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Found 21 results

  1. Not on the bike, but in the little Miata we just got. It was absolutely beautiful with views of at least 50 miles it was so clear. I took a couple of pictures, but did not realize I had a big greasy spot on the lens that I did not notice until I put them on the laptop. This was around the Little Switzerland area. We got off at 80 and went toward Burnsville as the road toward Mt Mitchell was closed. RandyA
  2. In Panama, getting ready to ride over the Bridge of the Americas into Columbia. Tell all the folks on the VR forum that I am doing fine, taking lots of pictures, and keeping a daily running story-log on my laptop of what happens each day. I hope all is well with you, and that you continue to heal well. Miles Gooo.... SeaHawks....
  3. So after a not very painful process I got rid of MS Windows:) on both my laptop (HP with Vista) and my netbook (MSI with XP) and have moved on to Linux (Mint w/ Cinnamon on my laptop and Olicloud on my netbook). I might try some other desktop interfaces but pleased with my current setup, will give me some things to do this winter in case its cold and rainy. Everything running smoothly and faster. Now to go back and refresh my memory on all the unix/linux commands so I can play around in a terminal window. Only problem I haven't found an EASY linux solution for was updating the maps on my Garmin Zumo 550 (no linux support at Garmin) but I can use my wifes MAC for that as needed. Currently using Shotwell to organize over 10,000 photos in my spare time.
  4. Using my carry-along netbook at the moment. I've taken the bold step of upgrading my laptop which got slower and slower the more things I loaded on it. First step was to see if more memory would help as that is relatively easy; so went from 3GB to the max 8GB. Not much performance gain. So, cpu is the next place to try. I did quite a bit of research and think I found the fastest processor that would be compatible that uses exactly the same amount of power, 25watts. Its a 2 core processor with faster speed and more onboard cache and faster memory access. Should be 2.5 times faster than the old single core cpu according to a benchmark site. (AMD V120 to AMD P650). Bought it used on fleabay for $30. I downloaded the maintenance guide from the Compaq/HP web page and off to work I went. Well, its all apart, parts in carefully marked envelopes. It now should be carefully cleaned. Did you know that 2 pounds of dog hair and potato chip crumbs can find their way to the insides of your computer? A couple of screws were missing, and I need some electrical cleaner and heatsink tape before putting it back together. Did I mention that you should never take a laptop apart... Too many small parts in a torture puzzle configuration. So, I need some VR prayers before attempting to get it all back together....
  5. I upgraded my laptop memory and I have a stick of 2 gig pc3 10600 cl9 204 pin if anyone can use it I will mail it to you free. Tom
  6. Any suggestion as to why my desk top pc won't access my sd card. My laptop can access the same SD card?
  7. I've been runing Trend anti-virus for over 15 years and have been very happy with the results, but..... this year after I renewed on my machine and tried to install it on the family laptop (they allow 3 installs) I have run into a ton of user unfriendly snags and wasted more time that I want to admit.. I've had it!! So toss some suggestions at me... The laptop came with Nortons but I erased it per trend requirements before trying to install trend. Now I wish I hadn't, but that's life in the fast lane.... Is anyone just using MS Security Essentials??
