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  1. Well how do I say this, due to being off work for the last 6 months we decided to sell the bike and trailer and buy a Exmark zero turn to pick up a little work untill a full time position can be found. I'm not going anywhere and will stay on the forum because you cannot disregard sooo many true friends found here. I'm not looking for any handouts this is a decision that was made to move foreward. I am a biker at heart and will have something to ride before you know it. I would however accept prayers for finding a full time position. Gary less the 99 silver
  2. OK.....I've done it again: I jammed something just a little too big into my right hand saddle bag and it's buggered the alignment on the latches so that I can't get it open. Don't laugh...it's a 15 kilogram bag of wild bird seed that's stuck in there...and it only cost 14 bucks, so I don't really give a damn about losing the feed...but I MIGHT wanna put my Frog Togs, or a six-pack in there sometime!! Anybody got a fool-proof way of wiggling or jiggling or removing a phantom bolt somewhere that will allow me to get this thing open before I go insane? Notes: the button won't depress. The rear latch is not locked down, so it's only the front that's causing the problem. The inside upper edge of the bag is bulging outward (toward the wheel) so much that it has to be pushed back into alignment before the lid can even be lowered into position. (starting to sound like I need to post pictures.....but I can't imagine they'd help much.) Anyone? Anyone?
  3. I didn't know Brenda very well. She use to work for the city. The position I have now, is the position she had when she left the city. Brenda has a lot of friends, and she is liked by many. She was in an accident this past Saturday. She is in intensive care, and has a breathing machine hooked up to her. She is in an induced coma, because her brain is swollen. I am posting a few links to different articles. Please pray for Brenda. Hopefully she will make a full recovery. One injured in motocycle wreck - Plant City Observer: Community News - Plant City Observer: Community News Plant City motorcyclist injured in crash | TBO.com, The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times Plant City Motorcyclist, 50, Critically Injured | TheLedger.com
  4. RSV wiring diagrams show a throttle position sensor. Where is this sensor located. In the throttle hand grip, cable junction box or the carb rack seem like likely places. Gary
  5. Got on the RSV Thursday for a couple of errands. When I turned the ignition on to head home from the last stop, I hit the starter and nothing! The radio was playing, but the lights were not on. When I turned the switch back to the ACC position, for second, the speedometer "scanned" across and then was back off. Long story short, if I turn the switch completely to the right, nothing, except what is on in the ACC position. Now if I just barely turn the key back to the left, the lights come on, the bike starts and all is right with the world. If after it starts, I turn the key all the way to the right the engine quits. It is like the switch is turning past where there should be a stop. Anyone else experienced something like this? An I headed for a switch replacement?
  6. Hey everyone, just got my 1999 Royal Star Venture last week and the cruise does not seem to work at all. A couple of things I have discovered, please let me know if I am wrong. The main switch after being depressed to the "ON" position should spring back to the centered position??..Mine does not. Same with going to the "Off" position. It will stay in either of those positions and not spring back to a centered position. Secondly, when I turn the main switch to on, the "ON" light comes on and so does the "SET" light without touching anything else. Shouldn't that light only come on after depress the "SET/ACCEL" button? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!! Dan
  7. Went for a demo ride on this today. Sort of drug along with my HD loving family, and the VRod was available when they were riding. It is the quickest HD I have ever rode, nice handling, but for me, a terrible seating position with way forward controls and handlebars. A little more and it would have been like sitting on floor and bending forward to touch your toes. I was able to give this some brisk accelerations and it was nice. Gary http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/IMG_2419sr.jpg
  8. Well, Dang!!! My 20 year old daughter was just offered a position with her current company to do a remodel at one of their stores there. Looks like the possiblity of a long term position. Now I haven't spent any time in Windy in 25 years but I have no really fond memories of the place, traffic or anything else. Sorry. Maybe it was just me and the business I was in. I spent most my time there in Cook Country Court representing transportation companies. So for anyone familiar with that area these days, what's the area like now. Open to any and all feedback. Anything that will make me feel at least a little bit supportive of her new position offer because right now I'm not feeling it. Being a single Dad to tough sometimes. Mike
  9. Would someone please tell me which end is pointing? Is it the long slender end, or the short-stubby end that is the "pointing" end? Thank you.
