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  1. I finally got off my butt and posted a few items for auction for the "Kids" at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We had a decent year last year with the awesome help of B2Dad & B2Mom raising about 70 % of the monies donated, and I am hoping this year we can do even better considering this year there will be a Tail of the Dragon/Vogel, and we raise quite a bit there, so dig deep, bid often. I have pics posted in the auctions but I will preview them here for everyone to see.
  2. Received a package from St. Jude today, in it were a plaque and a letter of thanks for our donation this year, thought I would share with the membership. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.
  3. Another way we can help St. Jude is by using the search engine at http://www.goodsearch.com. Every time you use it, it will donate to your charity of choice, of course everyone knows what my choice is. Check it out.
  4. Charlene and I just arrived home from a great visit to St. Jude. We didnt have a really big turnout, I think the weather hurt our attendance. We had as many NARR members as we did Ventureriders. We had 6 bikes and 4 vehicles. Our donation was a total of $4,220.00. Again each group had almost equal donations. Many thanks to the members of the North Alabama Road Riders for joining with us in our fundraising for the kids at St. Jude. As an added note we were shown a new video produced and filmed at St. Jude, its very moving and really shows the family spirit at St. Jude. K Bran has it posted in the watering hole. http://www.venturerider.org/modules/Jig/index.php
  5. Just a few more days an we will giving St. Jude a nice donation and then touring the facilities.
  6. 5 Days to St. Jude.........:dancefool:
  7. We are now under 2 weeks till our meet and eat in W. Memphis, Ark. From there we ride over in mass to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tn. to make our donation and tour both the Hospital and the Ronald Mc Donald house. Dont miss out on this great experience. All we ask is a small donation to help St. Jude in their research. I will have plenty of Cruisin' for St. Jude t-shirts for those attending and donating. We are meeting at the Flying J/Pilot Truck Stop that is located at the junction of I-40 & I-55 in West Memphis. We will be having lunch there before we go to the hospital. Looking forward to a good turnout for this special event. :Venture:
  8. For those that eat out on Monday anyway, and have a Chili's near by, they are donating all of today's profits to St Jude. Eat Hardy
  9. I just received a ton of St. Jude shirts from Jason Murphy that they had left over. Its to late to start auctions since we are going to St. Jude on the 6th of next month. What I would like to do is offer them up for donations. The shipping would be Priority Mail and the cost of that is $5.00. That will cover as many as I can stuff in the box, which is normally 3-4. Instead of starting a bidding war on them, a $10.00 donation per shirt plus a $5.00 for shipping up to 4 shirts would greatly increase our donation to St. Jude. So you can donate by paypal or you can snail mail a personal check to me. [ATTACH]71530[/ATTACH] Please note, if you use paypal I need shirt sizes and your mailing address. If you pay by check place a note with your sizes in the envelope.. If you plan on going to Memphis on Oct 6, you can pm me and let me know how many and what sizes and I will set them aside for you and get your donation there. Thanks to everyone for supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Paypal addy is partin_guy@yahoo.com Snail mail is ........ Lewis Cramer 160 Teal Pl. Newnan, Ga. 30263
  10. st. jude memphis trip is getting close. only one more month. looking forward to it as usual. who all is planning on going? it's a no brainer. can't wait to see my buddy lewis, and all my other friends down there. :clap2:
  11. Time to start planning on making the trip to Memphis, Tn, to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We will be making our presentation to the hospital of the monies we have raised this year. I need to get a count of how many are going and which facility they want to tour, the hospital or The Ronald Mc Donald House, both are fantastic places to see.
