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  1. So how many haw drilled there stock mufflers to get a louder sound? How many holes? What size? ans where did you drill. The Sampson Fishtails are just a bit to loud but i could deal with it if I need too.
  2. Well, I have searched and searched and found no answer... so I'll ask those who know. My wife is short and has short little legs. Her floorboards need to come up and maybe back a bit. Does ANYONE make anything to reposition them? I'm talking about the floorboards not the legs.
  3. I finally got off my butt and posted a few items for auction for the "Kids" at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We had a decent year last year with the awesome help of B2Dad & B2Mom raising about 70 % of the monies donated, and I am hoping this year we can do even better considering this year there will be a Tail of the Dragon/Vogel, and we raise quite a bit there, so dig deep, bid often. I have pics posted in the auctions but I will preview them here for everyone to see.
  4. Hope you all have a very Merry and safe Christmas. Wish we had a bit of snow on the ground to help with the seasonal spirit instead of all this rain! Oh well.
  5. Has this every happened to anyone before? This one has me a bit perplexed. My 85VR, the output shaft to which the drive axle yoke bolts on to the engine (left side of middle gearbox just behind rubber boot) retaining bolt snapped clean off laying in boot. The only indication I had, that sent me looking was a recent oil leak on the left side. It most likely happened somewhere during my recent 4000km trip, probably on the way back. Can't remember anything taking place except I came back loaded up a bit heavier than going down. Looks like a winter job and might as well pick up the second gear pieces as well although she is not currently due. I wonder if it is any issue driving it for a bit as long as the oil leak does not worsen? I guess I made it for the last 1000 miles since I noticed the leak. At the moment it can't go anywhere but it can work on the output shaft as it is not under torque. Thought I would share that little gem with you all, who knows I could be the first! Lucky me! P.S. I did install the engine about 15,000 miles ago as a replacement and it could have been damaged by someone previously, but it is strange that it would last so long and then break. There was no partial cracks that showed rust, just a clean fresh break.
  6. Wife and I planned a trip from Northern Delaware to Western North Carolina. We just returned via the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. We had a wonderful time thanks to this site. We have been reading about seats for many months and slurged for the Russell Day Long based on remarks from all of you. Initially, I did sit about 1" higher and the wings were a bit of a pain. However, within the 500 mile break in period all was good. I am again flat footed when stopped (I have a 29" inseam) and the wings have broken in a bit making stops no problem. Wife was complaint free relative to butt issues on our trip, and so was I. Thanks for all of your great information. Here are some seat pics.
  7. At the risk of boring redundancy with other threads, I thought I'd post my experience with the PCW clutch spring upgrade in my 05 QuickSilver. The bike has about 40,000 miles on it, and I thought I had been noticing just a bit of clutch slippage on hard acceleration and quick gear shifts. The problem was absolutely confirmed while we were riding back up from Corpus Christi last week and I did a 5th gear roll-on around 80 to pass - wasn't really getting anywhere like I expected, but a quick glance down at the tach showed the engine did pick up speed pretty quick! Ooops, had to take the passing pretty easy for the rest of the ride home. I called PCW to order the spring "kit", and they tried gently to talk me into ordering all new clutch plates too. I demurred and said "just the spring." I did ask them for info about why they wanted to replace the inside special half disk and wave washer with a full disk - why did they think that was better than the original design? The explanation kind of made sense that Yamaha had been extra careful for the wussy American market to design a clutch that was easy to pull and would always engage without any snatch or jerk. Since I don't consider myself a wuss, I decided to go ahead and replace it with the full size plate like they suggest. The kit consists of just the new thicker PCW spring, one stock Yamaha friction plate, and one stock Yamaha gasket. Just like others have reported, the instructions were easy to follow and the job was done quickly and without incident. I did take the opportunity to measure the thickness of my existing clutch plates to check for wear, and found that they were well withing stock tolerance (actually just a bit thicker than the new plate that came with the kit). This matched my expectations, since there is no way a wet clutch should be worn out in 40,000 miles! It is tempting to blame the slipping on the oil I was using, but since it was old-stock Mobile1 red-top, changed only 1,000 miles ago, that doesn't really make sense either. I guess it was just the wussy stock clutch spring. Anyway, I am very happy with the new spring - just a bit more tension noticeable in the hand, but not enough to bother anyone, I think. It does engage a tad bit further out, but that was a very minor change. I have not noticed any jerkiness or change in the smoothness of the engagement from going to the new full sized plate in the inside of the stack. For anyone who does a lot of riding, I would strongly recommend this spring kit now, even before you notice any clutch slipping. It is quite reasonably priced, easy to do, and will probably prevent your ever having any clutch problems for the life of your bike. Goose
  8. Just thought I'd warn everyone about how useless OnStar is so you don't waste your money like we did. Long story short, we decided to try it on my wife's Yukon as she drives across the mountains quite a bit. We haven't needed it for almost a year until during the big snow and ice storms we had in December. We pulled to a stop at a stop sign and the road angled towards the ditch. Well it was so icy that when we stopped we slid directly sideways onto the top edge of the ditch. We couldn't move by ourselves and people that tried to help would just about slide in with us as we would just go deeper as it was so icy. So we decided to use our OnStar as we had paid for it. When we called the rep looked up where we were located and said "oh, we can't send anyone out as it is our company policy to not dispatch anyone when it puts them in danger and with the snow and ice it will so we can't". He told us we had to call a tow truck or the police on our own as nobody was hurt. I was ticked off, let him and the supervisor know that we would be canceling as I say very little use for it when it was dry and warm out. I also told him I would be posting it on this message board and he told me that wouldn't affect their business one bit so go ahead. Not real interested in customer service! We called a tow truck and they wouldn't come without the police calling them. When we called the sherriff, his response to our OnStar issue was "yeah, I hear that quite a bit. for every one person they help, I hear of 5 others that they wouldn't". So be warned!! Big waste of money IMHO.
