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  1. Fort nine or summit racing has crash bars Btw wasnt there a 5 dollar fee for actually admitting to dropping a venture? Assuming theres pics to back up the story
  2. Have to admit my grandmother was quite quick with one of those dutch snowshoes. She had one made of wire and could make me or my cousins take off like a shot no matter how deep the snow was.
  3. Up here in the great white north we end up switching toys once the moose are shoulder deep. When i was in highschool a buddy and i were cruzing down the river and just having fun. I had a 94 artic cat prowler 2up that was the first of the efi models. If there was a trail broke you could reach 85 or 90 mph. Well we were doing about 45 in 2 ft of nice fluffy unbroken snow when suddenly i hit a spot where someone had walked thier snowblower down to clear a patch for ice fishing. The sled and i dropped down to the ice, hit the mound left from one of the holes and went airborn. I landed onthe snow
  4. True but if you get your wife to drive the truck you could still ride the bike. Imagine being able to lay on the horn for ten miles or more and tailgating the whole way. Course she'll kill you when you get there.
  5. Might be easier to put a harley emblem on it. Everyone expects them to leak.
  6. Thats exactly how i look at the bike im working on. Take your time, do it right, make it yours. Happy new year
  7. Old one but good for the ones that like chewin tabaca Two little boys were ice fishing in the great north. They had cut one hole in a likely spot on the lake and settled down in a nice silence when the second little boy suddenly pulled a fish from the water. The first boy looked on as the second boy soon repeated the feat and just as quickly had hooked a third while the first little boy sat with his line in the water. After the fourth fish he couldnt take it any more and asked man what is your secret? The second little boy mumbled yurf maba kef yurf mormth wathm. What?! Asked the fir
  8. Someone with some savy could even set up a tonal signal before the amp and run it left or right depending on signal source. You would want a short blip and a way to mute it in stop and go traffic
  9. It wouldnt take much to wire it up and mount it. Just something to call your attention to whats happening beside you. Even if its just a warning to tuck and roll.
  10. Your forgetting the most important thing here. The one that lands most of us in hot water at least once or twice. Have you asked your wife? On second thought im sure the dog house is roomy and has cable. Your call
  11. Guess i was kinda thinking more as a warning device for those little white cars that try and cut into your lane, had one at a stoplight try to sneak infront of a stopped bus so they could get into the rh turn lane. I didnt see them till they were right beside me.
  12. Im sure if there is anything out there for motorcycles that acts as a blind spot sensor. What got me thinking about it is an 05 pacifica that im parting out. It has a back up system that uses leds as a warning device. Unfortunately its tied into the cluster computer system otherwise i could yank it and mount it in the bags with leds under the mirrors. Any thoughts or ideas?
  13. Its getting that call that something has happened that is every parents nightmare. My son has been in a number of adventures now that has ment the rebuilding of one machine or another. He's learning but he also won't let mistakes keep him from trying again. He's currently rebuilding a mxz 800 that has been plagued with mid range bogging issues. Clutch, reeds, rave exhaust bellows. Checking the pto side crankseals now, we'll get it sooner or later.
  14. My son learned a very valuable lesson this summer about mirrors and shoulder checks. He turned 16 this spring and we bought a bike and took a training course and he has been riding most of the late summer. He was out for a ride with a buddy headed for a town about 45 min away. Theres a 70 km zone on a curve and his buddy noticed that one of the pegs on his crash bar was loose so he flashed his lights at my son a couple of times and turned off at a store on the curve to remove the peg before he lost it. My son didn't realize he had turned off until after the curve where there is a long straight
  15. Thanks for the reply i haven't had as much time to devote to this thing as i was expecting but hopefully i can start sorting out wires and seeing where things will end up. Kinda wondering if i'll run out of room to hide the cruise actuator and air ride controls yet. Im thinking i can only stretch out that tank so far to cover everything.
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