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  1. Hello all, I am trying to locate the schematics and wiring diagrams for the radio and the CB on my 99 RSV but I am ending nowhere. The sticker on the radio says: ------------------------------ YAMAHA Model ER-1129V 4XY-88132-00 Clarion P\N 286-9182-00 ------------------------------- CB: I didn't remove the trunk to see if there a label on the CB unit but I am sure there is one , is there someone who has the info?????? ( Yamaha model, Clarion model, P\N's etc.. ) Your help in locating the wiring diagrams will be greatly appreciated, I am having a CB transmit problem and I don't seems to be able to fix it with the recommended procedures. (cable connections=ok, mic direction=ok, antenna=ok ) Note that the intercom portion works great so I know both mics and both switches are working fine. The problem with the CB is that the audio portion of the transmit signal is very weak (modulation), other people can hardly hear me but I can hear them clearly. Help! Thanks, Hermann
  2. I saw a real nice gold VR east of Rochester NY today in Wayne County. It had a tag on it that said "Fifth Anniversary". What model year would that be anyway? Also, if the owner could PM me for a quick question, it would be appreciated.
  3. Ok, I've given up on my dream for an affordable rear shock for the 2nd gens. Part # 4XY-22210-10-00 The best price I can find on a rear shock is $348.02 + 17.50 shipping for a total of 365.52 from www.motorsportssupercenter.com from www.motorsportssuperstore.com , it's 375.77 + 5.95 shipping with my RSW discount. from www.yamahasportsplaza.com , it's 343.32 + 19.32 shipping , total of 362.64 So come on all you cheapskates, find me the cheapest shock. Im pricing the 2008 model shock, it's different then the 99 model. Hopefully it's more gooder.
  4. Check this out!!! Even though Holly Wood dont know an air cooled bike from a water cooled,, or how to tell the model year,, they do have good taste for a Mad Max special!!!! Yamaha Royal Star | eBay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-XSesrhXgw&feature=youtu.be
  5. Hi there folks. I have placed an ad in the classified section offering to sell RSV lift frame adapters. These can only be used on bikes without the centerstand on them. You mount them to the bikes lower frame first using a steel rod that is provided with the adapter, then slide a mc jack under it and lift the bike up. I built these with some new improvements over the one I had done before. This model has much better access to the oil filter. This is a much better set up & safer from using hockey pucks or lumber in my opinion. Being out of work for almost a year now I've decided to put my ideas and skills to use to provide some income from selling these as well as at the same time giving our members here a product that will see a lot of use. I'm asking $65 + shipping costs. I'll get a better idea as to the shippng costs next week. I'm guessing offhand at the moment something between $10 & $15. Pay Pal payments is available as well. Any questions please do contact me either here in PM or vie E-Mail Thanks in advance, Larry Skeels Update: Due to several requests for a self standing model I am now offering one that will allow the jack to be removed entirely. Current model will allow the wheels to be off the ground 5 - 5 1/2". Other heights available per request. Costs for this model will be $105 for local pick up or $125 shipped Update 1-07: I've added another option for those of you have my Freestanding lift adapter. I'm offering them now with foot pads welded on per request if wanted, for an additional $5. For those of you who already have my freestanding adapter I'm also offering a slip on foot for $15 which includes shipping. Both have a 3" square pad and will keep your legs from sinking into the ground, gravel, or blacktop drives for those who have no concrete. UPdate 2-8-07: It has come to my attention that the Larin jack is about 1/2" shorter than the width of the adapters. Which will make it much harder to get the jack centered properly. I have come up with a solution thou that will center the lift pads of the jack everytime and at no extra cost for the Larin jack owners. So if you have a Larin jack let me know before ordering and I will incorporate the modification before shipping an adapter out.
