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  1. I was finally able to get my new (to me) brake calipers installed onto my 2005 RSTD. Same works on 99-13 RSV. @skydoc_17 (Earl) sourced the calipers, stainless steel brake line and appropriate banjo bolts for the conversion. Earl was excellent to deal with as well. The install was straight forward and worked great. I picked up new EBC sintered brake pads for the new parts. My donor bike was a Yamaha R6 that was hit in the rear end. Fresh DOT4 fluid was installed at the same time. The improved stopping power is noticeably immediately. My Blue Ridge Parkway trip last month was the real test and I was hugely impressed and very confident with my new stopping power. This is a highly recommended upgrade for your RSTD or RSV.
  2. does anybody have a set of apes on their RSV 2nd generation or know where to get a set
  3. I'm looking at an older VStar. Very low miles. I know the tires will not be trustworthy, despite being garage kept. Recent oil change. New battery. What else should I look out for? Any potential issues with rings, trannie? Thinking out loud here... Appreciate your thoughts! Thanks, David
  4. And what type is used in the rsv? that is the number and shape of the prongs.
  5. I cant seem to find the thread I was looking at here. it was on replacing the two piston front calipers on stock RSV with R1 or R6 four piston calipers. I was at the dealer yesterday and looked at the new and R1 & R6 It looks to me that the calipers on the new models will not bolt up. they did not have any used ones in the store so I cant say about the older model years. however I looks like the FJR calipers will bolt up. If the R1 & R6 calipers will bolt on to the RSV, What year calipers do I need to find to bolt on to a 2007 RSV. There seem to be many to choose from on e-bay. If I up grade I want to be sure to get the ones that will bolt up. And I am aware on the difference in master cylinder piston size between the two bikes (R1 and RSV)
  6. before the crash I was reading about using this exhaust on the rsv any info on this subject would be apperciated
  7. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1484/9583596/23709647/402965067.jpgHi all. New to the forum..been a guest for awhile..joined today.Here is my "baby" It is a 2009 RSV with a Tri-Wing kit, Steerite steering kit, and Carbon-One passenger rests. Had to put something on for GF..she kept falling asleep! I haven't rode in 25 years due to balance issues from a spinal cord injury.Got the itch again when I started seeing trikes. Got a great deal on this one..was a new 09 that hadn't sold..then he triked it and put it on sale when fall came..great for me! Not a lot of triked RSV around.New to Yamaha..but will have to say it is a step up from my last bike,,a 1977 honda 750! Dean
  8. looking for stock RSV handlebars
  9. I bought a 2006 RSV I am newbie to this site but have enjoyed all the help and support on the site. My question is my Betsy has abiut a 5 gallon gas tank no star emblems. I am thinking it should have a six gallon tank. Is there amod or something where the tank is swapped. Just curious like thebike the way it is.
  10. It is windy and feels like 17°F. Snow tomorrow. It will be in the mid 20's for a high for the next 2 or 3 days. This afternoon, I plugged my RSV battery on trickle charge. http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/15/01/05/72ff461ad8047aba8010ff8e039022f7.jpg
  11. I have a friend looking for an RSV Trike. No Voyager kits. Anybody have a lead?
  12. I know that a lot of people swap the RSTD bars to the RSV for wider bars and more pullback. So does that mean that I can throw a set of RSV bars directly on my RSTD? I am pretty tall and actually liked the RSV bars. Just sitting on the RSTD, the reach and angles feel funny to me for some reason. I am thinking I could put the RSV bars on pretty quickly without having to change any control wires or hoses. So has anyone done this? I would actually like mini apes eventually, but with Xmas close, I am trying to keep costs down for now.
