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  1. My wife and I are planning to motor around the east coast next summer around June. In order to have more riding we are planning on shipping the bike to Va and working our way back to Idaho. Having never done this before I thought I'd see if anyone here has ever shipped their bike. I'd like to know Who did you use? How was the pickup done? How was the delivery done? Did you have to be there to meet it or could they hold it until you showed up? Were you satisfied? Anything I need to look out for? Thanks for any help.
  2. Ok, I've given up on my dream for an affordable rear shock for the 2nd gens. Part # 4XY-22210-10-00 The best price I can find on a rear shock is $348.02 + 17.50 shipping for a total of 365.52 from www.motorsportssupercenter.com from www.motorsportssuperstore.com , it's 375.77 + 5.95 shipping with my RSW discount. from www.yamahasportsplaza.com , it's 343.32 + 19.32 shipping , total of 362.64 So come on all you cheapskates, find me the cheapest shock. Im pricing the 2008 model shock, it's different then the 99 model. Hopefully it's more gooder.
  3. there has been some renewed interest in my detachable tour pack bracket and i am in process of having six made (three already sold). they are glossy black powder coated with mounting hardware. price is $225.00 and you pay shipping. i will have three left, so if you are interested give me a shout. buz http://i42.tinypic.com/1hcpk0.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/5n55pu.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/rw6fqw.jpg
  4. I know this is probably a stupid question, but does anybody need (or want) a stock CD changer? I really have no use for the thing. Don't necessarily care if I get money for it, wouldn't bother me if somebody just wanted to swap me something cool for it. Let me know, I'm afraid the shipping will get more expensive because of the weight of all the dust it's collecting.
  5. i just had the belt buckle made for me , wish i had a better cam. it is tan leather with dark brown writing , it cost me 20.bucks Wayne said he had enough orders he could make them for 17 buck or 18 bucks plus shipping , anybody up for a group buy ? http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=dbdb119102&view=att&th=11d4b6e3c285368f&attid=0.0.1&disp=emb&zw
  6. Has anyone used a motorcycle shipping company, if so, do you recommend one? My wife and I are tossing around for our 30th anniversary, flying to Seattle next year and go on an Alaskan cruise, have our bike shipped to Seattle, and after the cruise ride down through Oregon and down the coast to LA. Then back home.
  7. Looks like there is a company on the west edge that is taking advantage of the firearms craze. They are taking orders, taking the money, and not shipping anything!! Looks like I am getting taken for $133.00. Internet search shows other folks recently complaining. I will give them the 10 days they show on their website for shipping any out of stock items. Then I guess off to the credit card company. Lets hope they are just backlogged. Because it looks like they have sold firearms to a few people and not delivered!! Please be careful folks, I made a couple checks before ordering but did not go deep enough. They had magazines advertised for a couple of my pistols at a good price. Supposedly they have a brick and mortar store here: Personal Choice Outfitters International 25560 W US Highway 85 Buckeye, AZ 85326-5282 Local:(623) 386-7261 JB
  8. I have had my Frogg Toggs for I believe aprox. three years now. For the most part I love the product and have rode my motorcycle through some pretty severe thunder storms. However I do have one beef. That is the zipper. Every now and again for what appears to be no reason at all, the zipper will pull apart in the middle. So on March 27, 2012 at 1:00 AM I decided to write them , and sent an E-mail to, marketing@froggtoggs.com More so for the purpose of feed back then complaining since the product only has a one year warranty and I wasn't expecting much. I was suprised when, at 9:00 AM the same day I recieved the following reply from Kevin Gentle. I sent them the requested info and this morning, true to their word, via UPS I recieved my new jacket, with the new heavier duty zipper, and they even covered the shipping. It is a real pleasure in this day and age to deal with a company with integrity and who have enough pride in there product to stand behind it dispite the limitations of the warranty. For this I say say thank you Kevin and the Frogg Togg company.
  9. I know I'm like everybody else. Always looking for the right buy at the right price and then you have to consider the shipping costs. I've passed up some decent deals over time because the shipping was WAYYYY out of line. So when I find a part I've been wanting at a competitive price with FREE SHIPPING I'm all over it. A few days ago I ran across something I'd been looking at a good price and Free Shipping. Didn'd even have to mess with bidding as it was a good ol' eBay BIN. Yea! It was even a respected seller. Even better. So when I got home today I found a package, box, (one step short of a crate) on my front porch. What the heck? Didn't order a short block! Or a Microwave oven. So I drag it in and start to open it up and start pulling out packing paper. Ended up with 2 strips of heavy packing paper that were each 35 feet long and 2 foot wide. That my friends is a lot of packing paper. So looking into the box I got the chuckles. Had to take some pics. Overkill has a new definition. So I'm still giggling at what the heck that package would have cost to ship. The postage weight on the box was 7 pounds. The part in it...... less than 3 lbs and would have fit in my mail box. So the next time you go to order a part that would fit in a regular envelope and they want $20.00 to ship it...... it's my fault. They are trying to make up the loss. Mike
  10. Ordered a couple Battery Tender Jr from Jafrum.com, on sale today for $17.99. $8.95 shipping on orders under $100. Did a little Christmas shopping get the free shipping. Read good reviews here about the company, some mixed reviews on other sites, will see if I get what I ordered.
