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  1. I have a '99 Royal Star 4 into 4 exhaust, I have found a hitch but as another option was wondering if I could get a hitch and 2 fender rails from a Venture or RSTD and use those. Are the rails strong enough to use alone without the exhaust support brackets and will the mounting holes on the fender be the same (9 1/4 in.)? This site is a wealth of info, thanks Michael.
  2. I purchased a set of saddle bag lid rails from SOMEBODY???? on the forum last year. To save on shipping they were sent to Bongobobny and he brought them up to MarCarl's in Brantford. Paysaw got them off Carl figuring he was a bit closer...but I just never had a reason to go there. FINALLY, Ray (Paysaw) was coming out this way and I met him and his lady at a Tim's in Kingston. Unfortunately it was a very brief meeting...but it was nice to put a face to the name. I wanted to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE involved in getting these to me. Gotta love this site!
  3. Here is the install instructions that come with the Chrome Side Cover Rails. Hope this can assist anyone trying to install these. Rick F.
  4. When I bought my 2007 RSV (2nd owner) it had the saddlebag guard rails installed. I think the PO had them installed by his dealer. There is no red side reflector on the guard rails, but all of the pics I see of RSV's without the guard rails show a reflector on the chrome bar in front of the saddle bag. This bar is obviously removed to install the guard rails. I wonder why Yamaha thought it was necessary to have a reflector on the original factory machine, but not on their accessory guard rails? Has anyone added a reflector(s) to the guard rail(s), and if so, what/where/how? Just seems like it should be there (for legal requirements?).
  5. My brother has been having some health issues and it will be very long time, if ever, before he can ride again. He's asked me to sell his bike for him. It's an '06 Midnight Venture with about 9,000 miles on it. He has some awful obnoxious pipes on it which I am going to switch back to the stock ones. I plan to pick it up this weekend to get it cleaned up and ready to sell. When I do I'll post some photos in the classified section. What is a fair price to ask? It has passing lamps, saddlebag rails, handlebar rises and maybe a few other minor extras. The new tires have less than 2,000 miles on them and I don't recall if we put Avons or Dunlop E3's on it. Judging from what I found online I'm thinking $9,200 might be in the ballpark. Dennis
  6. Guest

    top of saddlebag rails

    Anyone know where the rails that help protect the top of the saddlebags can be obtained. There was a set on ebay a few days ago but they disappeared.
  7. Does anyone know what size metal tubing the saddle bag support rails are on a 2005 Royal Star Venture?
  8. Ok I was cleaning my garage, a work in progress, when I came across my dremil tool. A light bulb went off as I purchased aftermarket saddlebag rails and they are smaller diameter. I did try some grommets but didn't like the look ( can you say afterthought) and they didn't work well. I decided to mark the location of the rails and with a sanding wheel remove some plastic to allow for mounting in the original position. I used the insides as a template for the radius as a starting point and a small sanding wheel to ease away the plastic. Once one sided was done and fit I placed them together to position the other half and repeated the process.
  9. So, I've learned what to pack and how to pack from the great posts on this site, but the better half is still looking for a little more area. On one of my rides I saw a HD with a small strap on piece of luggage that hooked to the saddlebag rails. It was about a 16x6X4 high. I thought it might be a nice place to put glasses, gloves, sun tan lotion and such. Any body seen such a thing, or know where to find it? :think::think:
  10. Has anyone had there bag rails rechromed? If so where and how much did it cost?
  11. I couldn't remember if I had already posted this or not, did a search and couldn't find anything. I installed these a few years ago right before Vogel and haven't had any problems with them. These are flag mounts for Harley Davidson Saddle Bag Rails. They fit on RSV and RSTD bag rails with no modification. Just have to remove the bags to install them. I have small flags on them now that I use for long trips, but they came with bigger ones. They cost me about $ 100 each at a little shop I found. They come with an American Flag, POW flag and a crossbones flag. They are made by Kuryakyn, Part# 4208. Here is the website is you want further info: http://www.kuryakyn.com/Products/854/Side-Mount-Flags-Kit Just thought I would share with everyone.
  12. Hello Everyone: The next add ons that I want to install on my 05 RSTD are Saddle bag gaurds that protect saddle bags themselves and also top rails for the lids. Does anyone have such items, or can provide the Yamaha OEM part numbers for such? Thanks in advance.
  13. Planning on putting a 12" flag pole and 6x9" flag on my RSV. Was wondering a couple things : 1) saddle bag trim rail diameter - I picked up a pole and adapter at the bike show but the 1/2" mount doesn't fit the rails (Show Chrome). 1/2" mount seems to be common but think the rails are 3/4". Anyone confirm what size they used? Suggestions on getting just the 3/4" mount or do I have to buy another flag pole? 2) for maintenance.... better to mount the flag on the left or right side of the bike? Will mount on the back end of the rails so it doesn't interfere with the saddle bag lids. Didn't want to mount the pole on a side that would interfere with maintenance (eg tire change, eventual rear shock change) Thanks in advance.
  14. Guest

