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  1. I am finally getting around to a project bike that has been sitting in the shed for a while it is a 89 venture royale that i bought in pieces and am slowly rebuilding. I want to strip the fairing off of the front and make it look more like a rstd with hooded headlight/driving lights and clear windshield. I have an old tank off a kawasaki something that i am gutting and widening to cover the battery and airbox and intend to mount gauges in it. My question is has anyone tried to separate the lcd displays from the rest of the gauge cluster? I havent traced the back of the circut board yet an
  2. HELLO ALL I am on a trip and will look at this when we get back but just wanted to run this by everyone here to get some ideas. My gas gauge on the dash will blink on and off but not all the time. I think it might be the sending unit but not sure until I do sometesting. What are some other ideas out there. The rest of the dash is working just fine. Had the switch replace 4 months ago because the hole dash was blinking on and off and that fixed that but just the gas gauge doing it is a little strange . What do you think guys?????????????? Bikenut 2006 Yamaha Venture 32000 miles on her A
  3. Guest

    CD in dash

    Is there such a thing as simply removing the cassette and installing a CD in its place?
  4. maybe this isnt new, but i see so many great looking paint jobs on this site, but the black plastic still looks like 25 year old, sun beat, black plastic! ive been riding mine and i look at the dash and think, yuck! so i got a hair up my butt and squirted this on it and WOW, looks like brand new 25 year old plastic.says its made for plastic, rubber, wood, leather, i was careful not to hit the controls (slippery) but didnt mask off anything, just wiped her down after. didnt take much and NO prep. Teflon is carcinogenic (so is used motor oil) so take caution. it worked well on the other plast
  5. Hi All, New hear, just purchased a 2007 Royal Star Venture, wow what a bike! Previous original owner said he never had any issue with cruise control, I tend to believe him, but when I turn it on the switch, it goes back to center position I believe like it should, but there are no dash lights at all. Haven't taken anything apart yet and am wondering if there is a fuse that could have blown or any suggestions as to where to start my trouble shooting. Thanks in advance, great forum!...Gorski
  6. Hi - I own a 1985 Venture with a computerized monitor - I just replaced the battery with a sealed version - nowhere to stick the sensor from the old battery - warning light is on on the dash - how do I "trick" the system to get rid of the light on the dash - tnx - Jim
  7. Took a really nice trip to "The Pennsylvania Wilds" last weekend with the wife in the cage. My brother and I have a cabin near Sinnemahoning and the wife wanted to go up to see the leaves and do some local antique shopping. This was my first time stopping for a look see in Bellefonte. What a great town. We talked about retiring up in that area someday. Anyhoo, I noticed that I've two bulbs burnt out in the dash. One for half of the tach and another for the gas gauge on my 08 Taurus. I couldn't see if I need to go at this from under the dash or if I'll need to remove the part of
  8. I need help BIG TIME. I replaced all my dash lights with LED bulbs. I was going to take a pix of my dash & noticed that the lights are all out. I tested the LEDs & they work elsewhere. I replaced one with the oem bulb & there is no power. My headlight IS working though. Is there a fuse that I am overlooking?? I gotta get this fixed tomorrow I have a meet & eat on saturday!
  9. I have a question about a problem I'm having with my headlights Firstly, I have added a set of cheap walmart passing lights to my 89 Venture. I can be driving down the road with either my extra lights on or off and the little computer on my dash will blink on. I can turn off the passing lights and the trouble light will go off for a few minutes and then start blinking again. I installed a relay and tried to wire it the best that i can. The switch for the passing lights is the high/low switch for the dimmer switch on the left-side handlebar. BTW...my lights work fine. My question is: Has
  10. So made a few stops on way home tonight but had a strange thing happen as itried to leave my last stop. Did my usual click into N then hit start button and nothing, bit of a click but nothing, absolutely nothing radio off dash off lights off totally dead. After a bit oftime I turn key again dash lights up N lights up ,so ihit the start button and again click dead. So i check all relevant fuses everyone looks ok. I call a mate who lives nearby,he shows up with some extra tools and ofcourse I turn key everything works and bike bloodywell starts . I'm not sure what's the problem but have a susp
  11. 87 venture-headlight and dash recently went out. cant find blown fuse and bulb oms ok..w-d40 ignition switch-no change
  12. Anyone found any solution in reducing the sun glare on the dash. Was riding back home yesterday and the sun glare was really bad.