  9. Hi All, I have an 06 RSDT. Do any of you RSDT owners somehow lock the windshield and backrest? I am a bit concerned about them walking away. Dave
  10. Hello from Mechanicsburg, Ohio!! I just bought an 87' Royale, and recently found this board, and reading all I can about the bike. I'm really enjoying riding the Venture, I had an 86' Honda Shadow that I rebuilt, and had a blast with, but it was a bit small for me so I sold it and got the Venture. Here are a couple of pics... http://i868.photobucket.com/albums/ab243/BriRit/3975d084.jpg http://i868.photobucket.com/albums/ab243/BriRit/f6bafb2b.jpg I got a good deal on the bike, but it does need some TLC and cleaning, some plastic is cracked or broken and I already repaired the CLASS. I've racked up $700 in new parts and have been slowly putting them on and checking the bike mechanicly as well. I haven't started to clean it up yet as all of my time has been spent wrenching, but it should clean up nicely. It runs really strong, and the previous owner had a bunch of maintenance items done before he sold it. I'm sure I will have tons of questions, and hopefully contribute a bit as well. Later, Briley.
  11. I was installing the clutch slave cylinder on the 83, and when I went to snug up the bottom bolt, the threads in the block stripped. Any ideas how to fix them good enough to tighten up the bolt? I checked and it looks like there is about 1/8" or a bit more of good, unused threads left down in the blind hole, so I may try and see if I can find a bolt that is a little longer and see if there is enough left to hold. I don't think a heli-coil would be very easy to install. The female threads in the block are about 6" inside of the bulge in the stator cover, so I'd have to find a way to extend the installation tool. Also, the threads don't start at the surface, they are recessed about 1/8" so that the bolt will act as a pilot bushing also. The next best alternative that I see is to tap it for a larger bolt, probably a 1/4"-28 and open up the hole in the cylinder a bit. The Yammie bolt is 6mm or .236". I'll still have to come up with a way to extend the tap though. I haven't looked on the Grainger site yet, but do they make a tap extension so you can reach into recesses? Anybody ever have any luck with Devcon or something like this? Barb and I are leaving on the 89 Thursday, so it'll be sitting for a bit. Frank D.
  12. Just after Christmas last year, there was a discussion where at least a few of you had gotten guitars and were starting the learning process. So...how goes it? How many of you have stuck with it and how many of those guitars are sitting around collecting dust now? I slacked off a bit but have gotten back into it over the past few weeks. I took too long a break from practicing and let my fingertips get soft again but they are getting back into shape now. Still playing my Seagull and have taken it on the weekly trips for the past few weeks again. I also finally broke down and took my old Epiphone to a highly recommended Luthier and he is in the process of setting it up and making some repairs on it. I bought it new back in 1971 or '72 so it is almost 40 years old now. He is resetting the neck, repairing a couple of loose braces on the inside, dressing the frets and various other things. It still looks great but needed some attention to get the action improved. I'm probably spending as much on it as it is worth but I guess it has some sentimental value to me so I told him to go ahead with the work. He did give me a GREAT deal because his business is a bit slow this time of the year. So..how about it...are any of you experts yet? I know that I'm not. It just doesn't come natural to me and I will have to work at it a lot harder.
  13. Maybe just a little bit..................
  14. Since its crappy out, nothing on tv, I figure I'll hang out in chat for a bit if anybody feels like b.s'ing
  15. Does anybody know what exactly Stabil does to gasoline so that it doesn't go bad? I know that it makes some bikes run a bit funny....why does this happen? Frank D.
  16. Anybody on the east coast !! ------ heads up, ------ check the weather channel !!! you might be in for some rain, and a bit of wind !!!!! ( if you have not noticed the weather report in the last 24 hours )
  17. Can anyone tell me if and how much the cv slides should bounce while the engine is running? If I blip the throttle just a bit, they move quite a bit. Does this indicate a problem? Starting to take the carbs out and apart and man they are dirty!