  11. Sorry for starting another thread on this but want to make sure as many people see it as possible. Ad has been posted in classifieds - http://www.venturerider.org/classifi...p?product=4266 Previous thread - http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=72204 Hope it isn't confusing... but to explain. DO NOT DELAY in ordering your shirts as this will be a one time run with no extra shirts produced. 100% pre-shrunk white cotton shirts with a red maple leaf on the side (9" tall/9" wide), VR.org crest on the back, and up to 3 lines of text embroidered on the front (name, screen name, and city/province). If you prefer the maple leaf on the sleeve this is available as well. Cost of shirts including HST (including $2/shirt for use of VR.org crest) is : mens - $18.50 ; womens - $20.25 (based on 50 units ordered). Shipping charges - I went to the post office and had them give me pricing for shipping 2 shirts and 4 shirts to BC and Manitoba. To BC - $12.50 for 2, $15.25 for 4 To Manitoba - $10.25 for 2, $12.75 for 4 Use this pricing to give a fair approximation of shipping to your location. Eg. Saskatchewan/Nova Scotia use $11.50 for two shirts, $14 for four You can also go to canadapost.ca to calculate shipping charges - two shirts weigh 500g. When calculating your cost, multiply quantity times mens/ladies price based on cost shown, and add shipping. If paying by PayPal (use Personal/Gift), when you submit via PayPal there is an option for the sender to pay the fee or the seller.... please accept "sender pays" . If doing online banking and sending money via email (probably easiest way) your bank will charge you a small fee - usually $1.50 This is purely at cost with no profit coming to me. My costs are : - Screen printer (based on 50 shirts ordered) : mens shirt $14.35, womens shirt $15.85 plus HST - Freebird - use of crest - $2 per shirt - Shipping - based on price received from Canada Post with 7 day delivery For International orders (U.S., Australia, UK) send me info regarding how many shirts you would like and your address and I'll get a price from the Post Office on shipping charge before you submit payment. Personal hand delivery is available within a reasonable distance from Kitchener to eliminate shipping costs. Clear as mud? Any questions please post here. Once we get the total number of shirts to print figured out, I will have the screen printer run the shirts. DO NOT DELAY in ordering your shirts as this will be a one time run with no extra shirts produced. Mens and Ladies sized S/M/L/XXL Let me know mens/ladies, size, screen name, leaf on side or sleeve. Make sure both your first name and your wife's is included so if you are ordering a shirt for your spouse we can have her name on the shirt too. eg: Don XV1100SE Kitchener ON Nancy XV1100SE Kitchener ON ---------------------------- For those in the London to Toronto area, I'll set up meet & eats in Toronto area, Brantford, London/Woodstock for delivery of the shirts. I'll order the shirts in the next two weeks (August 24th) so delivery should be beginning of Sept. Anyone else with orders... let me know. My email address is dtohivsky@bell.net. Payment can be by bank email transfer or PayPal. Cheques accepted ... and of course cash ! Make sure you indicate your screen name !
  12. Anyone ever hear of Metric Parts Outlet in Rogers Ark? they have a R/R for $63.00 plus, 10.32 shipping.
  13. i just bought 12 pair. got them the other day, fast shipping. nice and toasty. made in USA! thought i would pass it along. hunters and stuff......http://www.ebay.com/itm/12-pr-Cabelas-20-Merino-Wool-Blend-Winter-Thermal-Socks-10-13-Gray-NWT-/360491837890?pt=US_Men_s_Socks&hash=item53eefce9c2.
  14. I need to order a pin from Bushtec that would fit in a priority box USPS for $5.95, They will only use fed ex or Ups. Sales claimed that they had no way to track packages with Post office???? Anyway for a $49 part They are wanting $14 shipping. I don't mind paying I just feel that this is gouging....
  15. I'm looking for a metric speedo for my '86 VR..........the odometer on the last one I bought does not work. If anyone has one let me know price and shipping to Australia please. Thanks Jim O'D.........
