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  1. Thanks for the replies. 99% sure door seal is good and it is closed. (checked that). There is little water in the drain pan at the back so freezing is a possibility. The freezer is a slide out which is bigger pain to get into than the door I had left at the other house. It had a similar problem but was iced up behind the plastic panel on the coils. It needed some timer, but the repair man fixed that one. Going away tomorrow (holiday) so the fridge is waiting a few weeks until get some time to look at it unless it breaks worse than it is now Brad
  2. Keeps everything cold and freezes water to ice cubes. Just over two years old. Not even sure the warranty that came with it. Assume for 30 bucks each part it is still cheaper than a service man LOL Thanks for the comments. Would you happen to know where these parts are located and or how to test them. (just re read and I will check you tube) BRad
  3. Thought I would ask here if someone can assist with an appliance. Have a 22 cuft Kitchenaid fridge, with freezer on the bottom. I have been getting ice build up on the inside at the bottom of the fridge. No water liners for ice maker pretty sure that is not the problem LOL. I have recently cleaned out the dust from the front and rear twice with a shop vac. The last time I used the air gun and blew it out from all sides. Seems like cleaning is not helping as much and the ice is starting to build up quicker. Any ideas what to look for would be helpful before I call a service person in. Thanks Brad
  4. This one works. You sure will get a lot of opinions and in some cases decent advice, just need to get through the BS HAHA Brad
  5. Would love to join you but the next week may not work. Late in the week maybe or on the long weekend if your around. Can you send an email with the phone would like to call if we are able to make it. Don't forget Anna Maes on your way Brad
  6. Ground wire came off the inside casing of the light for me, had to solder it back on then was good to go. Sarge did you try and shut the riding lights off to see if it helped ? Brad
  7. Real fast as well, Glad to hear your okay
  8. Too add to your theory. My 99 had no issues at all with over 80k miles. The 08 I just replaced the fuel pump with 40,000 miles and the points looked exactly like the photo. I hit reserve a lot more with the 99 than I did with the 08. Brad
  9. Has to be a better way to get money for it. Glad your okay, and thanks for the reminder. Brad
  10. That is Naugh-T's sister Roma, most likely in Kitchener at BBQ place near the highway. Yup be Kenny, another American not Canadian Bob LOL Brad
  11. Probably can not make it Wed this week. Going out of town for the day . Brad
  12. If you bought one of those bolt on trike kits you could be riding by now. Didn't think it through very well this time did yah ! All the best Gary Brad
  13. Hey Bob once it gets fixed don't let it sit so long.....Got more than 4k miles since mid May. I would be looking at the ignition circuit. Not exactly sure where but that is where I would go next. Good luck Hope you get it going soon. Brad
  14. I thought the stebel draws 18 amps which if you have more than one horn on one relay or one fuse block you are going to have an issue. The relay is there to protect the switch from the current but overloading the relay is going to damage the relay, the same as it would damage the switch. Brad
  15. I too saw the word Immediatly HAHA I am sure he sends the payment in each time Brad
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