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  1. Maybe this is what some wives would use on auction day to keep their husbands from buying stuff. Theyd hook the two little hooks in their husbands nose and the two big hooks around his ears and if he even looked like he might bid on that horse or mule they'd grab the handle and steer him away. Maybe thats why your dad got it at the auction, the previous guy was able to slip away without his wife noticing!
  2. Post this on one of the steam threshers sites. Some of the tools theyve used back in the day put some of our current day tools to shame in regards to ingenuity.
  3. Molly Ivins was a journalist who passed away in 2007 heres a few things she said: Being slightly paranoid is like being slightly pregnant, it tends to get worse. You can't ignore politics no matter how much you'd like to. We should all laugh more at our elected officials, its good for us and good for them. You could probably prove, by judicious use of logarithms and congruent triangles, that real life is alot more like a soap opera than most people will admit.
  4. 30 pounds of chocolate later somebody come pick up my kids! Took them on a 4 mile bike ride and they are still bouncing off the walls. Why do the same grand parents that told us that one bunny and a couple of eggs were quite enough suddenly have the strange desire to give their grandkids their own weight in chocolate! Good thing i was in charge of hiding the eggs otherwise those kids would have found everything! Now theres 20 pounds of chocolate hidden in the back of the freezer under the frozen veggies good luck finding those eggs kids! God bless you folks and happy Easte
  5. How does that kit work? I see how the stator plate and the cover change the oil clearances but what is the purpose of the wire? Keep in mind i haven't had any coffee yet so maybe it will make sense after an IV of java
  6. Good job with taking the training. Its definitely a better way of gaining confidence then just "heres the keys good luck". Some places offer more indepth courses that even seasoned riders can benefit from. Either way dont let that bike gather dust!
  7. I shouldnt have watched those videos now i want to go riding! Last night dropped a nice skiff of snow and its below freezing so i guess its back to the honey-dew list instead. 😢 Or fishing
  8. Guess the key is to figure out what random thing is going to be the next big seller and start collecting. Any favorites from younger days? Maybe someone will put electric motors on those big wheel mattel trikes. Gocart tires in back, motorcycle wheel with an electric motor mounted inside. Could be fun!
  9. I was going to modify "hollow out" a fuel tank off of another bike and use it to cover the battery, air box, electrical. I was going to make a housing behind the light which should be out of sight to hold the larger of the components and and try to mount the speedo cluster from an rsv on the tank. The center computer i was going to mount in a speedo pod up front with volt and temp in another. No radio or cruise planned unless i can find enough room under the fake tank to hold the actuator. The air ride controls would be moved to the saddle bags since once your moving they dont get used. Am i m
  10. I really wonder about some people. There is a big market for those 50cc hondas in any condition. I was watching ebay and saw a rusted out late 70s early 80s sell for 2500. Makes me wish id hung on to some of the ones ive used for parts over the years. Ive picked up non runners for 20 to 40 bucks. Must have sent 15 of them for scrap over the last 20 years.
  11. Im sitting here looking at my 89 vr with the fairing off and most of the electrical hung off to the side and trying to picture a 6.5 inch bullet headlight with a chrome blinker bar underneath it and wondering if a national cycle v-stream windshield made for a mid 2000's Suzuki boulevard would fit. Its made to mount to the shocks and boulevards have a fairly large headlight. Just wondering what you guys think. http://www.nationalcycle.com/n28210.html#product-media-modal
  12. I think at this point you need to consider bribing all parties involved. That or blackmail. Course i'd consider carl to have more dirt to throw so that might not work. Beer and donuts it is.
  13. You also realize that she's already replaced that honey do jar that had been a little bigger then a coffee cup with something that would have been more at home in an industrial kitchen. Welcome to the honey do vat, Costco sized.
  14. So where did you hide the box of left over parts? I was cleaning up one night after a job that someone else had done and found a small rubber fitting that didnt quite make a 180 bend. Looked important so i showed it to the other guy and he looked all over the car trying to find where it went. Wasnt till months later fixing deer damage on the same kind of car that we found it was just a vent cover for the headlights. He spent two hours going over that car looking for where this little piece of rubber was suppose to go and here it was something we hadn't even touched. Go figure
  15. On a side note i tend to spray the bottem of the tent each year with a waterproofing spray and use a piece of vapour barrier cut just smaller in size under it. Its a little less bulky then an extra tarp and cheaper. To spray the bottom set it up and flip it on its side. Alot easier then fighting with it. I used carriage bolts left over from a project for holding down the ground tarp. They dont bend as easy and are not as sharp as nails with washers welded on them.
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