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  1. I think the sign says it all.
  2. I'm interested in converting my RSV to a trike. Who makes Kits that I can install at home? Beside Triwing and Voyager? Any input on things is appreciated.
  3. My work sent me to Tampa for the week and behind my room is a pair of Bald Eagles I left my tripod home so these are fuzzy but awsome to see these big birds.
  4. Who would have ever thought that an old geezer like me,, riding a fun loving - beat up old bike like Tweeks and toting around a pretty young lady like my wife, Tippy, could cause so much trouble and yet, be blessed so richly by doing so.. Boy Scout philosophy was really popular back when I was growing up,, you know what am talking about,, help old ladies cross the road,, take a bath once in while, learn to tie your own shoes early in life, pup tent camping creates character, living on campfire cooked hotdogs IS gormet cooking and all that.. I was never a Scout BUT,, a lot of their basic principals of life seem to of somehow attached themselves to me. As a matter of fact, the only Scout principle that seems to have really eluded me thru the years is one that involves "planning" and being "prepared". For some reason, especially when it comes to motorcycle touring,,, the terms "planning" and being "prepared" have never seemed to fit into the scheme of things for me.. I tried "planning" and being "prepared" once for a cross country motorcycle trip and it was a total flop. On that trip, I ended up losing track of my cousin and Brother In Law out in Sturgis South Dakota and wound up riding home alone.. Not that this was so bad for yours truly as I really am OK being by myself and traveling alone BUT, it was my cousins first cross country tour and he didnt really appreciate it... Its all ok now, we are still good friends BUT,, he learned as I did - splitting up, making plans to be somewhere at a certain time on a certain day is a disaster waiting to happen.. Far superior (and a whole lot more fun) to this method of travel is one that a good friend of mine - YammerDan - creatively calls "Chasing The Front Wheel" or what I will acronyze here as CTFWing... A key to being successful in CTFWing is avoiding planning and being prepared at all costs,, at least in my book... All that said, and in total appreciation for and in acceptance of YammerDans "CTFWing",, Tip, Tweeks and I set out for Sturgis SD via Glacier National Park via Skull Valley Utah via Frisco via a place called "The Dalles" Oregon via Mt St Helens via Portland via Redding California via Sonora Pass via Area 51 via the Grand Canyon via Jerome Az via Roswell NM via Big Bend NP via BikerJohn's and Squids house in Texas via our house in Muskegon Mi,,,, all with no map - no GPS - no watch and a half a tank of gas... Its the end of May 2014 and its ride time... Tweeks sat on the slab out front of our home,, patiently waiting while we locked the doors and hid the key (this year I hid the key in in my wallet - last year, trying to be smart and be PREPARED for returning home, I hid the key somewhere around the outside of our house and, when we got home from a couple months on the road I couldnt remember where I had hid it - I had to remove an air conditioner to break into our own home - NOT FUN AT 3 AM!!!).. Tweeks always looks so pretty with a pup tent strapped on her back, what a doll!! After getting lost in Chicago cause we didnt have a map and finally figuring out that a friend of mine named MarCarl, who had promised he would give us directions and cook us a burger if we got lost, was not gonna show up, I got my internal compass back in line and just headed south... By doing so, we found ourselves crossing into Missouri,, thats a State in my home country of the United States in case one of you readers didnt know.. It started getting later in the day and I started remembering protocol for survival while attempting CTFWing,, that being - its best to find a place to camp before dark or you will probably end up sleeping in a Cemetery or camped in a Walmart Parking lot or something.. As we pulled into this little town down in Missouri I could SMELL a National Forest.. The whiskers on the tips of my mustache twitched like a freshly wacked tuning fork as we drove thru this quaint little place.. I eyeballed the railroad tracks that ran thru it and knew,, if nothing else,, their had to be a hideaway left over from the Gangster Days along those tracks, if nothing else... Tip noticed a small sign (besides being cute