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  1. So far have 2500 KMS on mine runs like a clock I always check in don't always post love the sire and the members
  2. I have it on mine have put 20000 KMS since last year and I like it also makes it easier than a taller one for my wife to get on and off
  3. I tried Redline 20 W50 and found it definitely quieted the motor when hot
  4. I am using the Redline 20 W50 and have noticed the engine noise quieter.
  5. Went for a 300 KM ride in the rain yesterday when went out to the garage this morning the front rotors had rust on both with the outline of the brake pads anyone else have this happen
  6. Any one drill out the exhaust if so can you give me instructions how and did it affect performance
  7. Do you know if the back rest and seats are plug and play
  8. Thankyou I am on the fence about also ordering the seat will order the backrest I am hoping they will just plug bin to the existing wiring harness
  9. Was wondering if any one has the fire and ice seat and backrest for the Star Venture TC is it plug and play and my wife would like to know does the passenger backrest make it harder to get on and off the bike
  10. Just wondering how many of us have not had to have this bike in the shop for any major fixes. So far mine has 13000. KMS and has been trouble free going in for the service check this week when I get it out of storage. Only thing I have noticed is a little more engine noise in heavy traffic when heat outside is above 30 celsius but as soon as I start moving it goes away. Would be nice to hear some positive feedback as well.
  11. Not hot now but in the summer here in Manitoba we can be the hotspot in Canada. I have no problem with the heat on this machine was just curious on the louder engine noise in stop and go traffic in the hot days in summer
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