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  1. I was driving home from Alberta after putting 30” swampers on my little toy yoda truck and had a stick rip out a sidewall without me even realizing it. I drove over 60 klicks at 110 k on sidewall stiffness alone. I only realized it when I took a corner (the only one in Saskatchewan) and the truck leaned way over. The sidewalls were heated up and there was a 4” gash on the inner sidewall but I had not noticed anything or heard the blowout. Course it was night but at least I had bought a matching spare and the cop following me was nice enough to light everything up while I changed it.
  2. Ive had issues with oem stuff for cars leaking at the crimps so im a big fan of the right shops building my lines! I wish sky doc was closer id stop in sometime with a mess of older lines from a couple of different projects. Its cost plus beer right? 😆
  3. Quick update Thanks for all the prayers guys! Im officially home and using a cane to get around. Im going to be wearing a neck/back brace till the end of august but im alive and moving so i will take it. My sweet wife took the time to carefully explain to me that im not going to be doing anything dangerous for the next little while. I can tell when shes serious cause she has a way of grabbing my nose hairs and pulling me down till we are eye to eye and explaining things in a voice that would make a drill sergeant tremble. Sweet little thing she is. Ill wait a while before my next round of shenanigans. Was starting to see what i could do with the vulcan and do you know they put the rear sparkplug directly under the frame? The only way i can see to pull it is tilting the motor forward. All the others ive seen has the plug accessible from between the Y of the frame. Should have bought a 900! Dont suppose anyone has a set of exhaust pipes that would fit a 98 vulcan 800 classic. Im told a boulevard of the same vintage would work. Otherwise ill try fortnine or summit racing and watch for a sale. Thanks again everyone
  4. If I’m going to spend the money I would try and find the best product that is the most versatile and won’t leave me wishing for a better option. Right now that’s looking like the sena 50 r or s or the cardio bold or slim. I want good distance and clear sound and multiple riders. I m just not sure if there are other options out there or if those two companies are the only real options on the market worth looking at
  5. I’ve read through the reviews of the top communication gear available. I’ve come to grips with the idea that these units will cost more then my first and second bikes had cost. What I would like to hear is your opinions on which ones are the best bang for the buck for multiple riders that like losing each other in traffic. Repeatedly. And not giving directions to where we were going. Again.
  6. In theory could you use an explorer independent rear end? Just kicking ideas around to pass the time. Would be a neat irs setup if you could do it
  7. I live by the when in doubt wack it with a stick mantra. Lightly of course
  8. Could be worse someone could hand you a gas powered cutoff saw
  9. Another thing you can do is get the touch up automotive paint that matches (the little glovebox version) and paint the protruding bolts or nuts. Take the fabric and spray the top portion with a good uv blocker and it will last more then two years!
  10. Wait are yiu suggesting its a weight issue or a fear factor issue? Cause one of those if mentioned could be deadly
  11. Well it may not be for my venture but ive started ordering parts for the vulcan i crashed. And new helmets from revzilla. They have speed and strength helmets on for 50% off for some of them
  12. Im trying hard to instill good values in my kids. Have to admit somedays i wonder if im gaining ground or losing ground but still if they love God and learn the value of working hard and treating others the way they themselves would like to be treated and enjoying time out on the lake when the work is done id say mission accomplished
  13. One thing i would look into is an set of the slip on mudflaps that hook on the hitch. Up here we have enough gravel on the roads to warrant the extra protection they give.
  14. Somewhere there a picture of a 5 yr old me eating the calves milk replacer!
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