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  1. Thanks for that I have an ‘83 as well 1200 ordered a tool for sucking the air out I’ll see if that’s the problem or stuck calliper pistons in the rear.
  2. yes it does have a separate line to bleed thought it was for air at first but will continue to work on it to clear the air out thank you.
  3. AWESOME!! Thank you for the manual. I have a manual for my 83 but no air system on it. I’ll check the pins for connection and go from there.
  4. Ok you have me interested now my ‘86 Royale is doing the same thing. I bless the front left and the back but still soft pedal. What’s this delinking you talk of?? id appreciate any and all help with this, thank you 😊
  5. Hi I’m having a code E1 on my air ride can anyone help with this??
  6. Yes I was thinking the same thing to make there’s fuel in the bowls as I can see it’s clearing flowing from the the pump. I’ll do that tonight after the work day and see what comes of it thanks 😊
  7. I bought this 1986 Venture Royale with the 1300 cc motor that wouldn't start. The previous owner is an auto mechanic and he replaced the fuel line from the petcock to the fuel filter because it was corroded but he didn't replace the fuel filter. I thought at first it was the fuel pump as the on my 83 Venture clicked a few times indicating that it was priming the fuel line to the carbs so I switched the two and the 86 worked as it should on the 83. I checked the relay as well and it was working good. I took off the line that runs from the fuel pump to the carbs, turned the key and it pushed the fuel through priming the system and made the clicking sounds. Before that i left the line on the carbs turned the key and no clicking that would indicate the line is primed. The only way the bike will fire up is with adding fuel to each of the carb tops. I have inspected the lines that deliver the fuel to each of the four carbs and they are clear of debris. I'm about to pull the fuel line to the carbs and see if the fuel is being pumped from the fuel pump when cranking the engine over. If anyone has an idea as I've checked all electrical as well and it's come to the fuel to the carbs...
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