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  1. Okay, I decided that it's time to upgrade my stock Stator to something which offers better performance. From what I have read, Buckeye's seems to be the preferred upgrade unit to install. Many people who are much more knowledgeable than I am regarding electricity, etc. have told me that I am probably over-taxing my stock stator, and that it would be wise to install a higher-output Stator. My question is . . . would it be reasonable to see if I can find a used Buckeye Stator to save a few bucks? Or, is this the type of thing which I shouldn't chance, and just purchase a brand new one? I want to make sure that this job is done right the first time. I also want to be assured that when I buy a new Stator, that I will have a higher performing unit than the stock one I have been using, and that I will be happy with my purchase and the upgrade difference. Thanks Guys & Be Safe! Pete.
  2. Hey, I am trying to switch out the existing stock radio with a new radio and was wondering if someone could tell me what the 8 wires on the harness that hooks upto the amp is for. I have indentified the 4 for the speakers but the 4 I am not clear on are the red, red with black stripe, orange, and yellow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I was wondering if anyone here has these on their bike. They are Saddle Bag Trim Rails: http://www.starmotorcycles.com/assets/accessories/500/STR-1D672-50-00-500.jpg They fit the 2nd Gen Ventures and the '05 - '09 RSTD. I can't say that I've ever seen a bike (pictures or in person) that have them installed. I wonder if it's because of the price (list is $177.99), or if it's because to install them you have to drill into your saddlebag lids. My local Yammy dealer went to the creditors a few months ago and I picked these up at the creditor's auction yesterday for $28. There was lots of other stuff there, unfortunately not much for the Royal Stars. I did bid on a few other items but they went for more than I wanted to pay. I guess I'm looking to find out if I should install these, or if there have been issues with them. Thanks, Glenn
  4. I am about to install a radio/amp on my '06 RSTD. I know I can wire the amp directly to the battery leads however i would prefer to have the radio controlled by the ignition switch. I'm looking for how to instructions. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi guys. I have searched and read different threads about the install of new diaphragms. I bought a set for my 87 and hope to install them this weekend. I pulled one of the old ones out and have "practiced" the removal and reinstall with the old one. ' Looks like using a spray lubricant. What kind won't hurt the rubber ? How do you know if the inside seal that goes between the two "washers" is seated properly ? I was using the blunt end of two nail clippers to carefully separate the washers and then a small screw driver to push the rubber in between them. I am afraid the screwdriver might rip the rubber. Any specific info from your installation would be helpful. Thanks Bill
  6. I must say this JOB is compleat... New Buckeye Stator and R/R from SkyDoc. I now have all kinds of power with everthing on I am sitting at 14.3 volts and with lights turned off I am at 14.8 volts.... never had that before. Also never had two green bars on my led meter. Pics of the battery bug and the new R/R plug and play. Difficulty of this Stator install is about 7.5 lots to do. Difficulty if the new R/R install 1.0 simple. New R/R are on the right in the photo's. Jeff [ATTACH]64639[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64640[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64641[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64642[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64643[/ATTACH]
  7. From a saved tech install article... unknown contributor who will probably announce him/herself... With all this talk about adding better horns to our ride I found these and mounted them to my ride in the stock location. Right side just forward and below the passenger foot. These are the one's I used from here: http://www.adventurersworkshop.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=STEBEL_COMPA CT_CHROME&Category_Code=Stebel_Air_Horns Included are a couple of pic's on how they look on the bike. For mounting the horn I used an "L" bracket Bolted to where the Grounding strap mounts onto the engine. and mounted the relay under the cover just beside the right foot of the passanger. I also have an easy wiring instructions. A. Pink horn wire goes to RELAY POST 85. B. Brown horn wire goes to Relay Post 86. C. Connect one end of a wire to Relay Post 30 and the other end to the Hot side,+, of the compressor D. Connect end of your 20 amp Fused line to Relay Post 87 and the other end to the Hot Post,+, of your Battery. E. Connect the negative,-, on compressor to ground or neg,-, post on battery By using your wiring instructions, does this disconnect the OEM horns? I like your set up and God only knows that the RSV horns leave a lot to be desired. If it is as easy as you say -- then even I can install this thing. http://www.adventurersworkshop.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=STEBEL_COMPACT_CHROME&Category_Code=Stebel_Air_Horns At 139dB these horns are extremely loud and provide that "rock concert" ringing in your ear if you are too close when it goes off. I've been told that it can be heard almost 3 city blocks away! YEEEOOOWWW! Dimensions The Compact Nautilus chrome horns are 4 3/4" tall, 2 3/4" wide, and 4 1/4" deep. Yes I only had to remove the OEM horn from it's place and then add the new horn where the old one was. The other horn under the faring is still there and still connected and working. As for wiring just follow those instructions and everything will work like it should. The plug on the OEM horn I just cut into 2, their was a small V shaped plastic piece holding the 2 wires together. Once the V piece is cut you can then plug them into the relay directly. I mounted the relay under the battery cover on the side.