  12. The great folks at St. Jude called me yesterday and we set up a date for our annual ride to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The date is Oct. 6, 2012. We will meet at our usual place which is the Flying J Truck Stop in W. Memphis, Ark. We will meet there for 11:00 am that Sat. morning. We will have lunch there, then proceed over to St. Jude where they will be waiting for us to take a tour of the hospital and/or The Ronald McDonald House. If we have enough participation we will split the groups and tour the facility of your choice. I need to know how many members attending want to tour the hospital or the RM house. Here is the link to the poll to make your selection. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?p=688718#post688718 FLying J Truck Stop/Pilot 3400 Service Loop RD. 1-40 Exit 280/I-55 Exit 4 W. Memphis, Ark. Link to map: http://www.arkansasgasprices.com/map_gas_prices.aspx?z=11&lat=35.153890000000&long=-90.144200000000&sid=24080&tl=All
  13. I have just ended the last 5 St. Jude auctions for the last items. When using PayPal please insure that your 1st choice of shirt size is listed along with a second choice, sizes I dont have are Small and XLarge. Also include your shipping address, and please mark your payment as a gift, so St. Jude gets the full amount of your bid. For those that won just the pins $1.00 shipping, and all other shipping is $5.00, via Priority Mail. There is and underscore in the email addy.... partin_guy partin_guy@yahoo.com Winners are........ 1.PKtexas...............2 pins........$15.50 2.Carbon One...........Shirt..........$16.00 3.Sleeperhawk..........Shirt & Pin...$15.00 4.Coles Grandpaw......Shirt & Pin...$26.00 Thanks to everyone for your support. [ATTACH]67659[/ATTACH]"Its all about the Kids"[ATTACH]67658[/ATTACH]
  14. When I posted this last set of auctions, I put a reserve of $10.00 on them, that way if they didnt make reserve they would automatically relist, what I didnt know was when they relisted it did so for anywhere from 160 days down to 58 days, I will not let them run that long, all the auctions that are still open will be ending this Saturday, May 26. So you still have a little time to bid, this is the end of the shirts, pins and hats. I wont have any more for a while. I have a source that may have some leftover and I will see if I can get them, if I do I will post and so the auctions differently. Thanks for all your support of the kids at St. Jude. With the money you folks have bid and the very very nice check that the B2's presented me with at their M&E, we will have a very nice donation, nothing approaching last years, but a respectable one, which we will be presenting in person in late Sept. or early Oct. Thanks again to everyone who donated, bid, and supported St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.:clap2::clap2:
  15. Well the auctions will be over in a little over a day..........out of the 11 auctions, only 3 are bid on, and only 1 is over $0.25. Thats right 25 cents.........I guess everyone has all the St. Jude items they need...........The way things are going this year with the fund raising due to the economy, price of gas and so forth and so forth, I may me mailing the donation in instead of making the ride to St. Jude. Maybe I need to come up with something special, one of a kind item to auction, but that will mean spending money to make money and to me at this time its a really big gamble. I do want to thank everyone who has donated and participated in the St. Jude fundraisers.
  16. Reminder, Check out the Cruzin for St. Jude Auctions. There is only 3 days left, I believe. Lewis needs more action in the auction. There are T Shirts, pins and hats waiting to be bid on. Help this great cause, just because you care about the children. Yama Mama
  17. The St. Jude auctions are now posted. T-shirts sizes Med, Lg, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL. St.Jude Pins, St. Jude Hats. Shipping is $5.00 with the exception of the Pin only auctions, shipping for those will be $1.00, Please remember to include your shirt size and shipping address when you submit your paypal payment. Also mark your payment as a donation or gift, that way St. Jude gets all the donation. And we will be riding to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tn. in late Sept. or early Oct. to make our donation in person. It wont be as large as last years donation, but we will have one to make. It is the ride I look forward to the most every year whether I go on the bike or in the van. Its always great seeing all the faces of our family getting together for such a wonderful cause, and you don't have to make a donation to make the ride, being there is showing your support also. I challenge each and every one of our members to show up for this ride, a big turnout would be fantastic. Thanks again to all my cheerleaders and all the great supporters we have here at VR. St. Jude Auctions
  18. I still have a pretty good quantity of shirts, but the sizes are limited to Large, Med, 2X Large, 3X Large & 4X Large, I forgot I had the 4 XLarge, so they weren't listed in the last auctions, I also have a few hats left and some pins. I will post a couple of auctions with 1 of each, and a couple with 2 items and the rest as singles. Remember, the Kids at St Jude are the real winners when all is said and done, this money goes a long way to helping them fight and find cures for all the different forms of cancer they have to deal with.
