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  1. You may have already tried this, but I'll pass it on regardless. Occasionally, my bike (2nd Gen RSV) will crank as usual with no fire. Everything seems to work as far as the dash and other lights, and whether it's been sitting for days, or just long enough to put in gas....it'll crank like normal but won't start. If I turn the key fully "off" then back on it'll fire. Sometimes just holding the key and giving it the slightest twist, and I do mean Slightest...it'll fire. I first experienced this a couple of years ago and working the theory that it was the contacts in the switch, I removed t
  2. Hi Dave... I just saw the updates on the shock topic. I installed the rebuilt shock at the beginning of April...about 1500 miles on it to date. Still clean and dry and doing what it's supposed to do. I had sent you my old shock after swapping in the new one, and haven't heard whether or not it actually got to you. It would have arrived by the 2nd week in April, so if you did get it that might be your "spare". Cheers...
  3. We do what we can to get where we're going. Looking forward to meeting you at George's Kitchen across from the Timmy's this summer. Stay well.
  4. As a counterpoint to the above posts, but definitely not to dismiss them, I use that same jack in your 2nd link (albeit under a different name from Princess Auto (Canada)). It's a very useful and small tool for working on the bike, and in my opinion, for what I use it for, the jack with the 2 frame saddles is a more useful jack. The saddles line up on an ideal spot on the frame rails. It seems to me that a flat platform style of jack would require an adapter to get around the various bits of mechanicals that extend below the frame. With those saddles lined up, you can lift the bike just far
  5. Thanks, Saddlebum, for the reminder on a portable boost pack. The local Canadian Shoe store has the GB40 on sale for $140. I have my morning drive planned for tomorro.... Canadian Tire for a battery booster, Timmy's for a single/double, then watch the snow melt on the drive home. Can't get any more Canuckian than that...tho I guess I COULD stop at Mark's and pick up a flannel shirt. Stay warm out East, Ben. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Looks like we oughta have our own section here. I started riding in 1969, rode til shortly after our first daughter was born in 1981, then sold the bike I had then (late '70s Honda 750 Super Sport). We re-joined the "Never Say Never" riding community again in 2017 when we found our present ride...a very-well cared for, 1 owner 2000 RSV. Funny how the years, the aches and the worries went away.
  7. Thanks Du-Ron...you confirmed a phone conversation I had yesterday with Edelbrock....neither have a check-valve. The rep I talked with didn't come out and actually SAY this was a cheap pump, but in effect he was telling me they were a low-end quality item. The Facet looks like the right choice if "pointless" is the preferred direction. I'll get a set of replacement points for the OEM and keep it as a backup.
  8. Never mind.....I went back a little further in the posts and saw Scribz post about his install.
  9. Scribz or anyone who has installed the 17303....Where did you mount the Edelbrock? OEM pump location or ?? Creating my Spring to-do list.
  10. How many of us want to admit to thumbing off the kill switch while going for the cruise control Resume rocker? If you haven't tried that yet, you owe it to your pacemaker to give it a shot. Your results may vary, and this offer may expire at any time, but the results can be quite spectacular, especially if you wait til you're beside another rider. Just sayin'...
  11. I've been running the VMax rear for a couple of weeks...about 1200 mile...some solo, some 2-up, 70/30 split hiway/city. Nothing but good things to say about the results. Fuel use to this point is pretty close to the same as with the OEM gear. over that distance, I've averaged 45 Imperial MPG (works out to about 38 US MPG) That is essentially the same as I was getting at any given point before the swap. I'll be trying out the new gear pulling my trailer within the next week or so to assess the results with the weight addition, but judging from what I see so far, I won't be disappointed.
  12. The location might depend on the type of antenna supplied with your radio. If you have one of the flat stick-on types you might consider this idea.... a buddy of mine has a 2003 Midnight RSV. He made a small bracket to mount his antenna on the right bar near the Brake Reservoir. Not sure if he used a separate bar clamp or worked with some existing screw/bolt. It's in a nice location, signal wise, as it's got nothing but air above it. Some antennas work buried under body panels, and while that is obviously a more secure installation...out of sight out of mind etc...the antenna may not be ab
  13. Gotcha on the missing part. We've all shared that moment in a project. Everything's all laid out on the bench ready to go together and.... As I mentioned to Videoarizona in the previous post (sorry for having this out of the receive / send order) so far it's a promising step. Time, and numbers, will tell. Good luck killing time staring at the soon-to-be finished swap.
  14. Thanks. My overall feeling / observation is pretty much the same as yours. It just seemed to be walking a line between dropping down a gear or rolling on the throttle and dealing with it. The numbers I observed before and after the swap seem to show about a half-gear increase in rpm. Quick example- OEM gearing at 70 mph... 4th was at 4000 rpm, 5th dropped it to 3200. VMax gear at 70...4th was 4500. 5th went to 3800. Kinda in-between the OEM 4th & 5th. I tend to cruise at 62 to 65. That puts 5th gear now at 35-3600. Coincidentally, and this is purely a seat-of-the-pants feeling, t
  15. Well that......what's the word I'm looking for?? I've done a couple of short-ish runs..one all hiway, the other a hiway/city split. It certainly gets off the line quicker. I did a road speed vs RPM comparison of the OEM and VMax setup. If you like, I can send you the numbers I observed. I compared 4th and 5th at 50,60 & 70 mph. Overall the numbers are 400 -600 rpm higher with the VMax. It's not quite like downshifting a gear....more like about half a gear. As for fuel use...using a fuel tracking app (it does the hard work of converting litres to Imperial gallons and rendering
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