  13. Hey VR family I recently bought a 1985 venture royale. The problem is I have a freshly charged battery but when I turn the ignition to the on position I get nothing no dash lights no radio no headlights. When I turn it to acc only the radio and compressor display come on . HELP
  14. I dont usually get stumped on the 1st gen....but I am on this one. This plug was located behind the left side inner/upper faring. It has 2 wires one black and one brown with faint white dash marks....any ideas on what it is
  15. Just curious if anyone has one they would like to sell. Mine is seriously Kapoot. I keep checking ebay and can find em for 200 give or take but it's always for the whole dash... I don't need all that. Also, any ideas if other speedo's are compatible? Thanks guys and gals! Jay
  16. How do I separate the dash to get to the gauges? My dash illumination knob won't budge. I have searched the forums and my manual diagrams but can't see how it comes apart. Thanks
  17. So ... went out to the cold garage this morning (36 F. - ouch - Winter is definitely coming!) to start the bike and...no dash lights. The radio was coming on, as was the alarm but no dash lights and no start. As I was in a hurry (Club breakfast.) I started the Triumph and headed out on that. Oh the irony! Had to use my English bike because the Japanese bike wouldn't start. The exact opposite of the 70's! When I got back, I pulled off the seat and checked the battery - 12.71 V. which, given the temps and my efforts to start it earlier, seemed reasonable. Tried again and got a flash at the dash.
  18. Made white faceplate labels for 83 dash similar to Reddevilmedic http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=63342 Difference is I completely removed the face plate, Not for faint of heart pulling needles. Then I used the dreaded brake fluid to completely removing the original silk screen printing from the faces, leaving clear plastic glass. Then applied the white vinyl labels, and reassembled. Now my blue LED back lighting shines thru the vinyl label completely lighting up the gages. Major improvement IMO.
  19. After I saw Ponch's gauge package, I knew I wanted that for my scooter. I wanted mine to be molded or formed into the dash to look sort of factory. Well after I crashed and totaled the scooter last year I figured I had my chance to do this while I was rebuilding the scooter. I settled with the insurance company so that I was able to keep the scooter. Every piece of body plastic was cracked or busted. The front upper fairing, inside dash and lower left fairing were demolished and unrepairable. I bought some parts on e-bay and some parts through the good members here that were willing to sell
  20. While coming back from Cody with a stator that was putting out a charge I could finally turn on the CB to listen via the dash speakers since I didn't have a helmet with wired up with J&M's. I could hear everything Vic said thru the dash speakers, and I could reply... 1 click=yes, 2 clicks= no, and 3 or more clicks= did you see that set of....?? Now I'm thinking about cutting off the speakers of the headset, and just wiring in the mic. Think it might work to transmit only?? I have the room to mount the mic, it's those thick speakers that are a PITA. Beside I hardly ever listen to
  21. Riding to work I have been having an issue with the am side of radio not working sometimes. But today a bigger problem the whole dash shuts off the bike will run but like crap no acceleration hit a pot hole dash lights up bike runs fine. I can start it when dash is out and idle but give it throttle it dies. Now what I have noticed is that the clock is at the right time when it reappears I dont have to reset it. My cruise also will not engage. My rear brake will not activate the brake light either. I started cleaning fuses then the bike started but hit another bump crap running dash out.
  22. If you have attempted it please chime in. I am going to remove the dash and buy a replacement electroluminescent sheet that I can trim to fit for backlight on the instrument cluster. I am going to go with blue, just wondering if anyone has attempted this? If not then I guess Ill be the one to try it out....... I have an aftermarket tach that I am going to change out to matching blue light as well. The blue is easier on the eyes in my opinion as well as looks good when light.
  23. Well, I did a little design work on my Dash and the passenger foot pegs and thought that I would share the photo with you. I put chrome plastic buttons on the dash along with chrome diamond strip. I also put chrome diamonds on top of the Radio control. Also changed out the chrome near the fuel cap and added "Free Spirit" covers to the Brake and Clutch reserviors. Forgive me for the diamonds but I will have to admit that they are not real!! ha ha Got the chrome knobs and diamonds at Petboys. DanC:cool10:
  24. I got out of work last night , and much to my dismay , my dash and headlights were not working. I did have my newly in stalled driving lights so I was able to limp home. The driving lights were not exactly adjusted right but I did get to see the tops of all the trees on the way home. This morning I checked the fuses and not being too electrial inclined ,I decided to check our website before I did any major damage to my bike. Sure enough, the first forum on 1st Gen light problems suggested WD-40 in the ignition switch. I tried it an now have my headlights and dash lights back This is the best
  25. I just got my tach-gauge set-up from Ponch. Looks great, and looking forward to getting it installed. I'm thinking of making a change in it though. I looked at this digital voltmeter: http://www.digitalmeter.com/cgi-bin/...nfig=ent-datel I'd like to mount that where Ponch has the cruise button. My plan was to mount the cruise button somewhere else (in the dash, bottom edge of the dash, inner fairing, I'm not sure). I'd like to add the voltmeter to the gauge cluster, and I don't need to SEE the cruise button, just be able to reach it. Normally, I turn the cruise on when I start the bike, and
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