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  1. Mind passing the popcorn? Amazing how easily distracted we all get given the opportunity
  2. OH brothers am I pleased that hump day is nearly over! So its like that EH, hmm: Carl picture yourself on Saint Catherine Street and Saint Denis (yaknow where Henglish meets French) while trying to make a left turn..... Now add that local accent to these 2 wee letters S T ET VIOLA MON AMIE Carl On the other hand Carl it is good to have you back trying to jab at a chin yaknow you aint goin to reach..lol
  3. Wow Eh Don! I have many memories of my time in SK, proud men grown from hard working steady and proven stock. Really the few that of all my years of hard work I can honestly say - way to hard to out work them boys For Dad
  4. I think maybe I am seeing 2 windows at times? Hmm might be the meds?
  5. Simple Silly, having the weight of that water 12' off the water line helps rock the passengers to sleep, also helps pitch the vessel over the waves, providing thrilling Piloting challenges and more memorable vacations stories!
  6. A couple ??? Do we know the difference between "reacted to verses Commented on" At the bottom of the threads there's a window for posting, when I click it to post, it quotes my last posting. What am I doing wrong?
  7. WOW EH, just highlight and then prompted to quote just that section as above; nice feature! Anyways Coyle I forgot to address the above: In general we refer to vacuum as any air leakage after the air box orifice ! Breaking that down is not hard to catch and understand. Today in modern mechanics we use the term "unmetered air flow" well that is a vacuum leak by mapping standards. These carbs are C.V. types, so keep this in mind: all tho the engine hasn't a "mapping" the carbs are mathematically designed for lows and highs. They are designed around Volumes and Constant Velocities and thus
  8. Just a quick thingy: I wasn't get email notifications. So I went somewhere???? and found this below, I needed to click email notification twice to get back to the emails I was getting before the changes... (not sure sure the above is Henglish? Followed Content These notifications will be sent whenever there is new activity on things you are following and have opted to receive immediate notifications for. Notification List Email That box in 2 places *********** Followed Members
  9. The fuel lines are low pressure less than 5 psi. Where needed tho I would use proper gas clamps over regular gear clamps. Don't forget the electrical EH, who knows when those plug/connections have been cleaned and lube last: may as well bend down and take a close inspection of the stator to rectifier white or yellow wire connections. The filter stuff I'll differ to the guys that know the model best I enjoy floor boards on few bikes but I would not of considered them for the MKII I ran, these gen I's can hunker down thru a twist pegs is in my opinion the better choice
  10. Just a couple of off the top.... The enricher may not be the problem if the rpm climb that high while cold/too quickly. I would suspect a vacuum leak. Also a possible reason for not holding idle if running to lean. Now if the enricher was not a suspect we could just point to the idle circuit, which is common issue. And attempting to fine tune with additives in the tank is pointless, get it running well enough to burn that tank, then tune with fresh pump gas, and that should be regular not high octane
  11. Now that was a great post Puc! A couple things of note: Why is a fellow such as Rod, with a smile that could charm a Princess out of her slippers, not entertaining at that time of the day/twilight? Or was Princess just off to his right? Rod you are lookin Marvelous Buddy and I miss our chats, hope you are feelin like a Champ! Make me a favor Rod: seein as you look so much like Puc (according to and in his words) would you mind sneakin into his home and whispering in Tippy's ear for me? Tell her Patch misses her, hmm I bet yo'll it would have been a hoot to attend high sc
  12. I am liking the new format! But I for one miss the flags. PS. Like the new aviator Carl: Marc is lookin GREAT, you need a shave tho
  13. First thing I'd like to comment on is the ease of reading in this new format... So a couple of thoughts to share and think on when coming up with the repairs: The back flow from jugs to carb blows is a bit hard to understand for me perhaps I am just reading it wrong. But the only way to the carbs is past the valve seats under the compression stroke. That said with blown head gaskets one would think that thee path of least resistance would be other than the seats. That said then likely the valve seats and valves would need facing. We have seen these bikes hit way too high co
  14. which engine I run the old 6lt close to 400k klm.... All stock accept for updated injectors & FICM (also upgraded to 07). My numbers as is run nearly matching @ 500 HP & Torq. If I increased the exhaust pipe Dia. I would loose turbo boost causing the output numbers to drop. Yes I know lots do it but, you then need to compensate for pressure signals. If reliability is a concern (is the case for me) then I would keep the mods to a bare minimum at least on the 18, 6.7 lt. @ 450 HP and near 1000 ft. lbs. of torque. That truck is built for torque, and remember a pick
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