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  1. Don't want to bore anyone with my opinion. I'm sure just like the venture things I love other will hate and vise versa.
  2. This will be my second goldwing in my 26 years riding. As far as comparing them, the both have there pros and cons.
  3. Didn’t happen today but sold my venture a few months ago after the wife got her can-am and motorcycle endorsement. Wouldn’t have parted with it but I got a great deal of $ for her. After riding together, on separate bikes now, we realized how much we missed two up riding. Took half of what I got for the venture and bought this garage queen 1995 goldwing gl1500se. I will always have a place in my heart and garage for the venture but now it’s time for someone else to experience her greatness.
  4. Any chance you still have the trailer?
  5. hmmm... no its 4 stroke 47 horses LOL. Watched a video from can am that talked about the crossover from snow to road with that dependable engine design. Maybe I wasn't paying attention.
  6. My wife just got hers last week and she loves it. She got the 600 with the inline 2 cylinder rotax engine, same engine they use in the snow mobiles.
  7. Thanks! I have never ever has a problem with the cruise not setting immediately and at the speed in which I initiated it. Well until now, throttle rotation seems tight. I have the suggested free play and checked cables to see if there kinked or pinched. Going to lube the cables and throttle tube itself then readjust.
  8. Is there a write up or does anyone have a procedure for adjusting the thottle cable Freeplay? I ask because the throttle seems tight when rolling on and the cruise control seems to not set right right away. So figuring I would lube everything up and adjust.
  9. Dennis Kirk replies to my online question about this. They say it is in fact the entire replacement pump. For the price point it’s worth a shot or even throw it in the saddlebag for the day it’s needed.
  10. Came across this earlier today thinking that this will happen someday. https://www.denniskirk.com/all-balls/fuel-pump-rebuild-kit-47-2001.p1800376.prd/1800376.sku
  11. Let's get this going again! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  12. Some will say too much oil when an oil change was performed. I have wiped clean and have been meticulous on my oil fill level and still seems to collect there and on the left side carborators. I’ve checked all boot connections and hose connections and all are snug. Good to know I’m not the only one who suffers this left side residue. Someone will chime in with the answer for sure.
  13. Installed some K&N air filters. Figured the stock had 30,000 miles on them so it was time.
  14. Yay! Just got my Morgan Carbtune in the mail. Update after using the Morgan Carbtune is nothing but amazing. My carbs were way off so the diffrence is night and day. The idle, acceleration, and throttle response now are unbelievable. I found myself having to work to keep it above 65mph before the sync, but now I can’t keep it under 70mph.
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