  10. I have a RSTD 2007 and I have an after market faring on it. I usually put the ignition in the first position which allows you to have power come in to the bike without having the headlights on and I could play my stereo system when I am parked, but now there is no power in the ACC position. I have checked the fuse under the left side cover and it is good. Is there anothe fuse box on the bike that may controle the ACC power or could it be something else? I NEED HELP BAD!!! Thank.
  11. Hey VR family I recently bought a 1985 venture royale. The problem is I have a freshly charged battery but when I turn the ignition to the on position I get nothing no dash lights no radio no headlights. When I turn it to acc only the radio and compressor display come on . HELP
  12. Ok I was cleaning my garage, a work in progress, when I came across my dremil tool. A light bulb went off as I purchased aftermarket saddlebag rails and they are smaller diameter. I did try some grommets but didn't like the look ( can you say afterthought) and they didn't work well. I decided to mark the location of the rails and with a sanding wheel remove some plastic to allow for mounting in the original position. I used the insides as a template for the radius as a starting point and a small sanding wheel to ease away the plastic. Once one sided was done and fit I placed them together to position the other half and repeated the process.
  13. The last in state football team to beat Ohio State was Oberlin. In 1921. Hey Boss what position did you play on that team???
  14. My wife used to own a nail salon and has done nails for close to 30 years. So I let her do all the plastex repairs! That's not the ususal position for doing nails though! You can see the "FINGER FASHION" sign that was in her salon behind her.
  15. I'm looking for a handle for the fuel petcock, screw vibrated loose and lost the handle. Fortunately the fuel is in the on position. does anyone have one lying around? Mike Smegielski Waterbury CT
  16. The CMS and therefore the gas gauge is not functioning. The knob and faceplate are missing from my petcock reserve switch. There is a stopper tab connected to the shaft that points fore or aft. Assuming OFF is in the middle, if the shaft is turned all the way clockwise would that be the REServe position or the On position?
  17. Well folks, this morning mine finally gave me the firm signs that my ignition switch is on the way out. For a long time my trip odo would reset itself and I would have a flicker of the electronics when turning on my high beams; I had isolated that problem to a weakly connected and very corroded ground. BUT, in the last week or two I have noticed a flicker on my speedo when I turn the ignition ON (before starting) and didn't think much of it until this morning... I turned my key to the 'ON' position and then noticed that the display went completely out. When I went to turn the key back off to further investigate I found that it came back on when put a little pressure on the key to turn it from the "ON" position back to 'OFF'. So, now the experimentalist in me comes out and checks to see if I can duplicate the symptom/problem. Sure enough, when turning the ignition to the "ON" position, if I turn it all the way to the right it acts as if it is in the 'ACC' position and a little pressure counter-clockwise puts it back to functioning as if it is in the 'ON' position. Hmmm, so not the question is: 1) Disassemble switch, attempt cleaning/repair, reassemble and ride on? 2) Permanently install the by-pass I built and just let it go? 3) Dump 280+ at my local dealer for a new ignition switch? (haha- NO.) 4) Partshark and get a replacement switch for ~160 5) E-bay/pinwal get a replacement switch for 170 (don't believe me, go look for yourself - what a joke) 6) Of course there is always the "pretend like it isn't a problem until I am in the middle of BFN and my bike dies 'unexpectedly'". -- (haha -- this too is a big ol negatory) I think I will likely go with option #2 and a #1 planned in the near future and #4 as a back-up plan. I actually have a switch all wired up and ready to go where all I would need to do is snip the current wires and tie the bypass in. What I would like to come up with is an easy setup that would allow for my switch to be installed and ready to go allowing for a simple 'unbolt the tank and plug in the switch wires' solution, that way there is not the risk of someone flipping the switch and riding off with my bike without the key (I realize that is VERY unlikely to happen but still a possibility). So, I guess I'll need to get out the trusty old 'dingy' wiring diagrams (THANKS AGAIN!!!) and some thought. I guess I am venting more than anything here, so don't mind me and my mindless writing; although I wouldn't argue with suggestions