  6. Well we havent had the Zumo but for a few weeks and already having problems. The Audio output jack seems to be buggy and have had a few lockups. Honestly I do like the Navigation and having MP3's on the same device but I have real doubts on this one being worth the 600.00. I don't need or want the XM feature and find myself using the screen buttons more than the ones on the outside body. I have seen some cool features on a few much cheaper units. One being the lane assist and the current speed limit on screen. The other models have better shortcuts to flip to the music player from the map screen as well. So I broke down and ordered a car model Garmin 765T. Even with buying the mount and power cord we wont break 200.00 and it really seems to have everything but the waterproofing (I think I have room for a baggy). I hope it works out...if not I will bite the bullet for a 660 or other model. Frank
  7. Greetings! Just purchased a 1988 Venture. Just registered with your site also. I've been out of biking for over fifteen years until a good friend of mine and his wife purchased an '07 Venture and appeared to be having a great time and rekindled my interest. The '88 model I just purchased is in great shape but it's needing tires. Any advise on what's good or what to stay away from? Thanks!
  8. Went to the Seattle version of the International Bike Show today, got there before they opened at 9:30 am. Looked all around, saw some bikes, and...saw the new Honda F6B. They only had the all Black one, which is the one I want. Turns out...according the "most" of the Honda reps there (and I found out that they did not know all the facts of life) that the Black bike only comes as the standard model F6B. And the Red/Black bike only comes as the Deluxe model F6B. That is stupid on Honda's part. There are items on the Deluxe model that I want...but I don't want the Red/Black bike. So, I guess I will have to buy a standard model, all Black, and then add the items I want...that Honda is too stupid to offer as a Black Deluxe model. As per the Honda motorcycles website, the standard model will be available in BOTH colors, and the deluxe will be available in both colors...hmmm. But, having said that...the bike is thee BOMB, Man ! I love the all blacked out effects, and the cruiser art-deco styling of this bike. Having owned 3 Goldwing 1800's before, this is a nice departure from the stale Goldwing. And...Honda has opened up ordering starting now. They are taking orders, and first deliveries should be by end of February, or first week in March at the latest. I can foresee a new bike in my future.
  9. We're thinking about buying a trailer from americasbesttrailers and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this company. We are looking at a fiberglass model, the Escalade. http://1motorcycletrailers.com/escaladefiberglassmotorcycletrailers.html Thanks
  10. Not sure where to put this question on the forum sorry I am wondering if the 2006 TSD I am looking at is a Midnight version have only pictures to go by and don't know what questioins to ask to verify if it is a midnight..all I know is that it is a black 2006 and looking at the history section appears that would mean it is a midnight model...??? Any suggestions on how to pin down the ident.??
  11. I am sure many of you will laugh at me but here it goes. The day is coming, although hopefully not for several years, when it will be just too much for me to get my leg over my 1st gen Venture and it will be just too heavy for me to handle it safely. I'm sure not looking forward to that day as I like my VR as much or more than any of the bikes I have owned over the last 49 years. Well, at the Toronto Bike show this past weekend, I saw a new model BMW that I think will allow me to keep on riding and enjoying it. Here it is:http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/motorcycles/2012models/2012-BMW-C650GTc.jpg Yes, its a scooter that BMW calls a C650GT which has all the features that I think will make it an extremely comfortable two up touring machine. The only limitation that I can see is that it may not allow me to pull a trailer. Has anyone here seen one of these on the road or rode one? Here in Ontario, I know BMW will feature this model at their demo day this spring.
  12. Well I got up early this morning and decided to get right on my "honey do" list. There were a couple of trees that needed cutting down, some trimming to do, some firewood to cut. Pulled out my old Poulan Wild Thing chainsaw and began the always pain in the butt task of TRYING to get it started. Got it started and cut about half way through the first tree and it quit again. I then spend about an hour trying to get it started again. Wouldn't even start with starting fluid even though it has spark. I about wore myself out trying to get the stupid thing started and so.....off to the store. I had already done a little research and had it narrowed down to either a Stihl or a Husqvarna. I had come to the conclusion that the Stihl was a slightly better saw but there is a Husqvarna dealer just down the road from me so I decided to give one a try. I don't use a saw that much. Probably less than a cord of wood a year and some light trimming and etc. I almost spent the extra money and stepped up to the heavier duty farm and ranch model but instead, saved the cash and went with the best home use model that they had. It is a model 445 with 18" bar. Got it home and it made quick work of the cutting that i had to do today. I just hope that it lasts for a few years and remains fairly easy to start. I'm getting old and don't like being worn out before I even get one started.