she is also a great Nav - astute follower of CTFWing too) just outside this little town that said something like "Mark Twain Nation Forest Historical Site, 10 miles" with an arrow pointing down a dirt two track. Well bust my britches if ol Tweeks didnt just instantly turn that direction!! Getting lost while following dirt roads inside of a National Forest in a State called Missouri in the dark is only one of the great adventures of CTFWing... After dark, places like Missouri in the USA can take on some pretty creepy feelings, I had heard that the ghosts of Will Munny, Al Capone and Baby Face Nelson haunt these places (think thats weird - ya oughta camp with me sometime).. We finally found the Historical spot located on a small stream about 8 miles in,, it would have been a great place to camp but there were signs everywhere that said NO CAMPING and there was also a suspicious looking Green truck with an emblem on the side of it parked in the little parking lot,,, we nonchalantly mustered on by - mumbling between us like a couple of tourist so as not to draw attention.. About a mile up the two track, over looking what appeared to be a valley of some sort (hard to tell in the dark), was a little pull off that had a sign on it that said "Puc and Tippy camp here" (not really,, but we pulled in anyway).. Took an extra couple minutes for us to reacclamate to tossing the tent up in the dark but we did it,, slept like a couple southern hound dogs in the hay laying there looking up at that gorgeous Mark Twain Missouri sky.. The next morning I snapped a few pics, packed up and we headed down the hill,, so to speak.. The creek I had mentioned earlier flowed down stream (most creeks do, unless you go out east and look for "Tidal Bores" - you only find those in creeks out east - the water flows both ways there, creating ripples they call Tidal Bores -- sorry, got side tracked trying to teach ya something) in the general direction we were headed.. After a couple miles we came to this little paved area that wasnt sandy like the rest of the road, stopped to take a short video and listen to the birds sing.. This was a good example of the beauty that Mark Twain may have noticed when he was playing around in the forests of Missouri, a State found in the USA.. Breathing in the fresh air, being there with my best friend while touring the country on a beat up ol Yamaha called Tweeks sure gave me a feeling that fun times were in store for us and real adventure was about to begin!! End of part 1..
  5. Ok I'm home safe. Everyone be careful. I had a blast! More with pics later. Mods, if you would add 2015 to the title. Thanks in advance. AD
  6. I stopped for gas today after a short fast run down the interstate, when I was idling waiting for a pump the left pipe starts backfiring. When I got home one of the the left carb boots had raw gas running down it. What is tke likely cause and repair. Thanks
  7. It never ends, this shinola. Wanted to do a 50-miler today to start working up to a road trek, weather cooperating, up in the 50s. Left the house, went two miles to a gas station. As I was coasting up to the pump she just unceremoniously up and quit. Like I hit the kill switch. After the fork rebuild, triple tree grease job, clutch slave cylinder replace and assorted small jobs it also did this after it warmed up the first time. Just sitting in the driveway idling, then it just died. Ran the battery down trying to start it, so put the charger on and it fired off again after a couple minutes. Figured the battery had gotten down in the cold and down time since before Christmas and that it didn't leave enough juice for ignition. Then today it happened again. I have started my flyaway kit and had a socket set and a combo screwdriver in the trunk, so removed the top cover to look at the fuses and connections again. I know I have a broken spade on the ignition fuse, but it also controls the starter, which spins just fine. Tried wiggling wires and anything I could reach while cranking, no luck. Decided maybe it was a charging issue so I unplugged the headlight, put everything together again and suited up, just in case, hoping that maybe there would be enough volts without the headlight to get back home. She fired up, so I hopped on and prayed that the 3 lights between me and home would be green. They were, and I made it a mile before she quit again. Pushed it to a school parking lot, and this time I pulled the tail light bulbs. JUST TO GET HOME Y'ALL!! Anyway, she fired back up and I made it within 