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  1. Not sure why my post #87 shows as a quote but the context is there just expand it
  2. My wish (if I were granted one) would be for peace and prosperity if not for us for our children, they diverse more than just today. man things are messed up
  3. It is possible as you say, I've not heard of any vaccine that claims a 100% score. From what we hear these days some have side effects and for some people its not recommended. That said me thinks we need to take the leap to move forward gain. In Canada the feds have been very helpful supporting the population including business of all sizes. But this is going to build a terrible debt burden. Before we know it their going to to bring in another G.S.T. which was originally brought to pay our debt back in 91...!!! Of course after paying it off they got to enjoy the general revenue so much t
  4. Your position is sound Spence conscience for lack of a better word when it comes to weapon sales don't seem to go hand in hand. It is a shame in what has been going on in Mexico for way too long. Here tho and in my experience it is not hard to buy a weapon off the street, it is hard tho to buy one legally. That is a major issue we feel here out west. In my case last year there was for a time more going on then I felt at my age I could keep up with; I wasn't shy in taking a position and truthfully the police were the best asset in being very responsive. But, the good news is that the
  5. The triangle at the bottom I used a light rubbing compound then waxed it. The top or panel piece I maintained with WD NO wax
  6. Intelligent! The square design math has made sense to a bunch of us but certainly has brought forward some nasty disputes. Understanding heat expansion and lever is no more complicated then a plumbers pipe wrench choice really or size of crowbar. Anyways this guy is new to me and will be looking him up. Thanks for the post
  7. " Here we all think Americans are stock piling, wrong..... " Last year for the first time in my later life I looked into getting one and even spoke with Puc for a recommendation to suit my needs. Your comment quoted is what I heard most often Spence and same for ammo. Here north of 49 the rumor was U guys were stock piling, was a little unnerving at the time to be honest.
  8. You can also apply your heat sync experience to the compounding of the issue. Would you choose a passive or active cooling sync? We know greater mass for example will maintain a more even BTU exchange V. a lesser mass, then material densities, castings V. stamp will play an even greater role in conduction transfers... An example in transferring that understanding to engine combustion cooling would be Exhaust valve material and Piston Rings and there BTU conduction / heat transfer to the engine mass. You can relate that then to the design and capacity's of fluid flows! On this engine there are
  9. Once you proved the compression benchmark you also proved the issue. The overheating was according to your reporting of uneven combustion temperatures, this translates to lean V. rich! Lean was the issue. Today's way of expressing such a condition is "lambda" with an active fuel management system you can read the results just as easy as balancing your cheque book. I might suggest you quench this thrust by looking up the lamdba description on the web, its really simplified! You did well and really did learn a bunch
  10. "It's the one fault man has, his desire for more than what he was given and through that came all kinds of bad things: theft, greed, murder, adultery (and the spin-offs), and last but not least: disregard of the Creator." The first time I bumped into the above words I was still a young fellow trying to do the right thing and extend help to a young girl without parents. I remember well the evening I sat with a priest to begin the first step in becoming the girls godfather. That night spelt the end of my belief in the Catholic religion. To this day I still believe that that is not what is m
  11. WOW!! I guess I' will prove your words: tomorrow tho, a peek at the first page
  12. Some time back I and a few here shared some of our younger days of experience as well as a bit of the results from such a start. And that some 30 odd years ago I wrote a book on my life growing up within such an environment. Most of my life I lived a promise of who and what or names of, would not be revealed.... All of those I knew and looked up too in those early days are gone; much of which happened after I broke free. Braking free was not something that can be easily put into words. Coloring the pictures of the events that took place is something on the first go around I was capable of
  13. Yaknow know the rule Puc, it never happened without a picture!
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