  13. hello all it looks like zsiska from this site will be buying the bumble bee i gave him a real deal this bike all the extra parts and the trailer for 3600.00 i will be meeting him next week on sat about half way from here to his house may be somewhere around wilson nc i will still be around and working on the model a to retore it i will miss the bike very much. you can't beat the ride and power of a venture it has been the best bike i have ever had maybe someday i will be able to get another one. but do not see that anytime soon. this is a great site and have met many new freinds i hope zsiska becomes a full time member also bumble bee kevin wisor 1999 rsv 1930 model a 1923 model t
  14. Just a comment on the new Jensen model JHD910 AM/FM Radio I purchased a few weeks back, and installed in a tank back for use on the new 08 RSTD. This is a very good quality radio, and I am very impressed with its performance. If anybody needs this type of radio for installation in, a boat, truck, RV , heavy equipment, etc. etc. I highly reccomend it. Yes its expensive !! but seems to be well worth the price. ( and its small ) and easy to mount, for wherever needed. ( price, about $200.00 ) :cool10:
  15. HELLO ALL after some long nights not sleeping i have decided to sell the bumble bee it is on e-bay may not show up till tomorrow. as many know i have had some running problems but i am happy to say that thay are all fixed and she runs like new the only reason i am selling her is becouse last year my uncale passed a way and i was givin his 1923 model t and his 1930 model a tuor door the t i resored for him about 20 years ago and put a rebuilt motor in about 7 years ago so it is fine but the model a needs the motor rebuilt and restored and since i lost my job last year and now making less the only way i see getting the money for the a is sell the bike i will miss it greatly but it was the bike or the car and the car won i will be restoring the body myself but the motor i can not do i will still be around and have met many new frends here bumble bee kevin wisor lexington sc
  16. I ride a 2007 RSTD. Bought it new and have loved the bike so far. My wife and I have been to several states enjoying this bike, and I am completely in love with the V4. Having said that, I have this constant thought in the back of my mind that I would like to get a full dresser. While I know I could buy a newer or new model Venture and be fine, I wonder if I should just spend a a considerably less amount and get a good low mileage clean maybe 2000 to 2007 model one. When I look at these bikes on the used market, they look like there is no difference, other than color, than the new ones. So, the reasoning is, why would I buy a newer year model when I could save quite a bit of money and get the exact same bike just a few years older. Is there something I don't know? Do the earlier 2nd Gen model years have less HP and Torque, or is there some kind of bug in the earlier ones that has been corrected since then? I don't want to get into a situation of buying a bike that has less performance than my RSTD does. Okay, here's the second part of this question. Is there a huge performance difference between the 1st Gens and 2nd Gens? I'm not completely sure I would consider a bike with the years on it that a 1st Gen would have, but I ran across a 1993 1st Gen yesterday here locally that is in pristine condition with 31K miles, and the guy said even though he loves the bike, he would probably take $3000-$3200 for it if I wanted to buy it. The 1st Gens just look more aggressive. They look like they would be a better performing bike in the turns and such. I know that I could just end the whole discussion by going and buying a brand new bike. I've test ridden several nice bikes (Victory CCT, Victory Vision, Kawi Voyager, GW, BMW 1600 GTL, Etc). I have the funding to go that route, but something just tells me to buy an older but very good bike and save the duckets. Plus I love the V4. Let the opinions and suggestions begin. Thanks, Lynn
