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  1. Greetings all After 122,000 kms, I think I should change the FDO. I did a quick search for the method to do yourself. Anyone have a link or the procedure for doing it and the best oil to use?
  2. I saw a real nice gold VR east of Rochester NY today in Wayne County. It had a tag on it that said "Fifth Anniversary". What model year would that be anyway? Also, if the owner could PM me for a quick question, it would be appreciated.
  3. Good afternoon. I've googled a bit and looked around some on this site and have a quick question. Just picked up an 84 Venture and am trying to take the saddle bags off. There's a key toward the back and it does rotate freely. What do you do after you turn the key to remove the bags? I've pulled back, pushed forward and pulled straight out. I'm wondering if the key itself is actually doing anything, almost too easy for a 30 yr old lock. TIA
  4. Help!! First off,....excuse my ignorance....But I need help and fast! I have a '86 venture royal.....great bike....but recently....after a long down-time (almost a year) of not running I bought a new battery and got it fired up. Naturally, I wasn't to suprised when It wasn't running perfectly....figured old gas....so....sea-foamed,....and later tried techtron that I have had very good results with also. Ran it for a quick and although shot road test.....loaded it up with myself ,.wife and camping stuff and headed out. got about 35 or forty miles and it prgressively got worse so turned around and headed home. By the time we got back....hitting on only the front two cylinders....and burnt about half a tank in that short distance...naturally. So,....checking it out....sure enough....back two not firing....so quick went and bought some new plugs and put them in.....ran like a sewing machine....for about 1.5 miles.....same mis-firing came back. Now,....have read a little on here about something called a TCI.....but what is it and where is it. suspect it is a major ignition componet??? Also read about some memebers experiances with connector problems....a 6 pin? Again...where is it. I don't own a service manual for it sadly.....never had any real problems with it since I have owned it. Help! appreciate a point in the right direction
  5. I wanted to ask if anyone has ever tried or considered modifying their RSV to make it like an RSTD? I am looking at a used RSV, which the owner has modified with a "quick remove" bracket system that lets the trunk come off. When I looked at it I had the thought of being able to almost turn it into an Tour Deluxe, but still have a back rest for a passenger. With the trunk taken off, does anyone know if it would be possible to outfit an RSV to accept the quick attach/remove sissy bar (with backrest) and luggage rack from a RSTD? (I don't know why, but for some reason that idea/possibility of being able to do that kinda cranks me up!) I would think the Yamaha parts would fit an RSV, but that's just an assumption, I don't really know.... Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
  6. Finally got around to installing my Memphis Shades Batwing. I ordered a generic one off of EBAY for a 9" headlight, bought the quick release brackets from Wayne, and made a custom bracket to attach the batwing to the quick release bracket. Took it for a quick ride and I like it.
  7. Think about being on your bike. RandyA http://www.snotr.com/video/8956/Frig...h_of_a_tornado
  8. This is a steal: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aftermarket-fork-brace-Yamaha-Venture-and-Venture-Royale-1986-1993-XVZ1300-/300828245743?hash=item460ac2beef&item=300828245743&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr Thought you would like to know
  9. just stopping in to say hello. i had my total knee operation done on the 22nd of last month. so far im doing good. but im at a home for about another 2 weeks for PT im realy working on this knee. almost have full extension. and i can bend it 90 degrees shooting for more. i will be working on walking with out the cane next week. just got done with the walker. things are looking good. i wont lie and say it dont hurt. after all its only been a few weeks. well have to run now. will keep you all posted when i an get to a computer. sincerly oldgoat
  10. Just a quick note to say...go to the classified ads, as I just listed a bunch of stuff for sale. Thanks,
  11. Have the quick saddlebag fasteners gone the way of the dodo? I cant find them on ebay OR in the classified on this website. I've seen them for years and never bothered to order a set...and thought, well I'd like a set, but now I cant find them. Just my luck.
