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  1. How many of us want to admit to thumbing off the kill switch while going for the cruise control Resume rocker? If you haven't tried that yet, you owe it to your pacemaker to give it a shot. Your results may vary, and this offer may expire at any time, but the results can be quite spectacular, especially if you wait til you're beside another rider. Just sayin'...
  2. I've been running the VMax rear for a couple of weeks...about 1200 mile...some solo, some 2-up, 70/30 split hiway/city. Nothing but good things to say about the results. Fuel use to this point is pretty close to the same as with the OEM gear. over that distance, I've averaged 45 Imperial MPG (works out to about 38 US MPG) That is essentially the same as I was getting at any given point before the swap. I'll be trying out the new gear pulling my trailer within the next week or so to assess the results with the weight addition, but judging from what I see so far, I won't be disappointed.
  3. The location might depend on the type of antenna supplied with your radio. If you have one of the flat stick-on types you might consider this idea.... a buddy of mine has a 2003 Midnight RSV. He made a small bracket to mount his antenna on the right bar near the Brake Reservoir. Not sure if he used a separate bar clamp or worked with some existing screw/bolt. It's in a nice location, signal wise, as it's got nothing but air above it. Some antennas work buried under body panels, and while that is obviously a more secure installation...out of sight out of mind etc...the antenna may not be ab
  4. Gotcha on the missing part. We've all shared that moment in a project. Everything's all laid out on the bench ready to go together and.... As I mentioned to Videoarizona in the previous post (sorry for having this out of the receive / send order) so far it's a promising step. Time, and numbers, will tell. Good luck killing time staring at the soon-to-be finished swap.
  5. Thanks. My overall feeling / observation is pretty much the same as yours. It just seemed to be walking a line between dropping down a gear or rolling on the throttle and dealing with it. The numbers I observed before and after the swap seem to show about a half-gear increase in rpm. Quick example- OEM gearing at 70 mph... 4th was at 4000 rpm, 5th dropped it to 3200. VMax gear at 70...4th was 4500. 5th went to 3800. Kinda in-between the OEM 4th & 5th. I tend to cruise at 62 to 65. That puts 5th gear now at 35-3600. Coincidentally, and this is purely a seat-of-the-pants feeling, t
  6. Well that......what's the word I'm looking for?? I've done a couple of short-ish runs..one all hiway, the other a hiway/city split. It certainly gets off the line quicker. I did a road speed vs RPM comparison of the OEM and VMax setup. If you like, I can send you the numbers I observed. I compared 4th and 5th at 50,60 & 70 mph. Overall the numbers are 400 -600 rpm higher with the VMax. It's not quite like downshifting a gear....more like about half a gear. As for fuel use...using a fuel tracking app (it does the hard work of converting litres to Imperial gallons and rendering
  7. Yep...I recall seeing those. Don't quote me here, but it seems to me a couple of car makers tried out different versions of that. Watching what your foot did to that guage got your mind off the Double Nickel, I guess. I got it to work on the bike for a short test ride. There was a lot of needle jumping in the initial setup, then I remembered that my Morgan Carb Tune used restrictor pipes in all 4 tubes. These have a small, and I mean tiny, hole. Not having a spare set of those around, I made one by crimping an in-line wire connector till it was nearly blocked, and put that in the singl
  8. Good afternoon, Don, and you are correct. I could, and should, have handled this thing differently. After the first couple of replies to my VMax Final Drive swap thread, I should have hit the "Pause" button to take a breath and consider the source. My mistake was in taking my Lizard Brain out for a walk, and letting it respond to what it saw as a self-serving teardown...not by accident, but with purpose...of a non-threatening fuel economy discussion. I apologize to you, Don, and to any VR members who, directly or otherwise, got involved in what turned into a measuring contest. Fred Ba
  9. Another option (at least for those of us north of the 49th) is the small gas jug Canadian Tire sells for about 10 bucks. 5 ltr..1.25 gal..red plastic with a ratchet-lock cap and pour spout. Just like the larger gas can we all have kicking around the garage for lawnmowers and snowblowers, but small enough to fit perfectly in the side bag of a Gen 2. Been using one for a couple of years.
  10. I've noticed the same thing...Since the rear tire does most of the work...load and acceleration wise... I guess it can be forgiven if it works up a sweat. My first trip with the TPS was a 2-up ride of about 200 miles on a very hot day. Started the trip with correct pressures as related to me by the tire builder, and just past the halfway point I checked the app to see how things were doing down below. There were Over-pressure indicators and a temp warning showing on the screen. A bit of roadside research solved the pressure thing. I had set up the warning points on the app with too low a
  11. I appreciate that Gary. By the way, in my previous life as a Professional Driver, I had many occasions to drive thru your part of Illinois. It's certainly not as visually stunning as some of your neighboring states to the Southeast, but on the other hand it's also not Chicago on the I-90/94/55 interchange at 4 o'clock on a Friday! It's a very nice area and far or close enough to The Windy City to be useful. For the record, I just got back from that initial MPG checkride. Same route, similar wind conditions, same highway speed (65 mph) as a couple of months ago with the OEM gear. On
  12. I'm a bit curious here...what was it about my reply to a comment made by a well-intentioned member regarding a change in fuel economy that prompted that previous post? I was simply pointing out what I expected to find during a weather-delayed check ride. I made the mistake...by the looks of it...of including an observation of what I experienced with an older car some 35 years ago while pulling an RV. This apparently was an invitation for an "expert" to jump all over the information, despite not knowing me or the circumstances surrounding that time-frame. I was relating what I saw, first ha
  13. Had mine in place about a month now. You're right with the ease of use thing. open the garage...sign in to the app...get anywhere near the bike..pressures and temps appear. I don't bother with the "alert" alarms, but I find myself looking at the app whenever I get off the bike to get an idea what the last ??? number of miles have done. I will occasionally pull the sensors off to check their readings against my air guage, but I'm not crawling under the bike every morning as in the past. Thank you for putting this idea in play.
  14. Nice job, Steve. Great use of creativity instead of throwing money at a problem. I have an Aluma MCT...black side and back panels, and was considering vinyl wrap in something close to my red RSV. I will shamelessly borrow your idea of "accents" on the trailer to compliment the bike rather than compete with it.
  15. Funny you should mention the fuel use thing, Saddlebum. I was out for a run yesterday afternoon (hiway / city mix) and it seemed like I was using more fuel. I had planned to do a straight highway mile test today to check the new figures against the old...same route, same speed, etc. Mother Nature decided I needed to stay in the house and watch the thunderstorm. BIG ugly weather system moved in from the West and looks like it plans to visit for a bit. I'm hoping the MPG drop won't be huge..I just have to learn different shift points. It'll take a few rides to figure out what works best,
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