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  1. Oh, hell, I see now, you're half-way to Mar a Lago!

    Ride safe, brother....and stay outta the bunkers. (Rumour has it: somebody's in there flailing!) 🙂 

  2. Attaboy! God knows.......these ARE the days we just HAVE to laugh.....otherwise we'd cry. (And that's SO un-Navy-ish!) 🙂 Be well, kiddo. (I haven't even checked where you ARE, so I don't know whether to safe "Ride safely".....or, see you in the Spring!!
  3. Whaddayamean? Like, don't drop the Armorall? LOLOL
  4. Yup. And it's never just "quiet"..........it's.............TOO QUIET! What the hell's goin on up there!?!?!
  5. I believe the caption says, "I'm just running out to pick up some milk, honey". VIDEO-2020-09-11-12-34-59.MP4
  6. About unattractive television journalists they say "He has a good face for radio!" The Warthog ain't winnin any beauty contests either.....but she sure can fight. Always been the epitome of what my dad used to call "form following function". When lives depend on it, ugly works!
  7. Thanks, Don. You must have heard me/seen me "wincing" at the thought of paying $100 for a set of ratchet wrenches (great 50% discount at crappy tire, but STILL 100 bucks)......just to get a 10mm for this job. (Yeah, I know, guys, the set would come in handy for dozens of other jobs........sometime.......in the future. But I'm trying to get myself into downsize mode, not "yet another-set-of-wrenches" mode. I've got socket sets and combination wrenches coming out my ying-yang (in the garage...in the basement...and IN THE BIKE) and when we (sooner than later) make the move to the townhouse
  8. And, here, all this time, I've been removing the rear WHEEL! Who knew!?!
  9. Yeah! SO easy, the top half of my left one fell off by itself last Summer. Selling? PM me.
  10. Thanks for the concern, Bob, but what you're seeing is likely a scratch. This old baby IS a 2003, and I don't coddle it. (probably why so many bolts are always coming loose! 😁) That said, sorry Yamaha, but I don't think I've ever owned another vehicle that has dropped as many bolts out of itself as this one.
  11. Hey, Dion, thanks for the tip! Who'd a thunk WIFEY'S "toolbox" would enter into it?
  12. You funny guy, Carl!! If I went YOUR route.....I'd be sure to post pictures of either my passenger seat or my trunk/speaker enclosure......or BOTH going up in flames! (I know YOUR tricks; you just want me to buy a new.........3-wheeler!) Now, seriously......SilveradoCA.....a.k.a. James.......I like the way you think. i.e. I can take my pick of either fiddling and farting around with a 'standard' box wrench....or I can break open my piggy bank and buy a gear wrench to make things a LOT easier. I'll buy that! (ANYTHING that avoids having to remove ANYTHING from the bike.......fender, tr
  13. Lately, it seems I've done nothing but tighten up that row of bolts between my trunk/beerbox and my saddle bags. After spending $13 to replace just THREE of them that actually had the nerve to loosen off completely to the point of falling out, you'd think I'd have learned to have a tube of LocTite at the ready at all times. But, some of us learn things slowly. Here's one I haven't learned at ALL...yet. The bolt that secures the back end of my right passenger hand-grip (see pic) is loose enough that I can wiggle the grip. (Sorry, just noticed my pic is rotated 90 deg counter-clockwise.
  14. No offense intended, but, I hope (for your neighbours' sake) your db's didn't go up more than about 15%. :-)
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