  13. Going to Fort Wayne, Indiana for three weeks of job training. Staying at the Marriott Courtyard off exit 111b, Lima Road & I-69. Just wondering what the area is like and who is around there for a M & E? I was thinking of riding the RSV down and do some riding after class. Later-
  14. Have made a little progress this week with winter project. Made a stand that will be used to temporarily support frame during initial motor fitment and suspension work. It's not pretty but will only be used for this phase.. I have an old 1200 block setting in frame at this point to see where major obstacles will be in putting a 1st gen/VMax motor into the RSV frame. Motor fits the six mount points that the 1st gen uses in the 2003 RSV frame. The front head brackets will not be used. I have a set of VMax heads for this project that will be on a modified 1300 block. I don't think a v-boost system will be possible with this setup due to the use of the RSV fuel tank & air intake components. I don't think the taller V-boost setup has a chance of fitting. Considering another option to use in place of the V-boost for that snap at about 6k rpm's. Rear exhaust down tubes look to be usable with very little modification. Front down tubes are going to be a challenge. The front motor mount bracket will need some modification to allow the front tubes to pass bracket. Seriously considering using a 1st gen MKII front end I have intsead of the RSV front end. The RSV unit is massive compared to a 1st gen unit. I don't have the wheels for the RSV, so I want to use a set of VMax wheels on this. The fork spread is over an inch wider than the 1st gen which would make the use of the VMax wheels improbable. I have tried the 1st gen triple tree in the RSV frame and it matches what is needed. I like the styling of the RSV fender more than the 1st gen, but It may not get used. I think I can mount the RSV handlebars & controls on the 1st gen upper tree bracket with minimal modification. I will have to set tank on frame to see if there will be a clearance issue with this change. Bike will be a single seater with no fairing, saddle bags etc. Minimal instrumentation, no radio. Looking at a VMax instrument pod & speedometer. Have a VMax final drive for it. Gary
  15. There has been a lot of talk about trikes and trike conversions. I am seriously considering going the trike route...only thing is that I don't know if it will be better to convert my 07 RSV (and, if so, using what system?) or to sell my bike and just purchase a trike (again, which manufacturer?) Sure would appreciate any help you all have.
  16. Boy, am I lucky!!! No surgery, not buried by snow, AND tomorrow I'm going to pick up my new used 2007 RSV. Boy, am I lucky!!! Rode a 1984 VR until 2004, have been on a VSTAR 650 since then. I can hardly wait to get those 4 cylinders going under me again. Boy, am I lucky!!! Lots of things different on the RSV, but also lots of the same with the power, smoothness and the feeling of wanting to ride from sunup to sunset. Boy am I lucky!!! Temp. here in Indy is supposed to be around 50 degrees F tomorrow PM. Boy, am I lucky!!!
  17. looking to put roadking pipes on and need to know if our stock brackets can be used to mount roadking slip ons or do i need different brackets and if so where can i find them Thanks Brian D. ps have 07 rsv
  18. I want to replace the tank on my 09 RSTD with the larger RSV tank. What is the oldest model year 6 gal. RSV tank that will fit my bike?