3 houses of home. Do-able. I've looked at everything including: the emergency cutoff switch, the side stand switch and relay, the wiring to the fuse block and TCI (Ignitech), I have a Radioshack digital meter but I'm beginning to suspect its voracity. Rode around the block for about 10 minutes with it hooked to the battery. I get 13.5 volts idling, then it drops to around 13.1 around 3000 rpm. Dash gauge shows the drop, too. I checked the resistance on the pickup coils and got 136, 272,272, and 267 ohms respectively, book says should be 110± 10%. So those are way off. Think I'll cruise by Radio Shack and see if they can check the accuracy of my meter... So there you have it, sorry for the long post. I've looked for corrosion and loose or broken wires. Battery is right at a year old and freshly serviced with acid. Still suspecting it's a charging problem the way the voltmeter is acting. I haven't check the voltage regulator yet but that's my next step. Thanks for your help! Richard
  8. From Nashville home... GORGEOUS ride, colors were beautiful, perfect day to ride. We started out eating at the Loveless Cafe and then hitting the road.we had a heavy coat then went light jacket, then Short sleeve. It was so NICE!!! Kinda funny I've ridden the trace many times both ways, but saw things I've never seen . I told my wife it was almost like riding it for the 1st time.
  9. How do I find members who live in my home state?
  10. After waiting 4 months I finally received my Polaris Slingshot today. I've only driven it about 50 miles so far but what a thrill. Open cockpit experience with lots of comfort. Had a good day weather wise to be able to drive rather than trailer it home. Hopefully the weather will stay nice enough to get in a few more rides before winter really kicks in. Larry
  11. When I retired three years ago, my wife and I bought a new home and left behind a conventional hot tub, at our old home. We enjoyed it for 15 years and then got rid of it because of age and the fact that we no longer were excited to be going out in 15 degree F weather to use it outside on the patio, in the winter. We have been discussing getting a new one for our home but don't want to put it outside due to the expense of keeping it heated in our Western NY winters. I have seen advertisements for the new inflatable spas and tubs and thought we could use one outdoors in the summer and then move it into our basement in the winter so that we could use it year round. Do any members have one of these units and use it indoors in the winter and what are the drawbacks about the moisture level in a heated basement? Any and all comments and thoughts (both pro and con) would be appreciated. As I mentioned, I have owned one for many years, so I am familiar with the operation and chemicals, etc.. Just not sure about the moisture in an enclosed heated basement. Jim
  12. Mid 40's in southeastern MI today, so around noon I took off for a ride. I had been wanting to get some saddle time in on the new-to-me pillow top seats and put the rebuilt fuel pump through an extended test ride. Heck, those are just excuses.....I just wanted to ride. After the first 15 or 20 minutes, I pulled over in Marine City to check the fuel pump leaking gas and all was good. So, like a good VR always should, I snapped a pic of the bike. Notice the grey sky and the dampness of the concrete. The roads were a bit damp in places, dry in others. I continued on along M-29 through St. Clair and north toward Marysville. From there I went through places such as Smiths Creek, Wadhams, Goodells, and Memphis, as I made my way to Capac. I went up into town to see what was going on and turned back toward home, stopping for gas having gone 100.2 miles so far. Away from the towns, I had the roads mostly to myself. You know, time to stop in the middle of the road for a photo op. I backtracked only as far as Memphis and from there went toward Richmond so I could take a different way home. Cuz you aren't supposed to do much backtracking! From there I zig-zagged to and fro on two lane roads to extend the miles rather than head home on a direct path. I ended up on M-29 again, but almost 20 miles south of home base. I was riding along Lake St Clair, and the late afternoon sun had finally made a brief appearance, so I pulled over for another pic. By the time I got to my street, I was at 196 miles, so of course I went up the road for 2 more miles and then came back and was at 200.3 when I parked in the garage. It was a good day! I love this pic!
