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  1. Yes Bro it is! I am overwhelmed with this knowing as well! It remains an insult to follow and read the wichdoctering that accompanies this virus. This club meant to share wisdom has fallen short at times, we have been drowned in conspiracy theories, ill informed opinions, and an uneven moderation has permitted an untruth to be a refection to our intelligence. If any one chair feels personalty insulted by my words then so you reap what you sew. I have been insulted by the ignorance surrounding what has been a forum of maturity and intelligent in all ares other than this debate relati
  2. So @Johnnycyclone I have 3ish projects in my shop a 745i and at easily 2 bike projects in the go. What's say you come pick one and make it yours? HMM
  3. A couple things to note with this tragic news of Kevin. This is one guy I liked from the getgo, the first to help me find my way around the MKll. I'd make it a point to thank him ( when I'm around) on every post regardless of who he posted for. He had every needed camera angle and part number. Absolutely impeccable fact based comments. Kevin truly represented what this club is all about. These passing's are growing in number; tho they knock us hard it is imperative that we pass the torch of our accumulated experiences thru the club where, so many have come to sett
  4. Well we just had a good discussion on PCV for the 1326 cc. Again we get back to the basics and the need to know how close the engines we run are to the benchmarks provided by the factory. Knowing is key to our tuning and repairs. Fluid dynamics is not easy: It baffles the mind to realize that a dip, tube splice or blunt edge may represent a performance flaw but such is the case. CCV (closed crankcase ventilation is by far a safer and cleaner way to go, why it took so long to arrive is well no different then the temptation to reverse it because 1 we have trouble understanding it and 2
  5. So as the title says a bit busy cooking a ham and fresh pea soup but put together a neat mellow set so if you feel like chilling join in on the chat button!
  6. My English took a turn, I corrected the post above..
  7. This little project of yours seem to have some cool refinements, especially like the baffle and the use of scrub-bud. I thought some on this a couple days ago and came up with the purple or grey scrubs cut to 3/4" then a key ring threaded thru the top say 1/2" down as a pull and lock against slipping. If I were of mind to I might just insert that into the down pipe from the air box. What I would anticipate the webbing would catch the droplets while allowing the vapor thru then drip back down to the crankcase, also easily maintained. Anyways the problem should first be looked as sympt
  8. Boy can I still see, hear and feel the craziness of moments just like that video demonstrates. What I experienced early in life would turn to shape how I anticipated the tomorrows. I just assumed men older than me were not to be trusted, always be ready to run, be ready to shut the coming hurt off, no time to wallow, do what you can to distract him and run. Man I could climb anything, stick to a brick wall like a spider, shimmy up a telephone pole cross thru the lines to another yard like a squirrel! My old man was a violently crazy, Dr. Jackal one minute have your Hide the next. He
  9. Yes WE are certain, top down and I watch the progression thru the years as I traveled thru the belt. We appreciate what you bring too! GH
  10. Alright, I ended up being called in for surgery and had to prepare for it then recuperate, just didn't have the mindset to followup with this thread. I came across a video this morning that jarred a few memories from my past. If this stuff is of interest take a peak, I'll share a breakdown of what set me (and others like me that went thru similar starts) Now watch the Lion Heart as she scrambles to her feet. Is she the child's mother or assuming the responsibility?
  11. Really? You guys don't pay enough for the responsibility of owning firearms. Thee site below is a bargain round these parts https://www.wolverinesupplies.com/#?sortValue=0
  12. This club is certainly the best I have experienced in my time sharing over the net. New members such as yourself are a treat to us! We are a mature bunch with a diversity of experience aching to share our hard earned lessons. Thru the questions we stay sharper and reminded of our early days. Not always easy to understand the questions or the order in which they are presented sometimes but, only serves to make us dig deeper. In your case tho this was pretty easy as we knew what the compression numbers are; again this shapes our thinking. I can't stress enough the value of knowing engine co
  13. Funny "Grasshopper " was a thing between Puc and I some time back.... So I thought of writing out a painful memory I think the year was 1980 then nah I thought it still kind of hurts. Here is the basics on what happened: I owned a third of a car mod shop long time back. I was still travelling most of the year but I got to play when ever I landed in town so, I decided to resurrect a project car in a rush after booking a couple weeks off. Long story short I lost the oil cap on her first run down the H.W./ Smoke was just overwhelming in the car and out the back! I pulled over discovered
  14. "Pic attached of what I just installed to capture oil and vent the crank case. The intake port @ the airbox, where the hose was attached, has been capped. This is on the left side of the bike, so aesthetically, my girl now has a good side and a less good side.... This was sorta proof of concept and now plan to see if it can somehow be at least partially hidden but still accessible enough to eventually drain any collected gunk. I think I will also paint the collector bottle black, save for a small window to watch the level of what's collected. That might make it disappear a little better."
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