  19. I just got back from meeting alazzurra aka Tim Mobley, he is in Atlanta for business and while here he purchased a 93 Venture. He was in need of some headsets for it, and I had posted about having a couple of sets for sale and he got the 2nd set. He was really excited about getting his first 1st Gen. He did it because his wife wasn't comfortable on his Ducati... Great new member looking forward to meeting up with him again, he lives in Memphis, and his son is also a patient at St. Jude. I expect we will be seeing them in Oct. when we make our yearly ride to St. Jude. Please give him a warm welcome.:clap2:
  20. The action for St Jude auctions has been slow, not a whole lot of competitive bidding going on, get in on the action, the kids at St. Jude would really appreciate it. And if your bidding and want more than the one shirt and pin in the auction, just let me know if you want more than the one and you can just match your winning bid for each one.........winning bid is $6.00, multiply your bid by how many you want, its that easy. No need to bid on several auctions. Thanks to all that help support the "Kids" at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Don't forget we will be meeting in Memphis in early Oct. to make our donation in person. I will be posting the actual date in the next week or so after I talk to the folks at St. Jude. This is a great chance to get out and meet some great folks from VR and St. Jude. The turnout last year was fantastic and hoping for the same again this year. You can click on this link here on when it appears at the top of the VR page, or just go to the Classified section, St. Jude Auctions.
  21. New auctions have been posted in the classifieds for St. Jude. Shirts and pins. Bid often and bid High, remember this is for the kids at St. Jude Children's Hospital. [ATTACH]64990[/ATTACH][ATTACH]64991[/ATTACH] :mo money:
  22. I am going to try something new.......instead of posting auctions for all this stuff I have, and more coming from Jason, lets try this, I think it will work faster and make everyone happy. If you want one of these items send me a pm telling me what you want. It will cost you $5.00 for the USPS priority mail shipping, plus a donation for the kids at St. Jude. At least make your donation a minimum of $5.00 for each item you want, you can make a larger donation, which would be fantastic, so if you want one of each , pin, shirt, hat, that would be $15.00 donation and $5.00 for shipping. Now I have plenty of shirts and about 30 pins, 15 hats, so pm me first before you paypal to make sure I have what you want. I will respond to all the om's after we return from our cruise which will be Feb 23. So don't forget this is for the Kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. :mo money::mo money:
  23. St. Jude Auctions Now open :mo money::mo money:St. Jude Auctions:mo money::mo money:
  24. I thought everyone would get a great feeling about what we do for the kids at St. Jude. I posted a picture of part of our group with a young patient there, and this is what his mother posted on facebook. Misty Dawn Shields I really wish that we were able to thank every single person that has every donated money to St.Jude. I feel each one, no how much they gave, has had a roll in saving Brayden's life. I have looked back on the EOB's from our insurance company and within the past year his treatmeant has cost probably close to half a million dollars or more. We could have never came up with that on our own. Everytime the boys see donors visiting the hospital they want to take pictures with them because to us they are Heros and Heroines (even angels)! Superman has nothng on St.Jude Donors!!!! Thank you all! Like · · 4 hours ago ·
  25. Our weekend started being fun after Missy and Dana showed up from NC, they were riding with us to St. Jude. That night we threw some steaks on the grill and had a great relaxing meal. We sat up and talked VR and bikes till about 11:30, even though we had to be up at 3:00 am to leave for Memphis. We didnt take the bikes but still had a great time. When we arrived at the Flying J, there were already 4 bikes waiting for us at 10:30 am, and among them was this huge trike, it used to be a VW powered trike, but he wanted a bigger engine so he stretched the frame and body and installed a Chevy 302 ci engine in it. Shortly thereafter they started arriving, p/u trucks, suv's, bikes, cars, and a couple of 2 seat convertibles. The NARR group had 25 1/2 people and we had 24 1/2 people, Jason Murphy is a member of both so we split him. You know VR members aren't the only ones with some crazies, they have their share for such a small group. We had a great time with them. Hope they make it again next year. We had a great lunch at Denny's then rode over to St. Jude with 21 bikes and all those cages. It was a pretty impressive sight all those bikes and cages with their flashers going, nobody got lost getting there. The folks a St. Jude were ready for us with 4 tour guides and a big check which they filled in with the info for the pics. I presented them with some t shirts from Vogel and they like them so much, they might use some of the design on some of their shirts. The tour was great, and we even got to meet a young patient and have our pic taken with him. After the tour a bunch of us went down to Tunica a made some donations to Mississippi's economy via a couple of casino's. The weather was absolutely beautiful and nothing could spoil our mood even loosing at the casino's didnt bother us. This was the most special trip to St. Jude, it ranks right up there with the ride in 2007, when Mean Dog rode with us. Folks, if you have never been to a VR event, this is one you really, really need to attend, you will come away with a tear in your eye and a lump in your throat. This place is special and so are the people that work there and volunteer there. Next year we will likely tour the Ronald McDonald house....... Thanks to everyone, who participated!!!!! ;
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