  8. UPDATE - everything is gone. UPDATE just to be fair. I've been working by first request. You may not see the post as some have PM their request. I have over the years donated my used but working computer stuff to Goodwill. I have another truck load of printers, monitors, scanners, etc. Stuff that is working but outdated and too costly to mail. But some of the smaller stuff may be of use to fellow members. I'm a true believer in recycling and would hate just to pitch it if someone here has a use for it, just pay for USPS mailing. Or if in Texas just ride to meet. 4GB DDR2 800MHz (2x2gb) - spoken for 1GB DDR2 PC5300 (667MHz) for netbook or laptop - Goodwill 512MB (2 x 256MB) DDR 133MHz 133 pin from Gateway laptop - Goodwill PCMCIA card for laptop - spoken for 10/100 LAN card for desktop - Goodwill 10/100/1000 LAN card for desktop - Goodwill PCI SCSI-II - pending Dual display graphic card - spoken for Wireless Mouse - eats batteries at least once a month - Goodwill Garmin USB Laptop GPS with North America V8. - spoken for WIRED - Linksys BEFSR41 V.2 - Goodwill 35MM 1800dpi slide/negative scanner (USB 1.1) - spoken for WOW! External 135MB removable hard drive cartridges (SCSI-II attached) - spoken for everything is "as is", no tech support provided, some drivers may not work with newer operating systems like Windoze XP
  9. I bought a laptop to carry on the motorcycle a little over a year ago. Since then its become my main computer. So I just brought home from Walmart a new 10inch netbook. Its exactly half the size and thickness of the laptop. And I won't feel any 2nd thoughts about packing it on my bike for the trip to Cody. It is an Acer D257 with the latest Intel N570 dual chip. Its fairly peppy. Has a 250gb hard drive and a couple USB ports. So far the 1GB memory seems adequate. I'm using my home wifi network with it now. Walmart had the best price I was able to find. The 10inch screen seems fine for email and forums like this.
  10. OK When I logged in on my computer to the venturerider site using Firefox everything seems as it should be except that all I can do is read the posts/threads. It will not let me reply or start a new thread. What it is like is when you are not logged in and not a memberthe site appears that way. No reply Icon or New thread Icon. But now here is the what is really weird. I used my daughters laptop and signed in through Firefox and everything workes great. I also used my laptop and went through Internet Exployer and it works fine, Si I figured something was wrong so I did a restore to 2 days ago when I know all was correct. Yep you guessed it Still will not let me do anything but read when I log in through FireFox. I am stumped. Any help out there. Thanks Rick
  11. While on vacation this past September, we encountered lunchbag letdown in some of the hotels we stayed at in regards to internet usage. Or in other words, we had to pay for internet time, while anyone with a wi-fi set up was good to go...FREE. You've already gathered I am of Scottish descent. Sooooo, we decided that we should purchase a laptop for our next vacation, amongst other uses. Time to pick your brains a bit, as I am also a wee bit lazy as well What size laptop fits in the trunk of a second gen? Is the trunk the best place to carry it, or in a saddlebag better? I seem to remember Kregerdoodle mentioning that a 15" is all that would fit in the trunk....I think...it seems like a lifetime ago that we were in Texas. Any experience with this out there? Thanks gunk:Laugh:
  12. Anyone here using a netbook and have an opinion on them? I'd like to get one for trips on my MC. I'm taking a 2 week trip in Oct and I'd rather not lug around my 17 inch laptop. I won't need a writing program or anything special. Just the ability to surf the net.
  13. If your like me you probably use your laptop alot. Maybe sometimes while your eating southern BBQ finger foods like ribs. You know how your keyboard keys seems to get dirty and greasy. Or maybe you might leave the thing open for days and weeks at a time letting a layer of dust settle on the screen. Like I do. If so resist the urge to use a pressure washer to clean it up. This method of cleaning is highly over rated. At least for a laptop and may actually cause physical harm to this sensitive electronic device. Go figure:confused24:.....Who would have thunk it? But, that is exactly what a painting contractor did to mine at work the other day by the hands of his non english speaking hispanic pressure washer operator. This over achieving pressure washer operator in an attempt to impress the English speaking citizens of his new found country took it upon himself to go one step beyond the call of duty when pressure washing the concrete floor patio outside of my office. Evidently he thought the high wall fresh air intake grill 10 feet above the ground needed a little cleaning too so he hosed it down. Not thinking what happens to the water passing through the grill. Which happened to be the grilled opening to the fresh air intake plenum directly above my desk. My desk where my laptop was laying unsuspectingly