    Bag Rails

    There are a few sellers on ebay that have are selling bag rails, and they can be had for 100.00 including shipping.. So my question is what is a good price for them? I kind of doubt if they are OEM for this price and they don't claim to be either but hey if they look good and mount ok who would know..
  15. A great buy on ebay. A little more than the last set, but still cheap... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Royal-Star-Venture-1300-Saddlebag-Lid-Guards-Trim-Rails-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem2c59510568QQitemZ190477043048QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories
  16. Need a fast answer... What is a good price for 2nd Gen Saddle bag rails ???? NEW Thanks for any input
  17. It's funny how after you pull the trigger on a deal that seems too good to be true...it usually is...Now my question. I bought some brand new (what I thought were genuine) Royal Star Saddlebag rails on eBay for a very good price. And while they look great and arrived still in plastic...there were no instructions in the bag. Is this a straight forward install or do I need to install these a certain way. Wally
  18. I know this issue has come up on more than one occassion, but I'm still confused. I have gone through two sets of saddlebag side rails (heavy rust). Looking at the ones on the Yamaha web site, I think I might have bought some sort of knock-off rails in the past. On both of my sets, and the photos I've seen on this forum and elsewhere, the two horizontal rails appear to be the same diameter. In the Yamaha web site photo, the top rail seems to be considerably thinner than the bottom one. Also, on the web site photo, the point where the two horizontal rails meet seems to be much closer to the front. On mine, that point seems to be several inches further back than theirs. Finally, when looking at them from behind, the vertical part where the upper rail comes down and meets the lower rail seems to be different. On mine, that short vertical portion is close to the inside of the bike, causing the curvature to rub against the bottom of the rear turn signals. In the Yamaha photo, it appears that the vertical portion of the top rail comes down in to the middle of the rear portion of the lower rail. I think this would allow for some space between the rear turn signal and the curvature, so the two would not touch. I guess my question is this... Are there knock-offs out there being sold as genuine Yamaha saddlebag side rails, or did Yamaha change the design at some point, leaving the photo of the old style on the website? I contacted the local dealer about this, but of course, they didn't know. I want to make sure that if I order another set, I don't end up with same result; rusted, unusable rails. Anyone out there know?
  19. I'm looking for saddlebag lid rails for my 88VR. Ebay currently has a single right side rail only. Does anybody know where I might find a set?
  20. After waiting 2 months for my OEM Yamaha chrome rails, they came and boy, they were purdy. Trying to put them on was not. The ends of both, where they tapped, were wallowed out. not enough thread to get bolt started. Spent greater part of the the day trying to find a 5mm bolt 2 5/8" long(or millimeter equilivent. Finally got frustrated with the whole ordeal and bought (2)-5 mm nuts and mig welded them to the ends of the rails. Screwed BOLT with nut attached into end of rail first to ensure proper alignment. But I wasn't done yet, I had to drill holes in chrome fittings 1/16th bigger to line up with their origional threads in all 4 end caps and chamfer. Good thing I had a pair of soft jaws for my vise. I dont mind paying for quality but these Yamaha rails are anything but. Even the 45 degree angles? were serrated like someone machined them with a broken end mill. And NO, I was not about to send them back after waiting 2 MONTHS for them.
  21. Has anyone fitted the Genuine Yamaha Saddlebag Lid Trim Rails ( Item STR1D6725000 ) to their bikes. I'd be interested in seeing some photos to see what they look like
  22. Anybody out there have any saddlebag lid trim rails they want to get rid of? Used is fine if the chrome is still good. I need ones that will fit my 06 RSTD . . . although I think the lid trim is exactly the same for the RSV and RSTD. Part number is STR-1D672-50-00. Please give me a shout and how many razbucks you'd be looking for if they are available. Thanks ps I've already added the side saddlebag trim rails . . . they're just not in this picture.
  23. [ATTACH]40516[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]40517[/ATTACH] Trying to show pics, guess I'm not smart enough to import them. I'll keep working on it. Anyway the 2007 RSV is now in my garage! Accessories are: light bar, radiator grill, saddle bag rails, trunk rack, and LED light bar under the trunk. Sure is nice. Next door neighbor thought it was brand new.
  24. I've got this set of lightbars that came with my '83 that I'll never have any inclination to use. Most of the lights work, but I think with alittle wiring work, that they'd all work....(I think) There are 3 rails in all, (2 for lower bags, and 1 for top box)...and the chrome is in very good condition. I'd like $150.00 ....that sound fair??? http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/2764/p1000222q.jpg http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/2382/p1000223.jpg
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