  13. Well it only took 2 years of negotiating but it is finally mine. Well sort of. I bought it, I paid for it, now I just have to get it off the 4th floor that it is on and then get it home and then into my basement (I have no garage). It will eat up 4 ft x 6 ft of floor area in my tiny little basement. It is a Brown and Sharp No.2 (B?)
  14. Baby Boomers Hope this works, funny and hits close to home
  15. I have made some updates to our pic gallery to add a slide show type presentation. Unfortunately, there are some bugs and I see that I'm getting errors when I try it with IE and not all albums display the slideshows. I will work on it more later but probably when I get home from vacation next week. Just wanted you to know that I am aware of it.
  16. Having been born in Brooklyn in 1955 and leaving there in 1990 for Florida I thought maybe a nice visit back home would be nice. So, we took a plane up to NYC last week for 4 days vacation and our anniversary. Never again. While the food was still the best, you sure do pay for it. We also rented a car. The roads are just as lousy if not worse then I remember. Driving around was akin to being in a Mad Max movie and im not making this up. I must have had 10 close calls in those 4 days. Parking is abysimal. Double parking is rampant. You pay for parking through the nose. Maybe I have been gone from there too long but people are just plain rude. And some of the old neighborhoods are now looking like some other country. Flushing Queens now looks like any street in Hong Cong and I dont just mean the people. The stores all have the bright garish signs that you see in shots of Hong Cong. Jackson Heights reminds me of some third world area. Buildings are stuck just about anywhere with no thought given to its surroundings. My old hang-outs like Pizza City and the big Bow-Wow in Howard Beach are all gone. White Castle dont taste the same. Many cars now sport BumperBully's, a rubber drape that covers your rear bumper so the idiot parking behind you dont scratch your bumper when he hits it, and he will. Laguardia Airport looks like it should be condemned. Its filthy. Guess im used to clean places now. Jax and Baltimore airports are spotless. Some good points: SouthWest airlines was first rate. Hotel was good. We stopped for lunch at Katz' Deli in lower Manhattan on Houston street. Paid 3 bucks to park for 1 hour and 15 bucks for a Pastrami on rye. But, this sandwich was the bomb. If you have never eaten a steamed pastrami or corned beef sandwich you dont know what your missing.Had some great Spumoni Ice Cream at Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, TWICE!! (eat your heart out Tom!) Maspeth Pizza is still the best and Palermos Italian Pastries, well, you know:smile5:...3 boxes of italian pastries barely made it home in the luggage. The cannolis were totaled but with the help of a spoon, tasted great. We spent some time with relatives and other then the above things all was well. I resorted to some of my old language while driving though. And to think that I drove a tractor trailer in this mess for 15 years. No wonder im nuts..... Even Jean was glad we're back home as was the "kids". Next vacation will be someplace with a view, balcony, kitchenette and maybe an ocean for good measure. Florida Keys maybe or a mountain cabin in NC. OK, ill go to bed now.....
