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  1. OK I'm discovering part of the the reason for lower gas mileage besides the additional weight. While cruising today, I notice 5th gear is actually useable at speeds as low as 45 as opposed to useless under 55. Soooo, I'm thinking that the gear ratio is a tad tall. Has anybody done any research on this?? I am also considering slightly larger diameter tires for better gas mileage. I know, Hannigan is adimate about using only that tire size, and I have to admit, the speedometer is dead nuts on, but I use my GPS for the speedometer so maybe I will experiment. Any suggestions or input??
  2. 1989 XVZ13 63K Miles. Purchased 2 years ago and finally got suspension and other troubles sorted. I've been getting a few weekend close-to-home miles over last 2 months. 2-4 hour rides max. (I don't trust her yet). Bike has developed (or I just began to notice?) a low RPM miss. Under low throttle acceleration at about 3600RPM I hear popping from exhaust then, as RPM increases to around 4000, a 4th cylinder appears to engage and bike smooths out. Closing throttle from high RPM results in a backfiring fit as it slows through about 4500RPM - very predictable. At constant cruise any RPM bike vibrates and sounds like a 3 cylinder machine. At Wide Open Throttle, bike is "notchy" with moderate acceleration up to about 4000RPM then Oh My Dear God! It appears to discover the 4th cylinder and earns its reputation. It's producing 37MPG over the last 8 tanks of gas. Not right. Mucho Seafoam thru unit: ~10% of every 2nd tank has been miracle juice. Figure 8 tanks is enough to fix the "bad gas" scenario & do all the chemistry cleaning possible on the bike with Seafoam. Another solvent recommendation before fiddling with her guts? What should I be looking for, do, check, buy, etc.? A reference to a thread covering my problem is probably all you need to post - I simply can't whittle down my search enough to find the right / best one. I'd love to hear any advice that anyone has to give me - lord knows I'm not much of a mechanic: witness installing 3 used mono shocks all resulting in too high a ride height only to find the linkages that came with the replacement shocks were ALL different than the original. Pull original linkage off of blown shock, install new shock into old linkage and install onto bike and, Presto! FIXED! Arrrgh!
  3. This has probably been asked before, but.... I have recently purchased a 99 RSV with very low miles. I had to do a bunch of work to get it road worthy. I have put around 500 miles on it in the last week and have noticed that the speedometer is off approximately 10% (VERY ANNOYING, I like to know my exact speed without a calculation). When I meter the gas mileage running mostly freeway speeds 75-80mph which meters 80-85 or more on the speedometer I am getting 38 - 40 mph. Calculate the 10% odometer error that makes 34-35 mpg. Does this sound right?
  4. Ok - everybody knows that I'm not going to do an install, but I do have a couple questions regarding an install. I am considering buying another Venture and getting it triked, probably a Hannigan since there are only 2 kits available. #1 - How does mileage on the bike affect the kit ? ie; wear on parts not replaced by the kit. #2 - Is the infamous rear shock gone with trike install ?
  5. FWI, over the past several months I've tried Seafoam in every tank (1 oz per gallon) then STP (3/4 oz per gallon) in pure gas by the recommended amounts per product. For me, I've noticed the engine ran smoother and consistently got better fuel mileage with the Seafoam. Prior to Seafoam, I avg'd 40 mpg and with seafoam got a high of 45 mpg. The best I got with STP was 42 mpg. The primary reason I use an additive is the unbranded gas our bulk plant sells has no additives in it like Techron and a tank of gas may last two weeks. I had read a post a while back where the author suggested he got better fuel mileage with Seafoam and after running both products, I would have to agree. Maybe there's a better benefit to STP vs Seafoam, but from an operator's stand point I'm not seeing it.
