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  1. Too complicated, Carl. I like BlueSky's nice, simple two-word type of answer. 🙂
  2. As god is my witness (as the expression goes)...I KNOW I should have had (and maybe even DID have) this convo 15 years ago when I bought the bike........BUT......and it's a BIG BUTT...... .....any conversation about LOWERING the center of gravity of ANYTHING seems to come off completely counter-intuitive as soon as the word RAISING appears on the page. And, inevitably, every post or article I've ever seen about making the Gen II less "top-heavy" contains the phrase "raising the back end". When I think of my bike ('03 Midnight)...I think of a woman. When I think of a woman....I think......oh, no....I'm backing out of this one right here and now!!! Just, can SOMEONE please give me the 25 word (or as close to it as possible) explanation of "WHY RAISING ANYTHING COULD POSSIBLY LOWER THE CENTRE OF GRAVITY". Thanks, guys.
  3. Bill, Dennis, Carl......thanks very much for the input. As usual....you've provided a great variety of suggestions.....so much so that I can probably perform a "product shootout" and do a formal REVIEW a couple of years from now. Between the rust inhibitors and the nice "related" comment about anti-UV for the sunshade!...you've probably, as a TEAM, just doubled the life expectancy of my "rig". Thanks, again, as usual!
  4. I just brought home my latest acquisition....and I picked her up for a mere $699!! Nope, not a Gen 1 or even a "basket case" Gen 2. What I bought was a new PERGOLA from Lowes! Before you get upset with me for bringing up something TOTALLY non-bike-related....the sooner you guys help me get this thing assembled (under strict orders from she-who-must-be-obeyed), the sooner I CAN get riding. You get it, I'm sure. Here's the question: The manufacturer themselves warns that "The steel components for this pergola are treated with rust inhibiting paint that protects it from rusting. HOWEVER...due to the nature of steel, surface oxidation (rusting) WILL occur. (My emphasis, yes, but I'm sure their copywriter WOULD have done it if he thought he wouldn't get fired!) They go on to say "don't scratch it during assembly"....but/and when you DO, "a very light application of regular cooking oil" can remove the rust. I'd rather not get into "cooking" the paint....OR, the nuts and bolts holding this thing together. Do I hear any suggestions for "RUST PREVENTION" during assembly? WD? Silicone grease? Aforementioned "cooking oil"? (I'm not averse to following "orders" LOL) Unobrustium? I'm not opposed to the idea that the nuts and bolts might need something different from "larger expanses" of metal. (Some of the comments on Lowes' site suggest that every metal-on-metal contact point should be treated with SOMETHING.) Any and ALL thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys! (https://www.lowes.ca/product/pergolas/allen-roth-11614-in-w-x-11614-in-l-x-943-in-h-tanblack-material-freestanding-pergola-canopy-included-878763)
  5. Yup. I LOVE that pic of Kevin. I told him, right after he "adopted it" that it made me think of Neil Young...which was very much a compliment (and meant as such) in my mind. He was "unphased", which was Kevin's classic, laid-back style.
  6. Oh, hell, I see now, you're half-way to Mar a Lago!

    Ride safe, brother....and stay outta the bunkers. (Rumour has it: somebody's in there flailing!) 🙂 

  7. Attaboy! God knows.......these ARE the days we just HAVE to laugh.....otherwise we'd cry. (And that's SO un-Navy-ish!) 🙂 Be well, kiddo. (I haven't even checked where you ARE, so I don't know whether to safe "Ride safely".....or, see you in the Spring!!
  8. Whaddayamean? Like, don't drop the Armorall? LOLOL
  9. Yup. And it's never just "quiet"..........it's.............TOO QUIET! What the hell's goin on up there!?!?!
  10. I believe the caption says, "I'm just running out to pick up some milk, honey". VIDEO-2020-09-11-12-34-59.MP4
  11. About unattractive television journalists they say "He has a good face for radio!" The Warthog ain't winnin any beauty contests either.....but she sure can fight. Always been the epitome of what my dad used to call "form following function". When lives depend on it, ugly works!
  12. Thanks, Don. You must have heard me/seen me "wincing" at the thought of paying $100 for a set of ratchet wrenches (great 50% discount at crappy tire, but STILL 100 bucks)......just to get a 10mm for this job. (Yeah, I know, guys, the set would come in handy for dozens of other jobs........sometime.......in the future. But I'm trying to get myself into downsize mode, not "yet another-set-of-wrenches" mode. I've got socket sets and combination wrenches coming out my ying-yang (in the garage...in the basement...and IN THE BIKE) and when we (sooner than later) make the move to the townhouse/condo, I can think of about 500 pounds of tools that are gonna be at the top of the MUST GO list. I'll give that seat-shuffle a try.
  13. And, here, all this time, I've been removing the rear WHEEL! Who knew!?!
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