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  1. I am Sonny Rattan. I have been a member of VR.org for quite a few years now. I ride a 2006 custom RSTD. I made the Yamaha Venture and RSTD facebook group quite a while ago. The goal of the facebook page, is two fold, first to give all Venture and RSTD riders and fans, a page and presence on facebook, and secondly to introduce them to this site. Believe it or not, there are many Venture and RSTD riders who don't know about this site. That is evident from the amount of people who find the facebook group, and show up here, or send me messages. I am glad to introduce them to the site, that has been such a great help to me. A separate facebook group for Venturerider.org, would only be found by people who alread knew about this site, my facebook group is about people who like the bikes first. It is a fan page of the bikes. I was asked to change the name of the group somehow, it is called "Yamaha Royal Star Venture and Tour Deluxe Fans, and Owners" Which I would assume would encompass all of you on facebook. I think the name is appropriate for what it is. Don is the admin of the group, I asked him about it before I did it. Not sure why anyone wants to change it.
  2. I was going to suggest looking in the Yellow pages under Barbers/Hairstylists.
  3. Bob and Becky are two fantastic people. Bob has always been very helpful any time I needed to send parts his way. He has even brought them up here when he visits sometimes. A great guy, and a good friend. Her certainly embodies the spirit of brotherhood. Cheers to you Bob!!
  4. Glad you liked them! We are already planning for next year, so book your holidays 3rd week of Sept!! We can meet you on the way and add you to the group!
  5. I noticed on our trip to NC that mine was super stiff. Charlie told me that I need to clean it. I guess road grime and crap gets in the pivot area, causing resistance. WD-40 it, move it a few times, spray the crap out, and then grease it. Greasing it without cleaning it out, will not allow the grease to penetrate. The riding in the rain issue, is most likely because the road spray is dislodging some of the crud. Give it a try.
  6. I have started to upload some pics from our trip. Here is the album http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=328683&id=612305200&l=6d7f28bf77 please have a look. More pics will be added as I get them from the guys. If you are already on Facebook, please add me!! And don't forget to join the Venture group there too. Search Yamaha Venture and Royal Star Tour Deluxe on facebook to find it. Enjoy!!! There are some fantastic shots, and you can read about the rescue we were involved with.
  7. Sorry for the delay, but getting back to a full work load and appointments was a bit overwhelming. I agree with the guys, the trip was great. Definately doing it again next year. We have booked our stay again at the 2 wheel inn. I for one can reccomend this place. Every room has an individual motorycle garage to store your bike. Next year I think we are going to go for 6 days instead of 5, to get more time to ride the local roads in NC, which to some, would be even better than the dragon. The ride to the beer store was 16 miles of long sweeping curves (50 - 60 mph) and lots of opportunities to twist the wrist and giddyup, not that I ever went over the speed limit of course . I think with good planning, we could wind up with 16 of us next year. Lots of details to come, but start booking your holidays now!. Thanks again to my trip mates for all the good times. Sonny
  8. Day 1 of our ride is over. What a great trip so far, even with the rain we are getting. I spent some time planning the route with mapsource and uploaded it to the zumo. Some of the nicest riding roads I have been on, and the guys agreed Right now we are having breakfast in Flatwoods WV, then looking at a soggy ride south. We stayed at the luxurious Motel 79, in Burnsville WV (sense the sarcasm) Avoid It, keep going South 1 more exit to find nicer places. The company is fantastic, riding with good riders, and good people Makes it all a great experience. We should be in NC before supper. For the ladies on the forum, look forward to a photo of Dragerman in his shorts. That's all for now, my breakfast is getting cold
  9. We leave Monday morning at 9 am. Taking secondary roads to NC, leisurely ride, unrushed, with good friends. I am sure there will be lots of pics to come.
  10. Once again this year I will be participating in the Ontario B.E.A.T Cancer Ride (Bikers Ending All Types of cancer) I want to let our local members know about the ride, which will taking place Sept 27, 2009. The ride starts from Turtle Jack's on Fairview street in Burlington. Registration is 9:30 am. Last year I was on the executive committee for this ride, and raised over $3500 for the cause. This year I was not able to participate in that capacity, however I still will be riding for the cause. I have a personal page set up with the cancer society where you can find details about the ride, and more importantly you can pledge a few dollars online to the ride. Every little bit helps. I hope some of our local members will be able to join me that day for the ride, and I am hopeful that some of you will be generous, and help me raise some funds for a great cause, that touches far too many of us very close to home. The link to my site is below. Thank you, Sonny http://convio.cancer.ca/goto/sonnyrattan
  11. That is too bad, maybe we can hook up next time. Anyone else along the way from Ontario to the Dragon that wants to meet up? Our plan is to take a day and a half to get there, and same back. We are not driving straight through, we plan to stop and smell the roses, and see some local scenery too.
  12. Could your tires be out of balance? I put a new rear tire on recently, and put dynabeads in both front and rear tires. I found a noticeable improvement in vibration dampening immediately. I am a believer. Now if I get extended tire life, as advertised, I will be a lifelong customer. Just putting this out there. Good luck figuring out the vibes.
  13. We had our first meeting about the trip tonight, Dragerman, Greener and myself met up and discussed the basics of the ride. We are leaving the 21st, returning the 25th. We are going to take a leisurely pace down, 1 1/2 days, arriving in TN on 22nd. Riding the dragon, and other recommended routes for 2 days, departing the 24th, arriving back in Ontario on the 25th. If anyone wants to hook up with us, either on the way, or while we are at Deals Gap, please let us know. One of the things we talked about tonight, is the VR assistance page, and we will be taking numbers for the trip, hopefully not needing them, but hope to meet some of you along the way. There is 5 of us so far, (1 is a most likely maybe) so there is still room. Feel free to email me, or message me here to get involved with the planning. Sonny
  14. Ok, the date approaches that we have planned for our trip. I think a meeting would be in order to hash out details. I think this Friday (Sept 11) would be good. I want to find a central location for everyone, so if you are still interested in this adventure, let me know. Sonny
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