  16. I have searched and searched the forums and have read a lot on the three different choices we 2nd gens have (YSS, Hagon, & Works). 1. Has anyone ordered either a Hagon or Works with the remote adjuster? If so does it mount where the oem air valve goes? 2. Has anyone wish they had got the remote adjuster that did not get it? Edited: I have called all three companies and never mind my questions. They all so that they can not put a remote adjuster because it is to small of a shock. So that everyone has updated pricing this is what I was told. YSS: $499 + shipping take about 2-3 wks Works: $799 + shipping 3-4 wks Hagon USA: $399 for standard $469 for heavy duty FREE shipping 2-4wks Dave Quinn: Hagon shock $469 heavy duty + shipping (he said he couldnt really tell how long for shipping because he feels hagon in england is backed up so he said 5-8 wks. All shocks are rebuildable according to them as well.
  17. After redoing my 83, I decided to go back to the stock pipes instead of putting the Road King mufflers back on, so if anyone would like a set of RK pipes for their bike, they are theirs for the taking, just pay shipping I will even include the HD chrome clamps. I didnt pay for the pipes or the clamps, so I will pass them on for the cost of shipping. I will post some pics later this afternoon after I get off of work. They have not been drilled out they are still the way they came from the factory.
  18. BaggerShield's 2012 Memorial Day sale is here. Receive 10% off all windshields plus free 2-3 day shipping ($20-$30 value). Sale price can be combined with your 10% forum member discount for ultimate savings. If you haven't gotten your member code yet shoot me a PM and I'll get it to you right away. Click on the picture below to visit our website. http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb402/BaggerShield/MemorialDayVRO.jpg
  19. I have just ended the last 5 St. Jude auctions for the last items. When using PayPal please insure that your 1st choice of shirt size is listed along with a second choice, sizes I dont have are Small and XLarge. Also include your shipping address, and please mark your payment as a gift, so St. Jude gets the full amount of your bid. For those that won just the pins $1.00 shipping, and all other shipping is $5.00, via Priority Mail. There is and underscore in the email addy.... partin_guy partin_guy@yahoo.com Winners are........ 1.PKtexas...............2 pins........$15.50 2.Carbon One...........Shirt..........$16.00 3.Sleeperhawk..........Shirt & Pin...$15.00 4.Coles Grandpaw......Shirt & Pin...$26.00 Thanks to everyone for your support. [ATTACH]67659[/ATTACH]"Its all about the Kids"[ATTACH]67658[/ATTACH]
  20. Looks like I found us another good vendor. I ordered 2 baron style lenses, cost:$2.95 each plus shipping for a total of $11.90. I did this on April 21 2012. Order received today, no additional shipping, nothing extra but then I noticed on the shipping envelope that the cost of shipping came to $12.90. Now it cost them more to ship those 2 little lenses than what I paid for the whole issue. Yes,,, it took a while, about 4 weeks,,,, I'm not surprised, they're getting harder to find. Thanks goes out to: Outdoors in Motion, Rutland VT http://www.outdoors-in-motion.com/index.htm
  21. whew!! i took a chance on an ebay listing...it didnt say it was for a venture, but, it looked like the right seat. negotiated it for 150.00 plus shipping. its nice!! no rips, tears, scratches. the rear is much larger than the stock too. removable backrest, it also goes up and down. the backrest, that is.
  22. Does anyone have a "working" side horn for a 01 venture they would like to part with? Of course, I would reimburse or pay for shipping. Please PM me:) Jakbag
  23. The St. Jude auctions are now posted. T-shirts sizes Med, Lg, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL. St.Jude Pins, St. Jude Hats. Shipping is $5.00 with the exception of the Pin only auctions, shipping for those will be $1.00, Please remember to include your shirt size and shipping address when you submit your paypal payment. Also mark your payment as a donation or gift, that way St. Jude gets all the donation. And we will be riding to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tn. in late Sept. or early Oct. to make our donation in person. It wont be as large as last years donation, but we will have one to make. It is the ride I look forward to the most every year whether I go on the bike or in the van. Its always great seeing all the faces of our family getting together for such a wonderful cause, and you don't have to make a donation to make the ride, being there is showing your support also. I challenge each and every one of our members to show up for this ride, a big turnout would be fantastic. Thanks again to all my cheerleaders and all the great supporters we have here at VR. St. Jude Auctions
  24. I bid on the motorcycle covers(listed on Flea Bay) shown on the lower portion of the VRO home page. I thought what the heck and bid on all three. Well I won the bid for $0.01 each. Yeah that is a PENNY each, with $49.00 total for shipping the three. Don't know what I'll get, but 3 XXL covers for less than $50.00, what the heck!!!
  25. Last Chance to place orders. The window will close Sunday night 22 May. Width Size 3 1/2 inch 5 3/4 inch 7 inch 9 inch If you need a very specific size up to 15 inch wide, they can be made to your specific size request. Sample pricing is a single 7 inch patch will cost less than $10 including shipping. The pricing will be much better, for so far we have over 50 patches on this order. After Sunday I will get the prices and then contact each person of their cost including shipping.
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