  12. Looking to cut down a shield and paint. Wondering if anyone has a used one to part with. Some scratches OK and cracks OK if only above top support 4" or so. Thanks I'd ask for an extra quick disconnect mount but I doubt anyone has one of those laying around!
  13. You know how projects that start out simple turn into something else? Well I seem to always make that happen. I decided this winter I would make a smoker out of 2 air compressor tanks. I had a Harbor Freight trailer already so I thought why not make it mobile. So every now and then I would work on it and do a little more each time. I pretty much had it all done, and I decided it would get kind of hot out in the sun, so I better have some shade. So today I made a quick mount for an umbrella. Then while I was doing some baked potatoes on the grill I figured I better make a quick table for my soda (no beer for me). So I am pretty much done with the mods, until the next time I use it and think of something else. Heres a few random pics. I think it turned out pretty good.
  14. Hey, need some help pretty quick. I've searched, but I can't find a thread that has instructions or pics on the install procedure for replacing the front fork springs with Progressives on a 2nd Gen. I need to know how far to break the bike down and pics of the process. Does anyone know of a link or tech article? Like I've said, I tried a few searches and got nada. I really appreciate the help.
  15. I couldn't get my rear brake caliper to compress but a quick search told me what I was doing wrong. Thanks guys.
  16. I'm planning a trip this summer about 6 -7000 km, and with motels averaging $100/night, I think it will be cheaper to overnight at camp grounds ($23-$35/night). Now my question is; what would be a good tent to get, something quick to set up and tear down. And being 6'2" not to cramped. Thanks for any suggetions. Markus
  17. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to access the WWW while we are in Africa so I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before we leave. Hope we don't get stuck in any Quick Sand.
  18. I am thinking about using two flexible LED strips http://www.ledlightsworld.com/ultraflexible-waterpoof-trichip-led-strip-lights-p-142.html mounted on my MS Batwing and having them light up as aux front turn signals/running lights. Also the plan includes wrapping them back around to the inside of the batwing a couple of inches to provide some signal indication to people driving beside the bike. Question is in a perfect world (forget the legal crap) I would like the strips to be powered on full time but flash on and off with the turn signals...is this possible with the existing wiring? Quick connectors would be used for batwing quick removal which I can do Bike is an 05 RSTD Thanks guys and gals
  19. I've had a J&M Elite headset on the shelf for some time. Got a new helmet yesterday and thought I would use it. Had some questions so I E-mailed them about noon today. Got a answer already. Haven't cure my problem yet but was really impressed that I got answer on Sat. that quick. Now to see how they treat me on fixing problem.
  20. Any chance of having the "quick reply" option I've often seen on sites like these at the bottom of every thread so I don't have to click "reply" at the end of a thread in order to reply? Just makes life much easier and I really use it a ton if it's available.
  21. Good Morning Everyone, I took a 300 mile run this past weekend and somehow lost both of my front seat bolts. Anybody have a quick fix for this? Or do I need to get the OEM replacements! Thanks Frank
  22. Looking for how others tied their bead seats on. Looking for a sturdy, ok lookiing and a quick way to get them off and on.
  23. There were some items that used to be in the classified section that I thought SkyDoc was selling that I don't see anymore. I am looking for the needle shim mod that was sold as a kit. I thought at one point I could get the diaphrams and needles all assembled so it was a quick and easy plug and play mod. If anyone knows where I can get a kit like this, please post here as I would like to order these parts before I have carbs synced. Thank you, Bob
  24. You cant get much more visible than this. But even a police bike with lights and sirens on is still not enough to be noticed by this stupid cager. http://www.todaystmj4.com/news/local/121966754.html I hope the officer heals up quick and with no lasting issues.
  25. Okay, not sure if these are real or not, but I thought it was funny as heck! http://www.handerpants.com/ Won't be long before everyone will be wearing them...get yours quick and lead the new trend!:rotf:
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