in the right cowling where you get to the fuse box. The parts clerk entered the order and said that will be $47.50. I said hey I don't want the gold ones just the regular ones and I asked how can they be so much. He said the washers were $4.50 each. I told him to cancel the order for the washers and just give me the bolts. It was $8.50 for the bolts. That is too much but I can stand to spend that much but $47.50? When these bolts come in I'm going to ace hardware and getting bolts the same size as the ones I ordered in case I need them in future. Yamaha is out of their mind.
  8. This is it folks. The last chance to purchase your tickets for the January 50/50 drawing. The drawing will take place tomorrow morning.
  9. well folks, for all you that bought raffle tickets for the trailer, and the note books, this is the the big night of the drawing. some lucky persons are going to walk away with some nice prizes. we have may have changed the second prize for the better. i want to thank everyone that bought tickets for the st. jude belt buckle raffle. we have the buckles here and i can tell you they are awesome. so far we have $431.00 to give to dragonrider for the st. jude donation sept 12th. we will try to sell some more chances tonight before the drawing. we have had almost a picture perfect rally, i think most everyone is having a great time. the weather was warm, but almost perfect. i really feel priviledged to have been able to do this rally, and what a thrill i get just watching all the folks here smile , party, and enjoy each others company. what a great website don has put together. snarley bill.
  10. Ive had some people asking about their numbers....they misplaced, forgot...whatever. In a nutshell.........the tickets are 2 part......your numbers are on both parts......the part that will be detached and put in the bucket for the drawing also has your name..both real name and site name on it.( this was done as they were sold) When you check in at the rally....we can give you your stubs from your tickets if you want them..... In all reality there is no real need to know what your numbers are other than a "comfort" need. let this also be a reminder if you want raffle tickets and are not attending.......better get em today or tomorrow..... I was going to keep accepting raffle ticket orders thru paypal up until the day before the drawing but have decided tomorrow will be the last day for paypal sales on them. I have enough to keep straight without checking my emails for sales while im at the rally, besides i wont have a computer just my phone for emails. Those attending will still be able to purchase trailer raffle tickets there, aslo the raffle tickets for the st judes drawing for the 2 one of a kind belt buckles. addy for raffle ticket sales thru paypal is vrrally2009@yahoo.com simply state trailer or st judes with your payment.....please also include your vr site name.. I will also be taking down the registration website tomorrow ( sat) night.
  11. well peoples...its about 2 weeks away now....... you can still register...altho u will not be able to choose a tshirt size or color.... i ordered about 18 extra t's and patches so you will be able to choose from those at the rally.....I suggest if you really want a t shirt still you had best get your name on the list or you may miss out..i will have sizes L - XL- and a few XXL's in a variety of colors. raffle ticket sales have pretty much died out......remember u do not have to be present to win either the trailer or the 2nd prize of an aser netbook. At this time we have 5 prizes with more to come ..dependent on $$$ of tickets sold yet... st jude raffle tickets sale from non attenders have been very minimal...remember all moneys go to st jude as the belt buckles were donated and u do not have to be there to win these. we need to have a final count for the big dinner for the hub a week or so before the rally so we need you to purchase your dinners either singly or with a registration....or at least let us know you will be purchasing a dinner(s) at the rally....i will make one last post about it before i turn in the counts. I plan to take the registration page down before i leave for arkansas, so it will not be available for any orders after the 1st of august. You can still get raffle ticket orders in until the 4th thru paypal...i cant promise they will make it into the drawing after that as I dont want to spend all my time at the rally checking emails, etc. We will sell tickets at the rally right up until the dinner for both the trailer drawing and the st judes drawing.