  6. Anyone have one or have owned one in the past? Besides gas mileage, likes/dislikes?
  7. I had a real shock today. I have a 2006 RSTD and I do 95% of my riding with no windshield. That was one of the reasons I got it. I like the bare cruiser look most of the time. Today I knew I was going to be doing a straight highway run, so I thought I would put the shield on, and take a nice easy ride. Well, I have put almost 1000 K on the bike in the last 3 days, and just like last year, I was getting about 280 - 300 KM out of a tank. Well, today on my ride I filled up, reset my fuel odometer on my Garmin 550 as usual and reset my low fuel indicator. 170 KM later, my Garmin shows just under half tank, and my fuel gauge on the bike is on low fuel indicator again. This is the worst fuel economy I have had since the bike was new. Now, I was also going faster than my normal rides, where I generally stick to the back roads, and keep it between 80 and 90 KM/H. I had the cruise set at 114 (by garmin, 122 by speedo) my first thought was that the windscreen caused this horrible mileage. I will have to check it again, with the windscreen off. I know that I rode with the windscreen on last year to North bay, which is about 5 hours, and I do not recall the mileage being that bad, but again, most of the highways are 80 KM/h limit, where I do 90ish. Anyone else found this kind of bad mileage with the windscreen?
  8. Anyone have an approximate idea how much value of a bike is gained or lost for every 10,000 miles on the speedo? For example a 1991 VR with 10,000 miles vs one with 50,000 miles. And assuming if the two VR are identical in accessories and upgrades.
  9. I am replacing my Venom rear tire right now, it only had about 13K miles on it. I'm also running a Venom front. What kind of miles is everyone getting from their Venoms? I'm disappointed with the mileage on the rear. I'd like to run something with some tread in the center of the tire so wear will be more apparent. I'm thinking of switching to a different rear. What other tires work well with the Venom front?
  10. stanG


    I just completed a 600 mile jaunt around the northern lower peninsula of Michigan on my 83 first gen and was pleasantly surprised by the mileage. 51.25 average on the whole 600!!! This is the best I've had since installing new diaphragms and Skydoc's needle shim kit earlier this year. Anybody else getting this kind of mileage?
  11. Don't know what gas mileage you'll get, But real cool
  12. Got my charging system working and did a 300 mile loop today to test it out and one surprise I got was that my fuel mileage had increased by 6 MPG. I did not know a charging fault would cause a decrease in mileage. Has anyone else noticed this? I plan on adding a voltage gauge or monitor later but in the mean time I bought a cheap battery/charging monitor form Advance and plugged it into my passenger outlet. Real easy to check when you stop at a red light.
  13. Just checked the gas mileage on the just rebuilt Venture, she got 47 mpg and this was before the diaphragm change and 2 of the 4 were bad. Cant wait to check this tankful. Hoping to get over 50. And the carbs haven't even been synced yet. And my wife thinks I ought to sell it because its so old, hell compared to me its very young, its only 29 years old. Thanks Yamaha for building such a quality bike. :thumbsup:
  14. Hey everybody. I'm just curious if I'm getting good gas mileage on my 83. I'm averaging about 150 miles on a full tank of gas. Is that about average? Or can I do better?
  15. My gas mileage has dropped and my bike isn't running smooth. The carbs have been synchronized so thats not the problem. I used to go 165 to 170 miles on a tank before switching to reserve but now am only going about 130 to 135 miles. When the weather was cold and I started the bike the left pipe purred fine. The right pipe would skip every now and then. The bike doesn't seem to have the power it had before and I am getting some vibration that I didn't have before. Any thoughts? I have an 05 RSV. BTW I have used seafoam and it didn't change anything. At the last service, 52,000 miles, the plugs where changed. Now have 56,000 miles.