  8. Once I finally get done upgrading my rear brakes on my Hannigan, I will be looking at possible improvements with my front brakes, so I thought I'd check to see if anybody has ever gone to a better caliper, better rotors, etc. I do have SS lines to install but I'm looking for more...
  9. I just got done installing a tour pack on my 07 RSTD. Not very staisfied with the pack. It's a little small and cheaply made, but it has some cool LED lights. I think I will install a Harley tour pack when I find one that won't break the bank. What do you think? Mark
  10. Looking to install a auxilary fuel tank and was wondering if we can install fuel line directly to existing line from tank or do we have to install another peckcock then add lines to that? I know that the rsv's are not fuel injected but with the fuel pump set up i'm wondering if it's the same.
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for a tach for my Midnight and not sure what to get.. I got up all confused over the single / dual ignition thing etc.. What's out there that is bone dead simple to install etc? I had a small little digital tach thing that I couldn't make work as it required me to splice into too many odd wires to make it work (needed converter signal cables etc) Suggestions?
  12. How are you mounting them??? How are you weatherproffing them??? No need to re-invent the wheel. Looking for ideas that are working and pictures if possible. Im going with this set up unless someone has a better option. This looks like a nice clear install that will protect it nicely. I visited all I could in here through search feature and rthough this is a old post it looks to be the best option. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=55068&highlight=garmin
  13. Hi; Does anyone have a Trike Kit for a RSV which they want to sell? Trying to find a deal to replace the Voyager kit on mine. I'm just not happy with it's lean on curves or sometime wobble. Anyone buy a kit & just not wanted to install it? Got it for sale or know someone who does? Let me know please. Thanks... John R. Bauer
  14. I saw a couple of posts for stereo amps, but thats not what I was looking for. I am trying to boost the input on the AUX side. GPS dont seem to be to bad but if I use my phone for Pandora I really have to crank it up and then the quality suffers some. I have used a booteroo type amp in the phone side and it seemed to help but the battery dies in a few hours. I was thinking about just mounting it under the fairing when I install a splitter, but would have to fiure out a way to make a battery elminator and wire it straight in to a power source. I did see a fancy little unit with like 3 or 4 inputs and a volume knob but it was like $150. Any ideas?
  15. I looked for a while and could never find a video of an off the line launch of the RSTD so I decided to make one awhile back in case someone else was curious. I know it’s not a rocket but I wanted to see what she would do nothing crazy, didn't dump the clutch or anything just seeing how it would compare before and after mods. Right now the only thing done to it is a set of BUB's but it seems quicker than the numbers I have been reading. So after I install the Dyna 3000 and V-Max swap I will post another video to see if there is any noticeable difference. If anyone knows of similar videos please feel free to share. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghLRHZCXTW4]Royal Star Tour Deluxe Launch - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Ok - everybody knows that I'm not going to do an install, but I do have a couple questions regarding an install. I am considering buying another Venture and getting it triked, probably a Hannigan since there are only 2 kits available. #1 - How does mileage on the bike affect the kit ? ie; wear on parts not replaced by the kit. #2 - Is the infamous rear shock gone with trike install ?
  17. Well since the wife or I had no suggestions for each other for Christmas this year we decided we would give each other chrome for our scoot. I first thought this would be the easiest shopping season yet but oh so many decisions. I wonder if Santa will install it if I leave him a 6 pack. PS no suggestions are needed
  18. are you able to install a new pillow top seat from like 2012 to 2004 venture. thanks everyones input
  19. I got my used collector today in the mail. $90.00 shipped from cyclepsycho.com It needs the tabs for the front mount rewelded, but it looks to be in good shape otherwise. Should I paint it with a anti rust paint or something. Before I install it? I also have to snug up one of the rear exhaust pipes, cause it can be wiggled a little.
  20. Hey Guys, Are there any of you who have a set of Leveling Links you are not going to install....that you want to sell? Send me a PM, Rick
  21. Hi Everyone I have reading some the recent post about bypassing. The class air ride system but I want to Install the class on my Venture. Has anyone installed this on a regular Venture ??? If so can you give some feed back. Thanks. Jim C:223:
  22. I was installing my JBM carb diaphragms, and I got a little to energetic getting the metal ring out and a carb slide broke apart. Anybody have one that I can buy? The condition of the diaphragm isn't important, I've got the new one to install. It's for a 1st Gen, MK II (89). Thanks, Frank D.
  23. Would like to put a self cancel turn signal unit on my 96 Royal Star. Where do you get them,is it hard to install???
  24. Anyone install this on their RSV?
  25. I have Tour Deluxe and I have looked over the different post, but still seem to be lost. I need pictures as to where to bleed the clutch fluid would like to install the speed bleeders but not sure where they go? Any help would be great. Thanks, Dan
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