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  1. I was hoping there was a reasonably priced source for parts that could be used to buid hoses since I have so many older bikes that could use firmer brakes. I like doing my own stuff (and I am cheap). I know I can buy them for $75 or so per hose, but I would like to do it for $30 per bike. Some web sites advertise DIY, but actually just sell hoses. And I don't want to buy 35 year old NOS; they probably won't be any better than the old ones on my bikes.
  2. Has anyone suggestions on doing your own SS brake hoses? I have over a dozen vintage bikes (including 4 Ventures) and looking for a way to make reasonably priced hoses. Sources? Specs? Videos? anything.
  3. My 1991 Venture Royale makes a "howling" sound under light load. It goes away on deceleration and stronger acceleration. Does it in all gears. Sounds almost like the sound straight cut gears make. Steady sound, not warbling or oscillating. Any suggestions where to start looking? Roughly 50K miles. My other Ventures do not do this.
  4. I replaced the rear tire. Would like to verify the location of the 2 washers; one thicker than the other. Which one goes under the Castle nut? Does the other go outside or inside of the tension bar? I know where they were when I disassembled, but who knows if the PO got them right? The manual is not clear. Thanks. Frank
  5. Puc, Thanks for your interest. Right now my interest is to make this bike rideable and safe at the minimum cost. My main ride is a '90 GL1500, reliable as a mom. I have this '83 Venture and 2 other Ventures I am putting on the street because I like V4 engines and old touring bikes. Once I know it, or one of the others is reliable, I might think about improving it. For now, it is an interesting project. I also have an ST1100 for the curves and a PC800 for trips to the store. Enjoying being 76 and having the time to do this. Frank
  6. Puc and all, I got them out. I heated the tubes with a propane torch and pried with a screw driver through the port for the anti-dive unit. The parts are going to need a little fine sandpaper to remove some ridges, but should be reusable. Frank
  7. Puc, Thanks for the suggestion. Several posts referred to The part as "Oil Lock" The part is 9 . Spindle, Taper 26H-23173-00-00 Frank
  8. Folks, I am rebuilding the forks on an '83 Venture. I got the bike real cheap and it is all there, just in need of some love. It appears the last person to work on the forks installed the "Oil Lock" upside down. Both are jammed tight. I assume that is the reason the forks went clunk-clunk. Any recommendations on how to get them out? Heat the heck out of the outer(bottom) tube until it falls out? Use a brass drift? Both? Anyone with some experience doing this? Thanks Frank ps I have seen warnings about this and I bet it happens because the Yamaha parts list shows it upside down.
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