  18. Barb and I just got home from a 2 week long, 4600 mile trip. Boy was it great! The first part was down to Murfreesboro, TN to watch our 12 year old grandson quarterback a football game. Then we met up our friends (that ride a '12 Gold Wing) in southern Illinois and the 4 of us headed for Colorado Springs. There we visited the Garden of the Gods, and then Pike's Peak. For those that have never ridden up Pike's Peak on a motorcycle, I'll say that it should be on every touring rider's bucket list. Wow!! We've been up twice before, but it's been 20 years since the last time, and it was in our truck both times. As we were going up, I was watching my heat gauge climb into the red, but then we sped up a little and the grade wasn't as severe, and it cooled back down. A little later, we got stuck behind some real slow 4 wheelers and I had to go back to 1st gear quite a bit. Also there are some real tight corners with a steep grade that like 1st gear. Well, the Venture heated up again and the gauge was about in the middle of the red band (Mk II). On the CB, my friend Bill came on and said the his heat gauge was almost pegged. We pulled off on the side for a bit. As soon as we stopped climbing, my heat gauge came down quickly, but the GW took a bit longer. We started back up again and the Venture did pretty good, but the GW required another stop near the top. Up on top at 14,000 feet, the temp was 34 degrees, and it was very windy (30-40MPH). The ride down was even better than going up. Now I could relax more because I didn't have to worry about stalling on a tight, steep curve, or the bike heating up. There were quite a few bikes on the Peak the day we were there. Did I hear somebody in the back say "where are the pictures"? OK, I'll post some.
  19. I have Win Vista Home Premium installed on my PC which is a Acer Aspire M5200. It says I have Phenom™ 9550 quad core processor 2.2 Ghz 64 bit I use Google Chrome mostly but also have IE 9.0.3 64 bit edition Here's the problems I'm having. Lately it wants to "Scandisk" about every 2nd or 3rd time I boot up. PLUS, I believe this is a 2nd unrelated issue.....windows update tries to update but fails everytime...then has to undo and reset and it sometimes takes me 15 min just to turn the darn thing on!!!!! Any suggestions?
  20. What can it mean if the exhaust from the right bank is cool compared to the left side? I noticed it and checked the cylinder temp. It appears the right bank is running some 20 degrees cooler, at least at start up and quite a while afterwards. I checked the carb vacuums and they appear well balanced. Pulled a plug on the right and it looks practically new! Overall the bike seems to run just fine but a bit cold at start and slow to warm up...but then, that's how it's always been. Not sure if I should be concerned about it or not.... Any ideas?
  21. I have drilled the brass plugs out and now I need to know which way to turn to richen my carbs up a bit. I have searched on a lot of Mikuni sites but they seem to all have instructions because I can't seem to fine much info on BDS28/4 carb banks. So what do...counter clock or clock to richen just a bit?
  22. So made a few stops on way home tonight but had a strange thing happen as itried to leave my last stop. Did my usual click into N then hit start button and nothing, bit of a click but nothing, absolutely nothing radio off dash off lights off totally dead. After a bit oftime I turn key again dash lights up N lights up ,so ihit the start button and again click dead. So i check all relevant fuses everyone looks ok. I call a mate who lives nearby,he shows up with some extra tools and ofcourse I turn key everything works and bike bloodywell starts . I'm not sure what's the problem but have a suspicion its the starter relay. So my question to you guys is what do you think it is? or has this happened to you and what was the fix. I appreciate all and any input Gordie.
  23. OK, Rode into town this morning, TD started and ran like a top, stopped to meet wife for coffee. When I went out to leave, TD started fine, but then died, when I attempted to re-start, nothing, , ,no light, no fire, nothing, , , , Am new to RSTDs, , , , , ,littel help for what I am looking for. I am headed back into town in a little bit and will take tools/meter to check battery for power. Is there a master fuse and if so, where? Any other suggestions of what to look for???? Have never had a monutes problem with this bike so far. Kinda perplexing, , ,
  24. My red 84 is finally sold and gone, he also wants me to build a new trailer hitch for her and will buy my trailer also!!! Thank GOODNESS it finally happened! She left the house about an hour ago, I feel a little bit sad because of all I've been thru, done to and did with her But that's alright, 'cause now I can start putting all the goodies on the 08!!!
  25. Got a bit fed up waiting for the Bub's - they'll be 5 weeks at least. So went to my local chrome shop. These are Highway Hawk universal slip ons. They do them longer too, but as he had these in stock, I thought for the price, £110, I'd give it a go. The bracket that comes with them is long & adjustable, so that bit was easy, & they just slipped on. I love the sound! I will post a video on you tube of a drive by as soon as the rain stops. I'll also try to post a video in the right section. Meanwhile here's some pics. http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p567/treecol/002-1.jpg http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p567/treecol/001-3.jpg
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