  17. I went to the local Yamaha dealer this morning, to order some parts, because I completely removed the AIS system off of my '06 RSMTD. Went I came out from the showroom, toward my bike, here were two guys standing next to my bike, pawing it, like it was an old girlfriend of theirs. Now, I am very old school...meaning, in this case, I was brought up in an era of motorcycle riding where you did not touch another persons motorcycle, unless the owner of that bike was your # 1 friend in the world, and they asked you to move it or get something off of it. To see these two, older guys, pawing my bike, got my feathers ruffled. Taking a very deep breath, I decided to approach them with a friendly demeanor, rather than be nasty about it. Turns out, after much discussion, that one of them owns an '06 Venture. He did not know what model his bike was...until I told him it was a Venture. He asked me all kinds of questions about why my bike had this, and that, and where was my rear trunk, and why did it say Tour Deluxe on the saddlebag trim. He was totally perplexed about what model my bike was, and when he said he road one that is the same, I asked him several questions about his bike, of which he had no answers. I finally determined he had an '06 Venture, and when I said the word...Venture, his eyes lite up with 15 watt dimness, as if to remember that yes, his bike was a Venture. Geez...you would think that if a guy, he is 67 years old, owns and rides a 2006 Yamaha Venture...he would know what model of bike he has. Okay, I have seen this 1000 times over the past 42 years of riding. There are bike pilots, that know NOTHING about their bikes except how to barely ride it down the road. And then there are the rest of us, that are so intimately familiar with our bikes, and about 99 % of all the bikes on the road, that we have everything memorized down to how many newton meters (NM) torque is used on every bolt of the bike. It just bugs the gorilla snot out of me. Get familiar with your bike. If you won't, then give the bike to someone that does care enough to become familiar with it. So, after fully removing the complete AIS system off of my bike, I then rebalanced the carbs with my handy Carbtune Pro, and the bike runs very nice. Miles
  18. My cheapo HF bandsaw finally bit the dust over the weekend so now its time to replace it. Anyone here have a Grizzly brand saw care to comment on quaility, model, etc. After looking thru their web site I'm considering the G96742 model - http://www.grizzly.com/products/4-x-6-Metal-Cutting-Bandsaw-w-Swivel-Head/G9742 I've also looked at this one online - http://www.boltonhardware.com/category/bolton-tools/saws/band-saws/horizontal-vertical-combination-bandsaws/5-inch-x-6-inch-metal-cutting-bandsaw-with-swivel-head.php Jet model saws were nice too but averaging an extra $250-300. It seems once you get past the basic 4x6 HF types costs go up rapidly. As much metal as I cut I'm wanting something with decent quality without breaking the bank. Larry
  19. To my surprise, as I was driving home from work the other day, there it is, a 2008 charcoal gray( i think that is what they call it) RSV, just 1/2 mile from where I work. I know the guy that lives there, but didn't know he owns a Venture. Now I know why. Apperantly it spent most of its time in the garage. It only has 3300 miles on it. He is asking $9500.00. It is an S model, but has no extra bling. Not even a luggage rack. If anyone is interested Drop me a pm. I will take pic's. He is not doing any advertising at this time.
  20. my 05 RMV NEEDS break pads on the front, my question is when I order do I have to order 2 sets or do u get the pads for both sides in a set when u order for the model? i know this may sound dumb but i really have no clue...
  21. Please excuse my ignorance, I'm a Goldwing owner and not that familiar with the RSV. I'd like to know what are the differences in the later years of the second gen. Particularly in the audio and electronics. I ask this because I want to know if Mic-Mutes works on the most recent model years of the second generation. I haven't heard of any application problems yet but I'd like to know.
  22. I have a question, regarding Yamaha's use of part numbers. Is Yamaha consistent with their numbering system, for identical parts, across models and years? If the same part was used in a Venture, VMax and/or Royal Star, during several model years, would the part numbers be the same?
  23. if its been mentioned i've missed it, but the emblem on the fuel tank seems to change with each yr, has there any two yrs alike, as for my self i prefer the looks of the 06 model it gives it more prestige i think. steve:325:
  24. I added my RSTD on bike bandit and there are four RSTD for 2006. XVZ13CTMV, MVC, V, VC Is there somewhere I can check the vin and see which model I have? Just curious.
  25. I stumbled across this Tumleweed Houses website a while ago and really like these tiny houses that have everything a regualar house has except space. BUT, they also make a model to be towed like a trailer for people that like to travel with everything including the kitchen sink. http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/blog/tiny-houses-in-seattle Brian
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