  12. okay folks, we are doing so well on the rally raffle ticket sales we have decided not only to have the trailer as a grand prize, we are also going to give a lap top computor for 2nd and 3rd prizes. that is one fantastic trailer in your choice of colors, and 2 laptop computers. this really increases your odds of winning. i even bought some more tickets. i really need a laptop for traveling. can't wait to see some one win all this neat stuff. we also have the regular drawing with lots of neat donated by vendor and member prizes. the wed. night catered meal and drawing will be a real blast. see you all there. bill :welcome1:ps. raffle ticket sales are still going on. for those thsat want to get in on the great prizes.
  13. any one that would like to donate something for the drawing at the 09 rally is more than welcome to. i have already had several people donate things. for now just think about it and we will come up with an address where you can send it, or just bring it with you to the rally. all donations will be appreciated. want to see every one leave with a prize. the drawing will be at the last dinner and you must be present to win, accept for the trailer. if you have something to donate pm me. thanks in advance. the more we have to give away the more fun. bill
  14. anyone coming to the eureka springs meet that would like to bring a prize to give away the night of the drawing is welcome to, this is not mandatory. we are going to have a drawing for the ladies and the men separately. so don't forget something for the ladies. i know some have already told me they are bringing some neat stuff, and linda and me did a little shopping too. we are also going to have a 50/50 drawing for st. jude and the procedes for that will go to squidleys tattoo fund. we are expecting a big crowd and going to do some heavy duty riding, eating, and evening partying on the big deck overlooking the woods behind the edelweiss inn. linda and i will be there tuesday around noon. to greet the early arrivals. for those of you that haven't been to the edelweiss it has a restaurant in front of it on the parking lot so you may have a hard time finding the driveway. don't forget to bring helmets, we may ride into missouri and they have a helmet law. have a safe trip and we'll see you there. bill and linda
  15. the eureka springs meet will be here in 2 1/2 weeks. where has the summer gone? really getting excited about it. sounds like we are going to have a good crowd, with lots of great rides, eating and followed by a wind down party on the edelweiss deck overlooking the woods every night. once again just want to remind you'all bring your helmets and something for the drawing if you want. we are also going to have a 50/50 drawing for st. jude, and the proceeds are going to squidly's st. jude tattoo fund. really looking forward to seeing you all again this year and the first timers too. see you all there. i am bringing my truck and trailer, so we will have an emergency hauler if we need it. before you jump on me about trailering down there. i may ride and have linda follow me. we need the truck to haul her suitcases. :rotf: bill
  16. I really must apologize for the 1st pinout drawing that I provided as I was checking out the pinouts today and when I compared them to an opened TCI I found that some of the pins didn't match the colorized electrical schematic I have. Some of the coil numbers were incorrect so I have taken them off the pinout drawing until I have a chance to trace them on my bike which is a 1985 1st Gen 1200. You can all shoot me later. Regards DonB PS if anyone wants a larger version then email me at donb@mnsi.net
  17. Went to start the bike this morning and wouldn't you know it--completely dead, not even a dash light. I took the battery to a battery shop and they tested it....only 5 volts. They put it on a charger for a few hours and when I picked it up later it was fully charged. They told me the battery was good and something must be drawing. I re-installed the battery and checked all the circuitry and everything was okay except I found that the cd changer was drawing juice. This is the cd changer made for this bike.I can't figure out why it's doing this now. Never had a problem with it before. I have noticed that when the 6-pack is installed, I can hear it go through the motions whenever I turn the ignition on, even though the audio system is off. I just figured this was normal. Everything is hooked up as it should be and runs as it should, but why is it constantly sucking juice. It stops as soon as I disconnect the C-bus cable. When I connect it back up, it starts to draw power again even with the ignition switch off. Can anybody help with this one? P.S. I should mention this is still my original battery (2004) Also, ever since the bike was new, there's alot of clicking (1-2 sec.) whenever I turn the ignition on first thing in the morning. Is this normal? I'd appreciate any and all advice. Thanks so much.
  18. There is another style of bracket that is not the hockey stick looking one. It is just angles. I guess you could just do the measurements and figure out a piece but was wondering if anyone knew where the drawing for the other one was? I've seen it but can't make it come up when I search.
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