  19. At the risk of redundancy with many other threads, I thought I would recap all of my experiences with front tire choice on the RSV. I'll try to keep this fairly short, but some of you may know how hard that is for me! I did a lot of testing on various tires (both sizes and brands), and I was one of the very vocal members a couple of years ago who posted so much about how great an improvement the narrower MT90 or 130/90 front tire was over the stock 150/80 size. Since then I have amassed even more comparisons and have come to these conclusions: The stock Brickstone 150/80 front tire is the WORST possible tire you can use if you have not raised the rear with shorter suspension links. ANY other front tire will be a vast improvement. Raising the rear of the bike 1" with the Leveling Links will make even the stock Brickstone 150/80 front tire handle like any good tire. Poor handling is not just related to the front tire size. In fact, any rear tire that begins to flatten out in the center from too much straight line riding will make this bike track grooves and jump around on surface irregularities. And the stock Brickstone rear tire is the ABSOLUTE WORST for this!Since my initial testing with my 05 RSV which came with the ****ty stock Brickstone tires, I have been able to compare a stock 07 RSV that came with Dunlop tires, and a stock 07 RSV that had Avon tires in stock size. In both of those cases, the bike felt agile and nimble with none of the horrid slow speed heaviness of an RSV with stock Brickstone tires. Since most RSVs come with Bricksones, but a few lucky ones get Dunlop 404s, I think this explains why so many new owners complain about the heaviness and slow speed handling, while a few new owners say "Huh? Feels fine to me." Bottom line, although I think the MT90 front tire is a good tire for the RSV, I no longer recommend it at all. IMHO, if you have raised the rear of the bike with the Leveling Links, the narrower front tire makes the bike a bit squirrelly as the rear tire begins to wear flat. And even with the stock suspension links, I have found that any other good tire in stock size on the front makes the RSV handle just fine at slow speed (note that this EXCLUDES the Brickstone front tire). So, for those of you who have not already made up your mind on tire brand and size, here is what I recommend: If you have Brickstones, get rid of them immediately. They make the RSV and unpleasant bike to ride, and sometimes a dangerous bike to ride. The only exception to this is if you raise the rear with Leveling links, then the FRONT Brickstone will handle fine and last long time. Decide on any other brand of tire and buy stock sizes, front and rear. I personally will never trust my life to Metzeler tires on this bike (see plenty of other posts on this subject), but even if Metzeler is your brand of choice, the bike will handle just fine with stock tire sizes until the rear tire begins to come apart on you. Sorry, I just could not avoid that bit of editorializing!Good luck and ride safe, Goose
  20. I wanted to ask if anyone has ever tried or considered modifying their RSV to make it like an RSTD? I am looking at a used RSV, which the owner has modified with a "quick remove" bracket system that lets the trunk come off. When I looked at it I had the thought of being able to almost turn it into an Tour Deluxe, but still have a back rest for a passenger. With the trunk taken off, does anyone know if it would be possible to outfit an RSV to accept the quick attach/remove sissy bar (with backrest) and luggage rack from a RSTD? (I don't know why, but for some reason that idea/possibility of being able to do that kinda cranks me up!) I would think the Yamaha parts would fit an RSV, but that's just an assumption, I don't really know.... Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
  21. Hi All Has anyone compared the smoothness in ride of the RSV or the RSTD to a VTX 1800, If some can you describe the two bikes in ride smoothness. Thanks Vince
  22. I need the metal tube from the thermostat housing that has the bypass valve in it. The interface on the RSV/Hybrid 1st gen motor to 2nd gen cooling system is in the MvGyvering process. I am going to keep both the 1st gen & RSV thermostat housings on bike, but only have a thermostat in RSV housing. I need to do this to get the water pump hooked up to the lower radiator outlet. Plumbing is different between the two. Where the line enters the water pump is not going to accept the RSV water line, so I have to use the plastic elbow from a 1st gen, which is locked in place by the thermostat housing. This tube will be cut off between the selector valve & the thermostat housing and brazed shut. I need to do this to block off this port on the 1st gen thermostat housing. Out of all the parts I have, I can't find this one. Gary
  23. Hi All, I was perusing on fleabay and found a couple pairs of RSV passenger grab bars. I have an 06 RSTD. Are these something that are easily added to the RSDT if I don't have an RSV trunk? Thanks in advance Dave
  24. I've just realized that my "new to me" 03 RSV didn't come with the OEM tool kit. I called the seller, but in case he doesn't have it, I want to find something that will do at least the basics. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for a good aftermarket tool-kit that works out for the RSV? Or any idea where I might find an OEM kit?
  25. A random thought occured when I was looking through the RSV Periodic Maintenance & Repair section of owners manual & saw this, "Replace the brake and clutch hoses every four years or if cracked or damaged." How many people actually follow this recommendation? I looked up the cost of parts for an RSV and cost at dealer would be around $350 for parts only. Gary
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