  17. BradT

    New Home

    Well we finally made it. With all the issues we had earlier this year, Rhonda and I finally got moved into to our new home. IT was not easy and we both went through a lot. I want to thank Brooke and Matthew for moving all the stuff we have and not complaining too much. And of Course Rhonda for putting up with my crankyness over the last few months. (Love you) Brad
  18. Wednesday we drove out to Greensboro NC, Muffin had to be at the hospital for 6 am and it's a 4 hr ride. His surgery started at 7:40 and lasted 2.5 hrs, then recovery about as long. Here's a pic of his foot all wrapped up pretty on the ride home yesterday. I have a few more pics I'll add just have to scan them. The doc gave them to me when he came out to chat after the surgery. Boy he was young looking. Jeff had DeNovo surgery, he had an accident at work in April it killed the cartilege in his ankle. The surgery uses donor tissue to replace what you've lost. The doc said it was more extensive then he thought. So Muffin is on his butt for about 6 wks, in 2 we got back to the docs office. So no bike riding for him, but it could have been worse. Just can't seem to convince him of that. Anyway thought I'd let you all know. It's been a long year so far since this all started. Once this is all over he can go back to work. I'm really really looking forward to that day. Margaret
  19. Hi everyone. Until last Friday I had been riding a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard C50 that I purchased new. Nice bike, but no matter what I did to it (batwing, mustang seats, hard bags, etc.) I just wasn't able to turn a cruiser into a comfortable long distance bike. I made several trips from my home in northern Indiana to my former home in Lexington, Ky on the C50. 4.5 hr trip and I would be mentally and physically exhausted upon arrival. I knew I needed something bigger and more road worthy. I was thinking used Gold Wing and began watching the Craigslist ads. I kept seeing a 1983 Venture Royale in immaculate condition popping up and there was just something about this bike that I liked. Long story short, I listed my C50 on the Chicago craigslist thursday morning and delivered it to a guy in Kankakee, Illinois on friday afternoon. I was back in Lafayette by 4pm and had the Venture in my garage by 7pm. Things were working out! I took it out saturday and made a 300 mile ride up to the Indiana Dunes area by Michigan city for lunch. The bike performed flawlessly and even after riding 6 plus hours and 300 miles I was completely relaxed and felt great when I got home. Some friends think I'm crazy for selling a almost new bike and buying a 30 year bike but I'll tell you I couldn't be happier. I'm aware of the 2nd gear issue and hope to learn more from the tech forums. Any advice on maintenance or things to watch for would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting other Venture riders in my area. Thanks. Greg. http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o196/TSM01/IMAG0127.jpg http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o196/TSM01/IMAG0126-1.jpg http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o196/TSM01/IMAG0128.jpg http://http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o196/TSM01/IMAG0127.jpg http://http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o196/TSM01/IMAG0125.jpg http://http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o196/TSM01/IMAG0128.jpg
  20. Has anyone ever seen the entire fuel gauge flash on and off, like two flashes- pause, then flash again? My bike died the other day while riding home about a mile from work with the gauge flashing. It was like someone turned the key off. No sputtering or anything, just died, with all the electrical components still on. I pulled over, turned the key off, back on, fired it up and came on home without any incident. Any thoughts? Thanks, Creole
  21. Does anyone have any experience with an overbuilt lift I am thinking of buying this for my motor home. http://treasure.craigslist.org/rvs/3466103809.html
  22. Well Mini and I went to New York for Christmas with her family as we do every year and when I got home I noticed that there was one empty parking space in the yard. Has anyone seen a white 12 wing that is missing a fat guy on it? As some of you know I had surgery on my left ankle on 12-6 and the doctor said that I would be off the foot for as long as 4 months depending on how well it heals.So I dont even look over to the bike parking area.No need to depress myself. I think I know who has the wing but am not sure Hopefully my bike will be at the annual even though I will be in a cage with the foot in a boot that I cant walk on. Keep your eyes open and let me know if yall see my bike Depressed grounded fat man (jeff)
  24. I'm 150 miles from home and turned my jacket on and zip, zero,nada. Third time I've used it. After I got home and thawed out, I checked for power, got juice. I go to take the controller apart, but I don't have a phillips small enough. I get on internet and look for controller, Out of stock. Anyone know where I might find one? Thanks Richard
  25. With the Holidays upon us I would like to share a personal experience with my friends about drinking and driving. As you may know some of us have been known to have brushes with the authorities from time to time on the way home after a “social session” out with friends. Well two days ago I was out for an evening with friends and had several cocktails followed by some rather nice white wine. Feeling jolly I still had the sense to know that I may be slightly over the limit. That’s when I did something that I’ve never done before – I took a cab home. Sure enough on the way home there was a police road block but since it was a cab they waved it past. I arrived home safely without incident. This was a real surprise as I had never driven a cab before, I don’t know where I got it and now that it’s in my garage I don’t know what to do with it.
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