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    Air Force Vet 1974, musician Gear Head, Search and Rescue Drone Builder Operator Yamaha Lover. All Things electronic, Super Geek, Post Grad Instructor, A+ Net+ Instructor, Hunt Fish Trap. Precision Long Range Shooter to 1400 yards. Life at the edge of the Grid suits me Just fine!


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    1987 Venture
  1. I aint mad or laughing. with the unrest came a lot of dirty looks and sideways glances. I carry my 300 blackout under my coat 2 point sling, if no jacket a glock 20. Carry that bad boy with a smile why dontcha
  3. drooled all over it but ya cant tell, Its raining mules an Mooses up here....
  4. thats is too messed up, did you Bolt for the nearest Lawyers Office?
  5. Good Morning to all of you. First I want to thank you guys that have sent email or PM,s about my absence. It fortifies the feeling of belonging that is a requirement of any Brotherhood. For that I am Grateful. Extremely! Winter is close and the back half of the cabin is still not done, the second floor deck is down but the frame and roof remain to be done. I have save all my hands on deck time for the build to get it this far which takes away my use of hands to type by the end of the day. At that point I cant hold my tools neither can I type. Needless to say, the prayer group that I run on
  6. I had not intended to reply to any of ther gathering posts as I was pretty much beat up that I could not attend. I feel you and promise to call your name each day in prayer for some peace and escape from the pains that rack your body. I have similar issues but thats another long boring story so lets just say I FEEL YOU and seriously hope you can catch a break and get better. God Bless you in Prayer.
  7. I stumbled in here the same day I brought the Burgundy Lady home looking for fixes and such things as make the bike work vrs being a ground mounted paperweight! Google Pointed the way..
  8. Brother Carl Gods wish and will on you is obviously apparent with increased beard length, Who Knew??? Happy Birthday Brother and Gods Blessings Be upon you!!!
  9. The 86 Has Dunlop Elites stock sizing front and rear. The RSV has Dunlops as well, likely get a new set next year as I practice more or managing the weight. Ive been working on steering lock turns in parking lots and its help alot. 15 yrs off led to serious issues with managing the weight as I only have grass dirt etc on my lot so I laid it over alot. Now Im turning sharp into steering lock with no issues, gotta get that confidence back. I hear alot being said about the 130-90 front tire size but havent looked deeper into it other than its supposed to help low speed maneuvering. I will m
  10. Pinwals sent me a cople centerstands for the price of shipping. I cut one down 1.25 inches and that ended up being too short to get the rear off the fround. I also found that I have lowering links on this Bike as well. Im going to increase height at 1/4 inch increments till I get a height I can deal with. The other thing I thought about is changing the angle of the Foot pivot to increase Lift values. That idea seems to offer the most promise. The current brackets under the bike and damper seem to be aftermarket. the rest damper runner grommet is a good 1.5 inches forward of the Gen 1 arm that
  11. My 03 RSV has a Pillow King and same for queen. I picked up a singer quantum to make masks and other goodies and Ive already ordered material to duplicate my seat cover in burgundy. If you dont get one by the time mine is done , I will make myself a pattern and palm it off on ya.
  12. The One and Only. Not Mansfield, Massillon close enough.. They supplied a lot of the Parts from my XS Eleven Build that made the record books in Norwalk back in 86. They are always nice via phone email whatever, and they strive to keep things as good as they can get! The wheel and covers altogether with bolts braces was about $150. I aint Mad!
  13. IN keeping with my really bad habit of hating all things stock. I decided to add some contrast to the Star. I contacted my goto scrap yard folks in Massilon Ohio and aquired Midnight star engine covers braces and front wheel. I removed the tank and some of the fairing trying to trace down the fuel indicator fault and have yet to find it, The fuel sending unit tests out ok so its in the wiring....SOMEPLACE....??.. Heres a couple Pics..
  14. Why People should Join ?? I would ask the question why not? Venture support aside, I cant think of a single reason why not to join after my little over a year of being here. It costs next to nothing. Folks here are better than solid across the board. this is one of the few places I will come to when my ptsd is acting up and just read the stories and the sharing without posting anything, All of the folks here jumping in and standing up to support one another regardless of who or what the problem is. You cannot find that anywhere else online that I have seen. yep I have to ask why not ??? P
  15. Its Been a Minute, too much mess going on locally and I havent had an opportunity to transfer files etc. I swapped out the factory engine trim for Midnight Star Black, the front wheel as well. driving lamps ordered and also going to change out the sound system for a Syrius Radio with aux port. Here she is, not freshly cleaned but getting there.
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