  16. Looks like a low mileage bike if anyone is looking-http://saginaw.craigslist.org/mcy/2948872960.html
  17. I was in need of a new Speedo and I found a whole dash assembly on an ebay auction that I won for $32.00. WOW cheap right?? Yeah I thought so too but there was one draw back. The speedo was a KPH speedo and not a MPH speedo. It was so cheap, I decided to go ahead and get it anyway with the thoughts of maybe switching out the face of the speedo with my old face so the MPH would be the larger numbers. I tried this and unfortunately, the Speedo is off by about 5-7 MPH when check via GPS. Looks for now that I'll have to put the original KPH face back on and just deal with looking at the smaller numbers for MPH. My question is this, will this throw off the actual mileage of the bike (i rolled the dials of new speedo to match my mileage) even though I'll be driving following the MPH numbers on the dial. Just not sure if the mileage will tick by faster or slower since it's a KPH speedometer. Also, is there a way to calibrate this speedometer to match my MPH dial and to have the odometer roll for mileage and not kilometers? Thanks guys and gals! Jay Hope
  18. Hi again. I have just completed a Service Chart for my RSV based upon an annual mileage of 8,000. (Chose that mileage as the highest of the three main service intervals in the manuals). It has room for six services and gives some info on measurements, volumes and part numbers etc. It is open so you can alter it to suit your particular needs. It is based upon the PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR from the owners manual. It is in a Word document format and open to all. Hope it is of use to someone else and please let me know if there are any glaring inaccuracies in it. Best Wishes. Neil. (Old Miner)
  19. Hello guys, I know this topic has been gone over, but i just wanted to know how fast people are going to get they're mileage. Yesterday, i did a 480 round trip ride and got around 32mpg (80-85 mph freeway driving). Is this acceptable mileage? I know that i could improve that by slowing down, which i plan to do on my longer ride. Since i am still planning on doing this California to Louisiana trip in April, i want to make sure that i am getting the best possible mileage on my '83. I changed the spark plugs and wires earlier this year. I know tire pressure is important. What else do i need to do to make sure i am getting the best mileage possible? I hear people getting mileage in the 40's, is that just because they are driving 60 miles an hour? Just Curious? Thanks Al
  20. I am in the market of buying a '99 -'03 RSV. My price range is 4,000 to 5,500 dollars. In that price I will be getting a RSV with 50,000 to 75,000 miles. To me .....that's higher miles on a bike.....but I know these Engines/Trans/Drivelines are good for 200,000 miles plus.....so I guess what I am asking is since I will be buying a higher mileage RSV.....what are the big problems that I should be watching for when shopping for an RSV with 75,000-100,000 miles? I am really beginning to like the look of the RSV Millinimum Edition......very different.....buy very classy in my eyes. Thank You.
  21. Well it finally happen. I usually get from 39 to 42 MPG. I've been tweaking things for quite some time to try and help my gas mileage mainly because a few people have bragged about 48 to 50 MPG. I recently went on a 954 miles trip over two days. The guy I went with was on a 03 Venture and I had never ridden with him before. I was watching our gas mileage and he consistently took less gas than me, actually on one run I put in 5.2 gals and he put in 4.3 gals for 213.4 miles. Darn near 50 MPG for him and not to shabby for me. Overall I was able to check the first 823 miles because we didn't fill up at the end, besides it was raining. Any way I burnt 19.75 gals or 41.67 MPG and he burnt 17.18 for 47.9 MPG. Probably 90% interstate and at 70MPH indicated. I ask him if I could take his bike apart to check all the adjustments but he declined. LOL If he were to sell the bike I would be the first in line to buy it. That just amazes me that the gas mileage could be so different. BOO
  22. I was looking at front rotors for my 99 on ebay and Pinwall has a set from a low mileage 2005 rstd with just 6500 miles on it. However the pics showing the bike being tested has the odometer at over 30,000 miles. I sent them request through ebay on the right mileage. Lets see if they respond.
  23. Was wondering if anyone had noticed a drop in gas mileage after putting a lower/wider windshield on thier Venture. Just got back from a trip and mileage dropped from normal around 40/42 to down around 33/34. Same driving style. Just curious before I start checking other things (not that I'm not going to check everything else anyways, lol). Thanks, Sam
  24. So when I start my 01 RSV and it is not warmed up I hear a ticking like an exhaust leak or maybe lose valves. But I thought the valves got tight with time and mileage. I have 14,000 miles on it and don't know if the valves have ever been checked or adjusted. So what could it be and what should I do? After about 3 mins the sound stops.
  25. I got my 83 venture the 4th of July. After running a couple of tanks with sea foam in it I was getting 40 mpg. Now getting 37 mpg or a little less, I thought I might be running into some problems. Looking into a few things my problem is self inflickted. The more I ride the more comfort I have in the bike. So my driving a little harder and faster is more then likly the problem. Things are not as they seam.
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