open, on and collecting dust.....As it normally does.:bang head::bang head: I still do not understand how he knew my laptop was on the other side of that windowless wall :superman:and directly below that fresh air vent... and that it was open and dirty. But, his aim was pretty good because every drop of water managed to land on my dirty keyboard and screen, :95:missing entirely the company owner computer, walkie talkie radios and pagers laying directly alongside. Well needless to say a clean keyboard aint everything because it immediatly went blank, started humming, buzzing and rolled over dead. The good news is the contractor entertained me at Best Buy today while I got to pick out a shinney brand new laptop with all of the latest bells and whistles. He even springed for the cost of the Geek Squad doing the Vulcan mind melt routine to transfer the contents of my old hard drive to the new bigger hard drive on my new laptop computer.:mo money: The Geeks have also called to tell me that the Vulcan mind melt thing is complete and I can pick up my new internet ride anytime I wanted. So, in the morning before it gets hot I'm gonna ride the old scoot:7_6_3[1]: up to pick up my new puter. Cant wait to take her for a test ride........ Windows 7 no more Vista WOO HOOOOOO:cool10:
  14. I have an HTC HERO sprint cell phone I am looking for a cable to hook to my laptop so I can get the internet on my laptop from my cell phone. Someone mentioned a patch cable where do I find this and do I need any software with it. Joe
  15. Not bike but laptop related. For the past several months the display on my laptop (just out of warranty) went kaplooie (is that a word?) Kaplooie meaning went black no image whatsoever. :bang head:So to be able to use the laptop I plugged another monitor into it effectively making the laptop into a desktop computer. But, strangely enough, a couple days ago for no apparent rhyme or reason the monitor came back to life. Giving me a somewhat stereo video experience.:banana: Can any of you computer geeks (meant in only the most positive context)out there explain what is happening to me ?:icon_smile_question:confused24:
  16. I need a few things for my new laptop running Vista home edition 32 bit. 1. A good USB serial cable adapter with drivers. 2. A terminal emulator program like hyper terminal or something else. 3. Will dos box run older programs? I'm trying to get the new laptop doing all I can. Tired of carrying two laptops just to maintain communications gear in the field. Now I got three computers on the truck.
  17. okay folks, we are doing so well on the rally raffle ticket sales we have decided not only to have the trailer as a grand prize, we are also going to give a lap top computor for 2nd and 3rd prizes. that is one fantastic trailer in your choice of colors, and 2 laptop computers. this really increases your odds of winning. i even bought some more tickets. i really need a laptop for traveling. can't wait to see some one win all this neat stuff. we also have the regular drawing with lots of neat donated by vendor and member prizes. the wed. night catered meal and drawing will be a real blast. see you all there. bill :welcome1:ps. raffle ticket sales are still going on. for those thsat want to get in on the great prizes.
  18. going back to highspeed. signed up today. had it twice. first time it was cable. they were screwing me to the wall. then i had dsl. worked great for 2 weeks and went caput, and could get no one from at&t to help me so i went back to dial up. well went back to at&t with wireless cuz i want to get a good laptop. i will be on highspeed as of april 3rd. yipee. :clap2: now i can harass people 50 times as fast. :rotf:
  19. Gerday all. Just doing a little test. I wandered into my local electronics store yesterday and picked up a wireless router so I can run my laptop as well as my PC. I managed to get it all hooked up, and am now submitting via the laptop. Might be old hat to some of you younger guys, but for me this is good stuff. Now the pillion can't complain that I'm on-line when she goes to bed. I CAN TAKE THE VENTURE FORUM TO BED AS WELL.:Im not listening to:rotfl::rotfl:
  20. I guess my laptop is toast. The screen just decided to shut off after about a minute. I started it back up and it does the same thing. Took it to a repair shop and they said the motherboard is starting to go out. I think Ruth is feeling abandoned since I have to go upstairs (we have a desktop in the den) to yak on VentureRiders. Has anyone bought a laptop lately? I mainly use mine to surf the internet, download our pictures, and music for the MP3 player. Guess I need to re-educate myself on what all those specifications mean. I have a Dell laptop that is about 3 to 4 years old. Doesn't the new Vista operating system eat up a lot of memory?
  21. Any computer people out there? Can you have more RAM added to a notebook? If so, how do I do it or do I have to take it somewhere if it can be done? I know how to do it on a desktop or tower but not the laptop. Thanks in advance. Wolfie:)
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