  18. As you may have seen in a previous thread, I have recently purchased and installed the 4 pc Ultimate Seat set + passenger armrests. The weather here sucks, but I've managed to get 300+ km in since the installation and I'm ready to share my results. Customer Service / Delivery: I purchased from the website with no human contact necessary. Automated emails notified me of the completed purchase, and in due course, that the products had been shipped. There was a bobble by UPS during shipping when the parcel went astray in Moncton NB, but it was corrected and was still delivered ahead of the projected schedule. Definitely not the supplier's fault. Packaging: Sturdy cardboard boxes, with each piece individually wrapped in bubble wrap. It would have taken a significant event to cause damage during shipping. Fit and finish: No detectable flaws in the material, stitching, assembly etc. Installation: Wide backrest: one of the washers embedded in the back around the screw holes seperated. Pressed back in to position and it stayed. Fit and finish, including screw hole line up - perfect. Rider backrest: Slotted in securely and easily. Wide range of adjustment for angle. Backrest pouch: Not exactly sure what I'm going to use this for yet, but it's well made and fitted. Passenger seat: The stock mount with 3 points of attachment had to be removed to be replaced by the supplied single point mount. There were contact pads that supported the front spread over the same area that the stock mount covered. Rear bracket was not quite in contact with the fender when originally placed in position but tightening the rear screw hand tight fixed that. Riders seat: Rear bracket fitted securely into position. The front screw holes did not initially line up. I sat my 260 lbs on it and it shifted a bit. Got off and looked - yup - precisely in place. Riding position: I'm about 1 1/2" higher, 1" forward. Not bad at all. Changed my arm angle slightly but not enough to matter, and I became accustomed to it quickly. Comfort: Intially stiff, but this did not cause a worry as it had been reported by other reviewers. It's quickly molding to my shape and becoming more confortable every time I sit on it. Riding: I'm not precisely sure why, but I find I feel more 'connected' to the bike. My confidence in low speed handling has improved. The one middle distance trip I've made with it was a real eyeopener. Km after km, it just felt right, like my leather recliner in the TV room. The stock seat would have had me wriggling after 20-30 minutes trying to ease the ache. I do find that vibration may be moving the backrest adjustment screw as I ride. I'm going to give it a few more long runs until I'm sure exactly where I want the backrest positioned and then I'll loctite it. Passenger: I've taken 3 of my children for rides with it. All agree that the wider backrest, more comfortable seat and arm rests allow them to sit back and enjoy the ride. My 9 year olds find that they cannot get their feet flat on the boards any more because the rider backrest is in their way. ( I expect they'll grow) My DW has sat on it and pronounced it 'comfortable' but she hasnt been on the road on it yet. Price: There's a bit of sticker shock with this one, but if you can get past that I feel it's an extremely satisfactory solution to a very unsatisfactory stock seating set. If anyone has any questions about the seat or installation, please feel free to PM.
  19. If anyone has one that is in good condition, I'd be interested in it. Mine doesn't stay in the position you put it in. It has worn itself out, I guess. Phil
  20. Hi everyone, new here, purchased a very nice 1990 venture. When I got it home notice a bit of oil and found a crack in the shift position switch and the switch was quite oily. has anybody run in to this before? Thanks!
  21. On my 83 VR I have been going through each system and part. Well I have now gotten to the air ride control and have a weird problem. It lights up and appears to work with the key in the accessory position but not when the key is in the on position. Any ideas? Shaun
  22. After a LOT of thought. Talked to a lot of people, on and off the department. I decided to accept the nomination as Chief. The vote was last night. I was awarded the majority of the votes and accepted the position. This is a volunteer department now so it is not like I accepted something I will retire from. I have been in my town for 36 years. I have a deep seated interest in the protection of its members. The department is long overdue for some restructuring and I have the support to begin that process. Looking forward to changes and working with all our members to structure and build further on what is already in place. Ill never get used to this dang white hat though. It will be hard to not grab a hoseline, but I am ready to fight from a different standpoint. Should be a very challenging, but fun position. Im ready to dig in.
  23. Ok, in the last few weeks I've seen a red and black RSV in the Jackson, MS area, several times. Most times he is riding with at least one more rider, on some kind of V-Twin. Is it anyone here? When I see him it seems I'm never in a position to flag him down or catch up to him.
  24. New seating position for a second passenger! http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/168297_1818545466936_1339132101_31975998_2840702_n.jpg
  25. Many of you have already seen these "cheap $$ " options for protecting your bike cover from being torn by the antennas when they are folded in the "down" position. I thought I would re-post these options for the newer members who have not seen them before.
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